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[00:00:17] <nick> we cannot lead the community to constructive discussions if the story has divisive issues and has the perception of bias to some groups
[00:00:30] <Fnord666> checking to see if we have an offtopic mod. We do but I'm pretty sure it's not used often enough to prevent sidetracking
[00:00:53] <nick> I don't like the offtopic mod, and i think it's not used for good reason
[00:00:56] <Fnord666> and of course the last two months have been political land mines
[00:01:04] <nick> offtopic discussions often have merit
[00:01:12] <nick> it's the troll/flamebait stuff that is the issue
[00:01:16] <charon_> is offtopic -1 or 0?
[00:01:50] <nick> i assume -1
[00:02:35] <charon_> i've seen a ton of really nasty trolls. maybe i was not paying attention before.
[00:02:56] <crutchy> ~g'day everyone o/
[00:02:58] * exec spontaneously shoves a biodome of socketable gems in everyone
[00:03:01] <nick> i think it's worse now that it was
[00:03:05] <charon_> not even runaway and aristarchus sniping. i mean ACs saying racist shit
[00:03:07] <nick> than
[00:03:53] <Fnord666> agreed. I can't really even stand to read at -1
[00:04:05] <nick> ACs have always been the worst for it, obviously. there are different motivations for it though
[00:04:32] <nick> some people are just being assholes for the lulz, others are intentionally trying to derail and constructive discussion
[00:04:58] <charon_> i honestly couldn't decide which is worse
[00:05:09] <nick> depends on the story/context
[00:05:10] <Fnord666> just typing the same thing
[00:05:49] <Fnord666> re which is worse I mean.
[00:05:49] <nick> but then it's up to the community to take the high ground
[00:06:39] <nick> i'm sure some people endorse the trolls with upmods because they're taking on someone (or view point) they don't like, but also don't have a good rebuttal for
[00:06:43] <charon_> yeah. i don't comment a ton, but when i do, i use my best manners. since i know that i am always wearing my ed badge, like it or not
[00:07:56] <nick> the community is small enough everyone has the power and responsibility to make the site live up to it's potential
[00:08:43] <Fnord666> True but haters are gonna hate.
[00:09:03] <Fnord666> even more so when they can be anonymous about it
[00:09:32] <nick> the moderation system is the best counter to that, not perfect but it's pretty damn good compared to other comment sections
[00:09:48] <charon_> like every community, the quiet majority is outshouted by partisans on multiple sides
[00:10:07] <Fnord666> The funny (well maybe not) thing is that 99.99999% of these people would never ever say the things in public IRL that they will say online
[00:10:21] <Fnord666> at least I don't think so.
[00:10:30] <charon_> of course not. real consequences
[00:11:23] <Fnord666> @nick agreed. It's definitely better than the others I have seen.
[00:11:52] <nick> most comment sections suffer from having the up/down system, no system and minimal threading for replies
[00:13:22] <nick> IRL the same as online, it seems to me the majority of people do live in social bubbles and generally refuse to relate to opposing view points
[00:14:38] <nick> shouting at someone that they're wrong doesn't do anything and talk in overly simplistic narratives does nothing to convince someone not predisposed to the viewpoint
[00:15:17] <charon_> you can't make someone open minded by yelling at them?
[00:15:43] <charon_> there goes my nobel prize
[00:16:31] <nick> this is most obvious in the current political climate, my thoughts on this go something like... people have found themselves in a situation where they feel they must choose between a social identity and a national identity, and it's hard not to empathise strongest with those who you are more exposed to
[00:21:35] <nick> and to be a hypocrite and make my own simplistic narrative, it has enforced the already existing urban-rural divides where the former sees stronger social identity in their environment, and the latter sees a stronger national identity in the threat to their way of life ... both sides feel the threat from the other but neither seem willing to understand the contexts in which the perceived threat manifests itself and how to come to a common
[00:21:36] <nick> understanding
[00:22:25] <charon_> my own opinion is that most of us here at the lower 4/5 of the pile see the world as being a zero-sum game. if someone else is winning, he is getting it at my expense, and must be stopped
[00:23:30] <nick> i think you're right
[00:24:56] <Fnord666> Or just a 'hey, where's mine?' viewpoint.
[00:25:28] <charon_> it takes a larger viewpoint to see that we're in it together. not necessarily against the rich, but that the poor have far more in common with each other despite race/color/country
[00:25:28] <nick> i may have said this before... as a straight white man, with a reasonable degree of financial security... i personally don't feel the social/economic threats that many of my peers apparently do in the apparent climate of positive discrimination for minorities
[00:26:01] <Fnord666> I'm pretty sure that the "circuses" that the masses are exposed to also fuel feelings of jealousy, etc.
[00:26:43] <nick> i agree charon_
[00:26:49] <charon_> nick: yes. i have said something very similar to people and they were surprised to hear it
[00:27:15] <charon_> like telling a fish that there's water around them
[00:27:23] <nick> as someone who's been around the world a bit... i've met a lot of people of different religions, races and sexual preferences... and the majority are just trying to get by and live a quiet life
[00:28:13] <Fnord666> But I think there are too many with a "if I'm not happy, then no one's going to be happy' mindset also.
[00:29:03] <nick> i think you're right with both your points there Fnord666
[00:29:27] <Fnord666> @nick - agreed. I've often seen the same. I have not been to truly impoverished locations though.
[00:29:48] <charon_> fnord: i think there's no way to help those people. or if there is, i am not big-hearted enough to see it
[00:29:49] <nick> the circuses fuel jealousy which also becomes motivation, which means people end up working all day, every day to reach an unobtainable lifestyle
[00:30:41] <Fnord666> or they adopt unreasonable, unmanageable levels of debt to do the same.
[00:30:49] <nick> and because they're working 60-70hrs a week and getting nowhere, there must be someone to blame, and it's easier to blame people you see in walmart than the more abstract constructs of the economics of our society
[00:30:58] <charon_> and when they don't get what's "owed" them, they lash out
[00:32:43] <Fnord666> nick - in Britain do immigrants identify themselves as french-british or american-british or spanish-british?
[00:33:10] <Fnord666> OR do they identify as just plain british
[00:33:19] <Fnord666> if you take my meaning?
[00:33:23] <nick> for the most part just plain british
[00:33:40] <nick> in my experience, it's only the US that focuses so heavily on that kind of language
[00:33:53] <charon_> melting pot my ass
[00:34:13] <Fnord666> That was my feeling as well but I wanted to discuss.
