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[01:44:42] * Bytram is reading scrollback and just came upon this:
[01:44:49] <Bytram> ==> oh, and there should probably be a colon after "From the Washington Post" in the Sessions story
[01:45:52] <Bytram> I would, 'cept for one of *my* pet bugaboos... the name of the newspaper is: "The Washington Post" <<- notice the word "The" is part of the name. =)
[01:46:00] * Bytram continues reading backscroll
[01:49:07] <Bytram> if expressing personal preferences, I'm not keen on P666's *inserting* a link into a blockquote that is, in reality, a link to the submitted story. I generally strive to have the blockquote remain unaltered from the original source... (Though I will occasionally add an <em>...</em> around the names of publications (papers, journals, etc.))
[01:55:23] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:03:31] <n1> I was waiting for a bit about the "The"
[02:03:33] <n1> :p
[02:05:09] <Bytram> ROFL!!!!! =)
[02:11:09] <charon_> i was too
[02:11:23] <charon_> i knew as soon as i typed it you'd jump on me
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[02:12:19] <Bytram> GOOD! You should know better by now... 10 lashes with a wet linguine
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[04:17:49] <takyon> there has almost been a development every day in the trump russia saga: https://soylentnews.org
[04:18:11] <takyon> maybe they should be run as merges with newer stories about the topic every 3 days, if we run them at all
[04:20:37] <takyon> in this case I guess the other Comey sub could be merged with it
[04:21:59] <takyon> this could be really helpful, or a way of editing a title in the sub queue: https://github.com
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[15:12:20] <Bytram> https://www.wsj.com
[15:12:26] <upstart> ^ 03IBM, a Pioneer of Remote Work, Calls Workers Back to the Office - WSJ
[15:13:34] <Bytram> Probably thought up by some Yahoo!
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[16:52:11] <CoolHand> fyi fellow editors - I'm heading out for an extended w/e vacay with the wifey out of state.. probly won't be on much if a'tall...
[16:54:46] <cmn32480> Remember to guard your virtue Coolhand
[17:41:05] <Bytram> CoolHand: have fun!
[18:12:14] <Bytram> just pushed out 4 stories... that should cover us for a bit.
[18:12:45] <Bytram> is over 90 degrees outside... too warm to think, think I'll take a nap, instead.
[18:12:48] <Bytram> laters!
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