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[02:36:09] <charon> Fnord666:
[03:21:05] <Fnord666> charon
[03:21:23] <charon> got a minute? or watching the sporting event?
[03:22:09] <Fnord666> I have a minute. What's up?
[03:22:48] <charon> PM if you would
[04:29:23] <Fnord666> oh hell MDC has a submission in the queue
[04:31:31] <charon> yeah... it's not worth it
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[10:31:15] * Bytram|fite just added updated "How Military Pilots Keep Rogue Planes Out of No-Fly Zones Like the Super Bowl " to add links in our story that were present in the Wired article. it may seem to be a nit, but in my eyes, a quote should, well, quote. =)
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[10:34:04] <Bytram> ahh, that's better! Now, as I was saying... there's one area where I am willing to take liberties and that is in applying our standards to call out the names of publications, like <em>The Guardian</em> or <em>Science</em> or <em>Nature</em> or <em>Cell</em>.
[10:34:33] <Bytram> anyway, not a big thing, but one that I am very attuned to... what can I say? I see details! =)
[10:34:35] <Bytram> ~blame
[10:34:36] * exec points at Bytram
[12:24:39] <cmn32480> ~gday #editorial
[12:24:41] * exec half-heartedly reticulates yo mama's asscrack of imitation bacon bits for #editorial
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[16:34:51] <mrpg> Hi, I find this story interesting: https://www.theregister.co.uk want me to submit it? talks about hashes and stuff.
[16:34:53] <exec> └─ 13Security! experts! slam! Yahoo! management! for! using! old! crypto! • The Register
[16:35:30] <mrpg> that is really the title. mocking! poor! yahoo! :-(
[16:38:09] <mrpg> it talks about unsalted MD5, about new hashes, about lack of management interest, because that (resetting everyone's passwords) would diminish the apparent number of yahoo users.
[16:38:35] <mrpg> I don't know what to quote, I'll leave it to you. Earn your salary guys.
[16:39:26] <mrpg> "Yahoo! is a patchwork of web properties bearing decades-old Perl, PHP, and C code"
[16:47:16] <mrpg> Article! submitted! have! fun! bye!
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[19:05:18] <charon> ~gday janrinok
[19:05:19] * exec cantankerously shoves a pair of used panties full of sum yun gai in janrinok
[19:06:00] <janrinok> ~gday charon - although I should be saying good evening
[19:06:01] * exec homogeneously spews a 55 gallon drum of santa's semen on charon
[19:06:07] <janrinok> lo
[19:06:09] <janrinok> lol
[19:06:28] <charon> jeez. and i though sure that you were going to lose that exchange
[19:06:40] <janrinok> just lucky I guess!
[19:07:10] <janrinok> how's things in your world?
[19:07:48] <charon> i'm alright. relaxing a bit before an evening with the kids.
[19:08:18] <charon> and yourself?
[19:08:56] <janrinok> I'm just dashing past - I've had a busy day and not quite finished yet, but I thought I had better have a look to see if the site had recovered from the downtimes yesterday
[19:09:35] <charon> seems like. no problem with IRC since yesterday afternoon
[19:09:52] <charon> and i never noticed any problems with the actual site
[19:10:14] <janrinok> I couldn't get on for a few hours yesterday morning my time
[19:11:55] <janrinok> or more correctly, I could get to the front page but couldn't get the subs page to show me anything I could work with
[19:12:49] <charon> the gurus must have fixed that before i even saw it then.
[19:13:52] <janrinok> no, it was a problem with the DNS and it just took a time to filter through the system. I _think_ that the subs page couldn't access the database properly, but I could be talking out of my backside...
[19:15:00] <charon> i think one of the fly rods has go out askew on the treadle
[19:15:37] <janrinok> sounds likely - the grobbles were loose last week and the flupper didn't stick back on properly either
[19:17:00] <charon> there ya go, when it gets wibbly-wobbly, you need to shim up the whoosey
[19:17:34] <janrinok> you see, we could run the site on our own, or at least bullshit enough to make people think that we could
[19:17:41] <charon> lol
[19:18:47] <janrinok> brb 5
[19:41:19] <janrinok> well, that took longer than expected - and now time to go
[19:41:26] <janrinok> ~gnight charon
[19:41:29] * exec excoriatingly flicks a freedom sandwich of iron filings at charon
[19:41:46] <charon> ~gnight janrinok take care
[19:41:47] * exec cantankerously inserts my butt of sweet onions into janrinok
[19:42:04] <janrinok> will do my best...
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