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[00:10:45] <takyon> gone sexual
[01:48:47] <takyon> charon_
[01:49:51] <takyon> https://www.youtube.com
[01:49:53] <exec> └─ 13Is PewDiePie a Racist? - YouTube
[02:05:28] <charon_> i know nothing about that youtube subculture. i am going to pass on editing that story. just wanted to see what the fuss is about
[02:05:43] <charon_> is the person in that video you linked pewdiepie?
[02:06:42] <charon_> he looks like he's trying way too hard to appear contrite but failing nonetheless
[02:06:46] <cmn32480> there are people who, apparently, make a living off the ad revenue from youtube.
[02:06:54] <cmn32480> my kids love a couple of them
[02:07:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> never apologize. that's his first mistake.
[02:07:12] <cmn32480> DanTDM, who is some british guy w/ blue hair that plays video games on youtube
[02:07:18] <charon_> my son has mentioned pewdiepie before, but i can't bring myself to care about attention whores
[02:08:32] <takyon> video I linked was someone convincingly defending pewdiepie
[02:08:51] <takyon> WSJ apparently did a hit job on pewdiepie and took stuff out of context
[02:08:53] <dyingtolive> my girlfriend is really really into his videos. if i wanted to hear people squealing effeminately at video games, i'd unmute game chat.
[02:09:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> i only know who he is cause he was on southpark once
[02:09:21] <takyon> if the story gets posted i'll post the link in the comments
[02:09:36] <dyingtolive> all the while, i realize that the only thing that offends me is people getting offended over stupid bullshit.
[02:09:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> dyingtolive++
[02:09:48] <Bender> karma - dyingtolive: 1
[02:11:28] <charon_> i more or less concur. but i also think saying something reprehensible and when called on it saying, "can't you take a joke" is vile behavior
[02:11:35] <dyingtolive> i don't worry for him though. from what i understand of the milo situation, it'll only make him more popular.
[02:12:52] <charon_> prolly right on that one
[02:13:16] <takyon> guess i'll fire up the subscription tracker and see if pewd is losing or gaining
[02:14:09] <takyon> http://socialblade.com
[02:14:11] <exec> └─ 13Pewdiepie's Real-Time Subscriber Count - Social Blade YouTube Stats | YouTube Statistics
[02:14:48] <charon_> leaving work, catch y'all later
[02:15:06] -!- charon_ has quit [Quit: caffeine]
[02:15:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> i agree with charon. if you're gonna say mean shit, stand by it. you back down and they will never quit until your entrails decorate the walls.
[02:16:31] <dyingtolive> from watching the tracker, i feel like someone didn't get the news that they fixed the unsubscribe bug.
[02:17:15] <dyingtolive> i mean, i know that is probably just some oneoffs from the fact that this is 53 million people, but still.
[02:17:18] * TheMightyBuzzard doesn't care enough to watch
[02:17:34] * cmn32480 goes to eat a cherry tart
[02:17:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> aren't you a little old for those?
[02:17:55] <dyingtolive> man, i'm morbidly fascinated. 53-fucking-million eye balls from squaling at video games.
[02:18:02] <dyingtolive> squealing.
[02:18:09] * TheMightyBuzzard shurgs
[02:18:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> some people thought rosanne barr was funny
[02:18:29] <dyingtolive> fair point.
[02:19:01] <cmn32480> DanTDM is pretty funny...
[02:19:10] <cmn32480> but I don't get the fascination either
[02:19:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> now milo, milo's funny. and he knows all the rules of fame.
[02:19:27] <cmn32480> TheMightyBuzzard - J made them for me for Valentines day.
[02:19:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~define cherry tart
[02:19:41] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03cherry tart: The girl inserts around 20 cherries in her pussy, or as many as will fit in easily. It is essential to count how many go in. The man takes a wooden spoon with a long handle and uses the handle to mix...
[02:19:54] <dyingtolive> i hope he didn't apologize though. i totes agree with the "never apologize" thing. that's when they've got you.
[02:20:04] <cmn32480> oh ddear
[02:20:13] <cmn32480> I meant the pasrty
[02:20:20] <cmn32480> kinda like a small cherry pie
[02:20:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh, well that's fine then
[02:20:24] <cmn32480> ~define cherry pie
[02:20:25] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03cherry pie: a virgin's pussy
[02:20:30] <cmn32480> DAMNIT
[02:21:09] * TheMightyBuzzard chuckles
[02:21:13] <cmn32480> yummy
[02:21:17] <cmn32480> either way
[02:21:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> i think you'd get arrested if you tried that nowadays
[02:21:54] <cmn32480> prolly
[02:22:02] <cmn32480> too old for that shit
[02:22:14] <cmn32480> besides... who wants to teach...
[02:23:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar. plus they're dumber than fuck. you can't have anything remotely like a conversation with them.
[02:23:56] <chromas> Aren't elders supposed to teach the youngin'[1]s the ways?
[02:23:59] <cmn32480> generally
[02:24:55] <cmn32480> but i don't wanna need a whiteboard when all i wanna do is bump uglies, ya know?
