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[06:45:54] <SoyCow6519> Well, crap! the place is empty! Where did all the bitcoin go?
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[10:54:49] <Bytram> https://phys.org
[10:54:50] <upstart> ^ 03Sunscreen creams break down into dangerous chemical compounds under the sunlight
[11:01:41] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[11:01:42] <upstart> ^ 03HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS • The Register ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
[11:01:53] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[11:01:54] <upstart> ^ 03Mozilla dev and Curl inventor Daniel Stenberg denied travel to USA • The Register ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
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[19:13:54] <Bytram> mrpg: Hey!
[19:15:03] <Bytram> seems some folk are reporting they didn't get mod points today... how are things for your nick?
[19:33:20] <mrpg> Hi!
[19:33:38] <mrpg> I have 4, I don't remember when I used the fifth.
[19:43:00] <Bytram> good to know... thanks! this place is full of crickets today, mind helping me debug?
[19:43:33] <Bytram> mrpg: ^^^ (sorry, i got called away from the kbd for a bit)
[19:57:08] <mrpg> here i am, i'll help ypou
[19:59:28] <Bytram> great!
[19:59:39] <Bytram> let me see if I am still connected to the db
[20:00:12] <Bytram> is your uid 5708?
[20:00:28] <mrpg> yes it is
[20:00:33] <Bytram> great!
[20:00:37] <Bytram> hod on a moment
[20:00:40] <Bytram> *hold on
[20:01:06] <Bytram> okay, and you currently have 4 mod points?
[20:01:26] <mrpg> 4, and im not afraid to use them!
[20:01:34] <Bytram> update users_info set points = 5 where uid = 5708;
[20:01:57] <Bytram> now check and see how many you have
[20:01:57] <mrpg> now i have 5.
[20:02:00] <Bytram> =)
[20:02:13] <Bytram> :/
[20:02:32] <Bytram> so, now the question becomes why do other folks not get their points?
[20:02:39] <Bytram> s/do/did/
[20:02:41] <exec> <Bytram> so, now the question becomes why did other folks not get their points?
[20:03:02] * Bytram feelslike he is trying to drive a car from the back seat using a couple of yardsticks
[20:03:27] <mrpg> let's try to find something in common in those users who didnt or did.
[20:03:54] <mrpg> even numbers, odd numbers, etc
[20:03:58] <mrpg> timezone
[20:04:07] <Bytram> yeah, that was my thinking, and seeing patterns is my forte' (really) but I'm coming up empty.:/
[20:04:25] <Bytram> problem is, I can see how many mod points people have at THIS moment...
[20:04:42] <Bytram> now I need to find out where in the DB they keep where they used them.
[20:04:55] <mrpg> ok
[20:05:18] <mrpg> did you check the script, the server logs at the last run, etc.
[20:05:43] <Bytram> nope, that is more low-level than what I have recent experience with
[20:05:46] <Bytram> sad face
[20:06:28] <mrpg> you want to use one point or all now?
[20:06:38] <Bytram> my suspicion is that something went toes up when the slashd daemon ran last night.
[20:07:27] <Bytram> we have a half-dozen or so servers, and I'm not up on what runs where, never mind that we have redundancy, etoo.
[20:07:43] <Bytram> hmm
[20:08:12] <mrpg> we'll have to wait for tonight to see what happens.
[20:08:44] <Bytram> aha! found a screen on the admin interface which displays recent mods! =)
[20:08:57] <mrpg> maybe is related to the story in which the points were used?
[20:09:23] <Bytram> actually,it seems like some folks just did not get any of their points last night.
[20:10:49] <mrpg> cause they dont deserve them. the servers are sentient. end of story.
[20:11:34] <Bytram> ROFL@
[20:12:11] <Bytram> strange...
[20:12:19] <mrpg> wait, i think i didnt get mine either. :-( im sure last time i used my points was 2 days ago. i dont deserve them.
[20:12:41] <Bytram> just found a user who moderated exactly ONCE today AND is showing that they have ZERO mod points.
[20:13:11] <Bytram> I'm not seeing you in this report...
[20:13:57] <mrpg> i just used one now, the only in the day.
[20:14:02] <Bytram> looks like you modded this one +1 Funny: https://soylentnews.org
[20:14:03] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 7 FE
[20:15:22] <Bytram> does that comment ring a bell?
[20:16:16] <mrpg> yes that was me, and there's another moderation from yesterday. i thought i hadnt since days ago.
[20:16:57] <Bytram> looks likethis was your previous moderation: https://soylentnews.org
[20:16:58] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | 70% Repetition in Style Sheets: Data on How We Fail at CSS Optimization
[20:17:17] <Bytram> ^^^ that one you gave "+1 Interesting"
[20:17:24] <mrpg> yes.
[20:17:31] <Bytram> nod nod
[20:17:52] <mrpg> he's a really opinionated guy :-)
[20:18:57] <Bytram> Oh yeah? How would YOU know?
[20:19:01] <Bytram> ;)
[20:20:53] <Bytram> okay, found the template that displays the recent mods page
[20:21:00] <Bytram> wel, found the name of the template
[20:21:17] <Bytram> now to look at the code in recent_mods;admin;default
[20:22:34] <mrpg> good
[20:24:58] <Bytram> ordinarily, I'd agree, except...
[20:25:25] <Bytram> it just gathers some parameters and then hands it off to a perl module
[20:25:31] <Bytram> AFAICT
[20:27:13] * Bytram is pretty much stumped at this point
[20:28:33] <mrpg> so, somw users had less tahn 5 and after the script ranthey still had their less than five points. hmm....
[20:29:40] <Bytram> the more I thnk about it, the more I'm thinking that we have a cache coherancy issue.