[00:34:14] <nick> which to me is amazing when people who are several generations into being american still refer to themselves as such
[00:34:57] <charon_> yeah, people do ask your nationality. i guess i never really thought of it as odd before
[00:35:04] <nick> but then you'd have a small group of 'real' nationals who would say that's the problem in itself
[00:35:14] <nick> 'i'm english not british
[00:36:42] <nick> british is a collection of nations, so generations of integrated immigrants will generally refer to themselves as british, whereas some 'true' natives think it's some kind of oppression they're called british rather than english or something
[00:37:18] <nick> the idea that the 'english' flag is associated with racism and football hooligans doesn't help
[00:38:21] <nick> it's one of those small but vocal minorities, their national identity being taken away
[00:38:25] <charon_> st george's cross or union jack?
[00:38:41] <nick> union jack is the uk flag, and is generally waved by people who love the royal family
[00:39:10] <nick> st george's cross is used mostly by football fans who are not known for their nuanced political/social views
[00:39:21] <charon_> right, that's why i asked since you said the english flag specifically
[00:39:22] * Fnord666 chuckles
[00:39:52] <nick> but it is true to a point also
[00:40:00] <Fnord666> A love of the royal family is one thing Americans really won't ever understand I don't think.
[00:40:03] <nick> since the scottish and welsh have a much stronger national identity than the english
[00:40:33] <nick> Fnord666, might not understand it but do support it... the original celebrity culture
[00:40:34] * charon_ points Fnord666 in the direction of the Kardashians
[00:40:42] <nick> charon_, gets my point
[00:40:56] <Fnord666> I guess I'm projecting then
[00:41:05] <Fnord666> I don't understand it.
[00:41:16] <charon_> fair enough, i don't either
[00:41:20] <nick> Fnord666, think of it in the terms of the political dynasties
[00:41:47] <Fnord666> In the sense that I didn't grow up surrounded by it.
[00:41:49] <nick> they were in the right place at the right time, captured a feeling in the country and became symbolic of something
[00:42:18] <nick> i think the royal situation will change in the coming decades
[00:42:47] <nick> they have been riding on a lot of good will from the world wars, but the next generation have never known any hardship
[00:43:31] <Fnord666> I have a deep love for the ideal of my country but celebrities bear no resemblance to any of the characteristics I cherish.
[00:43:36] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[00:43:47] <nick> they did their part in being the symbolic strength of the country in those times, that was really where their celebrity status was enshrined in my opinion
[00:44:03] <charon_> that makes sense
[00:44:14] <Fnord666> apologies but which they? The royal family?
[00:44:20] <nick> yeah, Fnord666
[00:44:26] <charon_> the queen fixed army vehicles during WW2
[00:44:27] <Fnord666> just wanted to be clear.
[00:44:44] <nick> but the next generation doesn't have that good will
[00:45:12] <charon_> well, Charles is a lost cause, but everyone still likes Will, right?
[00:45:15] <nick> they have their mother was killed in a car accident, but that's not quite enough to be entitled to the most lavish lifestyle you can imagine
[00:45:35] <nick> they got a lot of shit a while ago for saying how hard being parents is
[00:45:40] <charon_> and even harry has shaped up alright after a sketchy decade
[00:46:08] <nick> charon_, will is tolerable to a point
[00:46:19] <nick> but his attempts at being a man of the people hasn't really fooled anyone
[00:46:38] <nick> he's technically an air ambulance pilot, but has the most relaxed schedule due to his official duties
[00:46:44] <Fnord666> Yeah that sort of commentary, while perhaps trying to demonstrate that they are still human under it all, doesn't fly too well any more.
[00:47:06] <nick> any time you see a news story about will and kate doing a public appearance for some good cause
[00:47:14] <nick> the next week they're almost always on vacation somewhere
[00:47:28] <Fnord666> afk for a bit. brb
[00:47:47] <charon_> tough life, cutting ribbons
[00:48:23] <nick> i don't think they'll be going anywhere, but their relevance will be scaled down even more
[00:48:36] <charon_> gah, now fnord thinks i'm a royal watcher
[00:48:45] <nick> be more like the remaining royals in continental europe
[00:49:28] <charon_> they already have such little power. can't see it becoming less.
[00:49:45] <charon_> the only other royalty i can think of offhand is Jaun Carlos if Spain
[00:49:55] <charon_> and so and so in Monaco
[00:50:01] <nick> there's more, i can't recall exactly
[00:50:14] <nick> but you're right they do have little power officially
[00:50:37] <nick> but they are still perform diplomatic functions and have sway behind the scenes
[00:51:50] <nick> when prince charles for example writes a letter (as a private citizen) noting his concerns over some development project
[00:51:58] <charon_> assuming they have a head on their shoulders, like Elizabeth, why not have her available as a voice of consistency and wisdom who is absolutely for the good of the country, not political expediency?
[00:52:01] <nick> he is not ignored
[00:52:49] <nick> https://en.wikipedia.org
[00:52:50] <exec> └─ 13Black spider memos - Wikipedia
[00:52:55] <charon_> true, he holds a bully pulpit.
[00:53:23] <charon_> interesting. never heard of this. reading...
[00:55:25] <nick> nothing major in there
[00:55:35] <nick> but essentially, the royal family doesn't get political
[00:55:48] <nick> but when their business interests are concerned, they obviously use their leverage
[00:57:19] <charon_> well it is interesting in that it seems to open up precedent for him being a far more politically active king than Elizabeth is
[00:57:41] <nick> https://en.wikipedia.org
[00:57:43] <exec> └─ 13Duchy of Cornwall - Wikipedia
[00:58:43] <nick> i think it's very unlikely charles will become king
[00:59:05] <charon_> i agree. he will be pressured quite strongly to abdicate
[01:00:04] <nick> and also the royal family doesn't need to use their influence directly
[01:00:11] <nick> they can go through people like https://en.wikipedia.org
[01:00:13] <exec> └─ 13Duke of Westminster - Wikipedia
[01:00:47] <cmn32480> there is somethign oh so satisfying about a nerf shooting war in the house that annoys the crap out of my wife
[01:00:58] <cmn32480> all four of us kids were in on it
[01:01:07] <nick> haha
[01:01:33] <cmn32480> my oldest has been annoying the piss out of me...
[01:01:46] <cmn32480> emptied 6 rounds into him from across the room
[01:01:49] <charon_> because he has good aim?
[01:02:00] <cmn32480> no... just being 8 and a smart ass
[01:02:04] <charon_> heheh
[01:02:17] <cmn32480> but his aim IS improving
[01:02:42] <charon_> so... tell me you did not shoot your wife?
[01:02:45] <nick> the american way... someone annoys you? shhot them.
