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[12:33:58] <cmn32480> Coolhand - the stories page is the main page only... it does not (AFAIK) show the stories that are in the nexuses
[12:39:39] <CoolHand> cmn32480: ummm, the "stories" page for editors? I thought it still shows them there when we put one in politics.. I'll have to pay more attention to make sure though..
[12:39:56] <cmn32480> oh
[12:40:08] <cmn32480> I thoguht you meant the published story queue
[12:40:51] <CoolHand> nope... :D
[12:40:57] <cmn32480> you are looking at the page where we can see the stuff that is published byut hans't hit the front page, right?
[12:41:08] <CoolHand> yes, the one where we do most of our work
[12:41:22] <cmn32480> there is a page for each nexus
[12:41:30] <CoolHand> it's basically my editorial homepage.. :D
[12:42:11] <CoolHand> I think I knew that (although I forget how to get to them offhand).. still, it would be nice on the main stories page to see what nexus the stories are in to keep a nice overall view of what is going to be published IMHO
[12:42:45] <cmn32480> agreed
[12:43:04] <cmn32480> TheMightyBuzzard, ^^^^ GET ON IT CODE MONKEY
[12:43:24] <CoolHand> haha
[12:43:50] <cmn32480> he'll ignore me... prolly out fooshing
[12:44:25] <CoolHand> a guy has to have priorities
[12:44:29] <cmn32480> coolhand...
[12:44:40] <cmn32480> it DOES tell us what the nexus is
[12:44:48] <cmn32480> see the column marked "Skin"
[12:45:14] <CoolHand> oh... well, that's intuitive...
[12:45:14] <CoolHand> haha
[12:45:18] <cmn32480> long as it is goin out to the main page as well, thyat will show you everything
[12:45:48] <cmn32480> TMB - Please change column header from "Skin" to "Nexus"
[12:45:48] <CoolHand> maybe I'll just put in a request to rename the column to somthing that makes sense then
[12:45:51] <CoolHand> :D
[12:45:58] <cmn32480> CHOP CHOP CODE MONKEY!
[12:46:07] <cmn32480> ninja'd!
[13:40:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, CoolHand: all requests must be made when my cable modem isn't blowed the fuck up
[13:46:24] <CoolHand> TheMightyBuzzard: y let that stop u? get yo ass down to the local public library and use their wifi!
[13:46:27] <CoolHand> :D
[13:46:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> fsck that. every public wifi i've connected to in TN tried to MITM me.
[13:47:30] <CoolHand> that's wha vpns r for... no excuses!
[13:48:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> vpns slow down my pr0n watching
[13:53:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> anyway, i'm not really here today. just had to make sure everything was all working again with the new cable modem.
[13:54:26] <CoolHand> cool man.. have a good one and good luck with that modem
[13:54:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> today is the day i make up the legal limit of jug lines i'm allowed to take fishing with me.
[13:59:11] <CoolHand> ..and good luck with the fishin
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[15:25:24] <cmn32480> the buzzard won't code anything from now until it gets cold and he can't foosh anymore
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[17:13:36] <cmn32480> this job woudl be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers....
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[18:13:01] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[18:13:03] <exec> └─ 13Brexit officially begun, Article 50 just invoked: SoylentNews Submission
[18:13:06] <takyon> http://www.bbc.com
[18:13:08] <exec> └─ 13'No turning back' on Brexit as Article 50 triggered - BBC News
[18:13:20] <takyon> brexit is a go
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[21:49:07] <charon_> for the record, i hate everyone
[21:49:46] <cmn32480> f u 2
[21:52:18] <n1> i'm indifferent to everyone
[21:55:41] <cmn32480> and yes, in gerneral.. .people are shit heads
[21:56:21] <n1> sup cmn32480 and charon_
[21:57:20] <cmn32480> trying to leave the office adnd go home to see my kids
[21:57:23] <cmn32480> how 'bout you?
[21:58:41] <n1> alright, slightly annoyed i cant have a shower
[21:59:18] * cmn32480 pee's over nicks tub
[22:01:11] * cmn32480 decides he has had enough fun for today and makes trax for home
[22:01:20] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[22:01:21] * exec romantically hurls a tray of terrible puns at #editorial
[22:01:21] <n1> take care
[22:01:24] * n1 hat tip
[22:01:30] <cmn32480> you too
[22:01:37] <cmn32480> prolly be back later after the kids get to bed.
[22:09:45] <charon_> bye cmn32480 and hi n1
[22:14:10] <charon_> n1: why no shower?
