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[00:00:38] <cmn32480> Alt-I in hexchat apparently puts you in and out of italics
[00:00:46] <cmn32480> see?
[00:00:51] <charon_> no
[00:00:52] <cmn32480> Ctrl I
[00:01:00] * cmn32480 is a fucktard
[00:01:14] <charon_> it may only be visible to you
[00:02:15] * charon_ tells cmn32480 that he's not a fucktard.
[00:02:45] * cmn32480 goes back to seconding Fnord666's morass of storys
[00:02:47] * charon_ turns his back and giggles
[00:03:03] <cmn32480> #smakle charon
[00:03:08] <cmn32480> #smake charon_
[00:03:08] * MrPlow smakes charon_ upside the head with a dupe
[00:04:52] <paulej72> OK I have removed all of jQuery from Dev. I think it may not be used anymore. Only was needed for the busted ass AJAX that was used for D2
[00:05:17] * cmn32480 remembers that disaster
[00:05:30] <cmn32480> at least vaguely
[00:05:37] <charon_> good on you. jquery sucks
[00:05:55] <charon_> well, it doesn't exactly suck, because it IS good at what it does
[00:06:14] <charon_> but it is a ridiculously heavy solution when you just need a little bit of JS
[00:06:18] <paulej72> yes it is good at what it does
[00:06:47] <paulej72> depends what typ of stuff you need. sometimes doing it with striaght js is a bitch
[00:07:09] <paulej72> plus if you use enough of it jquery overhead makes some sensee
[00:07:48] <charon_> last time i did a biggish JS project, i worte a few wrapper functions that i needed for complex stuff
[00:08:02] <charon_> and the rest was easy
[00:22:59] <Fnord666> did someone invoke my name?
[00:24:05] <charon_> something about fear that you are catching up to me
[00:24:47] <Fnord666> not possible unless you go on a long vacation
[00:26:35] <Fnord666> so how's everyone tonight?
[00:27:12] <charon_> i am doing alright. contemplating spending a lot of money.
[00:27:17] <charon_> and yourself?
[00:27:17] <Fnord666> I did post a gewg story but cleaned up his "selective editing" by restoring the quoted parts he left out
[00:27:20] <cmn32480> charon_ is hearing footsteps
[00:27:23] <Fnord666> good, thanks
[00:27:30] <Fnord666> spending on?
[00:27:46] <charon_> a new PC
[00:27:46] <Fnord666> are you turning a over a new leaf?
[00:27:58] <cmn32480> please tell me you put in "this story vandalized by Fnord666" as an ed note
[00:28:08] <charon_> turns out cutting edge aint cheap
[00:28:14] <cmn32480> nah his current leaf runs fine...
[00:28:29] <cmn32480> but last years model is, charon_
[00:28:48] <charon_> but i want this year's hot new thing
[00:29:24] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - maybe.....
[00:30:03] * Bytram is installing imagemagick and catching up on backscrool
[00:30:05] * cmn32480 continues seconding in hopes of finding it
[00:30:30] <Fnord666> so what's in the new PC that's not in the current one?
[00:30:50] <cmn32480> moar power
[00:31:18] <charon_> something something over 9000?
[00:31:32] <charon_> hiyo bytram
[00:32:07] <Fnord666> ok, sounds good to me.
[00:32:08] <charon_> Fnord666: i am going to pass my current PC to my kids, since they are probably old enough to need one
[00:32:12] <cmn32480> ug 730
[00:32:28] * cmn32480 is having ben and jerrys for dinner tonight, I think
[00:32:44] <charon_> so since i will be getting something new for myself, why not get the newest stuff
[00:33:09] <cmn32480> becasue $$$$$$
[00:33:11] <paulej72> all of the eds should try testing on dev with the ed functions. I just did a major JS pruge to the code base and I want to make sure I did not break any admin fucntions
[00:33:18] <charon_> cmn32480: not the best nutritional choice, but yummy
[00:33:26] <cmn32480> and lactose free
[00:34:08] <paulej72> lactose free B+J
[00:34:20] <Fnord666> gluten free anyway
[00:34:36] <Bytram> cmn32480: given your prior descriptions of adverse milk-based-effects, that sounds like a VERY good idea -- especially while on a business trip
[00:34:37] <Fnord666> depending on the flavor I guess
[00:34:37] <paulej72> yeah gluten free mosty
[00:35:03] <paulej72> theres brownies and cookie dough in there
[00:35:09] <cmn32480> the gluten free stuff is also lactose froo
[00:35:18] <cmn32480> s/froo/free/
[00:35:19] <sedctl> <cmn32480> the gluten free stuff is also lactose free
[00:35:20] <Fnord666> low in mercury?
