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[01:34:41] <Bytram> Just got us most of the way to sunrise on the US east coast... am wiped and hitting the sack.
[01:34:54] <Bytram> ^^ that's wrt stories, of course!
[11:47:51] <Bytram> whereto? http://feeds.nature.com
[11:47:52] <upstart> ^ 03Huge landslide triggered rare Greenland mega-tsunami : Nature News & Comment ( http://news )
[11:48:15] <Bytram> rats! What *does* Nature do to its links?
[11:48:41] <SoyGuest80953> dang, Bytram went on a story publishing rampage
[11:48:52] <SoyGuest80953> hey, I'm not logged in!
[11:49:39] <Bytram> story queue ran dry, last night, had to do something. Got up this AM and saw it ws dry again.
[11:50:03] <Bytram> SoyGuest80953: good morning
[11:50:41] <Bytram> http://www.nature.com
[11:50:42] <upstart> ^ 03Huge landslide triggered rare Greenland mega-tsunami : Nature News & Comment
[11:52:36] <SoyGuest80953> Bytram: this is CH... I wanted to let you know I fleshed out the FB/Pakistan article a bit with quotes when I seconded... now I'm going to log off and back on and try to get registered.. it's being funky
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[11:53:26] <Bytram> great! I appreciate when someone catches my mistakes/shortcomings...
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[11:53:45] <Bytram> a day full of stories is bound to have something amiss or that could use further fleshing out
[11:53:45] <CoolHand> that's better...
[11:53:50] <Bytram> CoolHand: !!
[11:53:53] <CoolHand> Bytram: :D
[11:53:56] <CoolHand> Bytram: !!
[11:53:57] <CoolHand> haha
[11:54:43] * Bytram just pictures a scene from Men in Black where the guy in the 'gun store' has his head blown off, it re-inflates, he shakes it around, and then is back to normal
[11:55:15] <CoolHand> I just like letting the 1st eds know when I do something like that in case they don't approve.. I think it'd be a neat feature to require another 2nd editing if a 2nd editor makes significant changes..
[11:55:41] <CoolHand> Bytram: haha, yeah, it's something like that... I'm reinflated
[11:56:46] <Bytram> yays!
[11:57:31] <Bytram> gonna take a break... did a bit much this early in the AM
[11:57:37] <CoolHand> no shite
[11:57:38] <Bytram> afk
[11:57:41] <CoolHand> u deserve it
[11:57:42] <CoolHand> :D
[12:29:58] <Bytram> http://www.nature.com
[12:29:59] <upstart> ^ 03China’s quest to become a space science superpower : Nature News & Comment
[12:37:20] <chromas> oh, Bytram, the nature links breakage is a bug in the bot
[12:37:53] <Bytram> understood... I have a program I wrote which does basically the same thing on my local machine... and it runs into the same problem. :(
[12:40:55] <Bytram> okay, that's it for me this AM...
[12:40:59] <Bytram> have a GREAT day!
[12:43:40] <chromas> upstart just assumes the server won't return a relative path and then slaps an http:// on it
[12:43:49] <chromas> sea yuh
[16:46:01] <Bytram> hmmm
[16:48:00] <Bytram> chromas: correction: it assumes it will not be *canonical* -- the '/' at the outset makes it an absolute path as opposed to starting with '../' which would make it a relative path... with that said, you make a good point and gives me some ideas for my own debugging... thanks!
[16:50:39] <chromas> Yeah. There's a redirect where it points to nature.com, then another where it's just a path without the domain, which was overriding the url variable.
[16:50:56] <Bytram> nod nod
[16:51:13] <chromas> So I'm putting in a check to get the latest domain name, then concatenating the path onto it if the final redirect value doesn't have it
[16:53:30] <Bytram> hmmm, might want to check, after assembly, that the link still works?
[16:55:23] <Bytram> time to head out for the day... catch ya laters!
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