[01:02:47] <nick> shoot
[01:02:54] <charon_> that could earn you a night on the couch
[01:03:01] <cmn32480> she was not involved in this skirmish
[01:03:10] <nick> collateral damage
[01:03:13] <charon_> lol
[01:03:23] <cmn32480> we have 4 6 shot Strongarm revolvers
[01:03:39] <cmn32480> and one 13 shot clip fed Crossbolt
[01:03:43] <charon_> back when i was a lad, nerf guns were one shot only
[01:04:23] <cmn32480> but none of ours are battery operated
[01:05:02] <cmn32480> I asked Santa for this... and got denied
[01:05:03] <cmn32480> http://nerf.hasbro.com
[01:05:06] <exec> └─ 13Nerf N-Strike MEGA Mastodon Blaster | Toys for Boys | Nerf
[01:05:11] <charon_> https://www.youtube.com
[01:05:14] <exec> └─ 13[COMMUNITY] Nerf GATLING GUN | Nerf Vulcan Mod by Darryl C. - YouTube
[01:05:21] <nick> haha
[01:05:26] <Fnord666> yes, the gatling gun!
[01:05:33] <nick> that's some serious nerfpower
[01:05:54] * nick thinks cmn32480 had the intention of some early morning shock and aw
[01:05:56] <nick> awe
[01:06:42] <cmn32480> that gatling gun needs several more ammo chains strapped on
[01:07:03] <charon_> true. if you can only fire for a couple seconds, what's the point
[01:07:45] <Fnord666> because it's 5 seconds of nerf beat down?
[01:08:26] <charon_> needs 30 at least
[01:08:28] <Fnord666> then draw the crossbow for the inevitable rush when they try to catch you changing ammo cans
[01:08:37] <charon_> lol
[01:08:51] <cmn32480> lol
[01:09:00] <cmn32480> sadly the cross bow is single action
[01:09:09] <cmn32480> requires cocking after each round
[01:09:21] <Fnord666> or save one final burst so they only think you're out
[01:09:50] <charon_> 150lb of pressure will put a nerf x-bow bolt through your forehead
[01:09:59] <Fnord666> good to know...
[01:10:02] <Fnord666> I guess.
[01:10:07] <Fnord666> and you know this because?
[01:10:11] <cmn32480> hilarious
[01:10:17] <cmn32480> there are LOTS of nerf guns on ebay
[01:10:31] <charon_> i have two older brothers
[01:10:55] <cmn32480> 500 refill darts... $25
[01:11:12] <charon_> actually, at one point one brother did shoot me with a bb gun, so i know how that feels too
[01:11:22] <Fnord666> Did they go up in 5 lb increments until they got the results they were looking for?
[01:11:44] <Fnord666> oh heck we used to have bb gun wars in the woods.
[01:11:59] <charon_> jerks
[01:12:29] <Fnord666> well it was all voluntary and no one lost an eye, so...
[01:12:48] <Fnord666> people made body armor and everything.
[01:13:02] <Fnord666> they do it with airsoft now
[01:13:06] <Fnord666> 6mm rubber pellets
[01:13:14] <charon_> i hear those pack a punch too
[01:13:39] <Fnord666> paintball was a thing for a while. I remember whe nthat first started.
[01:13:44] <cmn32480> I've seen guys with black and blues from them
[01:14:11] <Fnord666> originally those were for marking cattle. cattle have much thicker hides...
[01:14:26] <Fnord666> yes, they hurt
[01:14:34] <Fnord666> and can leave a bruise
[01:15:04] <Fnord666> kept us off the streets
[01:15:21] <cmn32480> us too
[01:15:31] <cmn32480> playing war in the woods :-)
[01:15:35] <cmn32480> ahhh memories
[01:15:51] <cmn32480> I snuck up on a guy with a bazooka one time
[01:15:56] <Fnord666> the early paintballs were oil based paint and would separate. If you didn't shake up the paint balls they would fly in an interesting curve.
[01:16:13] <Fnord666> so you had the bazooka or he did?
[01:16:16] <cmn32480> plastic electronic thing that lit up and made sounds
[01:16:22] <cmn32480> he brained me with it
[01:16:25] <charon_> lol
[01:16:26] <cmn32480> he did
[01:16:36] <cmn32480> broke the fucker in half
[01:16:47] <charon_> on your head?
[01:16:50] <cmn32480> yep
[01:16:56] <Fnord666> well that explains ....
[01:17:01] * charon_ nods in understanding
[01:17:32] <Fnord666> I did not have any brothers. HAd to be abused by my friends
[01:18:15] <charon_> my brothers are much older, so they didn't play with me, they occasionally tolerated my existence
[01:18:17] <cmn32480> http://www.ebay.com
[01:18:19] <exec> └─ 13Lot of 3 Nerf Guns Vulcan EBF-25 with tripod, 2 ammo belts, firefly rev-8, rev-6 | eBay
[01:18:24] <cmn32480> pedestal mounted belt fed nerf gun
[01:18:24] <Fnord666> some things haven't changed.
[01:18:48] <Fnord666> must resist...
[01:19:18] <Fnord666> looks like someone lost their christmas present already.
[01:19:23] <charon_> lol
[01:19:30] <cmn32480> nah those are pretty old
[01:19:59] <cmn32480> http://www.ebay.com
[01:20:10] <cmn32480> butterfly trigger like a Ma Deuce on that one
[01:20:29] <charon_> i am very slightly impressed that you can tell their age, cmn32480
[01:20:38] <Fnord666> there's just something wrong with a crew served child's toy.
[01:20:59] <cmn32480> Fnord666, there is NOTHING wrong with a crew served childs toy
[01:21:04] <cmn32480> teaches teamwork!
[01:21:05] <charon_> what is that, a mortar?
[01:21:14] <cmn32480> like a .50 Cal
[01:21:33] <cmn32480> no clip???
[01:21:35] <cmn32480> WTF?
[01:21:36] <Fnord666> M2 https://en.wikipedia.org
[01:22:11] <Fnord666> cmn32480 It does do that.
[01:22:17] * cmn32480 stops surfing ebay before his credit card coems out
[01:22:48] <Fnord666> There's a reason I don't store my paypal credentials in my browser and it's not security
[01:23:01] <cmn32480> yes it is
[01:23:07] <cmn32480> completely about security
[01:23:08] <Fnord666> well, that too.
[01:23:16] <cmn32480> about securing your bank account from yourself
[01:23:16] -!- exec has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[01:23:24] <Fnord666> true
[01:23:26] <cmn32480> oh
[01:23:28] <cmn32480> that makes sense
[01:23:36] <cmn32480> firewall reboot jsut happened
[01:24:07] <cmn32480> exec lives at work
[01:24:08] <Fnord666> I was about to make a comment about the length of my password but I see chromas is on and I don't wanted to be quoted so...
[01:24:26] <charon_> chromas is always on, always waiting
[01:24:34] <Fnord666> seems that way
[01:24:44] <Fnord666> exec lvies at work?