[00:35:21] <exec> <cmn32480> the gluten free stuff is also lactose free
[00:35:35] <Fnord666> contains an acceptable amount of lead?
[00:36:00] <charon_> i can only imagine cmn on a 30' scissor lift having intestinal issues and letting it rip on the unfortunate souls below
[00:36:01] <cmn32480> some of it is also vegan freiendly
[00:36:16] <cmn32480> it's the splatter that'd be bad
[00:36:22] <paulej72> vegan icecrud
[00:36:34] <paulej72> no thanks
[00:36:35] <Bytram> looks like ImageMagick depends on Ghostscript...
[00:36:39] <Fnord666> Don't worry charon_ guess where it was rented from?
[00:36:49] * Bytram goes off In Search Of
[00:36:49] <charon_> damnit!
[00:36:54] <charon_> lol
[00:37:20] <paulej72> ISO gave me the willies when I was just a small one
[00:37:25] <cmn32480> it is actually pretty good PJ
[00:38:39] <paulej72> what flavor
[00:39:01] <cmn32480> this one is chunky monkey
[00:40:06] <cmn32480> the other one in the freezer is PB and Cookoies
[00:40:23] <paulej72> OK they look good in pictures
[00:42:28] <cmn32480> taste pretty good too
[00:42:32] <cmn32480> but I'm biased...
[00:42:47] <cmn32480> I on'y regularly get lactose free vanilla and chocolate
[00:43:28] <charon_> paulej72: so we're looking for things to work the way they always did, yes?
[00:43:33] <paulej72> well there is differnce betten lactose free milk and non-dairy products
[00:43:59] <paulej72> yes unless I fixed them :)
[00:44:25] <paulej72> like the topic popup is now fixed
[00:44:51] <paulej72> the tree butoon on the index view now works
[00:46:05] * Bytram discovers that ghostscript installed itself in "C:\Program Files\gs" :P
[00:47:03] <Bytram> oh, I guess hat is okay. Was expecting something something x86 or the like
[00:47:15] <charon_> the sub queue page has some dropdowns showing the number of stories in each category (none, back, hold, quik). the number shown in the dropdown looks like it maxed out at 10, even though there are far more subs than that
[00:47:20] * Bytram goes back to installing IM
[00:48:38] <charon_> possibly this is cosemtic, since it does not limit what is shown to 10
[00:50:55] <paulej72> charon_: link please
[00:51:11] <cmn32480> https://dev.soylentnews.org
[00:51:14] <exec> └─ 13Dev.SN Submissions
[00:51:24] <charon_> update: only mainpage stories are held to 10 in that dropdown. after changing some stories to different nexi, they other nexi are counted correctly, but mainpage are still held to 10
[00:51:37] <cmn32480> the drop downs at the top don't ahve the correct numbers in them... the boy wonder is correct
[00:52:03] <charon_> do i get a gold star?
[00:52:10] <cmn32480> no
[00:52:15] <charon_> wahhhh
[00:52:24] <cmn32480> but I'll give you 3 internets
[00:52:50] <cmn32480> besides... we can't afford gold on the SN budget
[00:53:03] <paulej72> does that happen on prod?
[00:53:04] * cmn32480 wonders how gewg will left swing chuck berry's death
[00:53:05] <charon_> i'll melt down my wedding ring
[00:53:17] <charon_> paulej: no
[00:55:18] <paulej72> we normally don't have enouth subs to test this feature with
[00:55:53] <charon_> it was counting right the other day when we had 40-some on prod
[00:56:43] <cmn32480> then fnord hit the queue and the subs disappeared
[00:57:06] <paulej72> ther is 99 on dev
[00:58:41] -!- charon__ [charon__!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[00:58:41] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon__] by Hephaestus
[00:58:49] <charon__> .kill charon_
[00:59:04] <cmn32480> .kill charon_
[00:59:12] <cmn32480> .kick charon_
[00:59:12] -!- charon_ was kicked from #editorial by Hephaestus!Hephaestus@dodekatheon.olympus.gr [(cmn32480) No reason given]
[00:59:38] <charon__> i blame deucalion
[00:59:51] <Fnord666> !blame
[00:59:54] <Fnord666> ~blame
[00:59:55] * exec points at Bytram
[01:01:44] <cmn32480> you are hilarious fnord...
