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[00:01:04] <charon_> it does? do screens still have burn in nowdays?
[00:02:07] <mrpg> not really. Read it https://bugzilla.xfce.org
[00:02:12] <exec> └─ 1312117 – The default desktop startup screen causes damage to monitor!
[00:03:17] <charon_> haha, that's pretty good
[00:03:26] <mrpg> hehe yes
[00:20:32] <charon_> maybe we should put that one into the April Fool's day pile
[00:22:49] <mrpg> oh right! that's in a week
[00:23:09] <mrpg> have you guys planned something?
[00:24:28] <charon_> not really, as far as i know. TMB and paulej i think are making a silly theme for the site. takyon and i talked about having a whole day of news that sounds fake but is actually real
[00:25:13] <charon_> but we never all got together and planned anything out yet
[00:26:10] <mrpg> sounds good we should begin to look for those stories.
[00:26:30] <charon_> this is a good place to start https://www.reddit.com
[00:26:33] <exec> └─ 13Sadly, this is not the Onion.
[00:26:52] <mrpg> we could use "april 1 submission" in the title to separate them from the other subs
[00:27:37] <charon_> i have one in the HOLD section, that says something in the title about April 1
[00:28:47] <charon_> so if you find something, you can ~submit and drop it there with a note
[00:29:39] <mrpg> ok
[00:35:17] <mrpg> http://www.huffingtonpost.com
[00:35:18] <exec> └─ 13Weird News | The Huffington Post
[00:36:31] <mrpg> I think it's better to lok for those news a few days before. like Mars 30
[00:41:31] <charon_> probably
[01:06:00] <mrpg> bye
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[03:46:24] <charon_> ~gday editorial
[03:46:25] * exec abnormally embiggens a beaker of pulled pork with editorial
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[05:24:52] <charon_> blarg
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[17:32:27] <paulej72> blarg^2
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[20:18:19] <charon_> for real: blarg
[20:38:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> O(n^blarg)
[20:45:44] <charon_> for every n in R: blarg
[20:52:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> LA face with the Oakland blarg
[21:11:52] <charon_> you can't make an omelet without breaking some blargs
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[22:10:49] <charon_> hiyo nick
[22:12:11] <nick> ahoy-hoy
[22:12:21] <nick> how is charon_
[22:13:25] <charon_> doing alright. just got a new computer in parts the other day, and am trying to make it all work together
[22:13:40] <nick> nice, what's the specs?
[22:14:23] <charon_> ryzen 1700, ordinary MB, rx 480 for graphics.
[22:14:56] <charon_> i have it all together and running linux, next step is to dual boot ot possibly VM windows
[22:18:04] <nick> nice kit and all the better for being AMD ;)
[22:18:45] <charon_> i've been pretty faithful to AMD. i don't think i've ever bought an intel chip
[22:19:04] <charon_> on purpose, anyway
[22:19:41] <charon_> oh, and i got a snazzy keyboard with mechanical switches and lights
[22:19:46] <nick> i've been an amd fanboi for a long time, just the lack of laptops forced me the intel route
[22:21:26] <nick> does it have lights like my laptop keyboard?!
[22:22:01] <charon_> sort of, but only red. not multicolored
[22:22:24] <nick> so no changing colour with music?!
[22:22:27] <nick> what's the point...
[22:22:28] <nick> :p
[22:22:33] <charon_> lol
[22:23:58] <nick> just looking at the list of AMD processor ranges they've had over the years
[22:24:24] <nick> i think i've had them all at one point or another, except the Opteron
[22:26:50] <charon_> in the past i always seemed to buy a new processor just before they switched to a new form factor, so i had no upgrade path. this time i'm in at the ground floor
[22:29:07] <nick> the ryzen stuff does look good... i was never sold on the FX range
[22:30:14] <nick> i had a work machine with a 8120 and used a one with an 8350 and neither stood out as really any better than my PhenomII 1045T
[22:30:24] <charon_> the FX 6350 is what i just replaced. it's still plenty fast, and it will serve my kids well for a few years
[22:31:22] <charon_> been thinking of getting an 8350 just so it's top of its range for them. but the difference may not even be noticable
[22:31:36] <nick> i doubt it
[22:31:55] <nick> both were fine, but i just didn't really notice any appreciable difference
[22:32:19] <nick> it's kind of weird not feeling the drive to upgrade my desktop in the last couple years
[22:32:52] <nick> i upped the ram and gpu, but the cpu didn't feel like it had lost the pace even after 5 years
[22:33:30] <charon_> yeah, unless you're cutting edge gaming or rendering video or something
[22:34:31] <nick> i'm not the kind of guy who'll spend twice as much for 10% better performance
[22:36:17] <nick> in my opinion, unless you are doing the cutting edge gaming or video stuff like you said... mid-high end systems from 2010 or so are still good enough specs for general use today
[22:36:29] <nick> not showing the signs of age that PC's did in the decade before
[22:38:09] <charon_> yep. pretty sure all my kids are going to do is watch youtube and play some relatively undemanding games. probably last them until they go off to college
[22:42:12] <nick> most popular games are pretty undemanding really, that the kids are playing anyway
[22:42:25] <nick> the developers seem to understand that most people don't have high end gaming machines
[22:42:34] <charon_> overwatch is a big deal
[22:42:47] <charon_> yep, pitch it low and you have more potential customers
[22:42:51] <nick> and would rather get a wider audience to play with more microtransactions
[22:43:28] <nick> friends of mine, their kids are early teens, and it's all about the collectible stuff they've got in games that's w
[22:43:35] <nick> 'worth $x'
[22:44:16] <nick> the CS:GO type games
[22:45:01] <charon_> as far as i know, they are not interested in that. guess i'll find out when they have free rein on a pc
[22:45:44] <nick> i'm sure it's not all of them... the parents in these situations are the sort of people who bought Destiny on launch day
[22:46:32] <nick> i find it fascinating, now three generations of a family totally into online gaming in various different ways
[22:47:28] <charon_> neeerrrrrrrrrds
[22:48:29] <nick> the best kind of nerds, no technical knowledge or interest, but love to buy a game on launch day, season passes and collectibles/merchandise
[22:48:55] <charon_> but yeah, gaming really has taken a huge space in culture nowadays. when i was a lad it was something for geeks that we were somewhat embarassed about
[22:49:27] <nick> i try not to judge, but i cant help but be slightly irritated by the people who wear glasses as a fashion statement now, for the hipster/nerd look
[22:49:52] <charon_> heh, that does seem rather silly.
