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[02:14:05] <takyon> n1_
[02:14:11] <takyon> just put in the MOAB story
[02:14:21] <takyon> how about Enceladus/Europa after the one you're doing
[02:14:26] <n1_> yeah i just saw it when checking the timings for my next story :D
[02:14:38] <n1_> probably shouldn't use :D in relation to a bombing
[02:14:47] <n1_> sure thing
[02:15:42] <takyon> it's hard to believe the thing has a blast radius of 1 mile. I guess the backpack nukes would have a similar blast radius
[02:17:39] <n1_> i was hoping the quote from an unnamed official from the fox news story would be included
[02:17:48] <n1_> "we kicked it out the back door"
[02:17:52] <takyon> aha
[02:18:07] <takyon> the anon's text was from an old version of the CNN article I think. kind of confusing
[02:18:14] <takyon> I'll look at it
[02:18:20] <takyon> as for enceladus, there's a merge
[02:18:33] <takyon> just a link to throw in the same paragraph where I have BBC and SciMag
[02:18:38] <n1_> i don't know about the 1 mile thing, difference between blast radius and shockwave
[02:18:57] <takyon> that might be it. Might have ingested some bad reporting
[02:19:04] <n1_> but i find it pretty depressing reading about this shit
[02:19:30] <takyon> there's been a lot of talk of bunker busters, but that's been "dropped"
[02:19:41] <takyon> hoehehheueuheheheheheh
[02:19:57] <takyon> I can't wait for the first time Trump brags about dropping the MOAB
[02:20:06] <takyon> hell, it might have already happened
[02:20:30] <n1_> where's the merge for enceladus
[02:20:44] <takyon> 2 stories down
[02:20:45] <takyon> mhajicek
[02:21:04] <n1_> when i first read the reports about the moab targeting ISIS tunnels, it just made me think of the stories from the beginning of the Afghanistan intervention
[02:21:17] <n1_> where they talked about the secret underground bases and tunnels the bin laden was supposed to have
[02:21:21] <n1_> but were never found
[02:22:33] <n1_> 3 minutes now before i have to finish cookin, lets see if i can get this merged story done!
[02:24:44] <takyon> should be easy if you make literally no changes
[02:25:37] <takyon> Uber is really hitting the fan lately
[02:26:05] <n1_> seems so
[02:26:25] <n1_> your story is up, but will give it a second look after i eat
[02:26:42] <takyon> i'm gonna add a bit about Europa Clipper
[02:26:43] <n1_> needs a dept and i didnt credit mhajicek for the link
[02:26:49] <n1_> so fuck with it as you wish
[02:27:04] <takyon> k
[02:32:16] <n1_> https://i.ytimg.com
[02:34:26] <takyon> updated enceladus story
[02:34:42] <takyon> hydroelectric power for terrorists? wow!
[02:35:20] <n1_> http://www.bldgblog.com
[02:36:36] <n1_> turned out to be some natural caves with some wooden supports and a bit of ammunition according to a special forces staff sgt
[02:37:06] <takyon> let me try to spice up the MOAB story
[02:37:24] <takyon> there's also a bit about how this is retaliation for the death of a green beret. only saw that on fox so far
[02:38:02] <n1_> yeah, i hadnt seen that either
[02:38:04] <takyon> the text I added to the enceladus story is in the Europa paragraph
[02:38:11] <n1_> but the more i read the tora bora story, the more it reminds me of it
[02:38:37] <n1_> just this time they used a big enough bomb which means no one will be able to say there wernt these underground tunnel systems or whatever it was suposed to be
[02:39:47] <takyon> ISIS-K sounds like Special-K
[02:40:11] <takyon> I'm pretty sure an archaeologist could still tell you if there had been humans living under there
[02:42:02] <n1_> probably, unlikely to get any visiting the area though
[02:42:30] <n1_> another thing i found interesting was ISIS in afghanistan had barely been mentioned at all before this
[02:43:44] <n1_> and according to wikipedia article on ISIS-K, they're all dead now
[02:44:09] <n1_> since their strength went down from 2500 in sept 15 to 1000 in dec 16
[02:44:22] <n1_> but if i recall the target of the moab was 1500 isis
[02:51:29] <takyon> just ate dinner
[02:54:12] <takyon> updated story
[02:55:19] <n1_> "Its miles of tunnels, bunkers and base camps, dug deeply into the steep rock walls, had been part of a C.I.A.-financed complex built for the mujahedeen. " - NYT (2005)
[02:56:21] <takyon> and now I just edited the enceladus story to give credit to magikarp
[02:56:29] <takyon> I mean mhajicek
[02:57:08] <n1_> great, thanks
[02:57:19] <takyon> do you want the addition of the 2000s info to the MOAB story? or will you save it for a comment?