[01:24:53] <Fnord666> s/lvies/lives/
[01:24:57] <cmn32480> you guys know chromas is an exqisitely programmed bot, right?
[01:25:16] <Fnord666> now you're just having a go, right?
[01:25:24] <charon_> i think he's having a go
[01:25:40] <cmn32480> maybe
[01:25:49] <Fnord666> I'll buy the bot part, but ...
[01:25:52] <cmn32480> yes... exec lives on the guest network at the office
[01:26:09] <charon_> i'd believe you if you'd said jasassin
[01:26:40] <Fnord666> and the office firewall takes a dump periodically?
[01:27:03] <Fnord666> Does it get full of too many packets with the evil bit set?
[01:27:59] <Fnord666> https://www.ietf.org
[01:29:12] <cmn32480> somethign like that fnord
[01:29:21] <Fnord666> :)
[01:29:26] <cmn32480> the firewall shits the bed abotu every 6 months
[01:29:43] <cmn32480> and requires a reboot
[01:30:06] <Fnord666> Could be worse. It could be windows where it can't go a week without crapping itself.
[01:30:27] <cmn32480> it is a 5+ year old Juniper
[01:30:38] <Fnord666> I've got TCP addressable power strips so I can power cycle windows servers remotely.
[01:30:59] <cmn32480> I've got vmware so I don't have to cut power
[01:31:15] <Fnord666> unfortunately these need to be physical servers.
[01:31:37] <Fnord666> due to hardware crypto cardds that live inside them
[01:31:58] <cmn32480> and the hardware abstraction pass through isn't good enough for them?
[01:32:00] <Fnord666> and cost about 15x what the server costs.
[01:32:09] <cmn32480> of couerse
[01:32:25] <charon_> whee, i get to argue with customers
[01:32:40] <cmn32480> as opposed to argueing with us?
[01:32:46] <Fnord666> can you attach a physical PCIe card to a VM instance?
[01:32:53] <cmn32480> certainly
[01:32:54] <Fnord666> I thought the customer was always right?
[01:33:01] <charon_> you guys are fun to argue with. customers are not
[01:33:09] <cmn32480> Fnord666: s/always/never/
[01:33:15] <cmn32480> oh right
[01:33:17] <cmn32480> no exec
[01:33:19] <charon_> fuck that. customers are seldom right
[01:33:42] <Fnord666> ok, how about customers always think they're right.
[01:33:49] <charon_> that is correct
[01:34:06] <Fnord666> most adamantly so when they are dead wrong
[01:34:18] <charon_> *ding ding*
[01:34:22] <cmn32480> crap.. this is why I hate rebooting the firewall when I am offsite
[01:34:35] <Fnord666> yeah, work doesn't let me talk to customers after the "incident"
[01:34:58] <cmn32480> told somebody the truth did you?
[01:35:06] * charon_ suggests to cmn32480's son that this would be the perfect time to shoot daddy
[01:35:23] * cmn32480 takes aim (via the interwebs) at charon_
[01:35:40] <Fnord666> I have bee nknown to from time to time.
[01:36:38] <cmn32480> hmmmm
[01:36:38] <Fnord666> I'm telling you, power strips with an individual IP address per socket are the way to go.
[01:36:40] <cmn32480> vpn is down
[01:36:47] <Fnord666> oops
[01:36:54] <cmn32480> don't help from off site
[01:37:14] <Fnord666> Well you could make it internet facing .... :)
[01:37:44] <Fnord666> Sounds liek your Friday night may have gone to hell.
[01:37:49] <cmn32480> no port forwarding...
[01:37:58] <cmn32480> I've been drinking too much to drive
[01:38:20] <Fnord666> I've used that one too.
[01:38:27] <cmn32480> troof
[01:38:40] <cmn32480> notice how good my typoing is?
[01:38:45] <charon_> taken too many nerfs to the head
[01:38:48] <Fnord666> CAn't drive. under the affluence of incohol
[01:38:49] <cmn32480> fuck beans.. no SSH either
[01:39:10] <charon_> that's interesting, you type BETTER when drunk?
[01:39:41] <Fnord666> I type better when autohotkey is running and it autocorrects my mistyping
[01:39:43] <cmn32480> be near;y impossible not to, wouldn't you say?
[01:39:50] <charon_> point
[01:40:17] <cmn32480> intersting
[01:40:25] <cmn32480> logged into firewall at a branch offic
[01:40:39] <cmn32480> can ping main firewall
[01:40:58] <cmn32480> holy fuckballs
[01:41:03] <Fnord666> So everything WAN facing from the main firewall?
[01:41:15] <cmn32480> the VPN to the main site IS WAN facing
[01:41:19] <cmn32480> and it is up
[01:41:42] <Fnord666> http://www.urbandictionary.com
[01:42:06] <Fnord666> yes, there is an entry
[01:42:43] <Fnord666> ah, i thought the VPN was down too
[01:43:45] <cmn32480> the VPN connection on the software VPN IS down.. btu the site to site seems to be up
[01:44:06] <Fnord666> got it
[01:44:43] * cmn32480 tries to remember what server has TightVNC on ie
[01:44:51] <cmn32480> EXEC!
[01:46:12] <cmn32480> exec has vnc running on that box
[01:46:16] -!- mrpg [mrpg!~m@Soylent/Staff/Editor/mrpg] has joined #editorial
[01:46:16] -!- mode/#editorial [+v mrpg] by Hephaestus
[01:47:19] <Fnord666> Sweet. Apparently kodak is bringing back ektachrome film
[01:47:29] <cmn32480> fuck
[01:47:38] <cmn32480> SSH on the firewall is even down from the local subnet
[01:48:10] <Fnord666> ouch
[01:48:27] <cmn32480> telnet is refused as it ought to be
[01:48:39] <Fnord666> Don't have a modem attached to the serial port do you?
[01:48:44] <cmn32480> no
[01:49:00] <cmn32480> WHAT IN THE EVERLOVING FUCK?????
[01:49:04] <cmn32480> http works
[01:49:14] <Fnord666> what?
[01:49:17] <Fnord666> seriously?
[01:49:34] * cmn32480 picks his jaw off the floor
[01:49:42] <cmn32480> but SSH doesn't
[01:50:05] * cmn32480 hopes he can remember how to navigate this interface
[01:50:25] <Fnord666> It's the web. It's intuitive!
[01:50:25] <cmn32480> JUNOS Software Release [12.1X46-D40.2](Backup image)
[01:50:26] <cmn32480> Please re-install JUNOS to recover the primary copy in case it has been corrupted.
[01:50:38] <Fnord666> oh dear.
