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[01:53:26] <Bytram> mechanicjay: done!
[02:15:25] <cmn32480> bytram - I binned the laser cutter attached ment soylvertisement
[02:15:58] <Bytram> mare sea!
[02:34:32] <chromas> is that like a seahorse?
[02:35:19] <chromas> (nay!)
[03:09:50] <Bytram> nay no never, nay no never no more! ;)
[03:10:11] <Bytram> and with that, that's all I've got, as well... time for eyelid examine from within.
[03:10:17] <Bytram> ~gnight #editorial
[03:10:19] * exec emphatically liberates a raid 0 volume of snotcaulk from #editorial
[03:10:29] <chromas> ~g'night Bytram
[03:10:31] * exec buttmagically violates a spoon of dehydrated beer with Bytram
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[04:06:02] <mrpg> so.
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[17:25:54] <n1> rargh
[17:27:24] <cmn32480> agreed
[17:34:06] <n1> sup cmn32480
[17:34:14] <cmn32480> SSDD
[17:34:22] <cmn32480> how about you?
[17:34:57] <n1> about the same
[17:35:18] <n1> wondering when im finally going to get the bill for my internet connection
[17:39:08] <cmn32480> CHA CHING
[17:40:26] <n1> i'm not expecting it to arrive at the house, so i just need to keep checking online
[17:40:42] <n1> addresses here are vague and i don't have a mailbox
[17:40:43] <cmn32480> you'll know it is overdue when you cna't get online to check it
[17:41:33] <n1> which will then make it even more overdue
[17:41:40] <n1> love the vicious cycle
[17:42:01] <cmn32480> sorry... I'm in a "Piss in the Punch" kind of mood today
[17:42:39] <n1> that's fine, i'm in that kind of mood a lot
[17:43:31] <cmn32480> upside is that I have started tossing resume's out.. so we'll see if I get any bites
[17:47:41] <n1> in a few months you'll be working at the next tech unicorn company, owning $5trillion in stock of a company that doesn't make any profit!
[17:47:59] <cmn32480> one can dream can't they?
[17:48:06] <cmn32480> long as the paycheck clears... I'm good
[17:49:29] <n1> it'll probably be one of those situations where you end up with several offers at the same time and the hard work will be choosing which one
[17:49:48] <cmn32480> I refer to my previous statement about dreaming...
[17:50:04] <cmn32480> all for $50k more than I make now...
[17:51:16] <n1> it's happened to me... not the $50k more, but all the offers coming at the same time...
[17:51:44] <cmn32480> that's the best of all worlds situation... get a bunch of offers all at the same time.
[17:51:56] <cmn32480> mine won't be $50k either
[17:54:27] <n1> dont know what the job market is like in your area, but when i was looking a couple years ago in London, wages have been stagnant as the political swamp
[17:55:32] <n1> barely moved at all in the last 10 years, obviously there are some exceptions, but it's a pretty shitty situation. i'm more for a better working environment than making more money
[17:55:49] <n1> but there's plenty offering a shitty work environment and shitty money
[17:59:55] <cmn32480> stupid caps lock
[17:59:56] <cmn32480> sorry
[18:00:07] <cmn32480> maybe not the people skills
[18:00:09] <n1> ;)
[18:00:09] <cmn32480> :-)
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[18:02:58] <cmn32480> heh
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[18:06:48] <nick> you were saying about my internet not working....
[18:07:01] <nick> i got cut off after the :-) if you said anything else
[18:11:29] <cmn32480> nope... just a giggle after you signed back in
[18:13:17] <nick> having a very late breakfast right now
[18:13:21] <nick> at 3pm
[18:13:30] <cmn32480> nice...
[18:13:46] <nick> but it makes me wonder, why dont people put eggs and chicken together in meals more often
[18:14:48] <cmn32480> i don't know.. but it is tasty
[18:15:05] <cmn32480> but if you make chickens eat eggs... it's kinda like cannibalism
[18:15:54] <nick> yeah, probably not the way forward
[18:16:11] <nick> but a fried egg on a chicken breast is something rather awesome
[18:16:49] <cmn32480> fried egg on <insert meat here> is awesome
[18:17:00] <cmn32480> i think it is the fried egg
[18:17:41] <nick> this is true of course
[18:17:57] <nick> but i just find it weird, fried egg on steak or a beef burger is pretty normal
[18:18:04] <nick> but i never see it advertised on a chicken burger
[18:18:22] <cmn32480> true
[18:18:34] <cmn32480> I don't knwo that I have ever seen it advertised either
[18:19:50] <nick> i first discovered it by putting a fried egg on a rather nasty microwave chicken burger... never looked back, although now i put it on good chicken instead
[18:21:45] <nick> https://www.technologyreview.com
[18:21:47] <exec> └─ 13Blockchain Is Helping to Build a New Kind of Energy Grid - MIT Technology Review
[18:24:41] <cmn32480> stop makign me hungry again
[18:25:43] <nick> later today i'll be making my world famous home made spicy bbq burgers
[18:27:09] <cmn32480> yer mena
[18:27:14] <cmn32480> *mean
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[22:34:40] <charon_> hiyo editorial
[23:16:01] <nick> hiyo charon_
[23:29:45] <charon_> how is nick today?
[23:33:04] <nick> nick is good thanks
[23:33:07] <nick> how is charon_
[23:33:50] <charon_> i am alright. got surly about a customer demanding a refund earlier, but it's gotten better since then
[23:35:26] <nick> the customer is always right, unless they're wrong, it's my job to know.
[23:35:54] <charon_> 98% of the time, the customer is a moron
[23:36:49] <nick> that would be a good motivational poster
[23:38:05] <charon_> demotivational
[23:38:24] <charon_> the other 2%, he's a *fucking* moron
[23:41:37] <nick> if you're not a moron, why are you in my store?
[23:42:45] <charon_> exactly!
[23:43:42] <charon_> i think my boss wouldn't let me put that slogan on the wall
[23:45:54] <nick> i'm still considering buying a sign that says 'free beer tomorrow'
[23:47:32] <charon_> but never today... aww
[23:52:12] <nick> most of the other ones they had were kind of boring
[23:52:50] <nick> and for some reason, a lot of london themed wall art... at this large hardware store type place