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[01:18:58] <Bytram> hiya
[01:20:25] <Bytram> just pushed out a story on our site's three-year anniversary; scheduled it to go out at 2017-02-17 @ 02:06:00 UTC -- 3 years to the second of our announcement of SN to the world... also merged in mechanicjay's history of the very early days of our site.
[02:00:08] <takyon> vjvgvgjvhjvh
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[03:03:16] <Bytram> https://www.cnet.com
[03:03:18] <exec> └─ 13Donald Trump's phone security questioned by Democrats - CNET
[03:04:06] <Bytram> https://arstechnica.com
[03:04:08] <exec> └─ 13How to not do presidential opsec: Crisis management over dinner in public | Ars Technica
[03:04:14] <charon> Bytram!!
[03:04:21] <Bytram> charon: !!
[03:04:31] <Bytram> how ewe bee?
[03:04:47] <charon> i am well. just had a pleasant quiet evening with my kids
[03:04:52] <charon> and yourself?
[03:07:01] <Bytram> spent some time in AM digging out car from being plowed in, work was closed due to storm, wrote a story on SN'ds history and merged with mechanicJ's, took a nap, and am now about to have dinner
[03:07:25] <Bytram> brb
[03:09:19] <charon> sounds like you were more productive than i
[03:10:51] <Bytram> oh, and poked around a bit at the new commenting code, too.
[03:11:00] <Bytram> yeah, not bad for a day off.
[03:11:06] * Bytram doew not idle too well
[03:11:11] <charon> you had more snow today?
[03:11:13] <Bytram> s/oew/oes/
[03:11:13] <sedctl> <Bytram> does not idle too well
[03:11:15] <exec> <Bytram> does not idle too well
[03:11:29] <Bytram> neither do the bots, it seems =)
[03:11:42] <charon> down here i was expecting more, but it stopped sometime during last night and never started again
[03:12:15] <Bytram> looks like we got your share, then
[03:12:32] * charon does not offer to take it back
[03:13:39] <Bytram> that's okay, more storms will come, we'll just send some of it back your way... np!
[03:13:56] <charon> thanks!
[03:14:45] <Bytram> don't mention it!
[04:10:48] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[04:10:50] * exec accidentally deallocates a ring buffer of confusement from Bytram
[04:11:00] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[04:11:01] * exec covertly pairs promises of includes with charon
[04:11:07] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:11:09] * exec slowly farts a massive fart the last bucket of pain and suffering at cmn32480
[04:11:15] <Bytram> ~gnight #editorial
[04:11:17] * exec homogeneously heaps a tumbleweed of $insert_beverage_here on #editorial
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[13:01:41] <Bytram> story queue was running low; pushed out a few to get us past lunch time Eastern Time
[13:03:31] <cmn32480> thanks bytram
[13:03:42] <Bytram> np, happy to help!
[13:03:45] <cmn32480> still trying to dig out from haveineg to run home for the sick kid yesterday
[13:03:52] <cmn32480> snow up to your windows yet?
[13:04:01] <Bytram> feels good to get my hands back in the editing realm after a bit of a foray into the dev world for a while
[13:04:26] <Bytram> naw, wasn't so much the amount of snow, but the rapidity that it fell -- kept ahead of the plows
[13:04:37] <cmn32480> I hate those storms
[13:04:44] <cmn32480> how much did you end up with?
[13:04:51] <Bytram> am all dug out, just have to scrape car windows (prolly a lot) and then head to work.
[13:05:08] <cmn32480> don't forget to put a chair in your parking space
[13:05:24] <Bytram> with today be valentine's day, our bing closed yesterday, and it being too late to order things on0line, I expect we will be VERY busy today.
[13:05:31] <Bytram> s/bing/being/
[13:05:32] <sedctl> <Bytram> with today be valentine's day, our being closed yesterday, and it being too late to order things on0line, I expect we will be VERY busy today.