[01:01:53] charon__ is now known as charon_
[01:01:56] <Fnord666> not tonight I'm not
[01:02:39] <cmn32480> the lyft story?
[01:02:53] <Fnord666> oh, yeah
[01:02:56] <cmn32480> "[Ed note - This story vandalized by Fnord666]
[01:03:11] <charon_> heh
[01:03:20] <Fnord666> should I add ", not cmn32480"
[01:03:26] <cmn32480> nah....
[01:03:33] <cmn32480> but it is still funny af
[01:03:45] <Fnord666> too bad we can't leave it....
[01:03:49] <charon_> "this time, anyway"
[01:03:51] <cmn32480> the hell we can't
[01:03:57] <Fnord666> :)
[01:04:02] <cmn32480> we absolutely can
[01:04:05] <cmn32480> and should
[01:04:18] <charon_> good thing SOMEone around here is a professional
[01:04:30] <Bytram> was that the *royal* "we"?
[01:04:31] * Fnord666 looks around
[01:04:37] <cmn32480> charon_: who?
[01:04:45] <Fnord666> where?
[01:04:49] <Bytram> cmn32480: pick your brain for a moment?
[01:04:50] <cmn32480> what?
[01:04:55] <cmn32480> not uch left
[01:04:57] <Bytram> just install ImageMagick
[01:05:04] * charon_ reluctantly volunteers to be the professional
[01:05:06] <Fnord666> who's on first
[01:05:10] <Bytram> tried to run from q new CMD window... says it is not in path
[01:05:10] <cmn32480> what's on second
[01:05:19] <Fnord666> i don't know
[01:05:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> feel free to blame me if you don't want the heat. i got no problem having a flamewar in the comments.
[01:05:23] <charon_> third base
[01:05:29] <Bytram> I dsiplay the path... and sure 'nuf, it's not in my path
[01:05:35] <cmn32480> ok
[01:05:44] <cmn32480> you need ot add it ot the path?
[01:05:45] <Bytram> so I lok at system properties, advanced, env vars, scroll down and look at the path
[01:05:57] <Bytram> and it is in there already!
[01:06:04] <Fnord666> in system env or user env?
[01:06:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> check your .bashrc =P
[01:06:10] <cmn32480> path changes often require a reboot
[01:06:15] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: ppbbbbbbt
[01:06:29] <cmn32480> stupid Windows
[01:06:34] <Bytram> that is in the *system* env vars
[01:06:42] <Bytram> i also have a user one for my path:
[01:06:43] <Bytram> %path%;%util%
[01:06:51] <Bytram> umm
[01:06:51] <Bytram> path=%path%;%util%
[01:08:04] <Bytram> (maybe I need a reboot? System has been up for 23 days.)
[01:08:12] <Fnord666> I don't think you need %path% in the user path
[01:08:26] <Fnord666> I think it's automatically included.
[01:08:45] <Fnord666> If you opened a new cmd windows you should get the new, updated values
[01:08:56] <Bytram> if it were, then I would expedt my user path to have doubled entries, and I do not see it
[01:09:05] <Fnord666> no reboot should be needed, but have you tried turning it off and on again? :)
[01:09:32] <Bytram> ~burrito Fnord666
[01:09:32] <Bytram> !burrito Fnord666
[01:09:36] <Bytram> #burrito Fnord666
[01:09:38] <cmn32480> $
[01:09:44] <Bytram> $burrito Fnord666
[01:09:44] * aqu4 chucks a nasty, rotten burrito at Fnord666
[01:09:53] <Bytram> mare see!
[01:10:43] <Fnord666> thanks but I already had dinner
[01:10:49] <Bytram> lol
[01:12:00] <Bytram> once again I learn: when it can't be what it has to be, it has to be what it can't be.
[01:12:07] * Bytram checked his .autorun.cmd file
[01:12:35] * Bytram notes that sure enough, way long ago he had it specify an explicit path in there
[01:12:59] * Fnord666 shudders at the thought
[01:12:59] <cmn32480> smake bytram
[01:13:04] <cmn32480> #smake bytram
[01:13:04] * MrPlow smakes bytram upside the head with dire ear
[01:13:12] <Bytram> cmn32480: close
[01:13:14] <Bytram> ~blame
[01:13:15] * exec points at Bytram
[01:13:19] <Bytram> ta dah!
