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[01:30:53] <Bytram> takyon: charon: afaik, wired is not paywalled or scriptwalled (line that word!) -- I run with a bunch of blockers and had no trouble reading a couple stories on wired today. That said, there could be some whitelisting going on of which I am unaware.
[01:32:11] <Bytram> in my experience, the one of the fastest ways to find out is to try and load the page using a text-only browser such as lynx.
[01:32:16] <Bytram> hope that helps.
[01:39:14] <charon> takyon
[01:39:43] <charon> i saw that in the queue, but i really don't know what to make of it. it seems a collection of links with no point being made
[01:40:51] <charon> "people are talking about oxycontin, here's more people talking about it too
[01:44:12] <Bytram> the point I got out of THAT article, was a finger-pointing at the owners who, it suggests, might have been aware that 12-hour dosing of oxycotin is long enough for some/many/most people to start experiencing withdrawal in addition to their pain returning. They finally get their scheduled dose, the pain goes away, and then they go through withdrawal and pain again: that's a pretty sure-fire way to create an addict -- someone who will do
[01:44:12] <Bytram> almost anything to keep getting the drug so they can avoid the agony of withdrawal.
[01:44:49] <charon> the one going live shortly, yeah. i subbed that from arthur
[01:45:11] <Bytram> The story suggests the owners of the company making the drug have made a literal fortune from this, and insinuate they knew about this reaction, and road it all the way to the bank.
[01:45:51] <Bytram> So, maybe add the 12 hour oxy story to the currently scheduled story? or, drop it. Your choice.
[01:45:53] <charon> the one takyon linked is more a survey of opioids in general. the title is misleading since it drags wealth of the family into it
[01:46:06] <charon> the 12 hour one IS the one currently scheduled
[01:46:16] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:46:31] <Bytram> My reading is that the wealth of the family came from knowing that oxy was addictive
[01:46:48] <Bytram> and pursued that to $billions in the bank
[01:47:27] <charon> i happen to have inside information about the oyxcontin business. i happen to know that they took a huge financial hit reformulating the drug to be less addictive
[01:48:39] <charon> my ex-wife was part of the consulting team which advised them on what they could do to alleviate some of the problems with addiction/abuse. they chose the most expensive option because it was also the most effective
[01:49:33] <charon> something i'd not expect out of a greedy corp
[01:51:19] <Bytram> I'm surprised, at first, and then the cynical side of me wonders if maybe they decided they heat was on and it was time to play the 'long game', instead. Sure, it might be less addictive, but we can still make a fortune on it even if it is not as ridiculous a fortune as we were making before.
[01:51:33] <Bytram> Let's not kill the goose tha lays our golden egg, so to speak/write.
[01:51:58] <Bytram> not that I have any first-hand experience, but have known people who got addicted.
[01:52:16] <charon> maybe so. it has to be said that they were also under immense pressure from the feds, who were about to classify iy as a schedule IV(?) drug
[01:52:38] <charon> whatever class is totally illegal all the time
[01:53:00] <Bytram> I thnk that's it
[01:53:19] <Bytram> in that case, best to overcompensate and keep the money coming,even if it is at a slower rate...
[01:53:32] <Bytram> something is better than nothing, right?
[01:53:41] <Bytram> and they sitll have a pretty big something going on
[01:54:03] <charon> especially when that order of something is still enough for thee and me to live a life of luxury
[01:54:29] <Bytram> as well as a few thousand of our closest friends, IIUC
[01:54:57] <charon> ayep
[01:56:09] <Bytram> it might not be a life of luxury, but I could retire on $1M in the bank. So, $1B would be good for 1k people... and these folks are worth, what, $18B ??
[01:56:13] <Bytram> the mind boggles
[01:56:57] <charon> yeah. once you have an uncountable number of beans, how much is enough?
[01:57:14] <Bytram> when the farts won't stop?