[13:05:32] <cmn32480> lol
[13:05:33] <cmn32480> yes
[13:05:36] <exec> <Bytram> with today be valentine's day, our being closed yesterday, and it being too late to order things on0line, I expect we will be VERY busy today.
[13:05:39] <cmn32480> and Happy Tuesday to you too
[13:05:57] <Bytram> exec: s/Bytram/exec/
[13:05:57] <sedctl> <Bytram> <exec> <exec> with today be valentine's day, our being closed yesterday, and it being too late to order things on0line, I expect we will be VERY busy today.
[13:06:00] <exec> <Bytram> <exec> <exec> with today be valentine's day, our being closed yesterday, and it being too late to order things on0line, I expect we will be VERY busy today.
[13:06:04] <Bytram> LOL
[13:06:26] <Bytram> sedctl: : s/Bytram/sedctl/
[13:06:26] * sedctl is a 53-line gawk script, https://github.com
[13:06:29] <exec> └─ 13Page not found · GitHub
[13:06:35] <Bytram> ROFL
[13:06:42] * Bytram is easily amused this am
[13:07:24] <Bytram> there are two stories on Ars Technica that would be interesting to post...
[13:07:27] <Bytram> (1) https://arstechnica.com
[13:07:29] <exec> └─ 13Verizon offers unlimited data and won’t throttle video (unlike T-Mobile) | Ars Technica
[13:07:41] <Bytram> and https://arstechnica.com
[13:07:43] <exec> └─ 13T-Mobile answers Verizon by adding HD video and hotspot to unlimited plan | Ars Technica
[13:07:51] <cmn32480> BOOM!
[13:07:56] <Bytram> actual competition!
[13:08:04] <cmn32480> maybe, just maybe the price wars will begin... adn we can all get reasonable rates
[13:08:20] <Bytram> now if some of that could just bleed over into the world of fiber/cable internet connections
[13:08:27] <cmn32480> lol
[13:08:29] <cmn32480> yeah
[13:09:06] <Bytram> TMo's plan sounds very interesting
[13:09:29] <cmn32480> depending on the price it might suit you pretty weell
[13:09:35] <Bytram> might be worth it for me to switch
[13:09:38] <Bytram> ninja'd
[13:09:51] <cmn32480> certainly doesn't hurt to look inot it
[13:10:27] <Bytram> more data, lower price, only concern is coverage and congestion
[13:10:27] <Bytram> the devil I know vs the one I don't know
[13:10:48] <takyon> valinetines is saaaatttaaaaan
[13:10:56] <cmn32480> I'm not sure where you would look that info up
[13:11:03] <cmn32480> takyon++
[13:11:03] <Bender> karma - takyon: 45
[13:11:10] <cmn32480> Happy Tuesday!
[13:11:33] <takyon> I would use Google's $20/mo MVNO. don't need unlimited
[13:11:41] <Bytram> is mostly good for making a first approach to someone you've been interested in, otherwise, just confirms I'm still single
[13:11:50] <Bytram> here's an intresting story: https://arstechnica.com
[13:11:53] <exec> └─ 13Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you use multiple browsers | Ars Technica
[13:12:08] <takyon> subbing
[13:12:16] <Bytram> takyon++
[13:12:16] <Bender> karma - takyon: 46
[13:13:56] <Bytram> infographic for the article: https://cdn.arstechnica.net
[13:14:40] <Bytram> note: requires Javascript to function
[13:17:04] <takyon> done
[13:17:08] <takyon> did not add PNG
[13:20:45] <Bytram> is fine; just offered it in case you wanted to use it.
[13:21:02] <takyon> i did not look at IRC while submitting
[13:21:06] * Bytram needs to get ready for work -- is gonna be a long day.
[13:21:14] <cmn32480> good luck
[13:21:19] <cmn32480> make some good commission
[13:21:26] <Bytram> takyon++ story submitter par excelant!
[13:21:26] <Bender> karma - takyon: 47
[13:21:39] <takyon> thax
[13:21:40] * Bytram can no spell French, eh?
