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[02:05:24] <takyon_> hey
[02:05:41] <takyon_> cmn32480
[02:05:51] <takyon_> drupal story look OK?
[02:27:31] <takyon_> dfdfdf
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[04:08:29] <charon_> blarg
[04:30:29] <Fnord666> who?
[04:32:11] <charon_> hiyo Fnord666
[04:32:18] <Fnord666> hey charon_
[04:32:39] <charon_> man, i had long forgotten the growing pains of learnign a new OS
[04:33:21] <Fnord666> what did you switch to?
[04:34:22] <charon_> manjaro linux, an arch distro. installing programs doesn't seem to work the way it's supposed to
[04:35:03] <charon_> but i am going to force myself to learn it. i really dislike windows 10
[04:35:08] <Fnord666> well that sounds very not helpful
[04:35:51] <charon_> it is nearly certain i am doing things wrong
[04:38:11] <Fnord666> These days if a distro has an arcane install process or package management system, it has no one to blame but itself.
[04:40:33] <charon_> i guess maybe i should have picked a distro that is or beginners, pride be damned
[04:40:58] <Fnord666> what made you chose that particular one?
[04:41:12] <charon_> it looked pretty.
[04:41:20] <charon_> well, not just that though
[04:42:34] <charon_> my ultimate goal is to run VM or windows games, which has control of the video card. the guide i was reading suggests that arch based distros are possibly easier to make it work
[04:42:45] <charon_> but then again, maybe not
[04:44:11] <charon_> also my new keyboard seems to be dropping f's
[04:44:48] <Fnord666> what the uck is up with that?
[04:45:24] <Fnord666> Just on this distro or in general dropping f's
[04:46:11] <charon_> dunno, might be i'm not pressing it hard enough
[04:47:39] <charon_> so how are you?
[04:50:30] <Fnord666> good. yourself?
[04:51:00] <charon_> other than the computer stuff, i am well.
[04:51:17] <charon_> are you looking to get the employee of the month award?
[04:51:19] <Fnord666> that's good.
[04:52:52] <Fnord666> lol. Not that I know of.
[04:54:01] <charon_> with all the stories you're putting out, you're going to pass me any minute now
[04:54:08] <Fnord666> unlikely
[04:55:14] <Fnord666> I took Friday off,just having some coffee and decided to put up a few stories
[04:56:02] <Fnord666> I looked over the Drupal story and even did a write up
[04:56:31] <Fnord666> but I wasn't sure about running it.
[04:56:34] <charon_> i read the blog post. seems oddly unfair
[04:57:06] <Fnord666> There's definitely more to it.
[04:57:31] <charon_> the other link was blocked from my work, so i couldn't see it until now
[04:57:52] <Fnord666> But there were only one or two other mentions at all about it
[04:58:17] <Fnord666> and they were all basically non-statement statements.
[04:59:14] <Fnord666> Like an official statement from the Drupal "organisation"
[04:59:42] <charon_> of course that will be a mealy mouthed non-offensive statement
[05:00:21] <Fnord666> exactlyyep
[05:00:33] <Fnord666> or yep exactly
[05:01:36] <Fnord666> not sure it belongs in politics though
[05:01:52] <Fnord666> not my call
[05:02:05] <charon_> it probably doesn't. but it will likely turn into a 200 comment shitshow
[05:02:50] <Fnord666> Be interesting to see
[05:04:22] <Fnord666> I didn't know the "Gor" books had a subculture following them
[05:04:31] <charon_> me neither
[05:05:38] <Fnord666> I remember the covers from the books in the store. I was a fan of Vallejo's artwork
[05:05:41] <charon_> i have never read them, but i vaguely recall somehow getting the impression that they were not my kind of thing when i was a kid
[05:06:12] <charon_> i read my way through my local library, but never picked them up
[05:06:47] <Fnord666> I did the same thing, mostly the science fiction section.
[05:07:11] <Fnord666> I don't recall the library having any of the Gor books
[05:08:53] <Fnord666> Lots of Asimov, Heinlein, Pohl, Niven, ...
[05:10:09] <charon_> frank herbert. i read a ton of his books when i was way to young to fully get the,
[05:10:20] <charon_> them
[05:10:37] <charon_> but i still re-read Dune every couple years
[05:13:24] <Fnord666> interesting. I do too, as well as the foundation trilogy and the ringworld books.
[05:13:39] <Fnord666> Probably more like 5 years though for me between readings.
[05:14:18] <Fnord666> I'm just reading Butlerian Jihad now. I haven't read any of the House xxxx books yet in the Due universe
[05:14:31] <charon_> i haven't read foundation in forever. it never quite stuck with me
[05:14:49] <charon_> i've heard that the books by his son are not very good
[05:15:07] <charon_> the brian herbert dune books, that is to say
[05:16:12] <Fnord666> I heard that as well. I was interested in The Machine Crusade and The Butlerian Jihad for the backstory about thinking machines and why no computers in the universe.
[05:16:58] <Fnord666> It's not bad, but it lacks the character/flavor that the original books had.