[01:50:40] <cmn32480> running on the backup image
[01:50:52] * cmn32480 pees his pants just a little bit
[01:51:38] * cmn32480 doewnloads a copy of the config... just in case
[01:51:46] <Fnord666> good thought
[01:51:54] <cmn32480> I have a psare at the shep
[01:52:29] <Fnord666> better drink some more. your typing is going
[01:52:36] <charon_> since i don't understand the conversation, i shall take this opportunity to finish up my work and go home. see you later gents
[01:52:45] <cmn32480> late charon
[01:52:49] <cmn32480> drive safe...
[01:52:49] <Fnord666> later charon_
[01:52:53] <cmn32480> try not to blow away
[01:52:57] <charon_> also, i was worng. NOW is the best time to shoot you
[01:53:33] * cmn32480 clicks reboot and starts the stop watch
[01:53:43] * charon_ forgets to unplug his car before driving away
[01:55:04] <Fnord666> Fnord666 reboots his IBM server and gets out his sundial
[01:57:23] <Fnord666> How long does a firewall typically take to reboot?
[01:57:48] <cmn32480> 5-7 minutes before all the services come back up
[01:57:53] <cmn32480> she's old and underpowered
[01:58:18] <Fnord666> My work is done on mainframe where a power cycle can take 45 minutes, but then again I can swap out a CPU while it's running.
[01:58:32] <cmn32480> I have a ping running from the site in SC, so I'll know when the s2s vpn comes back
[01:58:51] <cmn32480> Z series?
[01:58:58] <Fnord666> yep
[01:59:04] <cmn32480> serious compute
[01:59:50] <Fnord666> yes it is
[01:59:59] <cmn32480> and I got pings
[02:00:06] <Fnord666> sweet
[02:00:23] <Fnord666> I/O capacity all over the place too.
[02:00:26] <cmn32480> and I got SSH to the outside
[02:00:38] <Fnord666> Nice
[02:00:50] <cmn32480> no indication of secndary firmware at boot
[02:01:32] <cmn32480> testing software VPN
[02:01:35] <cmn32480> have good connection
[02:01:43] <cmn32480> pingining by internal DNS
[02:01:54] <cmn32480> success
[02:02:08] <Fnord666> so far so good
[02:02:32] <cmn32480> disconnect VPN
[02:02:40] <cmn32480> checking outside exposed services
[02:02:50] <cmn32480> OUtlook Anywhere
[02:02:57] <cmn32480> check
[02:03:17] <cmn32480> service portal
[02:03:20] <Fnord666> funny how many people forget to do that.
[02:03:35] <cmn32480> check the outside services/
[02:03:38] <cmn32480> yeah
[02:03:46] <Fnord666> from the actual outside
[02:04:00] <cmn32480> outside web services are up
[02:04:24] <cmn32480> RD Gateway
[02:04:29] <cmn32480> check
[02:05:53] <cmn32480> SFTP.. check
[02:06:11] <cmn32480> adn those are all the oes I care about
[02:06:32] <Fnord666> good work. Take the rest of the night iff.
[02:06:44] <cmn32480> can I take it off instead?
[02:06:51] <cmn32480> fuck.. still gotta fix exec
[02:07:04] <Fnord666> yes you may
[02:07:18] <cmn32480> woot
[02:07:54] <Fnord666> unless you have an "Identify Friend or Foe" system that needs to be up and iff was correct.
[02:08:08] -!- exec [exec!~exec@23.24.kp.ip] has joined #editorial
[02:08:08] -!- exec has quit [Changing host]
[02:08:08] -!- exec [exec!~exec@crutchys.brothel] has joined #editorial
[02:08:16] <cmn32480> and exec is back online!
[02:08:20] <Fnord666> hey, theres exec!
[02:08:23] <cmn32480> ~gday cheldor
[02:08:25] * exec scientifically allocates a dongle of database shards for cheldor
[02:08:34] <cmn32480> ~gday Sheldor
[02:08:36] * exec proverbially pilfers a trunkload of onions from Sheldor
[02:09:09] <cmn32480> ~gday >beverage nerf darts
[02:09:10] <exec> added to beverages
[02:09:31] <cmn32480> ~gday >verb fires at
[02:09:32] * exec unnecessarily reverse-engineers a fart hole of turducken from >verb
[02:09:40] <cmn32480> ~gday >verb fires:at
[02:09:41] * exec skeptically penetrates a rusty trombone of plastic grommets with >verb
[02:09:49] <mrpg> hi all, hi exec, I'm doing the news about amazon echo ordering dolls. I'll pick the original link not the one in the submission.
[02:10:01] <cmn32480> ~gday
[02:10:09] <Fnord666> ~gday mrpg
[02:10:09] <cmn32480> ~gday mrpg
[02:10:10] * exec diabolically pairs a tablespoon of false hope with mrpg
[02:10:11] * exec skeptically cracks open a dash of broiled hog anus for mrpg
[02:10:13] <chromas> ~gday >action fires at
[02:10:13] <exec> error: action already exists
[02:10:35] <cmn32480> bot saving a bot...
[02:10:55] <cmn32480> ~gday >action impales on
[02:10:56] <exec> added to actions
[02:11:01] <Fnord666> it's bots all the way down, I'm tellin ya.
[02:11:20] <cmn32480> likely
[02:13:20] <cmn32480> crisis averted.. I suppose
[02:14:07] <Fnord666> just your everyday, run of the mill emergency?
[02:14:27] <cmn32480> my CFO sent me 🖒
[02:14:34] <cmn32480> kinda
[02:14:44] <cmn32480> but weird that SSH was donw... and http worked
[02:14:53] <cmn32480> https was dead too
[02:15:09] <Fnord666> I need to get whatever that code page that is installed
[02:15:18] * cmn32480 wonders if enabling http is part of the master fail
[02:15:49] <Fnord666> seems like that would open up a whole can of gummy worms
[02:16:07] <cmn32480> only available on the inside
[02:16:18] <Fnord666> ah, better then
[02:16:27] <cmn32480> was completely locked out from the outside except for the sit to site
[02:16:52] * cmn32480 shurgs
[02:16:57] <cmn32480> tiem to put my kiddos to bed
[02:17:02] <cmn32480> biab
[02:17:14] <Fnord666> k
[02:17:37] <cmn32480> if charon coems back tell him I am on my way to his place with multiple crew served nerf weapons
[02:18:35] <Fnord666> will do
[02:27:42] <mrpg> Question: what is this, who is the submitter? MrPlow writes: Submitted via IRC for Runaway1956
[02:28:25] <Fnord666> Runaway1956 is the submitter
[02:29:28] <Fnord666> check the backscroll or logs in #Soylent at 19:40
[02:30:11] <nick> very lazy people use it
[02:30:45] <Fnord666> He submitted wondered if you were still around nick
[02:31:00] <mrpg> ok
[02:31:02] <Fnord666> s/He submitted//
[02:31:03] <exec> <Fnord666> wondered if you were still around nick
[02:31:18] <nick> in and out
[02:31:53] <nick> my host is ill today, so i'm trying to help out as much as i can whilst also keeping out the way
[02:32:13] <Fnord666> ah
[02:32:35] <Fnord666> good of you
[02:33:31] <Fnord666> How you doing mrpg?
