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[00:00:00] <exec> └─ 13Theresa May faces fresh accusations of 'hiding' after Scotland rally publicly listed as child's birthday party | The Independent
[00:00:03] <upstart> ^ 03Theresa May faces fresh accusations of 'hiding' after Scotland rally publicly listed as child's birthday party | The Independent
[00:01:25] <nick> i also could only shake my head at the reporting of the Andrew Marr interview... when asked a question about food banks (possibly including being used by NHS workers) ... and that warranted 'it's a complex situation, i want to build a strong economy'
[00:01:32] <Deucalion> It's odd how she gets reported on. A lot of outlets are carrying the 'well she doesn't really play to the media' card etc. just gets stuff done. But all I see is very carefully stage managed appearances. Almost as though she's afraid of being questioned.
[00:01:39] <nick> using nuclear weapons was a straight 'yes'
[00:02:02] <nick> but 'would you go into iraq knowing what we know now' got a 'that's a hypothetical so i can't answer'
[00:02:33] <Deucalion> to be fair, it would be a bit fucking stupid of a nuclear country's leader to say "newp, never gonna press that button" - would kinda defeat the whole point no?
[00:03:06] <Deucalion> how is that hypothetical? with the benefit of hindsight perhaps.... "hypothetical".... uhhh wut?
[00:03:26] <nick> by itself, sure... but in the context of how she couldn't give a straight answer apparently to any question
[00:03:34] <nick> except if she was willing to go into a nuclear war
[00:04:10] <nick> no context required of, pre-emptive/defensive/strategic/unilateral etc
[00:05:36] <nick> Deucalion, i agree with your point about carefully stage managed
[00:07:00] <nick> the 'straight shooting politician of principles' is demonstrably false, she is perhaps one of the most typical politician going, who knows how to take advantage of opportunities for herself and the party, but really has no principles or agenda in a larger sense
[00:08:34] <nick> i read somewhere that since becoming PM she's changed her speaking style to mimic thatcher more closely, which doesn't surprise me and it is the general impression i get from her anyway
[00:13:23] <Deucalion> Next you know she'll never be seen without her handbag :D
[00:13:57] <Deucalion> and a phantom Dennis lurking in the background looking slightly uncomfortable that he's there at all :D
[00:14:22] * Deucalion has flash back to the Spitting Image days
[00:15:30] <nick> well that would go really well if DJT comes over with Melania, her and May's husband can go look uncomfortable in the background of the photo op
[00:19:59] <Deucalion> Does May have a husband? Mebbe he was there when she took office but I don't recall him lurking about the place in any photos like a spare part. I never really did understand the whole "and this is my spouse, look how wholesome they are" thing that goes on with politicians. I couldn;t give a damn who they are married to, what the spouse is wearing nor how many kids they have.. they're not a friend so why should I care... just get on with the
[00:19:59] <Deucalion> job and stop poncing about for family photos. I guess I must not be normal in that regard, if no-one cared the poor long suffering families wouldn't be wheeled out before the cameras all the time :/
[00:20:21] <paulej72> takyon: 250, and it only pulls in accepted stories that have been published from the stories tables. I can make it look like the other one, but it would not need the status. I could change the db calls to pull in from the subs table and get all of the info, but on dev that will not show much as we lost the subs table.