[01:13:28] <Bytram> oh, wait. :/
[01:13:45] <Fnord666> great, no we have to worry about Bytram's ear too
[01:13:56] <Fnord666> s/no/now/
[01:13:56] <sedctl> <Fnord666> great, now we have to worry about Bytram's ear too
[01:13:58] <exec> <Fnord666> great, now we have to worry about Bytram's ear too
[01:13:59] <Bytram> Fnord666: what? SPEAK UP!
[01:16:07] <paulej72> shit the code that counts the stories is pita
[01:16:21] <Fnord666> Bytram: s/([a-z])(.*)/\U$1$2/
[01:16:21] <sedctl> <Fnord666> <Bytram> FU$1$2
[01:17:28] <Fnord666> not exactly what I was going for....
[01:17:31] <Bytram> Fnord666: looks like the user path ev DOES autoinclude the system path... but how do I tell it whether I want my additions at the beginning or at the tail end?
[01:17:47] <cmn32480> end
[01:17:57] <Bytram> cmn32480: k, thx!
[01:18:33] <Fnord666> The path is searched from front to back, so if you are replacing something in the path put it at the front. If you aren't or want the system version if it's available, put it at the back.
[01:18:46] <Fnord666> or left to right if you will
[01:19:47] <Fnord666> IF it's something unique then it really doesn't matter.
[01:19:57] <Bytram> Fnord666: apprecaite the explanation. I hail from the PC DOS 3.1 days, so am familiar with that concept... was not sure what Win 7 did with combining the SYSTEM and USER paths, was all, now Iknow for sure! thanks!
[01:20:27] <Fnord666> Ah. The system path is first, then the user path.
[01:20:55] <Bytram> well, except the path is scanned in order, so something with lots of files but rarely used, when put in the path, will slow down the rest of the system, right?
[01:21:31] <Bytram> s/put in/put at the beginning of the/
[01:21:31] <sedctl> <Bytram> well, except the path is scanned in order, so something with lots of files but rarely used, when put at the beginning of the the path, will slow down the rest of the system, right?
[01:21:33] <exec> <Bytram> well, except the path is scanned in order, so something with lots of files but rarely used, when put at the beginning of the the path, will slow down the rest of the system, right?
[01:22:08] * Bytram notices his stomach growling
[01:22:20] <Bytram> time for me to prepare my dinner, I suppose... biab
[01:22:41] <Fnord666> I would expect so, to some small extent.
[01:23:22] <charon_> sorry paulej72. was it actually related to the jquery purge?
[01:23:54] <Fnord666> re the story counts, shouldn't the section count when you change the classification count to reflect only stories in that classification?
[01:25:01] <Fnord666> and this is on both dev and prod, so unrelated to the jquery change
[01:25:59] <cmn32480> prod works fine
[01:27:10] <Fnord666> realted to which cmn32480?
[01:27:13] <Fnord666> related
[01:27:24] <cmn32480> the story counts
[01:27:57] <Fnord666> on prod if you select the classification dropdown and select 'hold' you see three stories
[01:28:29] <Fnord666> But section still says 11, 6 for mainpage and 5 for politics
[01:28:38] <cmn32480> and ti is correct
[01:28:50] <Fnord666> which is the count for classification none, not classification hold
[01:29:23] <Fnord666> So section never reflects the stories in "hold"?
[01:29:35] <cmn32480> that is the way it looks
[01:29:37] <Fnord666> the section count I mean?
[01:30:11] <charon_> actually the problem is in the other one that counts "mainpage, politics, meta"
[01:30:19] <charon_> and on dev, bewbs
[01:30:52] <charon_> nm,i cannot read
[01:30:57] <Fnord666> right, that's what I'm trying to get at
[01:31:09] * cmn32480 points at TMB
[01:31:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> wut?
[01:31:52] <Fnord666> no matter what I select for the classification dropdown, I always see the "none" counts in the Section dropdown.
[01:32:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> bewbs++
[01:32:04] <Bender> karma - bewbs: 1
[01:32:08] <charon_> the probelm i found is on dev, that only says there are 10 mainpage stories, when in fact there were 90 something
[01:32:29] <Fnord666> I would expect those counts in Section to update to reflect the counts in the classification that I changed to
[01:32:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> neat. paulej72 ^^
[01:32:45] <paulej72> $all_skins{$def_skin} = 1;
[01:32:45] <paulej72> # self documentation, right?