[02:57:34] * Bytram wobbles in, says "Hi!", and commences to 2nding stories
[02:58:17] <n1_> maybe worth a comment, just pondering it
[02:58:24] <takyon> hi
[02:58:31] <Bytram> hi!
[02:58:42] <Bytram> howz thingz?
[02:58:49] <n1_> hah this NYT story is amazing
[02:59:03] <n1_> " it was said to have its own ventilation system and a power system created by a series of hydroelectric generators; bin Laden is believed to have designed the latter."
[03:00:38] <Bytram> ISTR the US having a base under the ice (Greenland???) complete with its own (nuclear??) power plant
[03:01:19] <n1_> yeah, i recall something like that
[03:01:38] <n1_> but not quite on the same level as bin laden designing his own hydroelectric generators in the afghanistan mountains
[03:02:07] <n1_> inbetween his busy schedule of trying to kill all the infidels or whatever
[03:03:03] <takyon> he was a renaissance terrorist
[03:03:15] <takyon> the Da Vinci of Terror
[03:03:40] <n1_> ive only skimmed the article, but it really cant make up its mind on the battle of tora bora
[03:04:01] <n1_> sometimes he was there, sometimes he wasn't, the underground bases were there, although they wernt
[03:04:09] <n1_> no evidence he ever left pakistan
[03:04:30] <n1_> but the article ends he escaped tora bora
[03:06:41] <takyon> there's a little captain bin morgan in all of us
[03:07:21] <n1_> the author of the piece is/was a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, for what that's worth
[03:07:26] <n1_> http://www.nytimes.com
[03:07:28] <exec> └─ 13Lost at Tora Bora - The New York Times
[03:07:44] <n1_> 'According to one frequently told story, bin Laden would drive one of the bulldozers himself across the precipitous mountain peaks, constructing defensive tunnels and storage depots.'
[03:09:14] <n1_> it's hard to imagine we'll ever see a james bond style supervillain like this again
[03:10:29] <n1_> part james bond villain, part Keyser Soze, part renaissance man
[03:12:03] <takyon> it's plausible that he would do some of his own grunt work
[03:12:14] <takyon> he was educated, and it's probably good for morale
[03:12:47] <takyon> but the real question... was bin laden HVAC certified?
[03:12:57] <charon> if you build the escape tunnel yourself, you're the only one who knows where it goes
[03:14:02] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[03:14:04] <exec> └─ 13Error
[03:14:07] <takyon> this story isn't fake news, right?
[03:14:11] <takyon> gonna investigate it to make sure
[03:14:42] <Bytram> takyon: I heard reports of a 2nd one today
[03:15:01] <Bytram> may have been on BBC news
[03:15:24] <takyon> k, looks real
[03:15:56] <Bytram> I see a couple places where "less" s/b "fewer" ... fixing
[03:16:15] <takyon> http://thehill.com
[03:16:16] <exec> └─ 13The Hill's 12:30 Report | TheHill
[03:16:24] <takyon> this one mentions it. looks like LA Times broke the story too
[03:16:44] <takyon> http://www.bizjournals.com
[03:17:46] <takyon> http://www.newsweek.com
[03:17:47] <exec> └─ 13Why United Was Legally Wrong to Deplane David Dao
[03:18:09] <Bytram> saved
[03:18:37] <n1_> http://metro.co.uk
[03:18:38] <exec> └─ 13Emirates releases ad trolling United Airlines over Dr Dao video | Metro News
[03:19:17] <takyon> OMFG, another completely different story bashing United: http://www.nbc26.com
[03:19:18] <exec> └─ 13N.J. doctor saves woman on United flight where medical supplies were 'lacking' - NBC26 WGBA-TV Green Bay, WI
[03:19:56] <Bytram> media has United in their sights... will nail 'em for nearly anything at this point, I suspect
[03:20:45] <n1_> i flew united on my domestic flights in the US, wasn't a great experience
[03:21:06] <n1_> it certainly wouldnt surprise me if their medical supplies were 'lacking'
[03:21:15] <n1_> the service was rather rough around the edges
[03:22:23] <n1_> saying that, the american airlines flights were nothing great either
[03:22:37] <n1_> although they did have heineken in the drinks service, so they got some points back
[03:23:05] <Bytram> 2nding completed, I'm spent.
