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[00:00:38] <nick> there are some parts of TFA i have issue with, but i think that parts important, although it depends how you read it... the way i take it is AggregateIQ was colluding the campaigns, probably without any directly influence from the campaigns themselves
[00:01:20] <nick> if they get all of the campaigns on board, facing the same direction, then they can make a success of all of them, and the campaigns themselves have deniability/ignorance of any involvement, as their contractor did it without being asked to
[00:03:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> which is perfectly legal and even ethical. you're supposed to want to sell to everyone you can.
[00:03:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> selling to both sides might be less ethical or more, i can't decide.
[00:04:35] <nick> i'm not doubting the legality side of it, but it's interesting in the current climate of 'outside forces interfering/colluding in elections'
[00:04:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> probably more. they don't owe loyalty to either side.
[00:05:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> yeah, that's always been going on though since the feudalism days. it's just one of them things.
[00:05:50] <nick> but that's also where i have issue with part of the article, trying to tie it back to russia, which i think is pointless
[00:05:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> dunno why everyone's acting like it's new
[00:05:59] <nick> it sure has
[00:06:55] <nick> i don't know either, except creating more reasons to 'rebuild' the biggest and most advanced militaries and surveillance states into the even bigger biggest militaries and surveillance states
[00:06:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> well the russia boogey man is popular lately.
[00:07:47] <nick> that's also what i'm seeing about this current 'wannacrypt' hack/ransom... another great advertising campaign to give GCHQ and NSA bigger budgets and more powers
[00:07:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> prolly, yeah. it's hard to gin up good fearmongering when you're the most powerful or tight allies with the most powerful military in the world.
[00:08:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> could be. me, i hope it's done by whitehats to make the medical field and such secure their shit.
[00:09:12] <nick> don't have a clue who is behind it
[00:09:18] <nick> but that's how it's going to be used
[00:09:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> bloody public service it is
[00:09:42] <nick> also noting though, that the few reports i've read are pushing 'shadow broker's links to russia'
[00:09:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> yeesh
[00:10:25] <nick> and the first comments i read about it, when reports noted russia was also affected were like "well of course, a good way to pretend they didnt do it"
[00:10:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> i mean, who cares? arguing the messenger when the content is what matters.
[00:11:45] <nick> arguing the messenger is much in fashion these days
[00:12:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, s'why i occasionally sub a milo article.
[00:12:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> wouldn't wanna deprive them
[00:12:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> anyway, tis nick `o teen time
[00:12:43] * nick hat tip
[00:12:45] <nick> thanks for your 2c
[00:39:22] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: (cc: nick) just read backscroll and want to toss in my $0.02 -- I like the *idea* of an "Op Ed" topic! We already have the "Meta" nexus, so any Op Ed could reasonably go there. OTOH, that is just a first impression. I'm now pondering what kinds of stories would go in there. Hard to think of a concrete example atm.
[00:39:50] <Bytram> Just wanted to put that out there while the thought was fresh in my mind. More when I've had a chance to think on it some.
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[00:45:05] <nick> howdy Bytram
[00:45:19] <Bytram> hiya!
[00:45:34] <Bytram> hat tip for running the WannaCrypt story
[00:46:10] * Bytram may be off base, but I think we are in for a VERY interesting day on Monday.
[00:46:42] <Bytram> FedEx already reported that they'd been hit...
[00:47:32] <Bytram> from what I've seen, places are more willing to invest in capex than opex... I expect there will be a lot of brown stuff hitting the spinning thingy... though I most certainly hope that I am wrong on that count.
[00:47:43] <Bytram> brb -- time to make dinner
[00:50:21] <nick> it's an interesting one, but not sure really how much legs it really has outside of what i mentioned before, increased budgets for the intelligence agencies
[00:51:36] <nick> after the first couple of developments, heartbleed quietly disappeared and seems to have had no lasting effect
[00:57:19] <Bytram> maybe I'm dense, but I really do not see how this would make any impact on the three-letter agencies... I'm much more concerned with how much, and how long, systems will be impacted. And, as for heartbleed, IIRC that was NOT a worm. This thing, can go from one system to another on its own -- with no human interaction. I was on the 'net when the Morris Worm hit, and watched things go to hell in a handbasket for several days.
