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[01:37:22] <Bytram> charon++ story posting so I don't have to!
[01:37:22] <Bender> karma - charon: 23
[01:37:30] <Bytram> Fnord666++ story posting so I don't have to!
[01:37:30] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 11
[01:37:37] <charon> heh
[01:37:47] <Fnord666> aw shucks...
[01:38:06] <Bytram> mrpg++ it's not necessarily how many you post, that counts, either! thanks for posting a story today!
[01:38:06] <Bender> karma - mrpg: 12
[01:38:22] <Bytram> Fnord666: just because
[01:38:28] <Bytram> Fnord666++ just because
[01:38:28] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 12
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[18:16:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> oi, eds, anyone wants to have a look at https://soylentnews.org have at it. feel free to schedule it whenever you need something to fill a spot in the next 12 hours.
[18:20:32] <janrinok> k - will do
[19:18:48] <charon> hiyo janrinok, if you're still there
[19:22:39] <janrinok> still here charon - how are you?
[19:24:18] <janrinok> I've had a bit of rest, still need some more, but am receiving treatment for my problems. Other family members are off any immediate danger lists but still require their own care.
[19:24:26] <charon> i am alright, woke up with a headache so not stellar
[19:24:42] <janrinok> sorry to hear that - self induced by alcohol?
[19:25:12] <charon> good, i'm glad you and yours are on the mend
[19:25:32] <charon> nah, just happened
[19:25:50] <janrinok> pity, at least you could have enjoyed the drinks beforehand
[19:26:00] <charon> hah, no kidding
[19:26:53] <charon> there wasn't a lot of subs over the weekend, i think we were down to something like 5 at one point
[19:27:17] <charon> and that was with me and fnord dropping in a bunch each
[19:28:09] <janrinok> yes, I noticed. I put in a few today either as me or as Arthur. I've used a couple of those already though. I'll try to sub some more tomorrow
[19:28:55] <janrinok> far too many politics stories being submitted IMO
[19:29:46] <charon> agreed. i deleted a bunch of things that were either sitting forever or AC submitted politics
[19:30:00] <janrinok> good move - you will have my support!
[19:30:36] <charon> i fifgure if it's been sitting for a couple weeks and no one has volunteered to publish it...
[19:30:59] <janrinok> it's prime for deletion - yep, that's how it should work
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