[03:23:16] <Bytram> have a great night guys!
[03:23:21] <Bytram> ~gnight n1_
[03:23:21] <charon> all airlines are cattle cars. never been on a flight that wasn't awful
[03:23:22] * exec abnormally sodomizes an exchange server of puns with n1_
[03:23:29] <Bytram> ~gnight takyon
[03:23:31] * exec crutchyly enriches a mouthful of eye crust with takyon
[03:23:34] <takyon> night
[03:23:45] * n1_ hat tip Bytram
[03:23:54] <takyon> I've added a couple of links to the United story and put a lot of it in extended copy
[03:23:54] <n1_> charon, transatlantic flights are usually better than domestic
[03:23:55] <charon> i suspect it was luck of the draw that United got tagged by this scandal, it could have been any of them
[03:24:14] <n1_> virgin atlantic used to be very good
[03:24:32] <takyon> then the cherry was popped
[03:25:02] <Bytram> that the 1st passenger ended up bleeding and being knocked unconscious (from the reports I read) might have had something to do with it, too.
[03:25:03] <n1_> and the best food i ever had on a plane was from some chinese airline
[03:25:31] <n1_> the plane was falling apart, quite literally
[03:26:03] <Bytram> 20 or so years ago, but a r/t usa--gemany flight on Lufthansa (business class) was *delightful*
[03:26:07] <n1_> nearly stalled on take-off, parts of the cabin fell off during take off, and had to land early and spend a night in a hotel while they fixed the plane
[03:26:10] <n1_> but the food was good
[03:26:45] <Bytram> r/t to england on virbin was sardine city (economy), BA, otoh, was quite fine
[03:26:57] <n1_> Bytram, on all airlines it's gone downhill in recent years in my experience
[03:27:04] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:27:07] <takyon> one time I got 2 packets of pretzels on my flight
[03:27:12] <takyon> instead of 1
[03:27:21] <charon> the horror
[03:27:41] <Bytram> 6-8 years ago, jetblue northeast us to reagan natl was fine, not great, but not bad, either.
[03:27:58] <n1_> jetblue can fuck off
[03:28:11] <Bytram> say what you will, but it still beats driving by a wide margin
[03:28:26] <n1_> my parents won a competition at some charity event, flights to anywhere in the US from jetblue
[03:28:33] * Bytram notes that it is exceedingly difficult to drive from the usa to europe
[03:28:36] <Bytram> ;)
[03:28:41] <n1_> only way to get the flights was to call a phone number that no one ever answered
[03:29:08] <Bytram> charity gave the wrong #? or maybe the charity was scammed?
[03:29:26] <Bytram> sorry to hear they were not able to take their free flight
[03:29:37] <n1_> it was all pretty legit, they called jetblue on other numbers, but were given the same number to call the specific department
[03:29:49] <Bytram> ahh, nod nod
[03:30:23] <Bytram> show up at the airport and ask for help at the ticket counter... ask *them* to help you out and call on your behalf.
[03:30:52] <Bytram> not when it's crazy-busy, but not when it
[03:30:58] <Bytram> *its dead-slow, either
[03:31:12] <n1_> seriously easier said than done, i tried to rebook some flights a while ago
[03:31:16] <Bytram> just enough other poeple around to make it a good idea for them to be helpful instead of a hindrance
[03:31:37] <n1_> the computers were down, so they were like 'call back another day'
[03:31:59] <n1_> and then they basically wanted to charge me the same again, to change the flight date
[03:32:12] <Bytram> stinks, that.
[03:32:20] <Bytram> they gots you and they know it.
[03:32:22] <n1_> this wasn't jetblue, but customer service on airlines is total shit now
[03:32:24] <Bytram> :P
[03:32:49] <Bytram> would love to chat more, but I really am bushed... and lord knows I need my beauty sleep! ;)
[03:32:55] <n1_> take care Bytram
[03:33:07] <Bytram> cheers!