[02:25:21] <chromas> teach by example
[02:25:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> yeah, send her over to watch your mom
[02:26:18] <chromas> long as there's hands-on experience
[02:26:31] <cmn32480> you've never seen my mom....
[02:26:36] <cmn32480> it'd turn your beard white
[02:26:51] <cmn32480> you'ld be Gandalf
[02:26:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> takin care of that pretty well myself
[02:28:53] <chromas> ooh, Gandalf-on-Gandalf
[02:33:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> https://getyarn.io
[02:33:25] <exec> └─ 13Yarn | Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf. ~ Deadpool (2016) | Find clips by quote at GetYarn.io | 紗
[02:33:45] <Bytram> hmmm, are the linux grey beards becoming so old that they should now be referred to as white beards?
[02:36:24] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:36:26] * exec problematically liberates a fat16 volume of fries from cmn32480
[02:36:41] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:36:43] * exec implicitly violates a pocketful of nasty, rotten burrito with bytram
[02:37:15] <Bytram> you lose fries and I get a bad burrito
[02:37:18] <Bytram> tie?
[02:37:58] <cmn32480> sold
[02:38:01] <cmn32480> ngiht
[02:39:10] <Bytram> night!
[02:47:45] <takyon> lol'd at all the cherry confections
[02:58:40] <Fnord666> howdy charon
[02:58:49] <Fnord666> howdy Bytram
[02:59:09] <charon> hiyo Fnord666
[02:59:18] <Bytram> hiya!
[02:59:18] <Fnord666> Bytram - i see you've been taking advantage of the fickle fates smiling down upon you
[02:59:20] <charon> hiyo Bytram
[03:01:54] <Fnord666> looks like I missed an interesting conversation
[03:01:55] <Bytram> Fnord666: yep, building up strength for a future showdown
[03:02:02] <Bytram> hiyo
[03:02:14] * Bytram is pretty well knackered atm
[03:02:51] <Fnord666> :)
[03:03:13] <charon> ~define knackered
[03:03:14] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03Knackered: 1. Exhausted 2. Sexually spent 3. Reprimanded 4. Broken / malfunctional
[03:03:39] <Bytram> btw, fwiw, the nam of the newspaper is "The New York Times" -- the word "The" is part of the name of the publication
[03:03:43] <charon> darn, i hoped there was some obscure sexual definition
[03:03:55] <Bytram> nope
[03:05:54] <Bytram> definition I'd heard (when I was in England) was to describe a state of being as analogous to a horse that was so exhausted that getting any kind of useful work from it was impossible and that its only remaining value was to bring it to the glue factory.
[03:06:51] <Fnord666> So it's the soylent green factory for Bytram?
[03:07:07] <Bytram> well... I *am* hungry
[03:07:10] <Bytram> ;)
[03:07:21] <charon> i think it goes the other way around
[03:07:51] * Bytram dons his cloak of invisibility
[03:08:17] <Fnord666> You must attend carousel and be reborn.
[03:08:51] <charon> stop running, logan. you'll never get away
[03:08:57] <Bytram> carouse + arousal == carousal?
[03:09:18] <Fnord666> But I'll get my 3 years back, right?
[03:09:40] <Fnord666> Bytram - yes that's it
[03:09:50] <Bytram> nope, you would have no place to put 'em
[03:09:53] <charon> hahah, i haven't seen that movie in so long. but i recall even at 10 or so that is was lame
[03:10:23] <Fnord666> But it's a classic kind of lame
[03:10:38] <charon> the one i always meant to see but haven't is Zardoz
[03:10:46] <Fnord666> oh lordy
[03:10:52] <Bytram> musta been lame -- I recall the title, but that's about all. Much more memorable was "Silent Running" (I think that was the title) which starred one human and three droids, named Hewey, Dewey, and Louie
[03:11:20] <Fnord666> Hey Silent Running wasn't that bad.
[03:11:27] <charon> oh yeah, silent running was much less lame. and the bots were cute
[03:11:29] <Bytram> I didn't say it was
[03:11:40] <Bytram> I didn't say it was lame - I liked it myself
[03:11:58] <charon> Bruce Dern
[03:12:26] <charon> i prolly saw that around the same time in my life. wasted summer days watching the noon movie
[03:12:48] <Bytram> interesting premise, very well staged, thoughful filmography and supportive music
[03:13:04] <charon> and not much dialogue
[03:13:09] * Bytram played countless games of Monopoly(tm)
[03:13:18] <Bytram> true that
[03:13:23] <Bytram> break time; biab
[03:13:53] <charon> so, fnord is the only one brave enough to face the pewdiepie sub
[03:14:05] <Bytram> on second thought, I'm going to call it an early evening and hit the hay...
[03:14:12] <Fnord666> sorry, new Ghost in the Shell trailer
[03:14:20] <charon> good night Bytram, sleep well
[03:14:21] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[03:14:22] <Bytram> well, relatively early, that is
[03:14:24] * exec diabolically derives a pitcher of Subsentient's salty neckbeard from Bytram
[03:14:29] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[03:14:31] * exec provocatively postulates a buttload of nerd-celebrity nudes towards charon
[03:14:32] <Bytram> ~gnight Fnord666
[03:14:35] * exec half-heartedly flicks a plate of smoked salmon at Fnord666
[03:14:49] <Fnord666> smoked salmon!
