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[03:03:57] <Bytram> n1: thanks for merging the Philippines stories.
[03:04:21] <n1> kind of bending the rules as one was my own submission, but didn't really want it sitting there any longer
[03:05:02] <Bytram> I'd been seeing it there for a while, and was debating to run it, and then when I decieded to... another appeared and just didn't feel like dealing with a merge.
[03:05:06] * Bytram is tired.
[03:05:22] <n1> 21 million people being put under marshal law is kind of a big deal i think
[03:05:38] <Bytram> that it is! Didn't realize how large it was. My bad.
[03:05:57] <n1> butthurt's sub didn't really do much, i just included the additional links and used the bulk of my submission
[03:06:32] <n1> anyways
[03:06:38] <n1> aside from tired, how are you good sir?
[03:06:49] * Bytram capitalizes "Additional stories" and "Previous stories"...
[03:07:09] * Bytram notes the name of the publication is: THE Washington Post
[03:07:20] <Bytram> good, actually.
[03:07:55] <Bytram> just wish I could get a few days off in a row -- one here, one there... just enough to slow down a bit, but not really enough to fully recover, yanno?
[03:08:47] <Bytram> and, it's been raining, heavy at times, for the past 12 hours. Will continue well into tomorrow...
[03:09:01] <Bytram> so, all situational kinds of stuff. it will pass.
[03:10:01] <n1> Bytram, i was going to do the capitalizations but somehow forgot
[03:10:18] <Bytram> Moved a chunk of the story into extended copy... reduces wall-of-text appearance
[03:10:25] <Bytram> np
[03:10:27] <Bytram> teamwork++
[03:10:28] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 141
[03:10:53] <n1> sorry to hear you're not having the time to relax and recover :(
[03:11:24] <Bytram> there's just a bit more to keep track of for a full editing, something often falls through the cracks. First person gets 95%, second one sees something that looks clean -- makes the reamining stuff stand out, get caught, voila!
[03:11:25] <Bytram> =)
[03:11:48] <n1> also, if you look at the sub i just put in the queue... i changed the headline, it's still a question but it kind of asks the opposite of what TFA does.. just to fuck with betteridge's law.
[03:11:55] <Bytram> just need to do better time management.
[03:12:01] * Bytram looks
[03:12:12] <n1> original: Are government leakers bringing about the end of secrets?
[03:12:21] <n1> mine: Can the Government Keep Secrets in the Age of WikiLeaks and Shadow Brokers?
[03:12:39] <Bytram> ROFL... brilliant!
[03:14:07] <Bytram> ahh, THERE it is! /me had to hit refresah
[03:14:39] <Bytram> is in the last hour before midnight and tomorrow is a work day for me... gonna call it a nite.
[03:14:53] <n1> fair enough
[03:14:56] <n1> get some rest mate
[03:14:59] * n1 hat tip
[03:15:01] <Bytram> n1: good chatting with ya... hope you have/had a good day!
[03:15:16] <Bytram> and a tip o' the hat to ya, as well!
[03:15:25] <Bytram> ta ta for now.
[03:15:47] <n1> a pleasure as always
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[20:00:41] * n1 eyes Bytram
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[20:58:39] <charon_> ~gday editorial
[20:58:41] * exec cohesively blows a tower of segmentation faults at editorial
[21:24:03] <n1> ahoy charon_
[21:24:22] <charon_> hiyo n1
[21:24:59] <n1> you may note with the betteridge headline, my question is the opposite of the question posed by the TFA's headline
[21:25:04] <n1> aside from that... how goes?
[21:25:33] <charon_> yeah, betteridge suggests no.
[21:26:24] <charon_> i'm alright. rainy day so pretty slow at work tonight
[21:26:30] <charon_> and youself?
[21:27:42] <n1> doing alright, has been a rather rainy could days here
[21:31:33] <charon_> have you had a reprise of your flood?
[21:33:38] <n1> there was a... minor reprise
[21:35:05] <charon_> my sympathies
[21:38:24] <n1> it's all good
[21:41:34] <charon_> do you have neighbors with different drainage patterns you could copy?
[21:41:52] <charon_> or are you at the bottom of the hill and tough luck?
[21:54:53] <n1> there's not much i can do, its a result of how the place was designed and built... i should be able to stop it by putting a weather strip along the bottom of the door
[21:56:15] <n1> it may also be coming in underneath the door bar/threshold, so a bit of sealant may be required there
[21:56:49] <n1> basically what happens is any rain that hits the door ends up running down it, hitting the threshold and then coming in under the door
[21:58:06] <n1> if it's the threshold too, then the water that pools on the small patio area it's not level and actually slopes slightly towards the house and gets underneath it...
[22:19:07] <charon_> so jacking up the house, puting in a new foundation that slopes away from the house, and regrading all of the landscaping is not an option?
[22:23:11] <charon_> i am jesting, obviously that is not a good and reasonable solution
[22:39:25] <n1> id rather go with $20 on some sealant and rubber weather strip
[22:40:55] <charon_> yep, that's a fair bit cheaper
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