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[00:23:15] <charon_> i think i want to marry my computer
[01:58:36] <Bytram> cmn32480: over here
[01:58:46] <Bytram> I'll take the chechnya story
[01:58:53] <cmn32480> thanks Dad
[01:59:03] <Bytram> no problem, son.
[01:59:05] <cmn32480> !grab charon_
[01:59:05] <Bender> Added quote 64
[01:59:11] <Bytram> =)
[02:01:39] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:01:41] * exec cantankerously pilfers 40 gallons worth of chocodiles from bytram
[02:01:45] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:01:47] * exec explicitly coalesces a purse of Lipton iced tea with cmn32480
[02:02:10] <Bytram> chocodiles & tea -- sounds like a British afternoon snack
[02:06:14] <charon_> hiyo bytram
[02:06:19] <charon_> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:06:21] * exec analiciously cyberbullies a blagoblag of crabgrass at cmn32480
[02:06:31] <charon_> time to leave work though, so i'll catch you in a while
[02:06:50] <Bytram> charon_: hiyo !
[02:07:09] <Bytram> nice to 'see' ya -- hope you didn't have TOO long a day
[02:07:24] <Bytram> I'm pretty tired, so not sure how long I'll stay on
[02:07:25] <charon_> another day with no lunch
[02:07:56] <charon_> the guy who's supposed to cover my lunch break went home early because he hurt his back
[02:08:12] <charon_> luckily it was not busy today
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[02:12:22] <Bytram> sorry to hear it was another rough day! I would think the-powers-that-be would realize they could do more business if they had more help on the floor... fewer disgruntled shoppers, more return visits, more $$
[02:39:37] <charon> today was not so bad customer wise. but yeah, it would be nice to have at least one other person who knows how to do the job for filling in
[02:40:44] <Bytram> there are times when we have 3 or even 4 people working in my dept, and we can still be snowed under by too many customers at once.
[02:41:12] <charon> luxury
[02:41:28] <charon> seriously if we have 3 people that's almost unheard of
[02:41:56] <charon> actually, if we ever do have 3 people, guaranteed a manager will come in to drag one of them to a different department
[02:42:22] <Bytram> well, at those times, we could have 12-15, even 20 customers in the dept at the same time, too.
[02:42:46] <Bytram> and, we're only permitted to wait on one customer at a time if we are working on one area of the dept
[02:44:08] <charon> makes sense
[02:44:41] <charon> not sure if it's allowed or not, but i make sure i give each customer undivided attention
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[02:47:23] <Bytram> charon: yeah, it seems mgmt is concerned about the possibility that a customer could distract an employee and end up with $multi-thousand items getting pocketed and walking out of the store.
[02:47:41] <Bytram> n1: !! hat tip to ya
[03:16:09] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[03:16:12] <exec> └─ 13Interpol unplugs nearly 9,000 Asian command and control networks • The Register
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[03:18:22] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[03:18:23] * exec democratically ships a teaspoon of socketable gems with Bytram
[03:18:29] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[03:18:31] * exec whole-heartedly pairs a cube of turkey bacon with charon
[03:18:40] <Bytram> Hmmmm bacon!
[03:18:56] * Bytram grabs a slab and caches it away for breakfast
[03:19:01] <Bytram> ;)
[03:19:07] <Bytram> ~gnight #editorial
[03:19:09] * exec problematically snatches a pinch of cocaine from #editorial
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[17:42:29] <charon_> another day, another 9 hour shift with no breaks
[17:43:18] * cmn32480 hands charon_ a bathroom pass
[17:43:45] <charon_> thanks. hope no one steals the cash register while i'm gone
[17:49:47] <charon_> how are you, cmn32480?
[18:02:54] <cmn32480> holding on with both hands
[18:07:46] * charon_ helps pry loose a couple fingers
[18:12:03] <cmn32480> yer such a nice guy
[18:15:26] <charon_> i like helping
[18:16:07] <charon_> if i didn't like helping, i'd leave all the gewg subs for you
[18:16:16] <cmn32480> first pne I ahve encountered at your emplopyer who feels that way
[18:16:32] <cmn32480> and they would languish for eons... and lose relevency
[18:16:44] <charon_> alas
[18:17:15] <charon_> you must shop at bad stores. or in the middle of the morning rush when no one has time to be pleasant
[18:20:45] <cmn32480> or I'm jsut an asshole
[18:21:30] <charon_> yeah, i'd probably go with that one
[18:21:52] <cmn32480> generally a good idea
[18:29:22] <charon_> hey, i can click on the username of that regex guy
[18:29:41] <cmn32480> that regex guy?
[18:51:46] <charon_> a-zA-Z0-9+- and some other crap
[18:51:51] <charon_> that's his username
[18:53:02] <charon_> a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*'(),-
[19:06:16] <charon_> here we go. getting shelled in the chechnya story because it's from Milo. now i'll get the same from the other side of the fence over a gewg sub
[19:28:06] <n1> to be fair, there's literally no reason to use the Milo article as all it does is say 'according to metro' and 'according to breitbart via afp' ... except for the shits and giggles of winding people up for using a controversial source who contributed nothing to the reports
[19:28:30] <n1> generally i try to get as close to the original source as possible, in submissions and stories edited.