[03:14:54] <charon> hmmm... nerd celebrity nudes
[03:15:06] <Fnord666> naked bill gates
[03:15:27] <charon> on second thought, i'll take the salmon
[03:15:36] <Fnord666> lol
[03:15:42] <Fnord666> Imagine that. A Youtuber said something scandalous. I'm shocked, shocked I say.
[03:15:48] <charon> right?
[03:16:15] <Fnord666> to discover there's gambling going on here.
[03:16:38] <charon> poor rick. he's an honest man in a dishonest world
[03:16:38] * Fnord666 hands the lieutenant his winnings
[03:17:18] <Fnord666> you don't want first dibs at the pewdiepie sub?
[03:17:36] <charon> god no. if you have scrollback, i already declined a while ago
[03:17:54] <Fnord666> I can't decide if it's worth running it.
[03:17:59] <charon> i believe the phrase "attention whore" was used
[03:18:10] <Fnord666> biab. looking at the scrollback
[03:19:34] <Fnord666> got it
[03:20:17] <Fnord666> The youtube subculture is really unbelievable in that they can pull in the money they do.
[03:20:47] <Fnord666> IIRC he made like $16M last year
[03:20:57] <charon> true. it's weird the amount of money there is for that, or Patreon, or kickstarters
[03:21:57] <charon> there's a webcomic i occasionally read that has a patreon which pledges around 4k per month. and the guy puts out a comic maybe 1/month if that
[03:22:10] <Fnord666> yep.
[03:22:51] <charon> granted he has art skill that i could never dream of, but it seems pretty scanty return on donation
[03:23:20] <Fnord666> generally I like the patron model in that it allows artists to make a living or at least supplement their income in a way that they couldn't have before.
[03:24:01] <Fnord666> I guess he makes it up on volume?
[03:24:10] <charon> ... yes
[03:24:13] <charon> lol
[03:24:52] <charon> i like the model too. just need to find an audience and make them think you're worth it
[03:24:53] <Fnord666> Still it's not like anyone is forcing people to give him money.
[03:25:50] <Fnord666> It's definitely a whole new world with a much broader horizon in many fields.
[03:26:12] <charon> yeah. all of streamer culture is foreign to me though
[03:26:22] <charon> this is the way i show i am old
[03:26:24] <Fnord666> I read as much kindle published science fiction from authors that are very good but probably would never had made it in the mainstream.
[03:27:13] <Fnord666> IT's kinda funny. My daughter watches and I sometimes follow a twitch channel called Critical Role.
[03:27:40] <Fnord666> Where they live stream a bunch of people playing Dungeons and Dragons
[03:28:13] <charon> that could be amusing, assuming they aren't rules lawyers
[03:28:48] <Fnord666> Not at all. The yare running 5th edition to do the story Now this is interesting because the people involved are all voice actors.
[03:29:09] <charon> hah, so they really roleplay?
[03:29:35] <Fnord666> big time. They take off their civilian persona and put on their characters.
[03:30:49] <Fnord666> Matt Mercer is the DM. He voices McCready in Fallout4 and McCree? in Overwatch
[03:31:35] <Fnord666> They have been playing together for 7 years and straming for 3 or so.
[03:31:37] <Fnord666> streaming
[03:31:55] <Fnord666> The world was built by Matt and is highly developed.
[03:32:03] <charon> so a good tight knit group. that does sound pretty neat
[03:32:21] <Fnord666> They even had Vin Diesel in playing with them at one point.
[03:32:33] <Fnord666> Did you know he was a big DnD fan?
[03:32:37] <charon> i did
[03:32:55] <Fnord666> Matt built a WitchHunter class for him after the movie came out.
[03:32:56] <charon> i hear he was a super nerd in school, and still is even though he doesn't look it
[03:33:54] <Fnord666> So anyway it's fun to watch from time to time.
[03:34:12] <charon> hah, patrick rothfuss does a guest appearance
[03:34:23] <charon> and wil wheaton
[03:34:45] <Fnord666> Recently they took the show on the road and did the live stream from a theater nearby. My daughter and about 6 of her friends, who I introduced to DnD, went to see it.
[03:35:16] <Fnord666> I ran a campaign for the kids for about 6 months, then my daugther took over as DM.
[03:35:31] <charon> that's really cool
[03:35:43] <Fnord666> I guess not "kids" since they are 20ish.
[03:36:18] <Fnord666> They wanted to play so I set up a small campaign. They were hooked from there.
[03:36:39] <Fnord666> You know about Wil Wheaton's curse, right?
[03:36:53] <charon> no
[03:37:03] <Fnord666> oh dear.
[03:37:07] <charon> uh oh
[03:37:28] <Fnord666> https://www.youtube.com
[03:37:30] <exec> └─ 13Critical Role: Wil Wheaton´s Dice-Curse SUPERCUT - YouTube
[03:37:43] <charon> 37 minutes???