[05:17:38] <charon_> i read some other series by kevin anderson and it was really a slog
[05:18:08] <Fnord666> I was actually trying to remember that name.
[05:19:38] <Fnord666> Correction - I was thinking of Poul Anderson
[05:19:51] <charon_> a bit different
[05:20:51] <Fnord666> yeah
[05:22:12] <Fnord666> I also liked Samuel Delany's works, especially Nova, Dhalgren, and Babel-17
[05:22:59] <charon_> i read nova, and while i didn't like it much, a lot of its parts have stuck with me forever. dhalgren i got only about halfway through
[05:23:48] <Fnord666> Dhalgren was quite a story and I was too young the first time I read it to get a lot of it.
[05:24:39] <Fnord666> I really liked Nova though. Mouse remains one of my favorite characters.
[05:24:59] <charon_> was he the guy who played the syrinx?
[05:25:32] <charon_> see, still with me even 25 years later
[05:25:59] <Fnord666> yes
[05:26:23] <charon_> maybe i should give it another go. i was still in high school when i read it
[05:26:56] <Fnord666> Not a really long book so might be worth a shot.
[05:27:13] <Fnord666> The book that took me the longest to ever get through was Battlefield Earth.
[05:27:23] <charon_> my goodness
[05:27:32] <Fnord666> I started, stopped and restarted that book I don't know how many times.
[05:27:38] <charon_> i would not attempt such foolishness
[05:29:01] <charon_> i read through part of one of the Mission Earth books and i knew i could never get through anything by hubbard
[05:29:27] <Fnord666> After BE I never did give the thers a try.
[05:29:34] <Fnord666> s/thers/others/
[05:29:34] <sedctl> <Fnord666> After BE I never did give the others a try.
[05:29:36] <exec> <Fnord666> After BE I never did give the others a try.
[05:31:49] <charon_> i also spent far too much of my life reading books by stephen donaldson. like the Thomas Covenant series
[05:33:26] <Fnord666> I I read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever as well
[05:33:44] <Fnord666> and of course a lot of Tolkien's works
[05:34:23] <charon_> yeap. i think i'm the only person i've known who has reas the silmarillion more than once
[05:36:46] <Fnord666> Which is interesting since it really does detail the backstory of the world from before
[05:37:21] <Fnord666> I have "The Children of Húrin" but haven't read it yet.
[05:37:59] <Fnord666> I'm in the middle of re-reading the Rama series right now.
[05:38:08] <charon_> it was alright, but not fully satisfying for whatever reason
[05:43:20] <Fnord666> well my friend, I need to call it a night.
[05:43:42] <Fnord666> I will talk to you tomorrow.
[05:43:45] <charon_> good to see you, slepp well
[05:43:51] <charon_> ~gnight Fnord666
[05:43:52] * exec slowly shoves a quart of magnets in Fnord666
[05:43:52] <Fnord666> you too
[05:43:57] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon_
[05:43:58] <charon_> ouch
[05:43:59] * exec illegitimately nudges the last copy of toecheese toward charon_
[05:44:11] <Fnord666> That's gonna be a problem at the airport!
[05:44:23] <charon_> lol
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[18:06:13] <charon_> hiyoooooo
[18:07:01] <cmn32480> ~gday charon_
[18:07:03] * exec transphobically pits a pair of used panties full of hot gas against charon_
[18:07:16] <charon_> ~gday cmn32480
[18:07:17] * exec emphatically pesters an assfull of procrastination with cmn32480
[18:07:27] <charon_> so, you made it home alright?
[18:08:28] <cmn32480> all in one piece
[18:09:14] <charon_> good good
[18:09:25] <cmn32480> little tired...
[18:09:39] <cmn32480> but it isn't so bad
[18:09:44] <cmn32480> glad to be home
[18:09:50] <cmn32480> how's yo been?
[18:10:08] <charon_> heh, i know little kids can't tell when you're tired
[18:10:57] <charon_> i am alright. got my new computer assembled and now i'm dicking around with OS and assorted software
[18:11:18] <charon_> well, right now i'm at work, so doing nothing of the sort
[18:11:41] <cmn32480> i know, based on your nick
[18:13:18] <charon_> not necessarily. since i took down the old pc, i need to get to its hard drive to find my ZNC settings.
[18:14:18] <cmn32480> lol
[18:18:24] <charon_> been thinking about getting a cradle that holds hard drives with a USB connection. i have probably 7 or 8 old drives that may have useful data
[18:19:04] <cmn32480> there are a lot of those out there.
[18:19:26] <cmn32480> just be careful with the SATA connections... they aren't meant for constant plugging and unplugging...
[18:19:40] <charon_> actually almost all of them are ide
[18:19:46] <cmn32480> zoinks
[18:20:17] <charon_> sit down sonny, let me tell you about the REAL PCI interface
[18:20:31] * cmn32480 gets his notepad ready
[18:21:20] <charon_> ... and then the ZIP drive made an ominous *click*...