[19:36:16] <charon_> you may be right, especially considering TMB's glee at the response
[19:36:34] <n1> everyone fell neatly into the trap set by this story
[19:36:36] <charon_> the link you dropped in was very good, thank you
[19:36:39] <n1> and no one read my link :D
[19:36:49] <n1> thanks for including it
[19:36:50] <charon_> i read it
[19:36:53] <n1> and reading it ;)
[19:38:30] <charon_> how are you, this fine day, n1?
[19:39:01] <n1> doing ok thanks, better than yesterday although i barely slept
[19:39:22] <n1> how about you?
[19:42:46] <n1> i hope you took note of the comment(s) on the solarcity story from the other day about working conditions without bathroom or meal breaks.... it's not your employers problem you have human biology.
[19:44:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> n1, fair's fair. if gewg_ gets to link socialist tripe i get to link milo n breitbart.
[19:45:23] <n1> i prefer to try and raise the bar than hold it down
[19:45:58] <n1> and i'd be fine with it if milo or brietbart actually had additional reporting on the story, but from what i saw they didn't offer anything that wasn't in the AFP report
[19:46:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> only way to do that is find a reputable source for the more sensationalist lefty stuff too though.
[19:47:48] <n1> i agree, but 'they do it too' is not a great editorial standpoint, some of the stuff from the lefty sites that we've run, from my own investigations of wanting better sources, they're actually doing the primary reporting on it
[19:48:38] <n1> i personally have not submitted stories because they are from the sources gewg uses, and no other credible source has done the reporting in the same detail
[19:48:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> yarp
[19:49:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> if you wanna put together a list of non-credible sources and pin it somewhere on the submission page, s'fine by me.
[19:49:58] <n1> if it's a story someone cares about, i'd assume they'd go to the effort of giving it the best platform possible
[19:50:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> i would but i like killing two birds with one stone as it were.
[19:50:41] <n1> we've talked about this before, and i have my issues with pretty much every source and their reporting.
[19:51:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> make the "the messenger is more important than the message" types out themselves.
[19:51:04] <n1> and it's often based around specific subjects rather than a general bias or credibility problem
[19:51:25] <n1> but at the same time it diminishes the value of the original story, which is important, because people get distracted by the side issue
[19:51:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> oooh, 17 new messages
[19:51:44] <charon_> lol
[19:51:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> n1, fair nuff
[19:52:23] <charon_> n1: have not read the solarcity comments.
[19:52:40] <n1> to use an example, the BBC is an extremely credible source as things go... but they will always lean toward a government approved position/message, while providing the 'balance' later on
[19:53:09] <n1> you wont ever get really critical reporting of a government from the BBC, left or right, while they're in power
[19:56:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> back in a bit. gotta reboot some computers to finish up some updates.
[19:56:19] <charon_> the problem is that i am the only person currently in the store who can work my dept. it takes a lot of specialized training. while i would be terribly amused to force a manager to take my place for an hour, what they would really do is call my boss on his day off
[19:56:55] <n1> as ive said before about the BBC... 'the government says it's raining, the opposition says it's not raining, the bbc reporter declined to look out of the window to prevent bias'
[19:57:46] <n1> charon_, it's good to be valuable in your company, even if it does come at a cost
[19:58:11] <charon_> yeah.
[19:58:35] <charon_> it means i can work a short shift at the end of the week when i point out all this overtime i've accrued
[20:00:32] <charon_> hey, did we run a story about UK coal use dropping to zero for a day? i recall seeing some discussion in IRC about it. can't find a published story about it though
[20:00:53] <n1> we discussed it but i said it's a non-story, which was a little harsh
[20:01:43] <n1> it's worth running
[20:02:29] <n1> but i'd like to note the coal was replaced mostly by natural gas
[20:02:39] <n1> rather than going more renewable
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[21:41:00] <mrpg> Hi, I wanted to do the nasa submission but I'd swear I saw somethign like that a few months ago. Though I search and I can't find anything nasa related.
[21:43:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> which nasa submission?
[21:43:45] <n1> https://soylentnews.org is in the similar stories
[21:43:48] <systemd> ^ 03NASA Launches Massive Digital Library for Space Video, Photos Audio - SoylentNews
[21:43:49] <n1> not sure if it's the same
[21:43:50] <exec> └─ 13NASA Launches Massive Digital Library for Space Video, Photos & Audio - SoylentNews
[21:43:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> sounds like
[21:44:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> maybe one was a going to release and one was an officially released
[21:44:51] <n1> it appears the same
[21:45:00] <n1> as both link to images.nasa.gov
[21:46:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> nope, nothing new in the el reg article that i can see.
[21:46:42] * TheMightyBuzzard reads fast
[21:46:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> looks like they were just late to the party
[21:47:39] <mrpg> ok, who's the officer in charge of deleting submissions?
