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[01:08:56] <nick> http://www.nytimes.com
[01:08:58] <exec> └─ 13In Break With Past, Obama Ambassadors Are Told to Quit Posts by Inauguration Day - The New York Times
[01:09:24] <nick> 'The mandate — issued “without exceptions,” according to a terse State Department cable sent on Dec. 23, diplomats who saw it said — threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed envoys for months in critical nations like Germany, Canada and Britain.'
[01:51:17] <cmn32480> the word you are looking for is "asshole"
[01:51:26] <cmn32480> or perhaps sore loser"
[01:52:28] <cmn32480> "childish"
[03:23:19] <charon> sore winner, you mean?
[04:12:02] <Fnord666> #fite charon
[04:12:02] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[04:12:26] <MrPlow> #fite Fnord666 falls broken at charon's feet.
[04:12:49] <Fnord666> ~gday charon
[04:12:50] * exec single-candidly connects a tablespoon of smoked salmon to charon
[04:13:02] <charon> ~gday Fnord666
[04:13:04] * exec overratedly combines a lattice of Lipton iced tea with Fnord666
[04:13:23] <charon> how goes it?
[04:13:45] <Fnord666> Going well. Yourself?
[04:14:06] <charon> pretty ok. quiet evening with my kids
[04:14:41] <Fnord666> Sounds pleasant.
[04:15:42] <charon> can't decide if i'm tired enough to sleep now
[04:16:02] <Fnord666> only time will tell.
[04:16:08] <charon> heh
[04:16:26] <charon> it's early for me though.
[04:19:58] <Fnord666> hmmm. take a chance and maybe get extra sleep?
[04:20:05] <Fnord666> or ride it out
[04:20:23] <charon> crazy talk. no one needs more then 2 hours per night
[04:21:35] <Fnord666> exactly
[04:29:26] <Fnord666> Interesting story at the bottom of the queue. Free cannabis at Inauguration Day?
[04:30:20] <charon> lol
[04:30:37] <charon> please tell the cops where and when to find you doing something illegal
[04:34:32] <Fnord666> Apparently they are planning to light up at 4:20 into the speech
[04:35:22] <charon> if they don't get hustled off to the county jail long before the speech even begins
[04:36:01] <Fnord666> Yeah, I'm not sure it's an entirely well thought out plan...
[04:41:45] <Fnord666> That story about finding porn in place of a game DVD is interesting because that Target is just down the road a few miles.
[04:42:40] <charon> i am super skeptical of that story
[04:43:04] <charon> i swear i've heard variations of it for decades about video-tapes and dvds
[04:43:44] <Fnord666> I have too. They mention that it was shrink wrapped but don't all large store sahve their own shrink wrapping equipment?
[04:43:53] <charon> yep, they do
[04:44:06] <charon> it's possibly a customer return?
[04:45:04] <Fnord666> MAybe or someone in the electronics dept took the game home to play a bit before reshelving it and got confused.
[04:45:51] <Fnord666> My understanding is that taking the new games home happens a lot at Game Stop.
[04:46:22] <Fnord666> BTW I like and agree with your note on the crybully story.
[04:46:45] <charon> i used to work at a game store, yeah that was one of the perks of the job
[04:47:02] <Fnord666> Had to be some perks
[04:47:13] <charon> because afterall, we needed to know about the games in order to sell them
[04:47:35] <Fnord666> Never worked there but I've gotten to know the people that work at our local store over the years.
[04:48:59] <Fnord666> agreed re getting to know the games.
[04:49:29] <Fnord666> But of course the stores can't actually be bothered to provide you with an eval copy.
[04:49:43] <Fnord666> or can't afford to
[04:49:46] <charon> it wasn't the worst job. but at one point the corporate hatchet guys came to flay our whole district for poor sales in general and low rate of attaching bullshit like strategy guides and toys
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[04:50:28] <charon> if you didn't have at least 2 things on a sales ticket, you were not doing your job
[04:52:00] <charon> got to the point where some of my co-workers would see a customer coming with only one item and suddenly fade away instead of checking them out
[04:52:10] <Fnord666> That's why I'm not in sales.