[01:57:18] <Bytram> ;)
[01:57:25] <charon> lol
[01:57:35] <charon> i should never have left an opening like that
[01:58:05] <Bytram> what? I just made a passing comment.
[01:58:08] <Bytram> =)
[01:58:56] <charon> are you going to toot your own horn now?
[01:59:12] <Bytram> better mine than thine!
[02:01:09] <charon> obviously those subs are thematically linked, but my brain is so fried and can't get the energy to do anything
[02:01:20] <n1> interesting conversation guys
[02:01:26] <n1> charon++
[02:01:26] <Bender> karma - charon: 30
[02:01:28] <charon> hiyo nick
[02:01:29] <n1> Bytram++
[02:01:29] <Bender> karma - bytram: 53
[02:01:42] <n1> ahoy
[02:01:43] <Bytram> n1: o/
[02:01:56] <Bytram> or however that waving thingy is supposed to be constructed!
[02:02:23] <Bytram> \o/
[02:02:27] <Bytram> |
[02:02:28] <n1> elon musk be tweetin' ... apparently the next update on the model 3 will be when the first deliveries happen...
[02:02:49] <Bytram> /+\
[02:03:09] <Bytram> which reminds me, when is their next launch scheduled?
[02:03:26] <Bytram> they've been launching every couple-three weeks, it seems
[02:03:53] * Bytram launches: https://spaceflightnow.com
[02:05:02] <Bytram> Hey! what a nice picture on there... here's a direct link: https://assets.cdn.spaceflightnow.com
[02:06:02] <charon> i can't fathom the scale of that picture. how big is the orange cone???
[02:06:58] <n1> that is really weird now you mention it
[02:07:02] <n1> FAKE
[02:07:06] <charon> lol
[02:07:43] <n1> https://en.wikipedia.org
[02:07:44] <upstart> ^ 03List of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches - Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org )
[02:08:15] <Bytram> looking closely, I see an orange cone to the left of the launcher, and there appear to be a few signs or lamposts on the grass on the lower right corner of the image
[02:09:21] <Bytram> aha
[02:09:23] <Bytram> "The 55-foot-tall (17-meter) Electron rocket is designed to place small satellites into orbit for commercial and government owners."
[02:09:35] <Bytram> ^^^ from https://spaceflightnow.com
[02:10:12] <charon> yeah, just from the perspective of that cone, it's looked way shorter than the regular rocket
[02:11:11] <Bytram> it's the "rocket equation" in action. The more mass you want to throw up into orbit, the way more mass it takes (in fuel/oxidant/tanks) to make it possible.
[02:12:01] <charon> now that i'm done analyzing it, it is a cool shot
[02:12:18] <Bytram> the challenge with building rockets is to not so over-engineer it for strength that you can longer get it off the ground!
[02:12:23] <Bytram> LOL!
[02:12:36] <Bytram> s/can/can no/
[02:12:59] * Bytram taps exec on the shoulder
[02:13:16] <cmn32480> ~sed on
[02:13:17] <exec> sed already enabled for 10#editorial
[02:13:23] * cmn32480 points at chromas
[02:13:29] <charon> ~blame
[02:13:31] * exec points at Bytram
[02:13:33] <Bytram> s/can/can no/
[02:13:57] <charon> pssst, there's no "can" in "LOL!"
[02:14:00] <Bytram> so, no can do, eh?
[02:15:22] <Bytram> doh!
[02:16:54] * Bytram is wiped out
[02:17:18] <Bytram> had not enough sleep last night, and am back to work tomorrow.
