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[00:28:17] <nick> how did they turn out, mrpg ?
[00:32:50] <mrpg> a little burned :-) will do best next time.
[01:02:11] <mrpg> I'm full. I decided to make https://en.wikipedia.org with rice. I'm fuulllll. I over-ate.
[01:02:12] <upstart> ^ 03Ground meat - Wikipedia
[01:13:39] <nick> i have bacon to cook for dinner
[01:14:53] <mrpg> hmm rice, sausage and bacon, hmmmm
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[01:22:27] <takyon> pushed a breaking news story
[01:22:43] <takyon> even though the incident happened around 8 hours ago, I don't think the media caught on until 1 hour ago
[01:23:26] <nick> thanks takyon
[01:24:01] <takyon> I merged in mrpg's submission, because get this, both incidents were related to the 7th Fleet outside of Japan
[01:24:27] <takyon> if I was in charge of the 7th fleet I would be breaking out the booze later
[01:24:29] <nick> i'll 2nd it if you're done
[01:24:33] <takyon> yeah
[01:24:50] <nick> sounds like they might have plenty of drinking time in the near future
[01:26:20] <nick> http://news.stanford.edu
[01:26:21] <upstart> ^ 03Big advance in wireless charging of moving electric cars | Stanford News
[01:32:13] <nick> takyon, i just changed the summary as it appears tfa was updated since you got the quote
[01:32:49] <takyon> that was fast
[01:33:15] <takyon> previous TFA said that Japan had reported 7 accounted for, their source being Japan's Coast Guard. But the US Navy hadn't confirmed that
[01:33:33] <nick> has been confirmed now apparently
[01:45:58] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org
[01:45:59] <upstart> ^ 03USS Fitzgerald - Wikipedia
[01:47:03] <Bytram> http://www.containership-info.com
[01:47:37] <mrpg> Talking about news a friday at 10pm. I'm a journalist! I did it mom!
[01:49:16] <Bytram> https://www.navytimes.com
[01:49:16] <upstart> ^ 03U.S. sailors missing, injured after Navy destroyer Fitzgerald collides with merchant ship
[01:49:44] <Bytram> https://news.usni.org
[01:49:45] <upstart> ^ 037 Sailors Missing, CO Injured After Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Collided with Philippine Merchant Ship
[01:49:51] <Bytram> https://www.nytimes.com
[01:49:53] <upstart> ^ 03U.S. Destroyer Fitzgerald Is Damaged in Collision Off Japan - The New York Times ( https://www.nytimes.com )
[01:57:43] <mrpg> https://twitter.com
[01:57:44] <upstart> ^ 037th Fleet (@US7thFleet) | Twitter
[02:00:34] <mrpg> http://www.bbc.co.uk
[02:00:35] <upstart> ^ 03Seven US Navy crew missing after collision off Japan - BBC News
[02:01:02] <mrpg> 230 am, in a busy area but the ship is " is one of the most advanced warships in the world - with highly sophisticated radars systems."
[02:01:10] <mrpg> ohoh
[02:01:26] <mrpg> when the shit hits the radar.
[02:02:02] <Bytram> extra extra crispy condiments??
[02:03:34] <mrpg> crispy fish with a side of these people are gonna loose their jobs.
[02:10:26] <Bytram> eyes ain't stayin open... might as well as bring 'em to bed.
[02:10:35] <Bytram> g'night, all!
[02:10:57] <mrpg> bye!
[02:42:54] <mrpg> I have a little pain on my left side. For all the eating I suppose.
[02:48:14] <mrpg> it's late, bye.
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[11:52:56] <Bytram> nick: like what you did with the Ivanka story... hat tip to ya!
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[14:09:57] <mrpg> hi. are we in a two hours cycle for the news today?
[14:27:24] <cmn32480> mrpg - roughly
[14:29:22] <mrpg> ok, I changed mine to 1:50min.
[14:29:34] <cmn32480> no worries
[14:29:57] <cmn32480> the sub queue looks pretty good.. so anywhere in that 90 minute to 2-hour range is fine
[14:30:13] <mrpg> now yours is 1:20 after mine
[14:30:22] <cmn32480> I'll take care of it :-)
[14:30:26] <mrpg> good :)
[14:30:39] <cmn32480> yer a good man Charlie Brown
[14:32:13] <mrpg> So, today is debian 9 release.
[14:32:30] <cmn32480> yep
[14:32:42] * cmn32480 doesn't bother with the noise makers and party hats
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[18:38:10] <zpo> quicktalkeh676te.onion/6697
[18:38:13] <zpo> nick MrPlow SoyGuest43727 upstart chromas Azrael exec Talos sigh Hephaestus Xyem Deucalion CoolHand NCommander TheMightyBuzzard cmn32480 Bender Fnord666 charon Bytram SoyGuest77134 takyon paulej72 SoyGuest85927 SirFinkus mngrif Loggie
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[22:00:07] <nick> thanks for topping up the queue, Fnord666
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[22:48:01] <nick> hey mrpg
[22:51:12] <mrpg> hi
[23:33:59] <nick> how is your weekend so far?
[23:35:18] <mrpg> fine. I was in #debian-cd trying the images before actual release.
[23:35:56] <mrpg> now im gonna make something to eat. and watching a movie https://en.wikipedia.org(2011_film)
[23:35:57] <upstart> ^ 03Priest ( - Wikipedia
[23:41:00] <nick> im cooking some chorizo