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[01:44:01] <takyon> I have 2 subs about Ryzen wasting away in the queue, with a story already posted in the morning
[01:44:03] <takyon> do as you will
[01:51:07] <charon> ryzen is love
[01:51:18] <charon> unless you're an overclocker
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[03:07:17] <Bytram> charon: I have a favor to ask of you... hold on just aminnute
[03:08:47] <Bytram> charon: pls check your site messages
[03:09:30] <charon> none at the moment, unless it takes time to propogate
[03:09:54] <Bytram> I did not think there was a delay. strange... brb
[03:10:24] <charon> there, got that one
[03:10:28] <Bytram> k
[03:10:34] <Bytram> and it came thorugh okay?
[03:10:48] <charon> clearly
[03:11:14] <Bytram> I had receive a msg from another admin a few days ago... went to read it again, now, and it lok slike one of the html tags lost a closing '>'
[03:11:41] <Bytram> hmm
[03:12:00] <charon> it's perfect, no out of place tags
[03:12:24] <Bytram> whatis the msgid in the URL?
[03:12:38] <Bytram> id=429... ??
[03:12:41] <charon> 430588
[03:13:19] <Bytram> seems I don't quite have sufficent god powers on this site to see it.
[03:13:26] <charon> snoop
[03:13:27] <Bytram> hmmm
[03:13:38] <Bytram> it also means that I can't show you mine
[03:13:40] <Bytram> nograb
[03:13:43] <Bytram> =)
[03:13:45] <charon> lol
[03:13:55] <Bytram> I *knew* that would cheer you up!
[03:14:01] <charon> aye, it did
[03:14:11] <Bytram> missionaccomplished++
[03:14:11] <Bender> karma - missionaccomplished: 1
[03:14:14] <charon> Bytram++
[03:14:14] <Bender> karma - bytram: 49
[03:14:17] <Bytram> lol
[03:15:06] <Bytram> did you TK's msg here that he submitted two Ryzen stories earlier, and there's a different story that got pushed out?
[03:15:18] <charon> yeah, i merged them all together
[03:15:28] <Bytram> really?
[03:15:31] <Bytram> charon++
[03:15:31] <Bender> karma - charon: 21
[03:15:35] <charon> i had just finished that before we started talking
[03:15:35] <Bytram> !woop
[03:15:35] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[03:16:02] <Bytram> here's one FOG who 8really* appreciates all that you have been contributing to the site!
[03:16:09] <Bytram> s/8/*/
[03:16:09] <sedctl> <Bytram> here's one FOG who *really* appreciates all that you have been contributing to the site!
[03:16:42] <charon> glad to be a part of it. though to tell the truth, i was not expecting to be doing as much as i am
[03:16:55] <charon> seems to be a pattern around these parts
[03:18:11] <Bytram> there's more than enough here to overload ya
[03:18:32] <Bytram> i started off just msging in IRC about typos in stories...
[03:18:57] <Bytram> after about 8 or so times, I suggested that if they just made me an editor, I could fix then those myself without having to bother them
[03:19:03] * Bytram checks HoF
[03:19:23] * Bytram notes he has now pushed out over 3200 stories since then
[03:19:31] <charon> you'll be passing JR any time now
[03:19:57] <Bytram> once I had proven myself with that, I was granted op ability in some IRC channels
[03:20:33] <Bytram> will still be a while til THAT happens... spending more time on testing, now that we have the benefit of you and FN, et al helping out so well on the story front
[03:21:34] <Bytram> little by slow, I have been granted access to prod db, our linode dashboard, can ssh between all our servers, and could cause genreal havoc if I was so inclined.
[03:22:06] <charon> uh oh. havoc incoming
[03:22:11] <Bytram> I care too much about this site to do so on purpose, though I am not immune to boneheaded, probelm-causing actions.
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[03:25:31] <Bytram> charon: another idea on that message
[03:25:41] <Bytram> did you delete it already or is it still arond?
[03:25:45] <charon> still there
[03:25:48] <Bytram> k
[03:25:55] <Bytram> close up the messaging window
[03:26:01] <Bytram> if you would, please
[03:26:07] <charon> done
[03:26:18] <Bytram> let me send you another one
[03:26:48] <charon> wait, is there some other form of messaging besides web?
[03:27:19] <Bytram> not sure.. I suspect one may be able to request they be sent by e-mail
[03:27:24] <charon> i ssee, it's web or email or none
[03:27:29] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:27:53] <Bytram> okay, in as much as possible I am going to lead you through the same steps I followed to get a messed-up message
[03:28:10] <Bytram> if you are willing, of course.