[01:32:45] <paulej72> @skins = map { [$_->[0], ($_->[0] eq $def_skin ? '' : $_->[0])] }
[01:32:45] <paulej72> sort { $a->[1] cmp $b->[1] }
[01:32:45] <paulej72> map { [$_, ($_ eq $def_skin ? '' : $_)] }
[01:32:46] <paulej72> keys %all_skins;
[01:32:50] <paulej72> @notes = map { [$_->[0], ($_->[0] eq $def_note ? '' : $_->[0])] }
[01:32:52] <paulej72> sort { $a->[1] cmp $b->[1] }
[01:32:54] <paulej72> map { [$_, ($_ eq $def_note ? '' : $_)] }
[01:32:56] <paulej72> keys %all_notes;
[01:32:58] <paulej72> figure that out and it could possibly happen
[01:32:59] <cmn32480> charon... change 1 and they do
[01:33:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> i figured oh, that? easy peasy. except for the map bits. they hurt my brain.
[01:33:53] <Fnord666> Larry Wall is a heretic
[01:34:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> paulej72, remind me monday and i'll sit down and beat my head against some test scripts until the knowing of map is deep within me.
[01:34:45] <cmn32480> what about his brother Daryl Wall and his other brother Daryl Wall?
[01:35:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake cmn32480
[01:35:01] * MrPlow smakes cmn32480 upside the head with SpallsHurgenson's missing pants
[01:35:10] <paulej72> Daryl Wall took a trip
[01:35:46] <paulej72> submit.pl:409 TheMightyBuzzard
[01:36:15] <Fnord666> they should all be doomed to forever roll an orange barrel up an undless hill.
[01:36:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> kay. i ain't gonna grok it until i force myself to understand map though.
[01:36:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> endless or undieless?
[01:36:46] <cmn32480> I'm currently the second one
[01:37:19] <Fnord666> yes
[01:37:31] <Fnord666> and TMI cmn32480
[01:37:47] <cmn32480> you've been SpallsHuregenson'd
[01:37:53] <charon_> i was reading that word wrong...
[01:38:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> i am most mornings. you can't get in the perl mindset with arbitrary restrictions like drawers hampering your fu.
[01:38:30] <Fnord666> Does that bother your coworkers?
[01:38:47] <cmn32480> I don't share hotel rooms with coowrkers
[01:38:52] <Fnord666> Tried that once. Can't go back to that Starbucks again
[01:39:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> still unemployed/retired/burning up the last of my savings
[01:39:23] * cmn32480 wonders when/if TMB will decide to remedy that, or go on the dole
[01:39:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> i really should get something piddly to use up some of my time. it does tend to drag on when it's not fishing weather.
[01:40:08] <Fnord666> when is it not fishing weather?
[01:40:15] <paulej72> the stuipd counter does not realixe null and empty are the same thing for this count
[01:40:19] <cmn32480> thought you had a gig lined up as Gate Boy, or somesuch at the local lake
[01:40:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> heavy rain. i don't have a sump pump for the boat.
[01:40:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, waited too long to call. they filled it within hours of posting it.
[01:40:51] <cmn32480> woof
[01:40:54] <cmn32480> sorry to hear that
[01:40:55] <Fnord666> isn't that just a bilge pump?
[01:40:57] <cmn32480> know wireless?
[01:41:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> Fnord666, yar.
[01:41:17] <cmn32480> and wanna move to Baltimore?
[01:41:20] <Fnord666> ok just checking
[01:41:25] <paulej72> ok db is set up wrong on dev
[01:41:30] <charon_> can't you just drill a hole in the bottom of the boat and let the water drain out?
[01:41:38] <paulej72> will get it fixed shortly
[01:41:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, ya but if i wanna travel i'll staple my junk to a westbound 18 wheeler.
[01:42:20] <Fnord666> um ouch?
[01:42:21] <cmn32480> horkey dorky
[01:42:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'm a homebody. anything that takes me more than an hour from my fishing hole is a non-starter.
[01:43:33] <cmn32480> what? you don't wanna spend 12 days in Texas?
[01:43:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> charon_, you'd think, wouldn't you? my current solution involves a red solo cup behind my seat.