[03:33:19] <n1_> have to admit, i'd be pretty furious getting bumped off a flight, especially after actually taking my seat
[03:33:20] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[03:33:21] * exec brazenly poops a JFS volume of liver and onions for Bytram
[03:33:30] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[03:33:30] <n1_> and even more so if i'd paid for first class, like that new story
[03:33:31] * exec $adverb pesters a jar jar of cinnamon rolls with charon
[03:33:53] <Bytram> cinnamon rolls >> liver & onions.... you win
[03:34:03] <Bytram> laters
[03:34:08] <charon> but it comes with Jar Jar... eww
[08:48:51] <takyon> ~eds
[08:48:52] <exec> editor ping for takyon: janrinok zz_janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 charon GreatOutdoors FatPhil Snow goodie mrpg
[08:48:55] <takyon> it is time: https://soylentnews.org
[08:48:58] <exec> └─ 13Journal of takyon (881)
[08:58:10] <takyon> n1_ n1: a bit of discrepancy on the kill count: http://www.cnn.com 36 is far short of 1500 kills. Although "The US military previously estimated ISIS had 600 to 800 fighters operating in the area."
[08:58:11] <exec> └─ 13US, Afghanistan assess damage from 'mother of all bombs' - CNN.com
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[11:44:08] <CoolHand> thanks for the script update takyon... always appreciated.
[12:04:33] <Bytram> this one is definitely worth looking into further...
[12:04:33] <Bytram> https://www.askwoody.com
[12:04:37] <exec> └─ 13HIPAA compliance using Win10 Enterprise @ AskWoody
[12:04:55] <Bytram> which, in turn, points to: http://www.hipaaone.com
[12:05:37] <Bytram> tl;dr, after turning off everything they possibly could (IIUC) in Win 10 Enterprise, it *still* phoned home -- has HIPPA ramifications.
[12:11:56] <Bytram> interestingly, the white paper claims that Win 10 Enterprise *can* be tuned for HIPAA, but the appendix reports about a dozen DNS queries to MS-named domains
[12:12:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, damned sure does. i wouldn't think it would be remotely legal to use Win 10 in a healthcare, government, or legal environment
[12:12:46] <Bytram> so, no Ryzen or Kaby lake for them, either.
[12:13:01] <cmn32480> they will all do it anyway.
[12:14:59] <Bytram> what concerns me are the worker-bees who are just trying to do their jobs at, say, a hospital and are doing customer-facing things like collect payments or calling patients with appointment reminders and the like. They neither know nor care what "the computer" is doing - they are just trying to help people. :(
[12:15:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya. someone should sue em.
[12:15:38] <Bytram> fines run anywheres from $100-$50,000 fine per incident, up to $1,500,000 total
[12:15:45] <Bytram> at least according to that white paper
[12:15:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> one good single-party lawsuit finding a hospital negligent for using win 10 would be fuuuun
[12:16:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> and it would be the absolute end of Telemetry
[12:16:18] <cmn32480> i guess we can dream can't we
[12:16:20] <Bytram> btw, I found it interesting that wget complained when I tried to d/l that pdf using an httpS url. :/
[12:17:32] <Bytram> and that's assuming they even tried to turn all that stuff off... read the white paper -- it's only 20 pages and it's frankly quite disturbing at how many places one needs to tweak and adjust and modify things just so that it is only *this* verbose back to MS.
[12:17:41] <Bytram> okay, gtg and get ready for the work day.
[12:17:57] <Bytram> have a good day everyone!
[12:18:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> laters
[12:18:29] <cmn32480> c-ya
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[13:27:35] <alwaysnever> well hello!
[13:31:17] * TheMightyBuzzard waves at alwaysnever
[13:40:21] * alwaysnever waves back at TheMightyBuzzard
[13:42:22] <cmn32480> ~gday alwaysnever
[13:42:24] * exec allegedly allocates a pipe of boogers for alwaysnever
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[14:14:31] <alwaysnever> hi cmn32480, thanks exec
[14:28:08] <mrpg> hahaha! leave ubuntu alone :-( from the rearranging-the-deck-chairs-on-the-titanic dept.
[14:28:23] <mrpg> I have to reboot my ubuntu, gime me 3min.
[14:34:05] <mrpg> enough work for today, bye see you soon.
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[15:03:34] <alwaysnever> argh, somehow i'm getting a barrage of connections to my home SMTPd server...
