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[01:37:41] <Bytram> https://www.technologyreview.com
[01:37:43] <upstart> ^ 03Trump Misused MIT Research in Reasons for Ditching Climate Deal - MIT Technology Review
[02:22:57] * Bytram tried to drain the story submission queue to try and encourage additional subs to help us make it through the weekend.
[02:23:04] <Bytram> have a good night everyone!
[04:18:01] <nick> https://moneyish.com
[04:18:02] <upstart> ^ 03The Obamas’ $8.1 million real estate purchase is a lesson for us all | Moneyish - Features, essays, videos and news about money
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[19:28:38] <nick> http://www.bbc.com
[19:28:41] <upstart> ^ 03Internment: Could it help fight terrorism? - BBC News
[19:28:57] <nick> "In the wake of the Manchester suicide bomb attack a former assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has called for the reintroduction of internment camps."
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[22:47:26] <charon_> hiyo editorial
[22:51:30] <nick> howdy charon_
[22:51:46] <charon_> how are you, nick?
[22:53:02] <nick> im good, just finished paying my obligations, so can breathe again
[22:53:08] <nick> had some drama with paying rent
[22:53:18] <nick> how is charon_
[22:54:13] <charon_> no longer furious. just ordinarily surly
[22:57:21] <nick> you're vin diesel?
[22:58:10] <charon_> had a tiff with my ex-wife a few days ago, and it has put me out of sorts all week
[23:03:02] <nick> :(
[23:04:11] <nick> sorry to hear that, can't be a pleasant situation.. hopefully you've worked it out your system now as much as is possible
[23:12:35] <charon_> sort of. we argued in person, and the next day she sent a long email telling me how i was totally wrong and she was right. i still haven't finished reading it
[23:12:53] <charon_> i know when i do, it will flare up again
[23:14:29] <nick> perhaps it's best to not finish reading it
[23:17:47] <charon_> yes, probably.
[23:18:32] <charon_> nice. this article has two sources that cannot be viewed. going to rewrite it as it's out of date anyway
[23:19:30] <charon_> https://soylentnews.org
[23:19:32] <upstart> ^ 03China and EU will carry the Paris Accord: SoylentNews Submission
[23:29:16] <charon_> ~submit https://www.theguardian.com
[23:29:50] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[23:31:34] <nick> this is an old story, but i still found it interesting; http://www.politico.com
[23:31:34] <upstart> ^ 03Donald Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course - POLITICO
[23:32:08] <Bytram> lemme guess, climate change deniers are, umm, teed off? ;)
[23:33:02] * Bytram just got home from work a short while ago and has been trying to catch up on backscroll -- folks have been a bit more chatty 'today'
[23:33:26] <charon_> hiyo bytram
[23:33:35] <Bytram> charon_: hiyo!!
[23:34:33] <nick> http://www.independent.co.uk
[23:34:35] <upstart> ^ 03Tories U-turn on plan to build more socially rented council housing | The Independent
[23:34:43] <Bytram> Three sentences I heard long ago seem apropos: Stay Away. Shut Up. Send Money.
[23:34:47] <nick> this UK election is turning into a slow motion car crash
[23:35:02] * Bytram has found much wisdom in those 3 sayings.
[23:35:21] * Bytram is also hungry and scoots off to quickly try and scare up some dinner... biab
[23:35:46] <charon_> election time already?
[23:36:24] <nick> we ran a story on it a while ago
[23:36:50] <nick> after 8 or 9 months of saying they wont call an election, they then decided to, when the government had the biggest lead in the polls for 30 or so years
[23:37:29] <nick> they then decided the best course of action was to warn the population that voting for a new government is a bad idea, since the election will happen less than 2 weeks before brexit negotiations start
[23:37:53] <nick> even though that was the whole point of saying they wouldn't call an election, because they needed time and stability for the EU negotiations
[23:39:09] <charon_> that is a baffling set of circumstances
[23:39:15] <nick> but they saw an opportunity to secure a mandate, since the PM last year had to step aside
[23:39:23] <nick> since he was on the remain side of the EU debate
[23:39:36] <nick> to be replaced by T.May, who was only 'quietly on the remain side'
[23:39:38] <charon_> so May is not certain enough of her support?