[03:37:58] <Fnord666> It's a supercut.
[03:38:10] <charon> i've always thought about finding a real life DnD group, but i am very hard of hearing, and conversation is difficult for me.
[03:38:30] <Fnord666> His dice are cursed. He rolls more 1's than anyone.
[03:38:40] <charon> i feel like i'd be missing a lot of byplay in a group of people
[03:39:00] <Fnord666> even worse, dice he touches become cursed and they will continue to roll horribly from that day forward.
[03:39:14] <charon> lol, even other people's dice, eh?
[03:39:16] <Fnord666> http://criticalrole.wikia.com
[03:39:18] <exec> └─ 13Wil Wheaton | Critical Role Wikia | Fandom powered by Wikia
[03:39:30] <Fnord666> Yes. No one will let him within 10 feet of their dice bag.
[03:40:20] <Fnord666> He could roll a d20 100 times and get <10 rolls in the double digits.
[03:40:53] <charon> there's got to be a way to turn that to his advantage...
[03:41:23] <Fnord666> Yeah, especially with 5th edition it's all about story. You would have to find a DM that would work with you.
[03:41:59] <Fnord666> I have played a character that was deaf though and that can be fun so you could use that too.
[03:42:02] <charon> is one still a critical failure that the DM can make entertaining?
[03:42:10] <Fnord666> oh yes.
[03:42:56] <Fnord666> In their first encounter my daughter rolled three 1's during the fight. She managed to destroy all of her weaponry and injure herself in the process.
[03:43:03] <charon> ouch
[03:43:07] <charon> TPK!
[03:43:37] <Fnord666> Nah, but it set the tone for that character for sessions to come.
[03:45:21] <Fnord666> 5th edition is the anti Pathfinder
[03:45:46] <Fnord666> PAthfinder is a spinoff of DnD 4th edition with even more tables, math and rules lawyers.
[03:45:52] <charon> i only have a vague understanding of how different versions are different
[03:46:10] <Fnord666> 5th edition went the other way, simplifying a lot of it so the story took precedent.
[03:46:20] <charon> could do without rules lawyers. and min/maxers
[03:46:41] <Fnord666> The DM has a lot more discretion with things in order to tell the story.
[03:46:47] -!- Azrael_ [Azrael_!~Az@yddw307-94-473-809.range852-99.btcentralplus.com] has joined #editorial
[03:46:58] <charon> that's cool, but it means the DM has to be good
[03:47:09] <Fnord666> It does.
[03:47:35] <Fnord666> But why DM if you don't have a story to tell?
[03:47:40] <charon> point
[03:48:21] <charon> you ever see DM of the Rings? a webcomic that uses sills from the LotR movies as a d&d campaign
[03:48:24] <Fnord666> It's a process. MAtt Mercer also does some aside videos where he talks about the DM process and how to DM
[03:48:35] <charon> it is deliriously funny
[03:48:37] <Fnord666> No, I hadn't heard of it
[03:48:43] -!- Azrael has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[03:48:43] <Fnord666> until now.
[03:49:19] <Fnord666> note added to check it out.
[03:49:49] <charon> definitely do. it may be the funniest web comic i've ever read
[03:50:00] <Fnord666> hah
[03:50:48] <Fnord666> Do they have a Patreon account? :)
[03:51:06] <charon> it's actually long over. he came to the end of the movies
[03:51:19] <Fnord666> well that's a bit of an issue
[03:51:38] <charon> but it was self contained. he did what he meant to do
[03:51:48] <Fnord666> sure. I'll check it out
[03:51:57] <Fnord666> it sounds good
[03:52:27] <Fnord666> I would certainly rather read and encourage something like that then watch another "Special Victims Unit" spinoff.
[03:52:43] <charon> exactly
[03:52:56] <Fnord666> I don' think the kids know what channels the TV has even.
[03:53:16] <charon> same here. my kids have only used the TV for dvds and netflix
[03:53:54] <Fnord666> Some day I'll explain to them what "Over The Air" TV meands... :)
[03:54:05] <Fnord666> s/meands/means/
[03:54:05] <sedctl> <Fnord666> Some day I'll explain to them what "Over The Air" TV means... :)
[03:54:08] <exec> <Fnord666> Some day I'll explain to them what "Over The Air" TV means... :)
[03:54:22] <charon> lol, just got to a bit in the video where the DM is describing the consequences of one of Wil's rolls
[03:54:25] <Fnord666> better late than never eh exec?
[03:55:09] <charon> some omnster bites him in the crotch causing to drop his axe behind him
[03:55:34] <Fnord666> It's apparently a thing that cannot be explained by normal probability
[03:55:43] <Fnord666> Wil Wheaton's curse that is.
[04:02:03] <charon> poor bastard
[04:09:40] <Fnord666> yup
[04:37:46] <charon> whee wrong channel
[04:37:48] <charon> ok, gonna dump a few stories into the queue and then play FO3 for a while before bed
[04:37:55] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:37:56] * exec sexually offers a thingy of hot sauce to Fnord666
[04:39:17] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon
[04:39:19] * exec whole-heartedly cyberbullies an armpit of red beans & cabbage at charon
[04:39:53] <Fnord666> PSA hot source and mucous membranes do not mix.