[03:28:14] <charon> of course
[03:28:19] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[03:28:28] <Bytram> plese load the main page^^^
[03:28:37] <charon> k
[03:28:37] <Bytram> in upper right hand corner, there should be a message notification there
[03:28:49] <Bytram> which browser u using?
[03:28:56] <charon> yep. still says i have 0 new. palemoon
[03:29:04] <Bytram> kewel! me too
[03:29:17] <Bytram> does it say you have an old message?
[03:29:22] <charon> 27
[03:29:30] <Bytram> yowza!
[03:29:39] <charon> i get them for responses to my comments and moderation
[03:29:46] <Bytram> right-click on the "nn old messagesz" link
[03:29:56] <Bytram> open in new tab
[03:30:09] <charon> k
[03:30:13] <Bytram> should see the first msg I sent you listed on that page
[03:30:22] <charon> yep, looks fine
[03:30:22] <Bytram> right-click, open in new tba
[03:30:32] <Bytram> huh.
[03:30:39] <Bytram> both old and new msgs?
[03:31:15] <charon> yes, i now got two messages, both fine
[03:31:31] <Bytram> well then... beats me!
[03:32:39] <charon> cosmic ray bit flip
[03:32:51] <Bytram> okay, I just saw I had a new message; opened the messages page, and I see the one-time mangled comment okay...
[03:33:42] <Bytram> I click the "Delete" button on one of my old messages and am then presented with a very different view of my messages; this time with checkboxes down the left-hand side
[03:34:10] <charon> yep
[03:34:20] <Bytram> on THIS page, I right click on the mangled-message notice, open in new trab
[03:34:36] <Bytram> and it is garbled again.
[03:34:54] <charon> interesting
[03:35:09] <charon> i am doing that but the ones i've tried so far still look fine
[03:35:38] <Bytram> the one I am looking at was sent 2017-02-27 @ 9:33
[03:35:50] <Bytram> a couple days after the site update.
[03:36:06] <Bytram> curiouser and curiouser!
[03:36:26] <charon> it doesn't have any > < in text?
[03:37:01] <charon> try sending me message with the exact text of the borked one? unless it's personal
[03:37:34] <Bytram> is not 'personal, but a PM would be nice
[03:48:29] <Bytram> charon++
[03:48:29] <Bender> karma - charon: 22
[03:48:53] <charon> i'm racking up the points
[03:50:05] <Bytram> so, in short, the first (newline delimited) line of an admin-to-user message is 'eaten" and hidden within a tag, where each of those words becomes an attribute with a value of =""
[03:50:50] <Bytram> manifest when one opens the message from the check-box laden message page
[03:51:05] <Bytram> did I miss anything there?
[03:51:28] <charon> nope, that seems to be the size of it
[03:51:35] <Bytram> great!
[03:51:51] * Bytram just remembered that exec is on the fritz
[03:52:09] <charon> i'm going to post that in #dev with a ping. they'll see it tomorrow
[03:52:12] <Bytram> ~gnight charon (insert your own witty reparte here)
[03:52:17] <Bytram> k
[03:52:21] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[03:52:38] <Bytram> I think you won that one
[03:52:39] <Bytram> ;)
[03:52:42] <charon> hehehe
[03:52:46] <Bytram> Bingo!
[03:52:49] <Bytram> worked again!
[03:52:56] <Bytram> sleep well my friend. thanks again!
[03:53:04] <charon> any time
[03:53:07] <charon> and thank you
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[15:37:13] <nick> ahoy
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[19:04:34] <NCommander> charon, Bytram, Tachyon_,: be warned, I made a post. Be afraid
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[23:14:24] <charon_> i have arrived. no applause, please
[23:31:28] <Bytram> NCommander: Bah! I've seen and survived your novels before... no worries!
[23:31:30] <Bytram> =)
[23:31:41] * NCommander is just uploading the photos
[23:32:09] <charon_> there are pictures now?
[23:32:39] <NCommander> charon_, I just uploaded and added them
[23:32:47] <Bytram> it has been available all along, but we have so far explicitly chosen to not use them
[23:33:05] <charon_> i've seen that, but when i played around with it on dev nothing seemed to work
[23:33:13] * Bytram hits refresh in his browser
[23:33:52] <NCommander> charon_, it's been there since the original site went live, but the feature was rather flakely for a long time; I used it back when I did the Retromalware articles which I kinda burned out on
[23:33:59] <NCommander> It should work on dev
[23:34:15] <charon_> maybe i was doing it wrong
[23:34:34] <charon_> my flakeyness plus its flakeyness = disaster
[23:34:47] <Bytram> NCommander: in the 2nd paragraph of your story, I see reference to: "SCO*'s surviving literature" -- is the asterisk intended to be there?