[22:15:12] <n1> theyre clearing land across the street to build a house, and broke the water main, from what i understand
[22:15:24] <n1> so i dont have any water
[22:15:35] <n1> what's going on with you today?
[22:16:44] <charon_> i've slept poorly the last few nights and was already grouchy when my daughter's school called to ask me to pick her up because she got suspended for threatening to stab another kid
[22:17:38] <charon_> so now i'm more grouchy
[22:20:41] <n1> :(
[22:21:22] <n1> thats a good set of reasons to be in a bad mood
[22:23:23] <charon_> yar
[22:24:12] <charon_> ironic. she didn't want to go to school. then she committed an act whose punishment is not being allowed to go to school
[22:25:15] <charon_> not sure if she planned it that way or not
[22:30:20] <n1> i also have some irony, i paid the water bill today.
[22:30:34] <n1> how long is she suspended from school for?
[22:31:08] <Deucalion> oh bollox that reminds me, need to re-jig all my standing orders before 1st Apr for the (as always) increased charges for eberything
[22:31:44] <charon_> lol... sorry n1
[22:32:01] <charon_> three days, so she goes back monday
[22:32:16] <n1> Deucalion, do you understand the changes to road tax?
[22:33:02] <Deucalion> not even looked at them. Mine has been eye watering for years due to running an ancient car. what's changed this time other than them increasing?
[22:33:31] <n1> thats what ive been trying to work out, theyve made another overhaul that looks to be on the same level as when they went to emissions
[22:34:19] <n1> Deucalion, in fairness it's cheaper to have an older car in some situations, if it's pre2001
[22:34:55] <Deucalion> 1996 :) Had it's 20yr bday last year :) Still going strong with just bog standard servicing xD
[22:35:14] <n1> if you have performance or inefficient car, from my research it's better value as pre2001 it's only two brackets
[22:35:30] <n1> above 1600cc and below 1600cc... or round about that size
[22:36:51] <Deucalion> I have a 1991 2L turbo garaged (project car that gets no love so is decleared SORN) and my daily 1996 Golf - which unfortunately is a 1.8 but you wouldn't know it as it's really lazy tuned CL with a single cam. Probably why it's not blown up yet.
[22:37:08] <n1> it appears they're going flat rate of £140 unless you have
[22:37:18] <n1> some hybrid/alternate energy car
[22:37:28] <n1> Deucalion, if i recall you have a Pulsar?
[22:38:13] <Deucalion> Yup - that's the garage lurker. Waiting on enough funds to put it right - then I'll probably sell it on.
[22:38:51] <n1> mk3 golf is a nice daily driver, even now i'd think
[22:39:00] <n1> if you're not trying to jeep up with the joneses anyways
[22:40:29] <n1> keep...
[22:40:53] <Deucalion> It is as solid as when it was new - no rattles, grumbles etc. Not even had to change a single bulb on the thing! Just service stuff n wiper blades. Rust will kill it rather than mechanicals I think.
[22:42:47] <n1> my transport now is a 4ish year old chevrolet pickup... that's based on the 1990's vauxhall corsa...
[22:44:17] <Deucalion> A dinky pickup?
[22:44:40] <n1> https://upload.wikimedia.org
[22:45:08] <Deucalion> nice looking thing
[22:45:39] <n1> it has a 1.8 petrol engine that's based on engines GM launched in 1982
[22:45:53] <n1> no electric anything, no airbags, no abs
[22:46:44] <Deucalion> that's what you call basic :) At least you don't have to worry about horrific replacement costs for things like diesel particulate filters and dual mass flywheels :~)
[22:47:20] <n1> it's as simple as you can get, does have power steering and a stereo, but that's all
[22:47:51] <n1> and the engine is accessible and looks easy enough to work on... well thought out apparently
[22:48:38] <Deucalion> less to go wrong. Although airbags don't really seem to go wrong afaik. Lack of ABS is no biggy as long as you know it has no abs before you have to stomp on the stop pedal :D
[22:48:53] <n1> wasn't something i was hugely excited about, but it was the best solution i could come up with
[22:49:18] <n1> being fairly new with only 35k on the clock and in decent shape
[22:50:15] <n1> couldn't quite get the courage to buy a chinese knock-off of a toyota hilux
[22:51:21] <Deucalion> I view my daily as a utility vehicle - just need it to be reliable and practical for my needs. Beyond that - I could not give a fig if the neighbours think it lowers the tone of the neighbourhood parked up covered in tree bits next to their beemers and mercs. I got quite a severe tutting at when I took the battery out of it myself ~on the street~! The horrors!! :D I swear they wanted me arrested when I proceeded to do an oil change : :DDD
[22:51:21] <Deucalion> DD
[22:52:18] <n1> they're just jealous you didn't buy into a 5 year lease hire like they did
[22:58:40] <Deucalion> With a ridiculously big bubble payment at the end to actually own the car? One of those "ONLY £500pm for 5 years" ~small print - you will not actually own the car.