[15:04:15] <alwaysnever> distributed, from many IPs, they just connect, then disconnect, they don't anything else, all the time, different IPs
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:04 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:05 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:15 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:16 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:20 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:33] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:21 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:35] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:28 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: warning: address not listed for hostname static.vdc.vn
[15:04:38] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:28 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:40] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:28 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:42] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:37 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:44] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:38 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:46] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:45 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:50] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:46 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:52] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:47 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: warning: address not listed for hostname localhost
[15:04:55] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:47 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: connect from unknown[]
[15:04:57] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:03:48 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: disconnect from unknown[]
[15:04:59] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:04:02 gran postfix/smtpd[19077]: connect from unknown[]
[15:05:01] <alwaysnever> Apr 14 17:04:02 gran postfix/smtpd[19133]: warning: hostname 187-75-230-232.dsl.telesp.net.br verification failed: Name or service not known
[15:05:07] <alwaysnever> what is that? I don't see the purpose of that, other that eat my bandwidth
[15:10:45] <takyon> it bad
[15:10:58] <alwaysnever> those connections only last one second, then they disconnect
[15:12:11] <takyon> does it happen after you kill the network off for a minute?
[15:14:12] <alwaysnever> I don't know, I don't really like the idea of plugging the plug
[15:16:20] <alwaysnever> My best guess is that some update to a cloud of pwoned bots used for spamming has gone wrong and now the bots are misbehaving
[15:16:38] <takyon> https://www.macrumors.com
[15:16:40] <exec> └─ 13Apple Has 'Secret' Team of Biomedical Engineers Developing Sensors for Non-Invasively Monitoring Blood Glucose - Mac Rumors
[15:17:09] <takyon> The IoB (Internet of Botnets) has found you
[15:19:45] <alwaysnever> yeah, takyon
[15:21:14] <alwaysnever> however, it will only be a problem is the logs grow very big, otherwise my meager ADSL line is holding the load just fine
[15:29:01] <takyon> looking for the Europa paper. all i have is enceladus on that story
[15:29:43] <takyon> and found t
[15:30:21] <takyon> wow it's not open access.
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[16:46:46] -!- mode/#editorial [+v takyon_] by Hephaestus
[16:47:04] <takyon_> what's going on
[16:56:20] <alwaysnever> is anything going on?
[16:56:50] <takyon_> beats me
[18:24:03] <CoolHand> alwaysnever: I gave up trying to fight all that off, and just route all my mail through postlayer now and only accept connections from it..
[18:24:19] <CoolHand> it's cheap and effective
[18:26:19] <alwaysnever> CoolHand: for my home setup, I'm more of a DIY type...
[18:28:20] <CoolHand> alwaysnever: I was too... but I just gave up... it's MUCH easier (and more effective now).. $3/year/user... definitely was worth the time I saved
[18:28:49] <CoolHand> spamassassin, firewall rules just couldn't keep up with all the spammers..
[18:30:13] <takyon_> hi
[18:31:23] <alwaysnever> CoolHand: i'll keep that postlayer in mind
[18:31:54] <CoolHand> takyon_!! hi
[18:34:08] <CoolHand> alwaysnever: I actually would have been fine continuing to deal with the spam.. but I also support my wife.. and she can't handle getting a few spam emails a day... haha
[18:35:28] <takyon_> i wonder when we'll get a cannabis emoji
[18:36:20] <takyon_> in unicode, not apps/unstandard
[18:37:04] <takyon_> i predict a firestorm over any cannabis emoji added to unicode
[18:37:16] <CoolHand> takyon_: hopefully soon , alhtough I'd rather have legalized cannabis than an emoji
[18:37:49] <takyon_> all substances are legal
[18:37:51] <takyon_> govt is illegal
[18:38:01] <takyon_> \/edgy
[18:38:22] <alwaysnever> war is peace
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[18:43:52] <n1> takyon_, I see you released v13 of your greasemonkey extension
[18:44:20] <mrpg> hello fellow editors, I have an idea about a poll. Something about math like, did you struggle with it?
[18:45:17] <n1> Did you struggle with math? or ..?
[18:45:36] <mrpg> how much did you struggle with it and why.
[18:46:05] <n1> i'd be interested to see the results as a non-math person
[18:46:45] <alwaysnever> i did fairly well in math, although I seldom undestood any of it, i just learnt to solve the problems learning the rules for solving them
[18:47:06] <mrpg> I'm full on in khan academy, now I like it.
[18:47:35] <cmn32480> mrpg - yes... and always have.... they got pissed when I kept taking off my socks during tests
[18:48:34] <mrpg> you wrote your "study guides" in your feet?
[18:48:49] <mrpg> you were suppose to use the hands.
[18:48:49] <cmn32480> can't count for shit
[18:49:02] <mrpg> aaah
[18:50:04] <mrpg> I was reading about people struggling with math so now I'm curious. But the answer is known: people hate it because teachers are lousy.