[01:43:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> fuck no. they're nearly as annoying as californians.
[01:44:44] * charon_ nods sagely
[01:45:15] * cmn32480 nods thymely
[01:45:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> think i may offer my brilliance to the roomie's company though. they'd like their customers to be able to view the same data they can but only for themselves. i could prolly write that in a week if it was written in a language i wasn't familiar with.
[01:46:09] <Fnord666> so at least 3 month's work?
[01:46:51] <cmn32480> at contractor's rates
[01:46:52] <Fnord666> or do you contract by the job
[01:46:55] <cmn32480> plus the ongoing suport contract
[01:46:55] <Bytram> double the number and use the next larger unit of time: 1 week ==> 2 months
[01:47:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> likely only one. i still gotta code SN stuff and my good coding hours are when i do my rehash coding.
[01:47:03] <Bytram> ;)
[01:47:27] <Fnord666> Bytram - my favorite project estimation guideline
[01:47:50] <TheMightyBuzzard> Fnord666, generally by the job. i like to be able to give a way long estimate and have plenty of dicking off time.
[01:47:51] <cmn32480> the last update took a year...
[01:47:51] <charon_> and you're still doing crunch time at the end
[01:47:59] <cmn32480> what's an extra week
[01:48:42] <Bytram> Fnord666: wish I could claim credit for it, but heard that one at least a couple decades ago.
[01:48:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> honestly, i could write it in a morning in perl. i just assume they're using php or something else i haven't spent much time with.
[01:49:00] * Bytram did not believe it, then, but have come to a different view of it, over time.
[01:49:01] <charon_> TheMightyBuzzard: with a line in the estimate for bait?
[01:49:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> charon_, nah. ALL money is bait money.
[01:49:31] <charon_> heh
[01:49:45] <cmn32480> worms
[01:50:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> minnows. crappie bite em a lot better than they do worms most times of the year.
[01:50:13] <Fnord666> http://ardalis.com
[01:50:36] <Bytram> okay, I'll bit... erm, click
[01:50:45] <Bytram> *bite
[01:51:00] <Bytram> eh
[01:52:13] <Fnord666> meh
[01:52:22] <charon_> ^
[01:53:17] <charon_> cmn32480: who is spalls turdburgersen you keep mentioning
[01:53:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> if alls i gotta do is add a db table named customers and reuse most of their code with one more auth check, it'll be the easiest money i ever made.
[01:53:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> charon_, check #soylent
[01:56:13] <paulej72> OK the numbers are correct now on dev. the db is now fixed.
[01:56:41] <paulej72> ALTER TABLE submissions MODIFY COLUMN note varchar(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL;
[01:59:53] <charon_> thanks paulej72! you're the best
[02:00:38] <paulej72> twas nothing I did, well I think it was not me
[02:01:08] <Fnord666> TheMightyBuzzard - is it ever that easy?
[02:01:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> Fnord666, hell no but I can dream...
[02:02:04] <Fnord666> :)
[02:02:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~blame
[02:02:28] * exec points at Bytram
[02:02:32] <Bytram> beware, there is but a short distance between dreams and nightmares
[02:06:43] <charon_> welp, i'm going to unplug my car and drive home. see y'all on the other side
[02:07:06] -!- charon_ has quit [Quit: charging on the company dime]
[02:38:23] * Bytram discovers that Imagemagick installs a year old version of ffmpeg.exe
[04:19:26] <Fnord666> Bed time. Good night #editorial
[04:19:31] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon
[04:19:33] * exec faithfully twerks a cheap plastic cup of key/value pairs for charon
[04:19:59] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666 and thanks for your dedication
[04:20:00] * exec abrasively pits a dumpster full of $beverage against Fnord666
[04:20:19] <Fnord666> :)
[04:20:28] <Fnord666> night
[04:20:34] <charon> take care
[05:00:47] -!- Techwolf has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[10:26:06] <NCommander> Heads up to the editoral staff to leave a gap for me tomorrow to post an article in
[15:03:46] <Bytram> NCommander: here ya go: https://soylentnews.org
[15:03:48] <exec> └─ 13- SoylentNews User
[19:37:05] <paulej72> the submissions table on dev got hosed, it would be really difficult to restore. I hope it does not caus issues
[19:42:02] <Bytram> paulej72: just submissions? IOW already processed stories are unaffected, right? (except, of course, for the "Original Submission" link in the stories)
[19:42:32] <paulej72> yeah
[19:42:42] <Bytram> what happened to the table?