[22:59:55] <Deucalion> Hmm... apparently I'm overdue on a council tax payment for the last month.. how tf is that even possible when it's on standing order and my current acct has been in the black for ages :/
[22:59:58] <n1> big bubble payment to own the car, or a big payment for all the stone chips, scratches and other damages you did to the car they let you borrow
[23:00:39] <Deucalion> don't forget the excess mileage charge i.e. you dared to use the car you were paying them not to own :D
[23:00:45] <n1> good point!
[23:00:53] <n1> thats pretty weird about the council tax
[23:01:23] <Deucalion> Some of those car deals are actually OK to be fair - just have to be savvy going in I suppose - like anything.
[23:01:52] <n1> yeah, some are alright, depends on what you want out of it
[23:01:56] * Deucalion mooches around trying to get into online banking to see wtf is going on
[23:02:24] <n1> also Deucalion, you say how expensive your road tax is...
[23:03:00] <Deucalion> mine is £235 p.a. apparently - sounds about the same as last year. Compared to the costs of running a newer car.... it's fuck all
[23:03:21] <n1> the equivalent tax for my car here is about £400
[23:04:41] <n1> my car in the uk is about £210 if i recall
[23:07:52] <Deucalion> £400 is still not too bad. I think in Aus it's >£1000 if my understanding is correct
[23:09:55] <n1> i think that's a tax on buying the car, not running it#
[23:11:43] <Deucalion> Nah it was some YT vid - MightyCarMods - about getting "rego" for a year for a car they were doing up. Might have been expensive because it was a modified car or some such ~shrug~
[23:12:23] <n1> varies by state from what im reading now, it isnt cheap for sure
[23:12:41] <n1> its about £500 in VIC
[23:13:12] <n1> car insurance is damn cheap in aus though
[23:13:18] <n1> or it was when i was there
[23:13:46] <n1> and it was generally the same, regardless of the car
[23:17:18] <Deucalion> wtf - I have an unknown DD on my account - £23/month - JPMC RE PAYPAL INTL.... dafuq, must have misclicked a recurring sub for something :/
[23:18:32] <paulej72> SoylentNews?
[23:19:53] <n1> check your paypal account
[23:20:28] <Deucalion> no idea - JPMC sounds JP Morgan Chase.... I'll nose into it once I've sorted out my utility bills
[23:20:46] <n1> i just gave it a google there's a lot of confused people
[23:21:26] <Deucalion> weird - my council tax DD has completely disappeared... might explain the late payment!
[23:21:46] <paulej72> and someone set up the JPMC
[23:22:08] * n1 checks on ebay for a local council up for sale
[23:22:48] <takyon> kjbhbkk
[23:23:06] <paulej72> exactly
[23:24:22] <takyon> http://hosted.ap.org
[23:24:23] <exec> └─ 13independentmail.com: AP News
[23:25:46] <takyon> http://hosted.ap.org
[23:25:47] <exec> └─ 13independentmail.com: AP News
[23:28:14] <takyon> http://www.tomshardware.com
[23:28:16] <exec> └─ 13Intel Optane Memory is SRT Cache...Again
[23:29:13] <takyon> submitting the intel one
[23:37:45] <takyon> so, would any of you buy an OPTANE TM cache
[23:45:49] <n1> probably not, until i get that sponsorship for my awesome esports career
[23:51:43] <charon_> is that a new color like octarine?
[23:52:08] <charon_> or a measurement of energy like octane?
[23:53:26] <takyon> good fucking question
[23:53:30] <takyon> ask intel
[23:53:35] <takyon> charon_
[23:53:47] <takyon> Repeal of U.S. Broadband Privacy Rules Sparks Interest in VPNs
[23:53:50] <takyon> sounds better
[23:54:02] <takyon> I rewrote the headline a few times until it was too short
[23:54:24] <takyon> the missing word is "Privacy"
[23:58:00] <paulej72> Privacy Repeal Privacy of Privacy U.S. Privacy Broadband Privacy Rules Privacy Sparks Privacy Interest Privacy in Privacy VPNs
[23:59:29] * charon_ claps
[23:59:59] <takyon> but... what is privacy?