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[02:22:02] <Bytram> n1_: Hi there! Just got home a short while ago... what's up?
[03:07:06] <Bytram> got a few more stories into the queue... calling it a day.
[03:07:11] <Bytram> catch ya all later!
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[20:43:12] <cmn32480> ~last charon
[20:43:14] <exec> 03Ops: random, first, last, all, count, source. Parameters: message, nick, channel (regex); since, until (date-/time range); limit (maximum messages to return; default is 1, unless op=all); type [message (plain+action; default), plain, action, nick, mode, join, part, quit, kick, kill, topic]; out [json, php, tab, irc, message, html]; debug (show the query and whatever else)
[20:43:14] <exec>  http://chromas.0x.no
[20:43:29] <cmn32480> ~last nick=charon
[20:43:34] <exec> 03[2017-06-14 00:47:3] #editorial <charon_> yeah, true
[20:46:38] <cmn32480> anybody hear from charon lately?
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[21:26:36] <mrpg> Aren't we gonna leave the net neutrality as the only story till midnight?
[21:26:58] <cmn32480> NFI - were we supposed to?
[21:27:14] * cmn32480 goes to look at the story
[21:28:59] <cmn32480> I hvae no idea what NCommander wants
[21:29:16] <cmn32480> he has not made his wishes known. and right at the moment.. I'm going home
[21:29:30] <mrpg> to leave it as the top story for today.
[21:30:14] <cmn32480> feel free to move it to the top of the queue. and if you so desire move everythign else to after Midnight...
[21:30:20] <cmn32480> but is that midnight UTC or Eastern?
[21:30:31] <cmn32480> anyway.. I gotta split
[21:30:39] <mrpg> ok bye see you
[21:30:41] <cmn32480> have some stuff to do with the kids tonight.
[21:30:45] <cmn32480> see you mrpg
[21:35:41] <NCommander> cmn32480, ?
[21:35:47] <NCommander> mrpg, only til midnight
[21:35:59] <mrpg> 12 UTC?
[21:36:08] <mrpg> 0 utc
[21:36:20] <NCommander> mrpg, EST. I dunno
[21:36:25] * NCommander is very ill
[21:37:22] <mrpg> Ok, it is the first story now. Go rest. I'll put new stories from 4UTC tomorrow on.
[21:37:39] <mrpg> There's no one in dev to change the style to black
[21:50:17] <NCommander> mrpg, I'll strike that from the article
[21:50:18] <mrpg> Typo "for those who haven't seen on the Internet" maybe you wanted to write been instead of seen ? or "seen it"
[22:53:25] <mrpg> This situation today is why we need our weekly Slack reunions: https://soylentnews.org
[22:53:27] <upstart> ^ 03Why I Hate Slack and You Should Too - SoylentNews
[22:53:50] <NCommander> mrpg, we have IRC :P
[23:29:50] <chromas> I think we did that article, too
[23:38:47] <mrpg> yes we hate slack :-)
[23:40:10] <chromas> Do we hate slack-alikes?
[23:41:30] <mrpg> hm not necessarily
[23:45:10] <mrpg> our only requirement: the fancy unicode emojis.
[23:45:30] <mrpg> and new packs every 3 months