[23:35:03] <NCommander> Bytram, yeah, because this refers to the original SCO, not the one that started the lawsuits
[23:35:24] <NCommander> Bytram, I was tempted to use Santa Cruz Operation in full to differant, but it looked unwiedly when I typed it up
[23:35:26] <charon_> Fnord666++ for the Big Ben dept line
[23:35:26] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 8
[23:35:48] <Bytram> k. had never seen a "*" in their name before. When I worked at Wang in the mid 80's they were working with SCO to implement a version of unix for their systems
[23:35:59] <NCommander> Bytram, yeah, that's what Xenix became.
[23:36:06] <Bytram> nodnod
[23:36:34] <NCommander> Bytram, Xenix became SCO Unixware, and retained compatibility with Xenix binaries until OpenServer 5. That's how Michal managed to pull the symbols out of the kernel
[23:36:50] <Bytram> kewel!
[23:37:13] <Bytram> I thin wre should go with your original thought and spell it out in full.
[23:39:26] <Bytram> are you still editing the story?
[23:40:08] <NCommander> Bytram, I'm good for now.
[23:40:24] <Bytram> Imay have loaded it while you were in it, I'll grab a fresh copy.
[23:41:59] <Bytram> charon_: if you are interested, I think I found another 'display anomaly'...
[23:42:09] <charon_> Bytram: in case you're slotting that story, i know there's a gap. i'm going to fill it all up until at least noon UCT
[23:42:18] <Bytram> 1) load this link: https://soylentnews.org
[23:42:34] <Bytram> notice how the first link goes on and on an on
[23:43:05] <Bytram> 2) and in this one, too: https://soylentnews.org
[23:43:42] <Bytram> 3) but, in this link, it looks like the first link got drastically truncated: https://soylentnews.org
[23:43:59] <Bytram> s/k g/k's link text/
[23:43:59] <sedctl> <Bytram> 3) but, in this link, it looks like the first link's link textot drastically truncated: https://soylentnews.org
[23:44:16] <Bytram> s/tot/ got/
[23:46:39] <Bytram> NCommander: question: "SVR UNIX" ?? it's been like forever, but I don't recognize the "SVR" alone... I do recall System V Release 2 and the like.
[23:47:24] <NCommander> Bytram, System V Release
[23:47:45] <Bytram> ok, generic as opposed to a particular release. got it. thanks!
[23:47:47] <NCommander> I don't remember what Xenix is based on, either 1 or 2
[23:47:54] <Bytram> k
[23:48:26] <NCommander> SVR2
[23:49:23] <Bytram> great! I'll add it.
[23:50:03] <charon_> Bytram: interesting...
[23:50:26] <Bytram> NCommander: FYI your novelette contains 2133 words and counting
[23:50:33] <Bytram> charon_: thought you might find it so.
[23:50:40] <NCommander> Bytram, granted, a good chunk of that is a quoted email :)
[23:50:53] <Bytram> is good to quote your sources, no?
[23:51:36] <Bytram> charon_: an idea... where else can one post comments? Offhand I can only think of polls... might be interesting to see if you see any issues in comments to poll questions.
[23:52:21] <charon_> the common feature seems to be showing a comment directly, as opposed to being part of another page
[23:57:23] <charon_> i wonder if it's related to the bug where if you drop in an URL with a cid but no sid you get a blank page?
[23:57:25] <Bytram> charon_: VERY interesting... can you also reproduce this with "normal" story comments?
[23:57:48] <charon_> i was just trying to do so, and that's what i got^ blank page
[23:58:05] <charon_> but maybe that's not a bug?
[23:58:20] <Bytram> don't think those are related... that's more of a borken as designed... one would have to hand-craft a link with a cid and without an sid.
[23:58:27] <Bytram> IOW GIGO
[23:58:32] <charon_> yar
[23:58:43] <Bytram> now, if *we* create such a link, then that IS a problem
[23:58:59] <NCommander> Bytram, what do you think of the article overall?
[23:59:48] <Bytram> still only getting started... but I was around back then, and love reading about the history at the time... justmaking sure to patch the minor things I notice now, or I will not see them the next time around.
[23:59:56] <Bytram> iow, riveting