[20:30:20] <Bytram> I'm seeing a user who has performed just one moderation today (according to the site UI), and yet he has zeo points atm.
[20:30:25] <Bytram> *zero points
[20:33:36] <mrpg> he had 1 point.
[20:33:56] <Bytram> nope. karma == 50
[20:34:13] <mrpg> he had 5.
[20:34:39] <mrpg> he should have had 5 but had 1. because he didnt receive the 5 points when the script ran.
[20:34:46] <mrpg> ok
[20:34:47] <Bytram> one of the top contributors to the site... if you actually added up what his karma would be, without the cap at 50, it would be easily well over 500
[20:35:03] <Bytram> oh, I see what you're thinking
[20:35:16] <Bytram> I think =)
[20:35:51] <mrpg> this "You get 5 points per day, given out at 00:10 UTC. "
[20:36:07] <Bytram> there's more to it than that, but generally, yes.
[20:36:29] <mrpg> ok, a script runs and sets point = 5
[20:36:42] <mrpg> mod_points = 5
[20:36:52] <Bytram> nod nod
[20:37:10] <Bytram> and got skewered part way through, so only some folks got replenished?
[20:37:35] <mrpg> yes
[20:38:06] <Bytram> were you ever on /.?
[20:38:22] <mrpg> but was it totally random or just users > 4000 ?
[20:38:38] <Bytram> random... I saw a user with a UID < 100
[20:38:56] <mrpg> I read it often, I created an account that I used only twice. never posted, but once maybe.
[20:38:57] <Bytram> has no mod points and looks like he didn't do any moderations today
[20:39:03] <Bytram> nod nod
[20:39:23] <Bytram> are you familiar with "metamoderation" ??
[20:39:53] <Bytram> where you can go in and assess others' moderations as to whether or not they were 'fair' / 'appropriate' ??
[20:40:19] <mrpg> I never did it.
[20:40:34] <Bytram> SN is based on a fork of an OLD version of their code, so we have vestiges of that in our code base
[20:40:53] <Bytram> it was problematic when trying to just get the site up,so a big chunk of it got ripped out
[20:41:00] <Bytram> but, of course, not ALL of it.
[20:41:03] <mrpg> ok
[20:41:45] <Bytram> so, there's bunches of stuff that does not apply that is sprinkled through the code... think lots of extra conditional expressions and statements
[20:42:24] <Bytram> and that old stuff interescts with the moderation stuff, naturally
[20:43:02] <mrpg> hmm
[20:43:23] <Bytram> I'm at a loss on what else I could do atm.... I've got a shout out to the other devs on the site.... hopefully one of them will pop in and take over.
[20:44:34] <mrpg> do you have a list of the users that dint get their points? keep it to see what happens tonight. though I'm sure it won't happen again and we'll never know what happened.
[20:45:10] <mrpg> so random, it was due to alpha particles from the sun.
[20:45:56] <Bytram> no, unfortunately I'd have to deduce that by looking at who SHOULD have points and compare that against how many points each user actually used
[20:46:17] <Bytram> I may have 0 points atm; is that because I never got any? or becuase I used all of them already?
[20:46:47] <Bytram> and it is a hot mess trying to track down just where they record what moderations are performed.
[20:47:22] <mrpg> hm... make a "SELECT mod_points FROM users" before and after the script runs.
[20:47:23] <Bytram> oh, and I am working from a schema I extracted / translated from over 2 years ago.
[20:48:06] <Bytram> basically did that, for the current state of things.... if need be I can try to do it again tomorrow, but would prefer to not have things hanging that long.
[20:50:21] <Bytram> Really appreciate the assistance! Many thanks!
[20:50:27] <Bytram> hmmm
[20:50:34] <mrpg> welcome, well let's see what happens tonight.
[20:51:24] <Bytram> enjoy a 'star' on me -- for 30 days
[20:52:41] * Bytram notes that is a subscriber star -- enjoy!
[20:52:46] <mrpg> eeee, thanks :)
[20:52:55] <Bytram> np, my pleasure!
[20:53:23] <Bytram> looks like the story queue is running low... off to push out a few stories.
[20:53:27] <Bytram> thanks gain!
[20:54:43] <mrpg> welcome, let me know what happens tonight
[20:58:59] <Bytram> I suspect if things go wrong, you won't need me to tell you!
[21:04:31] <mrpg> I'll check my points tonight. I'm gonna do th enokia submission
[21:05:07] <Bytram> nod nod
[21:07:01] <Bytram> blue origin alabama
[21:15:23] <mrpg> indian satellite
[21:16:40] <Bytram> well, I needs to be getting ready to head out for the evening
[21:17:03] <mrpg> go have fun, bye.
[21:17:07] <Bytram> again, many thanks for the assist! I see the devs are in the house and on top of things now... things should be fine in the morning
[21:17:19] <mrpg> ok we'll see
[21:17:37] <Bytram> and, as you surmised, any points that people had today were leftovers from the day before.
[21:17:48] <Bytram> good sleuthing!
[21:19:02] <mrpg> thanks i do what I can
[21:19:40] <Bytram> ciao for now!
[21:20:01] <mrpg> bye
[21:30:13] <mrpg> who wants the elementary submission?
[21:30:32] <mrpg> it's been raining since 10am. it's 6pm.
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[21:59:50] <nick> http://www.independent.co.uk
[21:59:50] <upstart> ^ 03Donald Trump attacks Amazon for not paying 'internet taxes' in rant at Washington Post | The Independent
[22:00:09] <nick> 'Mr Trump’s remarks left many puzzled. The Associated Press said the White House declined to answer questions about the statement. '