[00:57:35] <Bytram> There was FAR less stuff using the internet back then.
[00:58:19] <Bytram> fromwikipedia:
[00:58:19] <Bytram> Morris worm
[00:58:19] <Bytram> The Morris worm or Internet worm of November 2, 1988 was one of the first computer worms distributed via the Internet. It was the first to gain significant mainstream media attention. It also resulted in the first felony conviction in the US under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It was written by a graduate student at Cornell University, Robert Tappan Morris, and launched on November 2, 1988 from the computer systems of the
[00:58:19] <Bytram> Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
[00:58:50] <nick> Bytram, you are right about the differences between Heartbleed and this situation
[00:59:03] <nick> but i'm taking it from the perspective of the general, technologically ignorant public
[01:00:13] <nick> and in regard to the three letter agencies, important institutions were compromised, so what is needed is bigger budgets for cyber-security and inter-department cooperation to prevent these things from happening again... 'if the NSA had a bigger budget and more people, the leak which lead to this would have never happened'
[01:00:21] <Bytram> Like I said, i could be all chicken little, the sky if falling, and I hope that is the case... but based on my past experience and what we've see so far with the original incantation... I fear for the worse.
[01:00:37] <nick> and as i mentioned before... ive read a few article that are desperate to tie this to russia
[01:00:50] <nick> russian links here, russian links there, russian links everywhere
[01:00:55] <Bytram> So give more power to the agency that could not be trusted with the power they already had?
[01:01:15] <nick> thats how it usually seems to work
[01:01:22] <Bytram> as for Russia, I sense that is the Bogeyman du jour.
[01:01:32] <nick> it's pathetic
[01:02:13] <Bytram> the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thus, the thinking would be: Trump is aginst Russia. I'm against Russia. ==> I am for Trump
[01:02:15] <nick> Bytram, i don't know what to think about this current worm... but in the last couple years, when i've downplayed or dismissed things because it seems too far out there... they seem to have come to pass
[01:02:45] <Bytram> It is probablyt a good time to point out he old saying: "It is difficult to predict things, especially the future."
[01:03:01] <Bytram> ISTR that may have been from Henry Ford, but could well be mistaken
[01:03:17] <nick> so maybe this is a big deal and the fallout will be ongoing, but that still plays into the hands of the three letter agencies, attacks/hacks on national infrastructure has been a talking point for quite some time
[01:03:18] <Bytram> back in about 10 minutes... time to tend to dinner
[01:03:31] <Bytram> ...
[01:03:46] <nick> really waiting for an incident to make it the reality, maybe this is it, maybe not, maybe it's just the start
[01:03:51] * nick hat tip
[01:03:55] <nick> i should start dinner myself
[01:04:00] <Bytram> Well, if the NSA would do more about protecting *us*, than trying to attack *them*, I'd think we would be in better shape.
[01:05:06] <Bytram> btw, I was curious why the story was not run as a breaking news (as I submitted it)... my thinking was that sysadmins needed as much notice as possible to deal with the possible ramifications, if any. At the very least, they should have up-to-date backups
[01:05:33] <nick> wasnt run as breaking news because i only edited it a short while ago
[01:05:48] <nick> and it didn't jump the queue, so it seemed kind of redundant
[01:06:13] <nick> if you want to change it, fine by me
[01:06:36] <nick> but it wasn't 'this has been reported in the last 20minutes' breaking news
[01:09:13] <Bytram> yeah, I subbed it early this AM and put out a call to eds before I had to hurry to get to work. whatevah. can't change the past, so we will see what comes of it.
[01:09:24] <Bytram> anyway, I am hungry and needs to eat. biab
[01:09:32] <Bytram> many thanks for the pleasant chat!
[02:20:37] <Bytram> Am updating the WannaCrypt story... found info on "Ask Woody" with excellent instructions for each version of windows.
[02:28:15] <Bytram> update completed, as of: 20170515_022809 UTC
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[15:04:47] <Bytram> ~tell Fnord666 HEY! Congrats on posting your 600th story!!! https://soylentnews.org
[15:21:25] <Bytram> https://intel.malwaretech.com
[15:21:25] <upstart> ^ 03Just a moment...