[04:40:00] <Fnord666> s/source/sauce/
[04:40:00] <sedctl> <Fnord666> PSA hot sauce and mucous membranes do not mix.
[04:40:03] <exec> <Fnord666> PSA hot sauce and mucous membranes do not mix.
[04:40:15] <charon> i've heard that
[04:40:22] <Fnord666> enjoy the fallout
[04:40:23] <charon> don't want to find out first-hand
[04:40:50] <Fnord666> you know how you can tell the chemists in the bathroom? They wash their hands first!
[04:41:00] <charon> hah
[04:41:28] <Fnord666> I think I'm out too. Talk to you later.
[04:41:34] <charon> take care
[04:41:37] <Fnord666> sleep well charon
[04:41:44] <charon> and you too fnord
[04:41:48] <Fnord666> thx.
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[18:30:13] <dyingtolive> janrinok: i'm around and should have some time if you are.
[18:31:56] <cmn32480> paging janrinok to #editorial...
[18:32:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> he was just around like 5m ago
[18:33:24] <dyingtolive> turns out i am janrinok and don't know it. that's why we're never in the same room together at the same time.
[18:33:35] <dyingtolive> it'd explain the insomnia.
[18:33:37] <cmn32480> like Clark Kent and Batman?
[18:33:56] <dyingtolive> was thinking fight club, but yeah, that works too.
[18:34:10] <dyingtolive> damnit. i just saw what you did there.
[18:34:18] <janrinok> hi - I'm here!
[18:34:46] <janrinok> I was just working on dev - trying to break it before release
[18:35:05] <cmn32480> on each of 7 other computers
[18:36:18] <janrinok> dyingtolive, thanks for volunteering to help out on the book nexus. We have to get you up to speed ( although there is no rush ) with the editing system, because all the nexuses end up going through exactly the same processing and finish up on the front page
[18:37:42] <dyingtolive> makes sense. charon helped me out with some of that over the weekend.
[18:38:12] <janrinok> the system is quite archaic but does the job, and improving it can only be done when the devs have nothing more pressing to work on
[18:38:32] <cmn32480> like most of the last 12 months...
[18:39:00] <janrinok> to do the training we have to work on a parallel system (dev) but that is currently being thrashed prior to the new release of software due this coming weekend, so we cannot
[18:39:10] <janrinok> do much on there without getting in the way
[18:39:49] <janrinok> did TMB give you access perms on the dev system?
[18:40:22] <dyingtolive> yeah, i'm not sure what level of perms he gave me, but i have an admin bar and can modify submissions.
[18:41:39] <janrinok> that's all you need. But, as I say, the next few days are probably not a good time to go wandering round and they are still bug tracking/fixing and inserting updates when necessary. It means that the system does NOT behave like the one you currently see when you log on to the site
[18:42:14] <cmn32480> dyingtolive shoudl be seclev 100
[18:42:38] <cmn32480> according to the scrollback I read a few days ago
[18:42:49] <janrinok> you might be editing a story and not get the results you expect and we wouldn't know whether it was operator error or software misbehaving
[18:43:25] <janrinok> that's all I have and I have no problems doing my job - well, I might be crap at it but I cannot blame the software for that
[18:43:30] <dyingtolive> okay. i understand that. do we know when it'll mellow out?
[18:44:24] -!- charon_ [charon_!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[18:44:24] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon_] by Hephaestus
[18:44:36] <janrinok> this weekend is the planned release and we should be able to start playing on it next monday onwards. There may still be some issues that the users find but we can at least start the process. Can you tell me what charon showed you?
[18:44:47] <charon_> ~gday editorial
[18:44:49] * exec literally $action an XFS volume of cubic splines $preposition editorial
[18:44:55] <cmn32480> speak of the devil...
[18:44:55] <janrinok> speak of the devil....
[18:45:00] <janrinok> ninja'd
[18:45:00] <cmn32480> ninja'd!
[18:45:03] <janrinok> lol
[18:45:05] <cmn32480> double ninja'd!
[18:45:06] <charon_> i am here for your souls
[18:45:11] <dyingtolive> janrinok: we went through https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[18:45:13] <exec> └─ 13Editing Process - SoylentNews
[18:45:25] <janrinok> didn't you fall asleep dyingtolive ?
[18:45:56] <charon_> i had to kick him a few times
[18:45:57] <dyingtolive> i'm used to reading through dry procedural material. i'm a corp-drone. :(
[18:46:34] <janrinok> yes but, that was written as an aid to insomnia and no-one - I mean NO-ONE - is meant to read it in one go and stay awake
[18:47:19] <dyingtolive> he also went through particular parts of the all the various options and things to watch out for when actually promoting a story. the time to release the story in particular.
[18:47:35] <dyingtolive> i happen to be an insomniac. didn't help unfortunately. :(
[18:47:40] <janrinok> speaking to takyon the other day, he was suggesting that the workload should be very light on the books nexus when compared with all the other stories
[18:48:01] <dyingtolive> yeah, i was kinda expecting that, especially in the beginning.