[18:21:40] <cmn32480> lol
[18:46:53] <charon_> so do we have any formalized site plans for april fool's day?
[18:47:34] <cmn32480> none that Iam aware of
[18:47:46] <cmn32480> but that is a good question
[18:48:41] <cmn32480> devs prolly have something planned... but we'd have to ask the buzzard or paulej72
[18:49:23] <charon_> takyon and i briefly talked about having a day full of improbable sounding news which is actually true
[18:49:40] <cmn32480> we've done that
[18:49:45] <cmn32480> it's rather funny
[18:50:03] <cmn32480> but you ahve to queue it up 24hrs in advance
[18:50:19] <cmn32480> and get pj to pull the pending stories off the submissions page
[18:50:43] <charon_> oh, i see. so they won't be seen in advance
[18:51:16] <cmn32480> correct
[18:51:43] <cmn32480> i forget if it was him or the buzzard that did it last time
[18:53:30] <charon_> http://www.newsnet5.com
[18:53:31] <exec> └─ 13Police called to South Euclid Taco Bell due to dispute over 'Fire' or 'Mild' sauce - newsnet5.com Cleveland
[18:54:51] <chromas> What's to dispute? They're all mild.
[18:55:06] <cmn32480> ~define hypergolic buttsauce
[18:55:06] <exec> [local] hypergolic buttsauce: what anything on a menu with over three out of five peppers will become in a few hours
[18:55:43] <charon_> ~gday chromas
[18:55:45] * exec retroactively deallocates a DD cup of feminism from chromas
[19:01:50] <chromas> ~g'day charon_
[19:01:52] * exec ironically terrorizes a wallet of disagreement with charon_
[19:01:57] <chromas> Thanks for removing that burden
[19:02:24] <charon_> you weren't using it anyway
[19:02:35] <charon_> zing!
[19:02:47] <cmn32480> ~gday chromas
[19:02:48] * exec readily hallucinates a smidgen of social justice with chromas
[19:02:59] * chromas thanks the lawdy lawd a'mighty
[19:03:12] <cmn32480> lol
[19:03:14] <chromas> noo! not the socjus!
[19:03:15] <chromas> ~g'day cmn32480
[19:03:17] * exec abrasively hucks a can of piano wire at cmn32480
[19:03:30] <chromas> And interesting way to store your weaponry
[19:04:05] <charon_> i'm going to go out on a limb and say piano wire is not primarily a weapon
[19:04:34] <cmn32480> no but useful for all kinds of other stuff
[19:04:46] <chromas> Multitool
[19:14:27] <charon_> chromas: i say for april fools day we just have ciri and tama write all the stories
[19:14:58] * cmn32480 watches the site go down the shitter
[19:20:07] <chromas> This is a good idea
[19:20:17] <chromas> At the very least, they could generate the bylines
[19:20:36] <cmn32480> oh jeez...
[19:21:24] <cmn32480> with a tag that says "provided by the Soylent Bot Army"
[19:27:52] <chromas> from the It's-not-bullshit.-It-is-not-a-member-of-this-artical-needs-to-get-some-feedback-from-others,-but-my-tratebe-for-the-wrong-bot-for-dat dept
[19:28:09] <chromas> (a ciri quote)
[19:36:25] <charon_> i may not know what it means, but i know it's Art
[19:46:54] <chromas> Bender: grab charon_
[19:46:54] <Bender> Added quote 59
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[20:45:33] <cmn32480> I think I just crapped myself inot a smaller pants size
[20:47:59] <charon_> way way way TMI
[20:51:04] <cmn32480> don't you want me to be skinny???
[20:51:11] * cmn32480 think about crying
[20:51:56] <charon_> i support being skinny. i don't necessarily need to know the process
[20:52:12] <charon_> especially if it involves copious defecation
[20:52:27] <charon_> which, by the way, is an awesome band name
[20:56:00] <cmn32480> it also describes the swound from most bands
[21:05:50] * charon_ says nothing about the Travelling Willburys
[21:06:08] * cmn32480 guesses that is Charon_'s band
[21:06:21] <cmn32480> and notes the excremental sound
[21:06:32] <charon_> https://en.wikipedia.org
[21:06:34] <exec> └─ 13Traveling Wilburys - Wikipedia
[21:08:38] <charon_> some of my favorite band names: Dumpster Juice. The Meat Shits. Ear Candy.
[21:09:08] <cmn32480> The Pabst Smears?
[21:10:24] <charon_> nice
[21:10:50] <charon_> the aforementioned bands are all real, i have heard music by each one
[21:11:30] <cmn32480> the one I mentioned came completely from my imagination... though it is possible that they exist some where
[21:13:32] <charon_> it's a good name, i bet someone has it trademarked
[21:14:33] <cmn32480> ~g pabst smears
[21:14:35] <exec> [google] https://twitter.com
[21:15:39] <charon_> punk sisters unite!
[21:16:17] <cmn32480> in a feminist community
[21:21:30] <charon_> when i was a kid, i thought Electric Napalm would be an awesome band name. even drew pictures of the album covers