[02:34:20] <mrpg> Fine. I'm doing one submission, then I'll exercise for a while, then I might try and clean the kitchen. And listening to vanessa mae.
[02:34:31] <mrpg> ok I did the submission but I used the original link in CW6 not the one in fox news.
[02:35:10] <Fnord666> Probably for the best.
[02:35:44] <Fnord666> nothing worthwhile in the fox news article?
[02:36:45] <nick> the fox news link doesn't go to a relevant article for me anyway
[02:37:50] <Fnord666> well then definitely don't use it. :)
[02:38:25] <nick> nevermind, it does, but yeah the new source is better
[02:38:33] <mrpg> fox says they reported the original 6 year old girl story
[02:38:56] <Fnord666> the story reminds me of surreptitiously playing the default "new message" chime in meetings to get people to check their phones.
[02:40:33] * charon erects a nerf barricade around all entry points
[02:41:08] <mrpg> the topic for the echo blunder is random.
[02:41:15] <charon> hiyo again gents
[02:41:44] <mrpg> hi
[02:43:06] <Fnord666> hey charon.
[02:43:45] <Fnord666> did you run into cmn32480? He mentioned something about stopping by with crew served nerf toys
[02:44:03] <charon> he hasn't arrived yet, but i'm ready for him
[02:44:06] <Fnord666> k
[02:45:18] <charon> i have dropped a bunch of baby ruth bars in the street outside my house, he'll never make it to the door before going into insulin shock
[02:46:17] * cmn32480 wonders if the "Best by" date on a box of tea reall matters
[02:47:07] * cmn32480 expects that nick should know...
[02:48:15] <charon> just steep it longer
[02:48:26] <cmn32480> to rehydrate it better?
[02:49:00] <charon> yeah.
[02:49:17] <charon> and put in lots of yak butter
[02:50:58] <nick> should be good
[02:51:16] <cmn32480> even if the best by date is October 2014?
[02:52:23] <Fnord666> tea doesn't go bad does it?
[02:52:59] <charon> was it ever good?
[02:53:26] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - that is why I was asking the British guy. they come out of the womb knowing all ther is to know about tea
[02:53:59] <Fnord666> yak butter on the other hand...
[02:54:30] <Fnord666> How can you take anyone who puts milk in their tes seriously?
[02:54:39] <Fnord666> s/tes/tea/
[02:54:41] <exec> <Fnord666> How can you take anyone who puts milk in their tea seriously?
[02:54:42] <nick> ...
[02:54:43] <Fnord666> :)
[02:55:02] <Fnord666> I tease.
[02:55:12] <charon> milk first or last?
[02:55:46] <Fnord666> I developed a fond affection for tea with milk from the elderly british lady who lived next door to us when I was growing up.
[02:56:13] <Fnord666> If it was tea time my mom knew where to find me
[02:56:39] <Fnord666> I do milk last
[02:56:53] <Fnord666> for whatever reason
[02:57:11] <nick> water, milk, let it rest, stir and get it the right colour, a little sugar at the end.
[02:57:21] <charon> i know nothing about tea.
[02:57:29] <charon> and now i know more
[02:57:35] <nick> i drink like 3 cups a year
[02:59:17] <nick> get tetley teabags, decent milk and you can't really go wrong
[02:59:41] <Fnord666> Interesting. I mostly drink P&G these days
[02:59:47] <cmn32480> lactose intolerant
[02:59:57] <cmn32480> no milk in my coffee or tea
[03:00:17] <charon> i guess no yak butter either
[03:00:19] <Fnord666> that'll do it.
[03:00:32] <Fnord666> That's for the toast
[03:00:45] <cmn32480> drink it like God intended!
[03:00:50] <cmn32480> from a cup
[03:01:18] <Fnord666> I thought God was a water or wine kinda deity?
[03:01:34] <charon> Dionysus
[03:02:21] <Fnord666> Bacchus
[03:02:33] * nick goes to look up if/how much beer is mentioned in the bible
[03:03:06] <Fnord666> "hey Google"
[03:03:16] <charon> "ok Cortana"
[03:04:03] <Fnord666> "Alexa"
[03:04:05] <Fnord666> https://en.wikipedia.org
[03:04:06] <exec> └─ 13Alcohol in the Bible - Wikipedia
[03:04:16] <charon> kul wahad
[03:04:45] <nick> http://biblehub.com
[03:04:47] <exec> └─ 13Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.
[03:06:35] <nick> http://biblehub.com
[03:06:37] <exec> └─ 13Proverbs 31:7 Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.
[03:07:05] <Fnord666> Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart; For God has already accepted your works. Ecclesiastes 9:7
[03:07:30] <Fnord666> Give strong drink to him who is perishing, and wine to those who are bitter of heart. Proverbs 31:6
[03:07:39] <Fnord666> No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities. 1 Timothy 5:23
[03:07:46] -!- chromas has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[03:07:57] <mrpg> For your love is better than wine; your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you.
[03:08:07] <charon> ?!?
[03:08:26] <nick> where was this stuff when i went to church that time
[03:08:52] <Fnord666> That was the one day they didn't mention it.
[03:09:08] <Fnord666> Did the Ancient Israelites Drink Beer?
[03:09:08] <Fnord666> By Michael M. Homan
[03:09:08] <Fnord666> Biblical Archaeology Review
[03:09:08] <Fnord666> Sep/Oct 2010
[03:09:08] <Fnord666> Ancient Israelites, with the possible exception of a few teetotaling Nazirites and their moms, proudly drank beer—and lots of it. Men, women and even children of all social classes drank it.
[03:09:20] <charon> does it say why?
[03:09:40] <nick> i don't think they need a reason
[03:10:02] <nick> is beer, what else is there to do?
[03:10:02] <Fnord666> Here's an interesting bit.
[03:10:03] <charon> because water was not necessarily safe to drink, but beer is. the small amount of alcohol and the fermentation prcess kills most harmful bacteria
[03:10:03] <Fnord666> Beer was a staple in the Israelite diet, just as it was throughout the ancient Near East. Yet a search of most English translations of the Bible will produce few, if any, occurrences of the word “beer.” Ancient Israel’s affinity for beer has largely been ignored. I believe this is for three reasons: (1) confusion about the meaning of the Hebrew word shekhar (שכר), (2) a general snobbery in academia causing scholars
[03:10:04] <Fnord666> to scorn beer drinking while celebrating wine culture, and (3) the unique challenges archaeologists have faced in finding (or identifying) beer remains in the Israelite material record.