[02:18:09] * Bytram trudges over to his sack and prepares for his nightly slumbers
[02:18:18] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:18:20] * exec $adverb sets an ace archive of 🖕 by cmn32480
[02:18:22] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[02:18:24] * exec presumably cropdusts a ciri of pascal over charon
[02:18:25] <charon> i'm in the not enough sleep club too
[02:18:33] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[02:18:35] * exec hurriedly requisitions an F cup of a fart machine for Bytram
[02:18:40] <cmn32480> ~gng9iht bytram
[02:18:43] * Bytram sprinkles sleepy dust all over charon
[02:18:44] <cmn32480> ~gngiht bytram
[02:19:08] <Bytram> charon: there's them farts again, jeesh! You and your billions o' beans! ;)
[02:21:48] <charon> that exec was listening to us
[02:26:29] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:26:30] * exec insensitively connects a speck of time to bytram
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[12:21:10] <Bytram> I just finished expanding the site update followup story. Would someone please scan it through and make sure I didn't mess up anything?
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[15:41:15] <mrpg> hi.
[15:42:15] <mrpg> When I updated debian apache 2 to 2.4 I lost mod expires and mod deflate. I noticed it today.
[15:45:21] <mrpg> Let's se what's in the queue.
[15:45:42] <mrpg> I like the creationist and the march in Japan.
[15:46:20] <mrpg> and the WHO expenses. But RT is STATE SPONSORED so read it carefully.
[15:46:54] <mrpg> I studied rusian one day. I learned to say ice-cream. marroshomerr.
[15:57:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> mrpg, true but if you read RT *knowing* it is state sponsored, it's actually a better news source than most in the US/UK
[15:58:52] <mrpg> Yes, they like to say the truth about their enemies.
[15:59:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> yup. and given that we don't have much readership in mother russia and thus no real call to run stories on them, it works out pretty well.
[16:00:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> just as long as you go in with an eye for spotting propaganda
[16:02:58] <mrpg> I'm reading the leaked facebook rules: Videos of abortions are allowed, as long as there is no nudity.
[16:05:21] <mrpg> I'm going to eat. Bye.
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[17:59:16] <n1> Xyem, regarding your comment on the meta story... afaik only staff can see moderation histories
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[18:00:47] <janrinok> hi guys
[18:01:24] <n1> janrinok!!!
[18:01:24] janrinok is now known as SoyGuest57950
[18:02:12] <SoyGuest57950> damn, I've got to go through all this config shit again!
[18:03:20] <Xyem> n1: I can see them when not logged in
[18:03:24] <SoyGuest57950> n1, how's things?
[18:03:46] <Xyem> Evening janrinok
[18:04:01] <SoyGuest57950> #nick janrinok
[18:04:19] <SoyGuest57950> ... I'll have to go away and look up all the commands too!
[18:04:45] <SoyGuest57950> Xyem, evening. Don't think we have met?
[18:04:58] <n1> Xyem, oh i got the wrong thing
[18:05:07] <Xyem> Not that I know of. Hey :)
[18:05:11] <n1> thought you meant about who, not the total
[18:05:18] <SoyGuest57950> well, pleased to me you anyway
[18:05:27] <n1> for some reason it didnt show up on my phone when i saw your comment
[18:06:30] <n1> jr, things are pretty good, how are you doing
[18:06:50] <Xyem> Likewise, even though it will be brief as I'm about to head out.
[18:07:08] <Xyem> I will be back in about 2 hours..
[18:08:54] * n1 hat tip
[18:09:06] <SoyGuest57950> n1, things are settling down a little now, although the problems haven't gone away. Still got 2 seriously ill parents-in-law but there aren't many things that I can do to help from here
[18:09:20] <SoyGuest57950> I am planning another trip to UK in June
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[18:10:46] <n1> sorry to hear that, glad you're still keeping things moving though
[18:10:52] <n1> we've been missing you here
[18:10:56] <SoyGuest57950> not many options :)
[18:11:15] <SoyGuest57950> how the hell do I change my nick back
[18:11:57] SoyGuest57950 is now known as janrinok
[18:12:00] <n1> ... /nick janrinok
[18:12:05] <janrinok> think it might be working now
[18:12:11] <janrinok> yipee!
[18:12:35] * n1 waits a few seconds for it to be changed back
[18:12:58] <janrinok> S has been having problems coming to terms with her parents being ill and not being able to help
[18:13:34] <janrinok> how's everything be going on here?