[04:52:18] <Fnord666> Just can't do it.
[04:52:45] <Fnord666> I could only work in a shop I owned I guess where I set the policies.
[04:53:19] <charon> me neither. the retail work i do, either the customer knows exactly what they need or they at least know what they are trying to accomplish and i help them get there. i don't need to upsell anything
[04:54:40] <Fnord666> That sounds a lot more reasonable.
[04:55:46] <Fnord666> Do you recall if we are doing anything special with any CES 2017 stories?
[04:56:30] <charon> dunno. we ran one the other day but i don't know of any plans as such
[04:56:52] <charon> seems like we could do 10 a day if we wanted
[04:58:12] <Fnord666> ok
[04:58:19] <charon> lol
[04:58:24] <charon> that was not an invitation
[04:58:45] <Fnord666> time to sharpen my pencil
[04:58:53] <charon> do the hairbrush
[04:59:21] * Fnord666 guffaws
[04:59:25] <Fnord666> that one is funny.
[04:59:53] <Fnord666> I ssaw an article. Is there a sub in the queue?
[05:00:13] <charon> nope. i think someone just posted it in #soylent
[05:01:52] <charon> ok, i'm gonna 2nd all this stuff while you're having fun with CES weirdos
[05:02:22] <Fnord666> Do you recall how you got ZNC to disconnect and reconnect to pick up changes to the backscroll depth?
[05:02:42] <charon> i did /part and /join for each channel
[05:03:14] <Fnord666> while connected thru ZNC like we are now, right?
[05:03:31] <charon> yeah. /part will disconnect you from the channel you use it in
[05:04:18] <Fnord666> where did you update the back scroll buffer size?
[05:04:42] <charon> uh... have to pull up the ZNC page. give me a minute
[05:05:18] <Fnord666> np I can find it.
[05:05:27] <charon> ok. page is called "Your Settings"
[05:05:41] <charon> heading: Default Settings For New Future Channels
[05:05:48] <charon> Buffer Size
[05:05:49] <Fnord666> right
[05:06:07] <Fnord666> it doesn't seem to know what a googol is
[05:06:11] <charon> lol
[05:06:30] <charon> avogadro's number?
[05:06:45] <Fnord666> Doesn't get scientific notation either
[05:07:15] <Fnord666> or 'or (1=1)'
[05:07:42] <Fnord666> That value is in lines, yes?
[05:07:54] <charon> i assume so
[05:08:11] <charon> there's no way it's characters
[05:09:19] <Fnord666> Probably screw up my stats in irpg but whatever
[05:09:52] <charon> you don't have to rejoin that. not like it matters if the buffer is small there
[05:10:00] <Fnord666> true
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[05:10:44] <charon> thanks!
[05:10:46] <charon> Fnord666's selfishness sullies the task they and their fellow questers were charged with, which brings a great shame upon all the land. You are all punished for their transgression.
[05:11:31] <Fnord666> No!
[05:11:43] <Fnord666> Was I on a quest?
[05:12:27] <Fnord666> Damn
[05:12:30] <Fnord666> oops
[05:12:34] <charon> yep. you me and swiss
[05:12:55] <charon> it did not say what the punishment is
[05:13:06] <Fnord666> It was the lambasting from Linus that had me all confused
[05:13:36] <Fnord666> Something hideous I presume
[05:14:00] <charon> Charon, Fnord666, cmn32480, and swiss have been chosen by the FSF to quell the riot that has sprung up between Upstart-weenies and Systemd-weenies. Quest to end in 0 days, 20:04:09.
[05:14:20] <charon> oh wait, is that a different one?
[05:14:42] <charon> eh, whatever
[05:16:09] <Fnord666> exactly
[05:16:25] <Fnord666> The game you play by not doing anything.