[18:48:37] <cmn32480> slacker
[18:48:43] <cmn32480> slacker
[18:48:55] <janrinok> well, we don't want it to get too big because every story released has to be timed to go out on the same front page and we don't want the main thrust of the site changing significantly.
[18:49:11] <cmn32480> the books nexus prolly SHOULDN"T go out on the front page
[18:49:45] <janrinok> everything goes out on the front page - you can filter things out at present
[18:50:38] <charon_> let me make sure if i get this straight: by default the main page gets everything in every nexus. but you can turn off any nexus and not see it anymore on the front page?
[18:50:41] <janrinok> they will have to show up on the stories list so that we can deconflict timings
[18:51:22] <janrinok> charon, that's the idea, but as we haven't really got nexuses at the moment it doesn't behave like that
[18:51:46] * janrinok is wondering if he has missed an update ...
[18:52:01] <charon_> uh... not exactly
[18:52:30] <cmn32480> oh
[18:52:30] <cmn32480> derp
[18:52:46] <cmn32480> <----needs to read for comprehension again....
[18:52:56] <janrinok> and we all have to be able to access stories from any nexus in case we are the only one available when errors need fixing or - worst case - a DMCA insists we withdraw a story
[18:53:36] <charon_> welcome to the sausage grinder, dyingtolive
[18:53:56] <janrinok> dyingtolive, as you can see, there are procedural things that we have yet to resolve to make this work, which is why you cannot simply work in isolation
[18:54:39] <dyingtolive> sure. i'm off on monday, so i should be able to play with it for a while then.
[18:55:11] <janrinok> even the threat of litigation could shut the site down, so if someone begins to complain about a book review then we might have to take action first rather than fight it out in court
[18:56:00] <dyingtolive> yeah. i could see issues coming up with quoting material.
[18:56:01] <janrinok> comments are a different matter - as long as they are legal we take no responsibility for them
[18:57:01] <janrinok> I would guess that most authors would be happy to have some publicity but if a book gets a critical review they might just be a bit peeved about it and start making threats
[18:57:20] <dyingtolive> i think we've seen that happen before with the dmca elsewhere.
[18:58:05] <janrinok> yep - it isn't common but it falls to us on occasion to take the first action before the grown-ups sort the problem out
[18:58:56] <charon_> it would astound me if we could write a review more savagely critical than some i've seen in newspapers or magazines
[18:59:04] <janrinok> ... if you thought this job was just editing - you have been dragged here under false pretences, just like the rest of us ;)
[18:59:33] <janrinok> charon, true, but most newspapers can afford a legal team, we cannot.
[18:59:38] <dyingtolive> well, the nyt et al have the resources to defend themselves from stuff like that. we're the little guy, so they might think they can step on us.
[18:59:38] <charon_> point
[19:00:12] <dyingtolive> so, what are you saying specifically to watch for, beyond editing. too harsh of a review?
[19:00:42] <charon_> "i'm out of order?? you're out of order! all of you!!" *pushes a pile of books onto the floor*
[19:00:55] <janrinok> no, be as truthful as you wish. But, if somebody demands that we withdraw a review we might just have to pull it rather than stand our ground
[19:01:38] <janrinok> of course, we can then write a story about a publishing house / author that wants to throw its weight around etc
[19:02:18] <janrinok> It is an unlikely scenario, but one that we cannot just ignore
[19:02:43] <dyingtolive> well, that'll suck, but it is what it is. better to save the site than tilt at windmills.
[19:03:18] <dyingtolive> might not be all bad. scream to the eff and the newspapers about it. might get us some eyeballs.
[19:03:44] <janrinok> that is why it is much easier to publish stories from a quoted source - we are merely repeating what the source said. Original material, such as reviews, are our own responsibility
[19:04:56] <janrinok> so when (if!) you read the editing process again, you will find bits that might make more sense now rather than just being a mechanical task to move a sub to the story queue to the front page.
[19:06:58] <janrinok> how many books on average do you get through personally in a month?
[19:07:50] <charon_> 2-4 depending on grippiness
[19:08:33] <janrinok> dyingtolive, ^^?
[19:08:47] <dyingtolive> for me it depends on the books. i don't read that much anymore, which is something i'm trying to change.
[19:09:00] <dyingtolive> i used to read probably about 2-4, depending on length.
[19:09:06] <janrinok> how many people do we estimate / guess will be submitting reviews regularly?
[19:10:00] * janrinok adds 'grippiness' to his US dictionary
[19:11:41] <dyingtolive> i was hoping for more reviews from the general public once this got going.
[19:11:50] <dyingtolive> i will be submitting things though.