[18:14:04] <n1> that does have to be added stress on her, maybe feeling some unwarranted guilt?
[18:14:33] <janrinok> more a feeling of helplessness I think, but still it hasn't made anything any easier at this end
[18:14:40] <n1> things have been ticking on, charon and fnord have been doing a great job keeping us from insanity
[18:15:12] <janrinok> I acknowledged Marty/bytram taking the lead slot on story production!
[18:15:51] <n1> yeah, quite an impressive feat
[18:16:06] <janrinok> where are you in the world right now?
[18:16:42] <n1> back in uruguay, or still here... cant remember where i was last time we spoke
[18:17:06] <janrinok> last time we spoke you were just about to leave the very north of America
[18:17:26] <janrinok> sent pictures from your window of the house next door in the snow
[18:18:33] <janrinok> ~tell Bytram - I hope to be back contributing to the ed task later this week or early next week
[18:19:22] <janrinok> ~tell cmn32480 - I hope to be back contributing to the ed task later this week or early next week
[18:22:42] <n1> ah yeah, well since then ive been back in uy, looking for investment opportunities and enjoying a different pace of life
[18:23:25] <janrinok> are you able to make enough income to stay indefinitely or are you living off savings?
[18:24:36] <n1> that remains to be seen, right now im spending a lot more than bringing in, but ive started from scratch so is to be expected
[18:25:43] <janrinok> wish you luck with whatever you decide to do - it can't be easy starting again
[18:25:51] <n1> a bunch of one off expenses, but in general i could stay here fairly consistently once things stabilize
[18:26:11] <n1> renting a 2 bed house right now, with driveway... cheaper than sharing a flat in london
[18:27:42] <janrinok> any social life?
[18:28:28] <n1> as much of one as i want, have a few friends here now
[18:29:11] <janrinok> didn't want to think of you sitting there with you only contact with people being irc or email ;)
[18:29:41] <n1> not much of a social creature anyway, and while still working and planning on the long term, i had to take a step back from living like im on vacation
[18:30:28] <n1> no problems with that, but i do need to keep working on my spanish speaking skills
[18:31:06] <janrinok> aye, I suppose the ability to communicate is pretty critical if you are looking for opportunities
[18:32:23] <n1> luckily i have a friend who does translations for me, has been extremely helpful and made life a lot easier
[18:33:44] <janrinok> it's a pity that you are there - you are missing all the fun of Brexit, general elections, the collapse of the NHS, and all the other usual cock-ups
[18:33:55] <n1> but i'm quite happy with the situation for now... i had more than enough of people in london, not knowing many people or having to deal with people in general is quite nice
[18:33:57] <n1> hah
[18:34:35] <janrinok> Here in France we have a new president who hasn't got any politicians, so he is trying to fill ministerial roles using people from other parties.
[18:34:44] <n1> it does help, looking at the uk news
[18:34:55] <n1> makes me even happier to be not there...
[18:35:41] <janrinok> Other than a few family members we have fewer desires to return to the UK as each day passes
[18:35:53] <n1> excuse my ignorance but france seems to have a history of totally ineffectual presidents
[18:36:08] <janrinok> it's written into the job spec
[18:36:39] <n1> at least this guy has an excuse being an independent
[18:36:46] <janrinok> if they are any good, they are automatically barred from public office
[18:36:53] <n1> haha
[18:36:56] <n1> makes sense
[18:38:13] <janrinok> well, if they are good they should have more sense than to try to run a country - and running France is much like herding cats in the dark - so if they apply for the job it is taken as a sign of madness, ergo they are automatically barred.
[18:39:09] <n1> briefly on the brexit thing, as we talked about before i think... i was never for or against it, i was about as split as the population... aside from the appalling campaigns and ignorance on display... after the vote to leave was done, it did feel like waking up in a country i didnt recognize anymore
[18:39:29] <n1> when it suddenly became ok to shout at foreign looking people on the street for ruining the country
[18:40:32] <janrinok> well the libdems and the greens are insisting that there should be another vote after all the discussions have been concluded, and if we don't like what we have been offered we should remain in the EU as if nothing has ever happened. Don't think the other 27 countries see it that way at all.