[05:17:30] <Fnord666> well, time to call it a night. Good night charon.
[05:17:43] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666. take care
[05:17:44] * exec $adverb offers a combinatoric explosion of the rent is too damn high to Fnord666.
[05:18:07] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon you too
[05:18:09] * exec cohesively writes a fanfic featuring a pinch of young-earth creationism about charon
[05:18:43] <charon> that's... sounds intereting
[13:46:13] <cmn32480> oh.. I guess gewg_ is submitting again... must be back off holiday
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[18:48:14] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[18:48:16] * exec skeptically ships a data stream of cromulence with janrinok
[18:49:55] <janrinok> @gday cmn32480
[18:50:10] <janrinok> ~gday cmn32480
[18:50:11] * exec abnormally coalesces a trunkload of reverb with cmn32480
[18:50:23] <cmn32480> hows things today? still decompressing?
[18:51:28] <janrinok> I've given up hope of ever having ZNC work properly. Nothing has changed at this end yet 4 computers are unable to get in. Doing a bit of programming and working with an ADB-S receiver
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[19:36:59] <charon_> ~gday editorial
[19:37:00] * exec explicitly reticulates a kilobyte of dag for editorial
[19:37:39] <cmn32480> ~gday cahron
[19:37:40] * exec metrosexually cropdusts a raid 10 volume of hot gas over cahron
[19:37:44] <cmn32480> ~gday charon_
[19:37:45] * exec illegitimately sets a tremendouns number of chocolate rain by charon_
[19:37:52] <janrinok> ~gday charon
[19:37:53] * exec proverbially cropdusts a caravan of win32s over charon
[19:38:00] <janrinok> time for tea
[19:38:26] <charon_> how goes it? other than tea
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[19:41:15] <charon_> hiyo nick
[19:41:38] <nick> anyone seeing the 'breaking news' shooting at airport?
[19:41:42] <nick> also ahoy-hoy
[19:42:09] <cmn32480> listening to it on the radio
[19:42:19] <cmn32480> 5 dead 8 hospitalized
[19:42:27] <cmn32480> from what I heard at the last roundup
[19:42:30] <nick> shooter has been arrested apparently
[19:42:38] <janrinok> ~gday nick
[19:42:39] * exec explicitly deallocates a +1 mace of pirated software from nick
[19:42:47] <nick> howdy janrinok
[19:42:51] <cmn32480> that oughta be interesting
[19:42:57] <cmn32480> ~gday nick
[19:42:58] * exec sneakily queefs an amulet of bacon-flavored candy canes at nick
[19:44:03] <nick> now there's reports the shooter has been ID'd
[19:44:09] <charon_> i had not seen it. looking now
[19:44:20] <janrinok> charon, both the tea and life are going well, thanks
[19:44:44] <nick> but it seems like the situation is over right now, so will see what gets confirmed
[19:45:19] <charon_> hmm, isn't baggage claim inside the security area? how'd the perp have a gun?
[19:45:30] <janrinok> as you guys have got better access to that story than I have, I'll leave it to you to decide whether it is important enough to put something out on the main page
[19:45:35] <cmn32480> baggage claim is NOT secured
[19:45:46] <cmn32480> outside security and the preferred meeting area for people
[19:45:59] <nick> 'Florida Senator Bill Nelson told the network that the suspect's name was Estaban Santiago and that he was found with a military ID. It was not clear if the ID belonged to the gunman.'
[19:45:59] <cmn32480> generally right near the main exit
[19:46:02] <charon_> ah. been a while since i flew
[19:46:06] <janrinok> not in the UK, it is still inside the customs controlled area
[19:46:11] <cmn32480> not me
[19:46:20] <cmn32480> customs is different
[19:46:24] <nick> janrinok, US baggage claim is not like in the UK/EU
[19:46:29] <nick> as i experienced myself recently
[19:46:32] <cmn32480> baggage claim for international is inside the secured/customs area
[19:46:41] <janrinok> that's why shooters can get guns :)
[19:46:58] <cmn32480> domestic baggage claim in the US is OUTSIDE security
[19:47:05] <cmn32480> 8 confirmed dead
[19:47:20] <nick> apparently shooter was wearing a 'star wars' t-shirt according to one witness
[19:47:40] <cmn32480> mourning Carrie Fisher?