[00:21:37] <nick> i'm pretty sure she's married, but maybe you recall during the leadership race they took the family thing off the table after her not having kids was used against her as 'not having a stake in the future of the country'
[00:22:56] <nick> just looked it up, her husband is an
[00:23:05] <nick> investment relationship manager for an american financial services company
[00:23:07] <nick> what are the chances
[00:23:39] <nick> i'm sure they're getting nicely lined up to 'invest in the future of the NHS to provide a strong and stable healthcare system for working families;
[00:33:39] <Deucalion> ha - reminds me - I was skipping radio stations while out driving for work today and landed on LBC - still not sure if the callers or actors... but that aside... there was one caller arguing that a GP visit should cost "say £10, then there would be no need for tax rises, why should the government pay for people's GP visits?" - I was dumbfounded by the circular, self-defeating and downright selfish logic. It seemed the crux of their argument
[00:33:39] <Deucalion> was, they'd pay £100 for their 10 GP appts each year but they'd be damned if everyone put £100 in a pot and everyone including those with fuck all, living on the street who could really do with a hand up would get to be seen for £0 out of hand. I just could not put myself in that person's head, it was beyond my understanding to fathom the rationale. I'll pay my £10 those with nothing can just die in the street essentially is all I can tak
[00:33:40] <Deucalion> e away from it. :/ :/ :/
[00:35:41] <nick> ive heard similar things come from my grandparents
[00:36:00] <nick> because they read the dailymail and know how 90% of stuff the NHS does now is cosmetic surgery and immigrants
[00:36:17] <nick> and people playing sick so they dont have to work
[00:36:35] <nick> so a small charge, obviously with pensioners exempt, would be a great idea
[00:37:48] <nick> the nhs is so free, thats why it cost me over £250 to get fillings from my NHS dentist.
[00:39:03] <nick> it's the same with the disability assessment shit... it's necessary because of all the people the dailymail tells us are scamming the system.... i give them examples of people i know who need assistance but have been shut out through various methods
[00:39:11] <nick> 'but they have to do something to stop people abusing the system'
[00:39:19] <Deucalion> Why would anyone play sick when ESA is being cut to the same as JSA? Either you get dumped off ESA for not being "sick enough" or you get dumped off JSA for being a jobseeker. JSA??? BAH, you are no job seeker, if you were you would have a job, no JSA for you... SANCTION!!!
[00:39:59] <nick> people are now living in constant fear over that shit
[00:40:06] <nick> it makes me so sad and angry
[00:40:34] <nick> http://www.independent.co.uk
[00:40:36] <exec> └─ 13Bed-ridden stroke victim told to use food banks after DWP admin error leaves him without benefits | The Independent
[00:40:42] <upstart> ^ 03Bed-ridden stroke victim told to use food banks after DWP admin error leaves him without benefits | The Independent
[00:41:38] <nick> thankfully for those people, they had an MP willing to take their case up in parliament
[00:45:42] <nick> i'll never forget reading a couple years ago how the DWP wouldn't release their study into deaths and suicides that resulted from the changes to the system because it would 'prejudice the debate about benefits reform' or some crap
[00:46:20] <Deucalion> I was on JSA for a fair while after being made redundant.... that is not a position anyone would voluntarily occupy to my mind. It's hellish... think debt collectors are bad with the threat-o-grams... nothing on the JSA guardians for sheer weight of shouty paperwork falling through the door threatening sanctions of up to a year etc. for minor compliance things that hadn't even occurred yet. It was like the TVL joke-o-grams, but for anyone who
[00:46:21] <Deucalion> needed that ~£70/week for food it would be scary. It bordered on harassment. Not exactly conducive to a positive frame of mind required for successful job seeking :/
[00:49:13] <nick> i'm so glad i've never found myself in the position to have to go that route, but i am all too aware how easy it is to happen and how lucky i am to have avoided it so far
[00:50:21] <nick> everything i've heard about it says it's an oppressive and depressing environment to be in, having to beg for help
[00:50:33] <nick> can't be good for the frame of mind as you say
[00:53:03] <Deucalion> Yup - all too easy to find yourself needing that safety net through no fault of your own no matter how hard you work - I guess some people just can;t grok that til it happens to them ~shrug~
[00:55:21] <nick> along with hard work, you have to be a little lucky and be in the right place at the right time, know a few people
[00:56:00] <nick> i know i wouldn't be where i am now without a combination of all of those things
[00:58:21] <Deucalion> where are you now??
[00:58:51] <nick> still in uruguay
[00:59:23] <nick> it's a nice place to be, keeping base here for another 2 or 3 months before another adventure
[00:59:24] <Deucalion> settling there for the foreseeable?
[00:59:45] <Deucalion> wanna trade places?
[01:00:01] <nick> don't know about that.
