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[00:07:28] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[00:07:29] <upstart> ^ 03AES-256 crypto cracked in 50 secs using €200 of kit one metre away • The Register ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
[00:12:20] <Bytram> https://phys.org
[00:12:21] <upstart> ^ 03Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting
[00:15:41] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[00:15:42] <upstart> ^ 03Anthem to shell out $115m in largest-ever data theft settlement • The Register ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
[00:22:52] <n1> HI Bytram
[00:22:59] <n1> excuse the caps
[00:23:00] <Bytram> tip o the hat to ya
[00:23:07] <Bytram> np
[00:23:12] <Bytram> how ya doin?
[00:23:41] <n1> ok, in that case... OH HAI!~ BYTRAM!!!!1111
[00:23:49] <Bytram> ROFL!
[00:23:58] <Bytram> thanks! I needed that!
[00:24:08] <Bytram> sounds like you are in good spirits?
[00:24:18] <n1> i am actually
[00:24:39] <n1> productive couple of days, trying to keep that going, progress
[00:24:53] <Bytram> progree++
[00:24:53] <Bender> karma - progree: 1
[00:24:56] <Bytram> ugh
[00:24:57] <n1> how is life treating you?
[00:24:59] <n1> lol
[00:25:00] <Bytram> progress++
[00:25:00] <Bender> karma - progress: 5
[00:25:06] <Bytram> thas bettah
[00:25:24] <Bytram> doing okay
[00:25:35] <Bytram> weather has cooled down a bit, humidity is down a bit too
[00:25:54] <Bytram> work tomorrow and then on vacation next week...
[00:26:07] <n1> how many days off?
[00:26:09] <Bytram> don't have anthing planned in particular, exfept there's a bunch of catching up to do on household stuff.
[00:26:14] <Bytram> sun - sat
[00:26:23] <n1> sweet
[00:26:41] <Bytram> yep
[00:26:55] <Bytram> OTOH, I ws self-employed long enough to know that paid vatation means they
[00:27:13] <Bytram> just cut my pay rate enough to make up for the days I ain't working and pay me with THAT money
[00:27:26] <Bytram> still, it's a good thing
[00:27:46] <n1> i miss paid time off
[00:27:51] <Bytram> at least I'm in a position where I can afford to not have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet
[00:28:10] <Bytram> when I consulted, I missed it, too... but more along
[00:28:15] <Bytram> the lines that I missed taking time off
[00:28:17] <Bytram> period
[00:28:32] <Bytram> I knew if I were not working, I was not gonna be earning anything, ether.
[00:28:37] <Bytram> doh!
[00:28:41] <Bytram> *either
[00:29:24] <n1> i hope you can have a nice week off, enjoy some outdoors time in between your household stuff
[00:30:10] <Bytram> thanks! it's my hope that it will work out that way, but I gots to put in some effort to make that happen, too.
[00:32:26] <Bytram> Hey! I just realized I missed today's SpaceX launch, but I should be able to catch the one on Sunday!
[00:32:48] <Bytram> https://spaceflightnow.com
[00:32:49] <upstart> ^ 03Launch Schedule – Spaceflight Now
[00:38:47] <Bytram> https://www.theregister.co.uk
[00:38:48] <upstart> ^ 0332TB of Windows 10 internal builds, core source code leak online • The Register
[00:39:07] <Bytram> https://arstechnica.com
[00:39:11] <upstart> ^ 0332TB of Windows 10 beta builds, driver source code leaked | Ars Technica ( https://arstechnica.com )
[00:39:23] <Bytram> gonna fix some dinner -- biab
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[01:50:28] <Bytram> wb
[02:49:14] <n1> http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk
[02:49:14] <upstart> ^ 03Someone reported the Queen for not wearing a seatbelt on her journey to Parliament - Cambridge News
[12:19:04] * Bytram is 2nding stories
[13:06:10] <Bytram> finis!
[13:06:15] <Bytram> break time.
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