[18:40:33] <n1> janrinok, that makes too much sense... politics in france seems incomprehensible to me
[18:41:29] <janrinok> it's meant to be incomprehensible - how can you siphon off money into your own accounts if everyone can see you doing it?
[18:43:35] <n1> but also at this point, i dont see UK politics being much different
[18:43:41] <janrinok> nope
[18:44:35] <n1> on what you said, that was always going to be the problem with leaving... the process is untested, and has more moving parts than people think and requires more parties to agree
[18:45:11] <n1> there's an odd notion that the UK should leave the EU because you cant get almost 30 nation states to agree on policy
[18:45:23] <n1> but those same 30 states that can't agree, will agree to give the UK the 'best deal possible'
[18:45:42] <n1> while at the same time the UK is undermining the value and importance of the instituion that it wants a good deal from
[18:45:45] <n1> institution*
[18:46:00] <n1> with the leverage being ... well if they dont give us a good deal we'll stop leasing Audis
[18:46:25] <janrinok> the best option is for the UK to simply leave now - regardless of what is agreed or not. We have no friends left in EU circles - although nations are still very much on-side - and the UK should just get on with trying to make the best that we can from whatever situation we find ourselves in
[18:48:28] <janrinok> However, the EU has upped its 'bill' from 15 billion to almost 100 billion over the last 6 months or so. There is no way the UK is every going to agree to pay that - and nor should they. The EU will also have to accept a significant reduction in its own budget which is what is upsetting the big players most
[18:49:01] <n1> the problem with the 'just leaving now and having deal with whatever happens'
[18:49:14] <n1> doesnt put the UK in a great diplomatic situation for 'deals' moving forward
[18:49:29] <n1> since if we don't like it, even if we already agreed to something we'll just say fuck you, we're done.
[18:49:55] <n1> kind of like how the US treats various international agreements. it's up for the other side to conform to these rules, but if we decide against it down the road, well it's in our national interest
[18:52:22] <n1> all it would have taken is for some sober realism about the situation... but no, the UK is the best country in the world with all the history, we're super important, we can have our cake and eat it... we had an empire that touched every corner of the globe but a couple decades ago, before we sent those people onward to freedom
[18:52:25] <janrinok> what I meant by that is that the EU is looking unlikely to make any significant offers to the UK so we just have to get on with what we are given. We don't have much left to bargain with unless we want to behave like spoiled children
[18:52:47] <n1> we're super important, super special, they should feel privileged we buy their products with our debt
[18:53:02] <n1> janrinok, i agree on that
[18:55:04] <n1> but they wont do that, because it undermines this perspective that the UK is really important in the global economy still, like we never left the 1950's
[18:55:07] <janrinok> but I also think that the departure of the UK has also kicked the EU into a bit of introspection and they have realised that several significant players are not happy with the status quo and would like major changes. However, they don't agree on what those changes should be...
[18:55:54] <janrinok> nearly time for me to go - I still have S to look after
[18:57:02] <n1> definitely the case there, with the introspection, but i think it will also solidify later too and there will be less special deals
[18:57:23] <n1> for all the opt-outs that the UK had from the EU project, but still wasn't enough to satisfy and then creates all this political and economic mess
[18:58:10] <n1> better off to not give EU members the opt-outs and privileges if they're still going to take the ball and go home
[18:58:48] <n1> give my regards to S
[18:59:37] <n1> and as always, great to 'see' and speak to you good sir, hope to see you back again soon :)
[19:07:10] <janrinok> hope to see you back on here soon - I should be a 'regular' again within a week or two!
[19:07:51] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:55:45] <Xyem> I have returned.
[20:00:07] <n1> wb Xyem
[20:00:45] <Xyem> Thanks :)
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