[19:47:50] <janrinok> so he was a geek - make up a story, pretend we are like CNN or something
[19:47:58] <charon_> pssh
[19:48:09] <cmn32480> FAKE NEWS!!!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!!!
[19:48:20] <nick> lol
[19:48:26] <janrinok> any news on how Trumps briefing is going?
[19:48:38] * cmn32480 thought he wore boxers
[19:48:47] <charon_> we can publish a retraction later in 4 pt white type
[19:48:57] <janrinok> I wouldn't know - I look at his daughter rather than him
[19:49:01] * nick imagines any briefing goes something like 'im the president, i tell you, you don't tell me'
[19:49:18] <cmn32480> charon.. I use night mode.. I'd see it!
[19:49:36] <janrinok> only 'cos it helps you sleep in the office
[19:49:47] <cmn32480> uhuh
[19:49:59] <cmn32480> and I'd check his daughter's draws
[19:50:33] <nick> a better way would be to make a 'retractions/clarifications' user that writes them in a journal no one will read with comments disabled
[19:50:49] <cmn32480> lol
[19:50:56] <charon_> 4 stars, nick
[19:50:58] <janrinok> lol - you are definitely on form today nick
[19:51:33] <nick> thanks, makes me feel better, didnt really sleep last night, feel fucked today
[19:51:45] <janrinok> anyway, how's life as a part-time 'Murican suiting you nick?
[19:52:30] <charon_> it's been two weeks, he's probably overweight and sedentary by now like the natives
[19:52:53] <nick> life is good, keeping pretty quiet though.. not exactly much to do in these parts, but the people here are really nice
[19:52:57] <janrinok> I hear he's bought a golf cart to help him get around Walmarts
[19:53:07] <nick> and i recently discovered the joys of hot pockets
[19:53:14] <janrinok> lol
[19:53:29] * nick opens a can of mtn dew
[19:53:53] <janrinok> ... and reaches for a box of doughnuts
[19:54:00] <cmn32480> mt dew.. taco bell and hot pockets,,,
[19:54:03] <charon_> the joy of hot pockets is scalding your tongue in bite #1 and freezing on bite #2
[19:54:11] <cmn32480> sounds like nick is a colelge freshman
[19:54:18] <nick> https://mrsmedia.nestleusa.com
[19:54:37] <nick> cmn32480, got to try the local delicacies
[19:55:02] <nick> making the most of all the overly-processed unhealthy foodings america has to offer
[19:55:41] <nick> that's the frustrating thing about UY, there's very little choice/variation in food
[19:55:46] <charon_> well, i know it's no pub pork pie
[19:55:56] <nick> although when i return i'll be making trips to brazil for more interesting stuff
[19:56:46] <nick> been a good while since i had a pork pie... more a scotch egg kind of guy
[19:57:25] <janrinok> and pork scratchings?
[19:57:46] <charon_> did somebody say haggis?
[19:57:51] <nick> i did have a really nice locally sourced venison steak the other day though
[19:57:51] <janrinok> nope
[19:58:26] <nick> i used to hate pork scratchings, but now they can be good in small doses
[19:58:47] <janrinok> well, too many isn't good for you anyway
[19:59:20] <nick> how can that be, they're like 50% salt and 50% fat.... all the goodness you need for a balanced diet
[19:59:20] <charon_> you can probably get those in UY. they're called chicharones in spanish
[19:59:22] <janrinok> I told my cardiologist about them and he is surprised that anyone has ever walked out of a pub alive!