[22:50:08] <nick> it seems to be getting ever more popular as a thing
[22:50:54] <nick> nerd fashion, but demonstrating it's just a look by showing how little you're interested in the other aspects of typically nerd stuff...
[22:52:29] <nick> not that it should really matter... i've mentioned before, my interest in sci-fi is practically non-existent, not a fan of the star**** series' or shit like that ... so i was never a nerd in the traditional sense because i wasn't into the 'culture' that was typical
[22:56:00] <charon_> i used to play a game with a guy who is a stereotypical southern redneck. into guns and cars, a bit on the judgemental asshole side. and yet here he was playing FF14, this MMO with wierd races, and and fairies and you're the chosen one save the world with your magic powers. still seems odd to me
[22:57:34] <nick> there's a lot of them out there, it does seem odd
[22:58:18] <nick> although i guess i'm the odd one, most people don't seem to have a problem with the magical/mystical elements in popular culture
[22:59:10] <nick> i just can't get into it, cant suspend my disbelief and get invested or engaged in a world where 'because magic' '50000 years ago a demon was cursed and now...
[22:59:21] <nick> just make me go 'ehhh?
[23:00:48] <charon_> nothing wrong with that. i have a limit for how much of it i can take too. same with pseudo-scientific explanations in games. because: nano bots
[23:02:40] <nick> it is about degrees of course, my threshold just seems much lower than most... needs a certain amount of grounding, or enough other things to focus on
[23:03:30] <nick> like i'm a fan of the Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil series, which are hardly realistic in many ways, but are grounded enough for me to get over the fantastic elements
[23:05:33] <charon_> and i guess fallout is more or less realistic, though still fantastic
[23:06:41] <nick> same deal with that, for the majority of the game you play there's enough grounding in reality... but there still are some things in the universe that break the immersion for me
[23:07:03] <nick> but it's very limited compared to elder scrolls as the easy comparison
[23:07:53] <nick> if i recall you were playing FO3 recently?
[23:08:18] <charon_> yes, finished it once, than am about halfway with another char doing the DLC
[23:08:54] <nick> nice
[23:09:07] <nick> i think the DLC really makes it great
[23:10:43] <nick> when i first played it, it was the GOTY with DLC installed already... i ended up going straight from the pitt or operation anchorage to mothership zeta purely by chance
[23:11:09] <nick> just getting back to the wasteland and then leaving again, it was a bizarre but very enjoyable experience... didn't know what was coming next
[23:12:13] <charon_> i looked up where i could get a deathclaw weapon, so i did the Pitt first. the rest was pretty easy, even being purely unarmed
[23:14:53] <nick> i'm all about the powerfist
[23:15:45] <nick> i'm guessing youve been enjoying FO3 then?
[23:31:49] <charon_> sorry, had some customers
[23:32:35] <charon_> yeah, i enjoyed it, but i think i've probably gotten my enjoyment out of it. next i'll probably do NV instead of continuing with FO3
[23:38:13] <nick> the RP element is much stronger in NV, just more depth and options in general
[23:40:05] <nick> i'm going to play the new hitman later this evening
[23:41:02] <charon_> John Wick Simulator III
[23:41:28] <nick> heard of John Wick but no idea what he/it is
[23:41:56] <charon_> it's a movie with keanu reeves as a retired hitman pulled back into the business
[23:42:54] <nick> hitman 2 and blood money are great games, from what ive seen the new one recaptures some of that magic... although i'm trying to keep my expectations low
[23:43:28] <nick> not a fan of the elusive target thing though, missions i'll never get to play
[23:46:13] <charon_> holy cow, i had no idea there were so many of them
[23:46:52] <nick> so many hitman games or elusive targets?
[23:47:41] <charon_> hitman. looks like 8 of them
[23:47:56] <charon_> or 9
[23:50:13] <nick> go and sniper are not true hitman games in my opinion, although they are cool spinoffs
[23:50:52] <nick> contracts is really good too