[19:13:22] <janrinok> well, we will have to play it by ear. We currently aim for 16 stories a day (approx 1 every 90 minutes or so) The books can be in addition to those as long as we decide a reasonable limit of, say, 1 review per day maximum, although I expect it will be much less than that
[19:16:35] <janrinok> I'll have to start putting something in the wiki to explain how it will all fit together, but you will have to produce your own bit on how you manage the reviews etc. As the community cannot put a nexus the reviews will all appear in the same submission list
[19:17:09] <janrinok> i.e. submissions are received with a topic but not a nexus
[19:19:03] <janrinok> dyingtolive, any questions for me at the moment, bearing in mind I'm making this up as I go along?
[19:19:50] <dyingtolive> i don't honestly know what to ask until we get started.
[19:20:20] <janrinok> oh good, 'cos I haven't got a clue what to say in reply yet, either :)
[19:21:11] <dyingtolive> well, then, sounds like the default plan: make it up as you go along and try to convince everyone else whatever happens was on purpose. :)
[19:21:38] <janrinok> well, we being doing that for 3 years now and we've gotten away with it most of the time
[19:21:50] <dyingtolive> convincing enough for me.
[19:23:19] <cmn32480> whadaya mena make it up as we go? we have a plan, and so far it has worked just fine
[19:23:29] <charon_> the other part of books as i envisioned it was a book club part. once a month the communit chooses a book to read, and then discuss. so probably 2 stories of that per month
[19:23:47] <janrinok> it is advantageous if you can be on IRC whenever you are editing - it is a quick way of resolving conflicts (timings / breaking news / whatever) between editors
[19:24:13] <dyingtolive> i normally idle around here and probably won't be doing much of that during working hours, so that's probably easy enough to manage.
[19:25:23] <janrinok> it is not _essential_ but it saves you getting pissed off when the story you have scheduled for whenever gets moved or the release status gets changed - there is always a good reason but it isn't always obvious what is happening
[19:26:12] <cmn32480> obvious reason - something more important came up
[19:26:16] <cmn32480> breaking news.
[19:26:34] <cmn32480> or we have 4 stories on the same general topic (i.e. space) in a rew
[19:26:38] <cmn32480> s/rew/row
[19:26:38] * sedctl offers cmn32480 a /
[19:26:42] <cmn32480> s/rew/row/
[19:26:42] <sedctl> <cmn32480> or we have 4 stories on the same general topic (i.e. space) in a row
[19:26:44] <exec> <cmn32480> or we have 4 stories on the same general topic (i.e. space) in a row
[19:26:51] <charon_> there's never too much space news
[19:26:55] <janrinok> ... or somebody has noticed a problem with your fine story which precludes it going out at all - we all been there...
[19:27:13] * cmn32480 mumbles about an Alzheimers Cock....
[19:27:27] <janrinok> you leave my poultry out of this
[19:27:41] <cmn32480> yer just chicken!
[19:27:53] <dyingtolive> well, we wouldn't want that. we'd have 50 comments pointing it out and getting bent out of shape over it within minutes.
[19:27:54] <charon_> a question, while we're close to this topic
[19:27:57] <janrinok> ate it for dinner with pasta, thank you
[19:28:14] <cmn32480> the chair recognizes charon_
[19:28:17] <janrinok> dyingtolive, that goes with the turf
[19:28:38] <janrinok> the table doesn't recognise anyone, but it has been drinking
[19:28:45] <charon_> are the nexus stories going to be published in regular timing with main page stories?
[19:28:54] <dyingtolive> i know. i take it lightheartedly. it's easy to point out others' mistakes.
[19:28:58] <janrinok> ah, he's catching on ...
[19:29:04] <charon_> so if someone has a nexus turned off, there is a gap for him/her?
[19:29:13] <janrinok> yep exactly that
[19:29:15] <cmn32480> ^^^^^^^^^^^^ and therin lies the problem
[19:30:03] <janrinok> which is why we will have to have rules for how books and politics are released. I am thinking that they go mid story for the time being but I am open to suggestions
[19:30:26] <charon_> i'm more worried about politics
[19:30:32] <cmn32480> ^^^^
[19:30:37] <charon_> that could eat up a day
[19:30:58] <cmn32480> the politics nexus has the potential to greatly overwhelm the rest of the site very easily
[19:31:02] <janrinok> one story per day maximum and it musn't be simply one side versus the other - there has to be a news item included
[19:32:16] <janrinok> so, somebody who sees everything will be getting 18 stories a day maximum at the current rate while those who are selective will only see the current 16
[19:32:44] <cmn32480> this needs to be laid out someplace....
[19:32:50] <cmn32480> [other than the IRC logs
[19:32:54] <charon_> if only we had a wiki
[19:33:24] * cmn32480 wonders if SirFinkus can turn this rapid pile of typos above into a coherent article for the wiki
[19:33:33] <janrinok> the problem will be what we discussed a few weeks back. Many stories have a political slant. If they can be included in anothe topic, such as careers or science, then that is what they go out under
[19:34:05] <janrinok> politics is just for politics that has no other relevance to this site
[19:34:14] <cmn32480> I agree
[19:34:24] <janrinok> and it is not just US politics....
[19:34:42] <cmn32480> but having a coherent opolicy that we can point those who will complain (OO_) to is imperitive, or it looks liek we are just being dicks
[19:35:08] <janrinok> that is why I was talking about changing the Wiki a short while ago ^^^
[19:35:24] <charon_> but... we are being dicks
[19:35:24] * cmn32480 is too good to read scroll back...