[13:21:46] <Bytram> =)
[13:21:52] <takyon> u not so good at english too
[13:22:05] <Bytram> Touchy!
[13:22:05] <Bytram> um touche
[13:22:09] <Bytram> um, oh, NVM!
[13:22:11] <Bytram> =)
[13:23:11] <Bytram> hey, only need 4 more new nicks to reach 6500 -- I wonder if we'll make it by our 3-year anniversary on 2/17
[13:23:21] <takyon> we better
[13:23:40] * cmn32480 starts creating shadow puppet accounts
[13:23:55] <takyon> the secret of soylent: they are all the same user!
[13:24:00] <Bytram> and with that, I really gtg and get ready for my day... laters!
[13:24:07] <cmn32480> seeya bytram
[13:24:07] <takyon> bye
[13:24:18] <Bytram> well, after the "Will it Blend" processing stage, i suppose.
[13:24:28] <Bytram> ciao ciao ciao!
[13:25:00] <takyon> well although bytram is out of here
[13:25:01] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[13:25:04] <exec> └─ 13Error
[13:25:10] <takyon> why do errors need to be preserved in submitter's text?
[13:25:21] <takyon> "it simple was postponed"
[13:26:10] <cmn32480> unless that is the original sub, it shoudl have been fixed
[13:26:34] <cmn32480> errors only get preserved in quoted material
[13:26:52] <cmn32480> and even those we will often fix wi [fixed text here]
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[21:44:20] <charon_> hiyo editorial
[21:44:34] <cmn32480> ~fgday charon
[21:44:40] <cmn32480> ~gday charon_
[21:44:42] * exec single-candidly deletes a socket of black holes from charon_
[21:44:56] <charon_> ~gday cmn32480
[21:44:58] * exec inadequately copies a 55 gallon drum of jihads for cmn32480
[21:45:10] <charon_> how's things?
[21:45:59] <cmn32480> up to my eyes and rising... how 'bout you?
[21:47:27] <Fnord666> ~gday charon_
[21:47:29] * exec cromulently nudges a ¼ cup of lube toward charon_
[21:47:33] <Fnord666> ~gday cmn32480
[21:47:35] * exec skeptically irritates a truecrypt volume of shiny object syndrome with cmn32480
[21:47:40] <cmn32480> ~gday Fnord666
[21:47:42] * exec cromulently ships a raid 0 volume of adhesive medical strips with Fnord666
[21:49:09] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - I'm looking at the Flynn resignation story and it's listed in the Breaking News nexus as well as the normal one.
[21:49:17] <Fnord666> Is that something the submitter does?
[21:49:20] <Fnord666> or can do?
[21:49:26] <cmn32480> depends how it was submitted
[21:49:59] <cmn32480> in that instance, yes, I believe that the submitter can set it to breaking news
[21:50:09] <cmn32480> I don't think that it qaulifies, personally
[21:50:40] <Fnord666> Me either and I didn't see an editor note on it.
[21:50:44] <cmn32480> happened last night...
[21:50:50] <cmn32480> and has been allover the news today
[21:50:51] <Fnord666> looks like the nexus came from the submitter.
[21:51:00] <cmn32480> interstineg... I guess
[21:51:05] <Fnord666> ok i'll run it as normal
[21:51:07] <cmn32480> but it is gonn turn into a political flame war
[21:51:55] <Fnord666> probably.
[21:52:05] <Fnord666> still run it or skip it?
[21:52:18] <cmn32480> personally.. I'd skip it
[21:52:22] <Fnord666> k
[21:52:37] <Fnord666> how's cmn32480 today?
[21:52:47] <cmn32480> tired
[21:52:53] <cmn32480> I'm feeling rather beat up
[21:54:01] <Fnord666> Not good. It's only Tuesday.
[21:54:19] <cmn32480> it's been a long day
[21:54:54] <cmn32480> the upgrade this weekend has had some on going nitpicky issues adn the woman who runs our order processing group is being a complete bitch every time she finds somethign that isn't the way she wants it out of the box.