[18:50:48] <alwaysnever> math teachers are lousy because they struggle with math, so we have come full circle
[18:51:17] <mrpg> hehe
[18:52:37] <alwaysnever> contrary to popular belief, a good mathematician need a big deal of intuition to cope with Math
[18:52:52] <alwaysnever> that is an uncommon human feature
[18:54:21] <alwaysnever> and then, you need a lot of formal reasoning to probe your intuitions, and that requires a lot of focus
[18:55:29] <alwaysnever> The only conclusion is tha Math is hard because IT IS HARD
[18:57:47] <mrpg> What about this? five options - https://pastebin.com
[18:57:49] <exec> └─ 132+2=5 - Pastebin.com
[19:01:56] -!- alwaysnever has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[19:03:53] -!- takyon_ has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[19:04:15] <mrpg> so much for google fiber
[19:06:13] -!- alwaysnever [alwaysnever!~alwaysnev@633.pool70-07-99.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #editorial
[19:14:29] <alwaysnever> i have to go, bye
[19:14:31] -!- alwaysnever [alwaysnever!~alwaysnev@633.pool70-07-99.dynamic.orange.es] has parted #editorial
[19:14:56] <mrpg> bye
[19:15:19] -!- takyon_ [takyon_!~47b2b115@Soylent/Staff/Editor/takyon] has joined #editorial
[19:15:19] -!- mode/#editorial [+v takyon_] by Hephaestus
[19:15:37] <takyon_> algebra with cmn
[19:21:30] <takyon_> trig is the best math
[19:26:14] <mrpg> im with algebra now. there's a few things I didnt remember.
[19:27:41] <mrpg> cmn32480 used "algebra de baldor".
[19:35:20] <takyon_> later
[19:35:23] -!- takyon_ has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[19:40:02] <mrpg> Who's the pollmaster? put mine, feel free to modify it, or tell me and I'll do it. I'm going to see a chinese movie, bye.
[19:40:59] -!- SoyCow2505 [SoyCow2505!~c9d19dfd@201.209.thr.nnk] has joined #editorial
[19:45:29] -!- mrpg has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[19:49:20] <n1> https://www.washingtonpost.com
[19:49:22] <exec> └─ 13Trump will keep list of White House visitors secret - The Washington Post
[19:49:59] <n1> citing “grave national security risks and privacy concerns.”
[19:56:50] <SoyCow2505> It would be easier just to say "New policy: because I say so."
[19:57:43] <n1> seems kind of pointless anyway since he conducts all important business at mar-a-lago anyway
[19:57:43] -!- SoyCow2505 has quit []
[19:58:03] <n1> apparently he's golfing again this afternoon, important business
[22:14:51] <takyon> mar-a-lago is one of the locations trump is being sued over. they have visitor logs there too
[22:23:03] -!- charon_ [charon_!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[22:23:03] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon_] by Hephaestus
[22:23:58] -!- n1_ [n1_!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[22:23:58] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1_] by Hephaestus
[22:25:47] <takyon> to anybody: please give your opinions of soylent upgrade v13 once you're running it
[22:26:06] <takyon> I'd particularly like to hear about how well or bad the new comment button works for you
[22:27:27] -!- n1 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:48:40] <charon_> takyon: the "next new" button only works if you have the "NEW" badge on, eh? looks like i'll have to work up an abomination of CSS selector to find undimmed instead
[22:49:18] <takyon> uhhhh
[22:49:24] <takyon> yeah
[22:49:28] <charon_> lol
[22:49:31] <takyon> hell I forgot they could be turned off
[22:50:17] <takyon> I'll check later and see if there are any giveaways for when both options are turned off
[22:50:21] <charon_> it won't take long, the selector can be crazy complex but still be faster than iterating over an array
[22:50:50] <takyon> dimming option is a separate option from the *New* thing btw
[22:50:54] <takyon> it's 2 different prefs
[22:50:57] <charon_> looks like dimmed take on a new className of, appropriately, "dimmed". so just need to find the ones that are not
[23:24:48] <Bytram> http://uk.reuters.com
[23:26:26] <takyon> real apple carz
[23:27:25] <Bytram> oh joy.
[23:27:44] <Bytram> neighbors just got home... commence loud coughing fits within 2 minutes
[23:34:56] <Bytram> they're a little slow today, but the coughing now commences