[23:39:49] <nick> but after becoming PM, decided that she was fully for brexit
[23:40:14] <nick> but history says to me, she's an opportunist and doesn't actual have any political opinions of her own
[23:40:40] <nick> well, no one voted for May to be PM, she got there by having Cameron step aside, and there being no one else
[23:40:44] <charon_> in other words, a politician
[23:41:16] <charon_> no one else dumb enough to take it. come to think of it, the fact that she's still in office at all means she's reasonably good
[23:41:16] <nick> ive mentioned it before, the only other candidate to be PM was some other woman, who used her 'career in the city finance' as her experience
[23:41:32] <nick> but they were unable to find anyone in the city who could vouch for her, or what she did
[23:43:01] <nick> so we had a parliament of a weak Conservative lead coalition, then we got the new government fully Conservative, then the PM had to step down after being on the losing side of the referendum, now we have May, who wasn't going to call an election, then did, but it using it as an excuse as why it's a bad time to have an election she called
[23:43:14] <nick> and that's supposed to be illustrative of the 'strong and stable' government we need
[23:44:05] <nick> and now in the wake of the election, they've basically decided against major policy proposals they put forward in their manifesto
[23:45:20] <nick> http://www.independent.co.uk
[23:45:23] <upstart> ^ 03Dementia Tax: Here are all the U-turns Theresa May has made since she became Prime Minister | The Independent
[23:46:02] <nick> which is an interesting situation, since she likes to invoke the spirit of Thatcher who famously said 'this lady is not for turning'
[23:46:44] <nick> that article is now out of date, since it doesn't have the social housing uturn from the article i linked before
[23:48:03] <nick> but if you don't vote for her, it will be a 'coalition of chaos' that believes in the magical 'money tree' and is not 'strong and stable' working in the '
[23:48:10] <nick> 'best interests of britain'
[23:48:55] <charon_> i can't tell. am i insane or is everyone else?
[23:49:34] <nick> everyone else, i think
[23:49:56] <charon_> heh
[23:50:28] <nick> but the result has been... instead of the biggest lead in decades, which was the case a month ago, the government is now actually coming to terms with an election that could go many ways
[23:51:31] <nick> because they're wilfully incompetent and only care about pandering to their own base... like a story i linked a few days ago, where May went on a tour to 'meet local people' at some place, but it was unpublicised and only party members were invited
[23:51:33] <charon_> i can sort of understand calling an election to say, in effect: are you really really sure, because we're going to pull the trigger now? (i know the A50 was already done and it's too late)
[23:52:04] <nick> and she's also refused to debate the opposition
[23:52:20] <nick> she sends her underlings to do tv interviews for the most part
[23:52:36] <charon_> sounds familiar over here in Trumpland
[23:52:45] <nick> charon_, it would have made sense before A50, i agree
[23:53:20] <nick> but the whole brexit thing was a mess... only taking the two main parties... Labour was for remain, but the leader was for leave.... Conservatives were for leave, but the leadership was for remain.
[23:53:54] <nick> so no one really had a leg to stand on, having a vote pre A50
[23:54:14] <nick> so the gov went through with 'enacting the will of the people, to burn all bridges possible'
[23:55:02] <nick> but then, because they basically didn't have a mandate and were open to criticism, they took what they thought was an easy opportunity to secure a mandate, because the opposition has been in disarray for years and only more so now
[23:55:31] <charon_> puts me in mind of the nihilists who voted for trump because they think things won't get better until they hit rock bottom. the UK gov't said, "you want Brexit, oh we'll give you a Brexit all right"
[23:55:45] <nick> since the media is for the most part, entirely against the labour leadership, even if they're left leaning publications... but labour is lead by someone ideologically from the left now, not just someone who pays lip service to it, whilst being a centrist neoliberal
[23:56:20] <nick> the uk labour party actually got their bernie sanders on the ticket, for what it's worth
[23:56:52] <nick> but the media in the UK was as unimpressed by that, as they would have been if sanders got on the democratic ticket
[23:58:11] <nick> for all the liberal media bias going around, they're still corporations who do not want someone with actual 'socialist' leaning ideology... empty rhetoric of such things is fine, but actual ideology rooted in that is unacceptable
[23:59:29] <nick> so papers like the guardian will talk at length of how bad May is, and the conservative policies are damaging, but will go even further to explain how unelectable and naive it would be to vote for corbyn
[23:59:59] <charon_> so endorsing May by default