[03:10:12] <Fnord666> http://www.truthandgrace.com
[03:10:34] <mrpg> Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the best wine.
[03:10:45] <charon> oooh, the song of solomon
[03:10:54] <Fnord666> charon - In ancient Near Eastern cultures, beer was in many ways a super-food. By producing and drinking beer, one could dramatically multiply the calories in harvested grains while consuming needed vitamins; the alcohol was also effective at killing bacteria found in tainted water supplies. Given the difficulty of producing food in the ancient world, beer gave you a lot of nutritional bang for your buck.
[03:11:13] <nick> the water must have been really bad if you think how unsafe to drink some beers today are...
[03:11:14] <charon> liquid bread
[03:11:49] <mrpg> Your navel is a rounded bowl that never lacks mixed wine. https://www.biblegateway.com
[03:11:50] <exec> └─ 13Song of Solomon 7 ESV - How beautiful are your feet in sandals, - Bible Gateway
[03:12:39] <mrpg> I came to work and here I am listening to frozen and reading the bible.
[03:12:50] <Fnord666> Apparently in Egypt and Mesopotamia barley was much easier to grow than grapes
[03:14:50] <charon> i am pro-beer. never acquired the taste for wine though.
[03:21:35] <cmn32480> I am pro tit.. but never acquired a taste for whine
[03:24:00] <Fnord666> Whould you like some cheese with your whine?
[03:25:17] <charon> i would, thank you. smoked gouda?
[03:27:16] <Fnord666> But of course.
[03:27:38] <charon> i say, this fnord fellow is top notch
[03:27:58] <Fnord666> Perhaps a Muenster as well?
[03:27:59] <cmn32480> pardon me, do you hav any grey poupon?
[03:28:31] <charon> mmm, grey poupon
[03:28:58] <Fnord666> Haven't seen those commercials in a while
[03:29:26] <Fnord666> Who am I kidding. I DVR anything I do want to watch and skip over that crap
[03:29:35] <charon> you mock, but grey poupon is delicious stuff. no sandwich is complete without it
[03:29:53] <Fnord666> I mock you not!
[03:30:50] <charon> not you. it's cmn
[03:30:51] <Fnord666> The only thing I mock is turtle soup
[03:30:56] <charon> lol
[03:32:39] -!- chromas [chromas!~chromas@0::1] has joined #editorial
[03:32:39] <Fnord666> Ok that's not true either. Whenver I've had turtle soup it has been real turtle.
[03:33:13] <charon> i don't run in the high class circles where turtle soup is on the menu
[03:34:20] -!- chromas_ [chromas_!~chromas@0::1] has joined #editorial
[03:34:26] <Fnord666> If by high class you mean my friend and I tossing some stinky bait on a line into a pond, hauling out a snapping turtle, and giving it to his Dad to turn into soup, then yeah
[03:34:56] <charon> LUXURY!
[03:35:08] <Fnord666> Less French cuisine and more Lousiana cajun cuisine
[03:35:22] <Fnord666> It was good. Don't get me wrong.
[03:35:53] <Fnord666> But if there were cloth napkins they had the logo of the restaurant they were stolen from on them.
[03:36:09] <charon> i like the cajun style food i've had. i guess turtle soup always struck me as a fancy dish
[03:37:07] <Fnord666> Lobster from Maine is fancy. Ditch bugs (crawfish) from the creek not so much, but still good eating.
[03:38:48] -!- chromas has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[03:39:02] chromas_ is now known as chromas
[03:39:02] <Fnord666> Especially in a etouffee
[03:39:08] <charon> you'd be surised how un-fancy lobster can get. with a bib, a hammer, and a pick, lobster dinner looks like a disaster area
[03:39:31] <Fnord666> As I recall they used to be a lowly food.
[03:39:35] <charon> yep
[03:40:09] <Fnord666> The longshoremen's union had limits on how often they could be fed lobster by the company
[03:40:40] <charon> i don't blame them. who wants to eat giant ocean bugs all the time?
[03:40:48] <Fnord666> At some point that changed I guess.
[03:41:04] <mrpg> Second story ready, it's been a pleasure, see you in a few days good night.
[03:41:07] <mrpg> quit /quit
[03:41:13] -!- mrpg has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[03:41:14] <Fnord666> Probably better for you then than now. Who knows how many heavy metals those things eat these days.
[03:41:15] <charon> ~gnight mrpg
[03:41:16] * exec half-heartedly hucks a basket of hip hop at mrpg
[03:41:20] <Fnord666> ~gnight mrpg
[03:41:21] * exec analiciously writes a fanfic featuring a bowl of bedbugs about mrpg
[03:41:37] <charon> he's too fast
[03:42:34] <Fnord666> charon - Apparently you are one punch man tonight.
[03:42:49] <Fnord666> the entire fight
[03:42:50] <Fnord666> charon clobbers Fnord666 upside their head with a girlie slaps (19)
[03:43:09] <charon> wow
[03:43:17] <Fnord666> or should I say entire fite
[03:43:21] <charon> you did that to me last night
[03:43:26] <Fnord666> true
[03:43:50] <charon> TMB said he was going to change the fite system. guess he made crits bigger
[04:18:20] <Fnord666> Time to go. Good night gentle\men.
[04:19:07] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon
[04:19:09] * exec whole-heartedly uninstalls a Borg cube of paper chads from charon
[04:19:26] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:19:27] * exec presumably throws a purse of stale crackers at Fnord666
[04:19:30] <Fnord666> I bet you're glad to be eid of that.
[04:19:37] <Fnord666> s/eid/rid/
[04:19:39] <exec> <Fnord666> I bet you're glad to be rid of that.
[04:19:53] <charon> now i have more room around here
[04:19:57] <Fnord666> good night nick
[04:20:06] <Fnord666> good night cmn32480
[04:20:12] * nick hat tip
[04:29:15] <cmn32480> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:29:16] * exec inadequately rubs a byte of chocolate sailors on Fnord666
[06:57:21] -!- nick_ [nick_!~nick@2602:306:bc35:zuum:lpgr:izki:vljh:vgxp] has joined #editorial
[06:58:56] <charon> you're up latish, nick
[07:02:06] -!- nick has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[07:06:12] <nick_> need to sleep
[07:22:42] -!- nick_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[09:20:10] -!- chromas has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[09:26:03] -!- chromas [chromas!~chromas@0::1] has joined #editorial
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[19:18:25] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #editorial
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[20:49:05] -!- charon_ [charon_!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[20:49:05] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon_] by Hephaestus
[20:49:25] <charon_> ~gday editorial
[20:49:26] * exec sexually merges a tablespoon of nudez and aminals with editorial
[21:06:47] <Fnord666> ~gday charon_
[21:06:48] * exec whole-heartedly pours an undersized chest of dongles for charon_
[21:07:01] <charon_> hiyo Fnord666
[21:07:10] <Fnord666> howdy
[21:07:18] <Fnord666> you at work today?