[19:36:02] <cmn32480> disagree
[19:36:15] <cmn32480> we are keeping ourselves from being overwhelmed
[19:36:35] <cmn32480> which the addition of nexus' could easily do
[19:36:43] <janrinok> if somebody wants to start a website for discussing politics they are free to do so
[19:36:59] <charon_> there are enough of those already in every flavor
[19:37:18] <janrinok> well, we don't need to do much of it here then
[19:37:34] <charon_> exactly. i fully concur with 1/day limit
[19:38:00] <cmn32480> absolutely
[19:38:34] <cmn32480> what we need to be careful of is that some will take this as a license to submit 947 political stories per day
[19:39:04] <janrinok> My reason for suggesting that books and politics go out mid-story is that, if we don't, I can see various teams trying to grab the best timing slots for their own particular favourites
[19:39:28] <janrinok> the software release notes already state that we are NOT looking for more pol stories
[19:39:30] <cmn32480> agreed
[19:39:41] <cmn32480> it'll happen anyway
[19:39:54] <cmn32480> people will push stuff at 8:50 instead of 8:00
[19:39:55] <janrinok> we can still delete them as we already do :)
[19:40:04] <cmn32480> you are banished to 1970!
[19:40:23] <janrinok> sorry, that was a typing error made during editing - 148 times
[19:41:17] <janrinok> dyingtolive, just for info, giving a story a release date of 1970 pushes it into the bowels of the database so that we do not get bothered with it every again ... It is frowned upon, but it is quick and simple
[19:41:35] <janrinok> ever again*
[19:41:48] <cmn32480> and most importantly, it works like a champ
[19:41:56] <dyingtolive> isn't it easier just to reject it?
[19:41:58] <cmn32480> but if you screw up a date, that is also where it ends up
[19:43:15] <cmn32480> yes, it woudl be
[19:43:20] <janrinok> policy is that we give an explanation for stories that we reject#
[19:43:24] <cmn32480> but we banish to 1970 in oddball cases
[19:43:30] <janrinok> ^^^
[19:43:39] <cmn32480> you double click the save button adn it gets put up twice
[19:44:58] <cmn32480> bansih 1 to 1970
[19:45:18] <dyingtolive> gotcha.
[19:45:19] <cmn32480> you accidentalyl hit F5 after saving a story.. it gets saved again..
[19:45:30] <cmn32480> and you now have a duplicate
[19:45:41] <cmn32480> you miss a story for a merge...
[19:45:58] <cmn32480> copy pasta to the first one, accept the second and banish to 1970
[19:48:43] <janrinok> nearly time for me to go
[19:49:34] <janrinok> anyone got any questions for me before I go - serious questions, cmn32480, not your usual 'what colour are my socks' sort of question
[19:49:57] <janrinok> and did you shoot and salespeople?
[19:50:01] <janrinok> any*
[19:50:05] <cmn32480> how many toes on the left foot of a motherless lesbian got?
[19:50:12] <cmn32480> I did not...
[19:50:26] <dyingtolive> that second one was almost a ciri question.
[19:50:26] <janrinok> rotten shot or a missed opportunity?
[19:50:39] <cmn32480> missed opportunities
[19:50:45] <cmn32480> but there si still time
[19:50:52] <cmn32480> they are here for another few hours
[19:50:57] <janrinok> you've just given away one of your favourite websites ...
[19:51:22] <janrinok> yeah, sure, you've never heard of motherless etc ...
[19:53:01] <janrinok> how's you youngest lad - fully recovered yet?
[19:53:37] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[19:53:39] * exec seductively duplicates a kilobyte of materia for janrinok
[19:53:46] <cmn32480> I gotta run down the hall for target practice
[19:53:50] <janrinok> lol
[19:53:55] <janrinok> go get 'em
[19:54:00] <cmn32480> LOCK AND LOAD!
[19:55:01] <janrinok> ~gnight charon
[19:55:03] * exec unnecessarily cropdusts a dutch oven of TNT over charon
[19:55:08] <janrinok> ~gnight dyingtolive
[19:55:10] * exec overratedly enriches a vial of dogfart with dyingtolive
[19:55:19] <dyingtolive> talk to you later.
[19:55:27] <janrinok> hope so :)
[19:56:00] <charon_> ~gnight janrinok
[19:56:02] * exec presumably hurls yo mama's asscrack of CW at janrinok
[19:56:29] <janrinok> I don't even understand that one ....
[19:56:45] <charon_> cool whip?
[19:57:00] <janrinok> I'm not sure that helps :)
[19:57:07] <janrinok> gtg
[19:57:09] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:06:51] -!- saxdm has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[20:18:36] <cmn32480> ~define CW
[20:18:38] <exec> CW: unable to find definition
[20:19:40] <chromas> ~define-add CW, continuous wave
[20:19:41] <exec> definition for term "CW" set to "continuous wave"
[21:04:59] -!- charon_ has quit [Quit: quitter]
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