[19:43:15] <paulej72> mysql got hung up on a alter statement and puked when I restarted it
[19:43:41] <paulej72> I need to start taking regular mysql updates again for the dbs
[19:43:45] <Bytram> no rollback, I take it?
[19:43:56] <paulej72> no
[19:44:18] * Bytram does not know if mysql supports setting up atomic *transactions*
[19:46:35] <Bytram> start transaction; do stuff; end transaction -- up until the end transaction, everything could be rolled back, AFAIR from doing some db-related stuff about 20 years ago. (has it been that long? Oi!)
[19:47:02] <Bytram> break time
[19:49:29] <paulej72> OK new spoiler fucntion on dev. It puts the text inline with a span. One problem, currently the way spoilers go through the html parser, I am not sure how to get multiline output within it.
[19:49:42] <paulej72> Please let me know if that will be an issue
[19:51:23] <Bytram> do you have any info as to what is allowed/blocked from being contained in the <spoiler> ... </spoiler> block^W span?
[19:55:19] <Bytram> paulej72: also, what happens to the *existing* spoilers that are already in the DB?
[20:09:02] <paulej72> text is ok almost anything else might get removed or moved out of the spoiler
[20:10:36] <Bytram> hmm, so spolier cannot include: <i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, or <a href="...">link</a> ??
[20:11:15] * Bytram is well aware that there is some amazing incomprehensible code in the html parser
[20:13:50] <paulej72> no thoes will be fine
[20:13:59] <paulej72> block elements are an issue
[20:32:43] <Bytram> paulej72: so, for multiline, I could always fall back on: <spoiler>stuff<br>more stuff<br>one last thing</spoiler>, right? but that still leaves the issue of what to do for the existing <spoiler> tags that have already been used on the site
[21:30:51] <paulej72> I think I have it working now Bytram but I have another issue
[21:31:07] <Bytram> don't we ALL have issues? ;)
[21:31:15] <Bytram> but seriously, well done!
[21:31:17] <Bytram> pm?
[21:32:04] <Bytram> please
[21:40:36] -!- Deucalion [Deucalion!~Deucalion@Soylent/Staff/IRC/juggs] has joined #editorial
[21:42:44] -!- Deucalion [Deucalion!~Deucalion@Soylent/Staff/IRC/juggs] has parted #editorial
[21:51:18] <paulej72> Bytram: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[21:51:21] <exec> └─ 13'Chameleon' Vine Discovered in Chile - Dev.SN
[21:53:08] <Bytram> very interesting!
[21:53:42] <Bytram> I'm curious... how do you come up with the value for: id="spoiler_2083FEF5"
[21:54:09] <Bytram> does that mean we will need a unique one for every single spoiler in the whole database?
[21:55:06] <paulej72> generated at render I think, not 100% sure. It only needs to be unique per page
[21:55:22] <Bytram> and will we still need to maintain them, even after a story gets made read-only... oh? hmmm
[21:55:23] <paulej72> my $id = sprintf("%08X", rand(0xFFFFFFFF));
[21:55:36] <Bytram> way too simple!
[21:55:53] <Bytram> brilliant++
[21:55:53] <Bender> karma - brilliant: 1
[21:56:04] <paulej72> google to the rescue
[21:56:19] <paulej72> how did we program before google
[21:56:30] <cmn32480> .me reads the scroll back
[21:56:35] <Bytram> I am *so* close to having automagic command-line moderation written, but I need to step out for the evening... hope to be back in about 3 hrs or so...
[21:57:23] <paulej72> I used blockquote to make spoilers work
[21:57:39] <Bytram> paulej72: btw, i mentioned this to TMB, but I am seeing very different "expanded" states on dev for stories depending on when I am logged in as "martyb" versus everybody else (AC, or test_user_000n)
[21:58:24] <Bytram> brb
[21:58:35] <cmn32480> paulej72, we were saving all those old subs for um.... something
[21:59:37] <cmn32480> I woudlnt' sweat it that the subs table got hosed... we can get TMB to repopulate it from the prod db next time we needs some.
[22:00:02] <cmn32480> he grabbed 100 or so when we were doing editor training a couple monoths back...
[22:04:43] <Bytram> cmn32480: now that you mention it, that sounds right...