[15:21:29] <Bytram> https://intel.malwaretech.com
[15:21:29] <upstart> ^ 03Just a moment...
[15:22:08] <Bytram> break time
[15:22:10] <Bytram> afk
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[15:57:06] * Bytram purges some non-chosen submissions so as to entice more story submissions
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[16:12:29] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[16:12:31] <upstart> ^ 03Error
[16:12:33] <takyon> feels like a dupe
[16:34:05] <Bytram> takyon: I thought so, too -- at first. We had a prev story that mentioned that the MP3 format is no longer patent encumbered... this one (at least to my eye) is more about Fraunhofer trying to kill the MP3 format and get folks onto new codecs from which they CAN extract licensing fees.
[16:35:05] <Bytram> hmmm, https://arstechnica.com
[16:35:07] <upstart> ^ 03After 18 charmed months, Blue Origin suffers a setback | Ars Technica
[17:05:15] <Bytram> got a few stories pushed out and a few others cleaned out...
[17:05:18] <Bytram> but
[17:05:21] <Bytram> it's time to head off to work again... have a great day everyone!
[18:15:14] <nick> howdy
[18:16:02] <nick> was the two MP3 stories next to each other intentional?
[19:05:29] <nick> i'm doing some reading on this german housing story...
[19:05:46] <nick> through the magic of google cache, i managed to get the source article that the others are referencing
[19:06:16] <nick> and i was not so surprised to find, despite the huge angle in all the english reports about how these houses have been confiscated to
[19:06:23] <nick> so 'migrants' can occupy them
[19:06:27] <nick> or whatever
[19:06:36] <nick> not a mention of that in the original source article
[19:07:13] <nick> just that the owner of the property has received many fines for having the property unoccupied and has not complied with local laws in regards to this...
[19:08:31] <nick> "So far, the forced rental had been implemented as a last resort the Housing Protection Act in any district of Hamburg. By law, an apartment must have been empty, to be reported to the Office at least four months with no apparent restoration activities. Only then the owner can be moved with conditions to relent."
[19:08:43] <nick> "The apartments in Hamm have been empty for the 2012th Despite earlier of imposed penalty payments in the amount of 18,000 euros, the landlord had refused to take the apartments back on the market."
[19:10:15] <nick> the migrant angle is apparently linked to a proposal in Berlin, not Hamburg.
[19:11:08] <nick> also it's a proposal, and is not law
[19:12:28] <nick> so while there is definite meat to the story, i am unsurprised to find infowars and the dailymail decided to ignore the context and just write it to suit their political and editorial leanings
[19:13:23] <nick> and did so by taking two seperate stories in different german regions, and making them the same thing
[19:17:04] <nick> also, the Gastone Institute article is NOT a translation of the original article in any way.
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[19:38:39] <n1> takyon
[19:49:28] <takyon> n1
[19:49:40] <takyon> i take it we should delete that sub?
[19:50:51] <n1> i kind of want to run it, edited to actually be the two original, separate stories as there is something to talk about there
[19:51:03] <n1> but as i said in my last note on the sub, it's like the definition of fake news
[19:51:07] <n1> and ive never used that term before
[19:51:41] <takyon> it's on you if you want to edit it up and slap a note on it revealing how bad the sub was
[19:51:56] <takyon> I am submitting a couple of things now since we are light on non-politicrap
[19:52:37] <n1> i did find it insightful how it came via the Gastone institute, as i mentioned before being cut off... it's a who's who of CFR/PNAC/CIA, particularly those pushing the Saddam 9/11 connection.
[19:53:01] <n1> i'd never heard of that thinktank before, but apparently they were instrumental a few years ago in getting the 'no-go zones in europe' stories around
[19:53:56] <n1> the subs queue is pretty blah right now
[20:04:39] <takyon> OBOR story
[20:07:50] <n1> you said you wanted non-politicrap and you sub a story about china taking over the world? :p
[23:42:54] <n1> solar city ceo and co-founder (musk cousin) is leaving in june