[21:07:40] <charon_> ayep. a bit snowy out today
[21:09:51] <charon_> and so very very slow. haven't seen a customer in about an hour. and he was just asking a question
[21:10:13] <Fnord666> What dept are you in again?
[21:10:25] <Fnord666> I've forgotten
[21:11:02] <charon_> rental
[21:11:25] <Fnord666> That's right.
[21:11:36] <charon_> so unless i rented snowblowers (which i don't) no one would be venturing out to get anything in the storm
[21:11:49] * Fnord666 smacks his forehead
[21:12:15] <Fnord666> That will be a slow day then
[21:12:40] <Fnord666> The sub queue looks a little low so I've been finding a few articles
[21:13:17] <charon_> alas, takyon beat you to the merging star supernova one
[21:13:38] <Fnord666> he did? crap
[21:13:52] <charon_> i can still promote it if you want the karma
[21:13:57] <Fnord666> nah
[21:15:11] <Fnord666> I missed it in the queue. Reject it as a dupe
[21:15:21] <charon_> ok
[21:17:24] <charon_> quiet day around IRC too
[21:17:52] <Fnord666> seems like it
[21:19:50] <charon_> jan did some editing but didn't log in here
[21:21:12] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #editorial
[21:21:12] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@universe2.us/Subsentient] has joined #editorial
[21:22:19] <Fnord666> not much going on around home today.
[21:22:38] <Fnord666> just packing away the last of the holiday decorations
[21:22:52] <charon_> i assume you got my storm a day or two ago?
[21:23:24] <Fnord666> Such as it was. We really didn't get much and the road crews has a lot of salt down so the roads never got bad
[21:24:09] <Fnord666> A couple of inches of snow, maybe 3 in some areas
[21:24:56] <charon_> we have about 3 already. projected to be 4-8
[21:27:07] <Fnord666> No new snow here and rain after the weekend
[21:27:54] <charon_> do you do outdoor xmas decorations?
[21:28:42] <Fnord666> After a particularly erotic arrangement of two light up reindeer, the HOA has forbidden me from outdoor decorations.
[21:29:05] <Fnord666> just kidding.
[21:29:53] <Fnord666> I do not normally do them these days. We did more when the kids were younger and they got a kick out of it.
[21:30:40] <charon_> lol
[21:30:57] <Fnord666> The wife bought one of the inexpensive projectors this year for the garage door, then realized it would have to go smack dab in the middle of the driveway for it to work. It went back to the store.
[21:31:21] <charon_> that's not ideal placement if you want to use the driveway
[21:31:39] <Fnord666> nope. Too tempting a target
[21:32:24] <charon_> i can absolutely see some HOA busybody making sure the reindeer aren't holding hooves
[21:33:49] <Fnord666> Especially if they both have antlers.
[21:35:20] <charon_> !!!
[21:35:22] <charon_> lol
[21:36:07] <Fnord666> I may have to go see "Hidden Figures" this weekend. It looks like a good movie and the reviews are good so far..
[21:36:39] <charon_> i have heard good things too. the review you submitted is going up soon-ish
[21:37:06] <charon_> and Taraji Henson is fabulous in everything she does
[21:37:34] <Fnord666> I wasn't really sure if I considered it a review so I didn't put it in that category.
[21:37:44] <Fnord666> JanR switched it up which is fine too.
[21:38:03] <Fnord666> and yes she is. First saw her in Person if Interest.
[21:38:48] <Fnord666> Person of Interest I should say.
[21:39:09] <charon_> the TV show? i haven't seen it. but i know michael emerson is in it, and i like him too
[21:39:28] <Fnord666> It's quite interesting
[21:40:01] <Fnord666> Wrapped up the series last year.
[21:41:20] <charon_> planned ending? or cancelled?
[21:43:48] <Fnord666> planned ending
[21:45:12] <charon_> that's good. sucks when a good show gets the plug pulled with no warning
[21:45:35] <Fnord666> (cough)Firefly(cough)
[21:46:21] <Fnord666> michael emerson is an interesting actor, or at least the roles he has picked up have been
[21:47:39] <Fnord666> Apparently he does more stage work than TV
[21:48:39] <charon_> i guess the only thing i can recall seeing him in is Lost. but man was he the best "guy you want to kill but can't because he's too valuable" ever
[21:48:49] <Fnord666> and he also didn't start acting until he was in his 30s
[21:48:59] <Fnord666> Yeah, that was quite a role
[21:49:17] <Fnord666> He was also in Saw
[21:49:28] <charon_> not my cup of tea, that
[21:49:48] <Fnord666> yep, definitely
[21:50:57] <Fnord666> There was something intriguing in the premise but the execution could have been done a lot better without the need for so more gruesomeness I think.
[21:51:36] <Fnord666> Then again maybe the plot line would not have been as impactful psychologically though.
[21:54:32] <charon_> the gore is too much for me. i'm not a horror movie fan at all. suspense now and then, sure. but nothing like Hostel or Saw
[22:01:10] <Fnord666> That can be rough.
[22:01:50] <Fnord666> I don't mind it in a movie if it serves a point, but if it's gratuitous then no.
[22:02:24] <Fnord666> I actually like the physical aspect of the makeup, prosthetics, and rigs used to make it all happen.
[22:07:19] <charon_> I like The Thing, despite a few bits of weird gore because it is, like you say, in service to the plot. and it's a piece of masterful suspense
[22:08:59] <Fnord666> Yep. That's a good example.
[22:10:45] <charon_> i love the fact that the antarctic researchers all get together and watch that movie every winter after the last supply plane leaves
[22:11:07] <Fnord666> I did not know that. That's funny in a twisted way.
[22:11:21] <charon_> it's been a tradition for years, apparently
[22:11:48] <Fnord666> Do they watch each other's eyes during the movie?
[22:11:53] <charon_> lol
[22:12:06] <charon_> one of them stands around with a flamethrower
[22:12:24] <Fnord666> oh that's a good idea
[22:13:39] <Fnord666> Right up there with
[22:13:57] <Fnord666> "Let's split up so we can cover more ground that way"
[22:14:46] <charon_> yes, this is always a good idea
[22:24:33] <Fnord666> Time to make some dinner. I'll ttyl.
[22:25:22] <charon_> ok, enjoy
[23:09:56] <cmn32480> and those 5 in the queue shoudl put me right at 2500
[23:29:29] * charon_ gets the party hats and horns