[21:55:18] <Fnord666> oh lordy
[21:55:23] * cmn32480 is considering driving to her office and have some very ugly words with her
[21:55:39] <cmn32480> Idid the next best thing...
[21:55:44] <cmn32480> I talked to her boss the CFO
[21:56:45] <Fnord666> Probably less likely to escalate into something ugly, although who knows.
[21:58:19] <cmn32480> whatever...
[21:58:26] <Fnord666> yeah
[21:58:43] <cmn32480> I told her to quit calling adn compile all her gripes into an email to send me tat the end of the day. Told her to CC he r boss on it
[21:58:55] <cmn32480> 4:57... and I still don't have that email
[21:59:09] <Fnord666> she can't find the compiler
[22:00:30] <cmn32480> prolly can't spell it either
[22:02:13] <Fnord666> :)
[22:02:34] <cmn32480> it really was.. "send me alist of all your problems and I will deal with them tomorrow.
[22:02:37] <cmn32480> "
[22:02:56] <cmn32480> 5:01.... still no list
[22:07:09] <charon_> hiyo Fnord666, sorry someone expected me to do work over here
[22:07:15] <Fnord666> np
[22:07:31] <charon_> the nerve, right?
[22:07:56] <Fnord666> i know. can't they see you're busy.
[22:08:15] <Fnord666> cmn - sounds like time to go home
[22:08:56] <Fnord666> and look at her list, if it ever shows up, tomorrow
[22:09:10] <charon_> "I sent that email at 6:22, and why didn't you fix everything overnight?"
[22:11:07] <cmn32480> good plan
[22:11:11] <cmn32480> I'm outta here.
[22:11:15] <cmn32480> ~gnight Fnord666
[22:11:16] * exec derisively refactors a buzzfeed listicle of pants for Fnord666
[22:11:22] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon_
[22:11:25] * exec deliciously culturally enriches an anvil of dank memes with charon_
[22:11:25] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[22:11:26] <charon_> cheers cmn32480, seeya later
[22:11:31] * exec excoriatingly farts a crust of sorrow at cmn32480
[22:11:38] <charon_> bwahaha, this is a great catch https://soylentnews.org
[22:11:41] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews Comments | Maths in the World Around Us
[22:11:42] <Fnord666> Try and get some sleep
[22:11:57] <charon_> see the grandchild of this comment
[22:15:30] <Fnord666> nice
[22:16:30] <charon_> takyon being takyon
[22:18:03] <charon_> i like the source of that article. obviously, since i subbed it. but i think it's a cool way of seeing the univers
[22:18:28] <charon_> math is what the universe *does*. we just describe it with our symbols
[22:29:03] <Fnord666> Personally I think the universe just does and math is just the way that we attempt to understand it.
[22:29:15] <Fnord666> maybe that's the same thing.
[22:30:02] <Fnord666> Give the disappearing climate data story a good look over.
[22:30:14] <charon_> uh oh, one of those again?
[22:30:37] <Fnord666> I pulled in a second reference and munged around a bit with it.
[22:30:42] <Fnord666> think it's a dupe?
[22:31:03] <Fnord666> This is about attempting to archive and save data that is disappearing from the public eye
[22:31:27] <charon_> i haven't looked yet, but i recall the one from last week was kind of a shitshow
[22:31:50] <charon_> looking now
[22:32:24] <Fnord666> ok. The wired reference isn't too bad. The WaPo secondary story ahs more politics, but still has good detail on the archiving.
[22:32:40] <Fnord666> Anyway look for any misteaks, etc. in the editing.
[22:32:57] <Fnord666> I think I looked at it too long.
[22:34:27] <Fnord666> I need to go afk for a bit. Back later.
[22:34:37] <charon_> ok, see you later
[23:34:22] <takyon> we need more listicles
[23:50:50] <charon_> 12 balls of lint that changed history