[01:00:44] <nick> but as i mentioned on here the other day, in the main channel i think... my rent here for a 2 bed house with driveway is what it cost for sharing a house in london
[01:02:57] <nick> getting some more remote working stuff lined up so i can live that digital nomad life, but having a base here... should be starting work on a website for an international realtor soon
[01:05:24] <Deucalion> nice... wait, I thought you were a cctv and sec tech guy... you segued into webdev? Have you bought one of those 360 degree cameras yet so viewers can pan around every room on the site whilst sat on their asses?
[01:06:42] <nick> ive done websites on the side for a while, i'm a jack of many trades and a master of fuck all.
[01:07:12] <Deucalion> And don't forget one of those clever fish eye lens things that makes rooms appear bigger than in real life.... those always make me laugh on estate agent sites when you see a sofa that appears to be length of a football pitch :D
[01:07:45] <Deucalion> ^^ particularly useful in the UK with the kind of rabbit hutch shit that is getting built all over the place
[01:07:57] <nick> i'm trying to move on from the security stuff though, it's a depressing industry with the world as it is, ever increasing surveillance... very hard to offer products and services i actually believe in, in that sphere now
[01:08:39] <nick> i do actually have some 360 cameras from previous projects, they are a lot of fun to play with
[01:10:07] <nick> would be nice if the paid me to fly around the world taking pics of houses for sale though, cant see it happening sadly
[01:10:55] <Deucalion> I bet they are. Useful too for property stuff even if the overall perspective goes a little skewy sometimes, it gives a really good idea of the layout. Far better than a hastily drawn floor plan and the one or two photos we used to get on property particulars back in the days of yore :)
[01:11:45] <Deucalion> Nah - they'd use local contract photogs for that I'm sure. You just get to make the website easy to use for them to upload all the particulars to.
[01:11:58] <nick> really just trying to focus on remote working now though, have a few things in the works, even though it means a lot more time at the computer
[01:12:36] <nick> working on where that goes, from what ive discovered they're far from tech savvy, so it could be some regular easy work to update the website for them
[01:13:40] <nick> Deucalion, pretty sure they just use their local rep to take the photos, probably on smartphone
[01:13:47] <nick> they really dont show the houses very well.
[01:18:55] <Deucalion> Perhaps they don't have the same "pressure" on property going for ever increasing bonkers pricing and so the realtors cut can't pay for all the latest greatest gadgetry to show off the prisint "designer" kitchen that will need to be ripped out in a year because it is completely unsuited to actually cooking in :D
[01:19:47] <Deucalion> ok, I'm winding in the tired cynic mode and going to pootle about on command line for a bit.... good talking as always
[01:21:24] * nick hat tip
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[11:39:11] <Bytram> Fnord666: great job cleaning up the NSA email/text collection story!
[11:39:38] <Bytram> CoolHand: good morning!
[11:40:07] <Bytram> I see you are only two stories away from reaching 1,000 stories posted to the site... WOW! https://soylentnews.org
[11:40:10] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
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[12:16:59] <CoolHand> Bytram: good morning
[12:17:21] <CoolHand> yeah, I better get on posting, huh? (I know that was a hint, hahaha)
[12:17:58] <CoolHand> whenever I check during the week, the queue is full, so I just 2nd, and my wife has been keeping me REAL busy on w/e's, so haven't been able to help much then
[12:18:05] <Bytram> good morning! No, not a hint at all! I know how hard it is to post stories, and how much time it takes... just a genuine congrats was all that was meant!
[12:18:30] <Bytram> so good to 'see' you... glad you could pull away for a bit
[12:18:44] <Bytram> and... wish i could chat, but I needs to be getting ready to head to work. :/
[12:24:44] <cmn32480> typical bytram... poke people and run
[12:25:02] <cmn32480> Coolhand: I know the feeling. Life has this damned way of taking over
[13:18:26] <CoolHand> cmn32480: yeah, funny, huh? :D
[13:26:02] <CoolHand> and Bytram, I didn't really think you were hinting, I just have a guilty conscience about not posting a lot of stories lately, even though I've done what I can when I can..
[13:26:06] <CoolHand> :D
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[21:41:34] <Bytram> CoolHand: I take the view that I am grateful for whatever help people are able and willing to provide -- every bit helps! Somehow, so far, we've been able to make it through without a break in stories for something like 1170 days. In. A. Row!