[21:49:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> DROP TABLE submissions;
[21:49:07] <n1> i'll do it
[21:51:16] <n1> and it's gone
[21:52:23] <n1> personally, i think you should do my Oregon submission ;)
[21:52:39] <mrpg> ok I'll go see it
[21:52:55] <mrpg> i finished the no coal in England one
[21:53:04] <paulej72> me I do submissions deletions
[21:53:44] <n1> paulej72, it wasn't accepted so i could delete it
[21:53:52] <paulej72> but along the line of TheMightyBuzzard's way :(
[21:54:06] <paulej72> rm -rf /
[21:54:36] <n1> i really hate rejecting subs that are from registered accounts
[21:54:45] <mrpg> tough love the systemd way
[21:55:24] <paulej72> I reject your sub and submit my own, or something like that
[22:06:13] <mrpg> n1: your submission called "oregon politicians are stupid" has been approved and will appear in the site tomorrow morning. Thanks, submissions guarantee citizenship.
[22:07:10] <n1> lol
[22:08:29] <n1> glad to see you're still around mrpg and with a sense of humour... things ok for you right now, with everything going on locally?
[22:10:15] <mrpg> I'm fine, house, job, food. But not everyone is this lucky.
[22:10:39] <mrpg> I need new glasses, which cost 2 months salary.
[22:11:19] <mrpg> So everything is expensive. I stopped going out to eat.
[22:12:03] <n1> 2 months salary for glasses is insane, im very sorry to hear that's part of your situation, even if other things are ok.
[22:12:17] <n1> prices going up all the time?
[22:13:11] <mrpg> every 2 or 3 months.
[22:13:38] <mrpg> 800% in 2016.
[22:13:54] <mrpg> yes you read it well, 8 0 0 not 8 0.
[22:13:57] <n1> inflation seems to be a big problem all over the continent down here, but obviously not as severe as where you are
[22:14:31] <n1> i've seen the currency nosedive but obviously not being on the ground there its hard to see how it plays out locally
[22:15:51] <n1> has to be a tough situation, does your employer take that into account or are you just stuck with huge price rises and no additional compensation?
[22:16:56] <mrpg> the president gives national raises, of 20 or 40%. So evrything goes up 50%. Usually in labor day a new raise is announced.
[22:18:21] <n1> any hope of things improving soon, thing might stabilize?
[22:19:08] <n1> i have been following the recent events, but as i'm sure you're aware it's essentially impossible to get representative reporting from the english speaking press
[22:19:55] <mrpg> The only lies I've seen are from telesur and maybe RT. If it sounds bad, believe it.
[22:21:32] <n1> i like some of the work telesur does, but i can't say i've been buying what they're selling on the current situation
[22:22:35] <mrpg> they belong to the goverment so this is the land of UNICORNS!!!!
[22:24:11] <n1> not the starbucks unicorn frappuccino though i bet
[22:27:59] <mrpg> there's a million differnet names for coffee: black, with milk, brown, but not unicorn.
[22:31:03] <n1> here you only get mate, which i did finally try... but it's not for me
[22:31:40] <n1> uruguay runs on mate, beef and mayonnaise
[22:33:09] <charon_> mmm, mayo
[22:36:50] <mrpg> there was a song from a chilean band, singing how evryone was soooo happy in the country. Sarcasm at its best. it's called something like "we are having a lot of fun"
[22:37:11] <mrpg> it says we all have food, and universities to study anything, etc.
[22:43:33] <n1> i really hope things improve, but glad to know you're doing alright
[22:44:42] * n1 gently beats charon_ with a stick for not capitalizing the railgun story
[22:45:29] <charon_> i was distracted by a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*'(),-'s name
[22:46:04] <n1> it's a good one
[22:46:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> yep and it found us an annoying bug
[22:47:05] <charon_> i noticed i couldn't get his user page before, and now i can
[22:47:54] <TheMightyBuzzard> can you? that's a bug too.
[22:48:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> either way, it's fixed already on dev.
[22:48:58] <charon_> it used to say "that user does not exist" but now it resolves to his page with comments/moderations
[22:48:59] <n1> works for me with https://soylentnews.org!*'()%2C-/
[22:49:02] <systemd> ^ 03[no title]
[22:49:03] <exec> └─ 13a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*'(),- - SoylentNews User
[22:49:22] <n1> but not https://soylentnews.org!*'(),-/
[22:49:23] <systemd> ^ 03[no title]
[22:49:26] <exec> └─ 13- SoylentNews User
[22:51:58] <n1> https://www.bloomberg.com
[22:51:59] <systemd> ^ 03Google Rewrites Its Powerful Search Rankings to Bury Fake News - Bloomberg
[22:58:18] <paulej72> takyon: fixed your user page. limited sub list to the last 250.
[22:58:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> traitor!
[22:59:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> start doing nice things for the eds and they'll keep expecting them to happen
[23:00:48] <charon_> i expect nothing but abuse
[23:03:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> as it should be
[23:07:48] <n1> what is the saying? ... the beatings will continue until morale improves.
[23:08:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> see, nick knows the drill
[23:49:03] <mrpg> too much work for today, bye good night.
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