[22:04:59] <Bytram> I took a quick look at a random story: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[22:05:03] <exec> └─ 13'Chameleon' Vine Discovered in Chile - Dev.SN
[22:05:36] <Bytram> clicked on the "Original Submission" link, and it looks like we handled it "gracefully", considering the story is no longer there... linky:https://dev.soylentnews.org/submit.pl?op=viewsub&subid=1622
[22:05:38] <exec> └─ 13Dev.SN Submissions
[22:05:48] <Bytram> ok, gtg... back laters
[22:06:06] <Bytram> paulej72++ super work you've done today!
[22:06:06] <Bender> karma - paulej72: 14
[22:06:21] <Bytram> afk
[22:08:26] <cmn32480> stupid hotel internet
[22:13:06] * cmn32480 is glad he got smrt enough to load the ap layout on his tablet...
[22:20:20] <paulej72> New code on dev for Spoilers. It can now handle p tags properly. bascially it is a blockquote with a hidden div trigger via a css checkbox hider
[22:22:19] <paulej72> Shit we save the rendered text in the DB
[22:22:32] <paulej72> not the orginal spoiler tag
[22:24:30] <paulej72> that means the new style and the old style myst continue to work
[22:25:41] <paulej72> so I must update the code so that old css is still there
[22:37:00] <cmn32480> OOOO there is a Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen near here...
[22:37:09] <cmn32480> found my dinner
[22:38:32] * cmn32480 goes to grab a shower
[22:39:05] <cmn32480> paulej72 - I got 9 AP's hung today... and figured out that my ladder is too short to get to the ceiling so I need to talk to the electricians tomorrow...
[22:39:36] <cmn32480> their 16ft A-Frame was too heavy to move safely by myself
[22:51:01] <paulej72> how was your ladder too short, were the ceilings higher than you thought
[23:19:12] <cmn32480> distance b etween the third floor of the mezzanine and the ceiling joists is 16 feet.
[23:19:22] <cmn32480> the decking is metal grates
[23:19:37] <paulej72> oh fun
[23:20:14] <cmn32480> the little giant will go that tall if I set it as an extension ladder, but I'm not dumb enough to do that wihout a way to brace the bottom legs to kepe them from skipping
[23:20:54] <cmn32480> especially when I was the only one there.
[23:21:01] <paulej72> get out the welder and fasten that puppy fast
[23:21:26] <cmn32480> heh.. I considered botlingto the floor a 2x4
[23:21:35] <cmn32480> self tappers from underneath
[23:21:43] <cmn32480> through the grate
[23:21:55] <paulej72> yeah that might work
[23:22:02] <cmn32480> it woudl have worked...
[23:22:19] <cmn32480> but doing it when I'm the only one there... there is a little too much risk for me to like that idea
[23:22:26] <cmn32480> too easy to get hurt
[23:22:35] <paulej72> what keps it from going off to one side
[23:23:00] <cmn32480> plus, since the mezz is still under construction, not all the deck plates are screwed in yet
[23:23:16] <paulej72> ooo fun
[23:23:19] -!- mrpg [mrpg!~m@Soylent/Staff/Editor/mrpg] has joined #editorial
[23:23:19] -!- mode/#editorial [+v mrpg] by Hephaestus
[23:23:28] <cmn32480> putting the end of the ladder is the scissor beams
[23:24:07] <cmn32480> I dcided to wait until tomorrow when I can borrow the 16ft aframe form the electricinas and somebody to help me move it and set it up
[23:24:46] <paulej72> use the scissor lift to move the 16 footer
[23:25:20] <cmn32480> the 16footer is already on the third floor of the mezz
[23:26:10] <cmn32480> that is how they got it up there though,
[23:26:27] <cmn32480> maybe I've gotten more cautions in my old age
[23:28:09] <paulej72> I'd rather be cautious than be a statistic
[23:28:46] <paulej72> when the job susposed to be done
[23:32:35] <cmn32480> Thursday
[23:32:51] <cmn32480> if it isn't done, and I have to stay over, they get to pay extra
[23:33:13] <cmn32480> their subcontractor's fault that the cables are not where I told them they needed to be.
[23:33:56] <cmn32480> upside is that I can configure it all remotely, if needed, providing the cable guys get their shit in place
[23:34:06] <cmn32480> also, there is no power at one of the IDFs
[23:36:17] * cmn32480 is heading out for dinner....
[23:36:19] <cmn32480> biab