[19:59:45] <nick> chicharones are for lightweights, but they are tasty
[20:00:15] <nick> although it probably depends, but the ones i've had are quite different from pork scratchings
[20:01:02] <nick> janrinok, to survive you need the perfect balance of pork to ale
[20:01:39] <janrinok> agreed, but I'm not allowed to do that much now either - I think cardios are just killjoys
[20:01:53] <janrinok> brb
[20:03:08] <charon_> mmm, ale
[20:04:32] <nick> time for some taco salad
[20:05:45] <janrinok> you are making me very hungry - and that is not a good way to go to bed...
[20:06:07] <janrinok> but I'd better shed a few pounds of Christmas excess before the end of the month
[20:07:20] <nick> after my time in the US, going to have to go on some kind of diet and exercise routine
[20:07:57] <janrinok> do you mean when you get to UY or when you return to Blighty?
[20:09:17] <nick> UY
[20:09:46] <nick> i'm going to return to UK in July probably, but only for a couple weeks... Business partner is getting married
[20:13:42] <charon_> beans and rice is a tough diet to lose weight on too
[20:14:04] <janrinok> well, time for be to be on my way. Hopefully will be able to spend more time on here tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone, but might see some of you over the w/e
[20:14:20] <nick> take care janrinok
[20:14:25] <nick> give my regards to S
[20:14:25] <janrinok> cmn32480, give my best to J and enjoy your time with the kids
[20:14:33] <janrinok> thanks nick, will do
[20:14:47] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[20:14:48] * exec ironically uninstalls a training bra of Beer-brand beer from janrinok
[20:14:51] <janrinok> ~gnight eds
[20:14:51] <cmn32480> sweet dreams for you and S
[20:14:52] * exec cantankerously hallucinates a briefcase of b-trees with eds
[20:15:05] <charon_> ~gnight janrinok
[20:15:06] * exec retroactively hurls an alternative view of horseradish at janrinok
[20:15:28] <janrinok> beer-brand beer and horseradish - delicious (NOT)
[20:15:56] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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[23:35:30] <charon_> #fite Fnord666
[23:35:30] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[23:35:42] <MrPlow> #fite Fnord666 falls broken at charon_'s feet.
[23:35:48] <Fnord666> bastard
[23:35:51] <charon_> #fite charon
[23:35:51] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[23:35:59] <charon_> hi!
[23:36:04] <MrPlow> #fite charon_ falls broken at charon's feet.
[23:36:14] <charon_> there, you are avenged
[23:36:18] <Fnord666> Hi!
[23:36:52] <Fnord666> I don't feel avenged.
[23:36:55] <charon_> how are ya?
[23:37:06] <Fnord666> Good. It's Friday. Yourself?
[23:37:19] <charon_> not bad. so ready to be done with work
[23:37:42] <Fnord666> Hit that wall about 3:30pm
[23:38:35] <charon_> i have 2:22 left in my day. but it's usually the slowest part
[23:40:32] <charon_> have you read backscroll in #soylent from today? there's an interesting exchange about how we might drum up better commentary
[23:40:49] <Fnord666> I have not. LEt me check
[23:41:17] <Fnord666> you know about what time?
[23:44:11] <nick> give me a tl;dr?
[23:44:58] <Fnord666> i found it.
[23:45:10] <Fnord666> but I am afk for a sec
[23:50:47] <Fnord666> back
[23:50:55] <charon_> mechj and janR and cmn were discussing how to have better comments vs more crap. and also perhaps to gain new readers
[23:51:44] <charon_> one suggestion was to have a question or two added by the eds to a story, to spur some discussion
[23:52:20] <charon_> mechj was going to look at successful stories to see if anything was common to them
[23:52:29] <charon_> (besides red meat politics)
[23:53:28] <charon_> that was all for you, nick
[23:53:41] <Fnord666> ok, back from the land of the backscroll
[23:54:25] <charon_> which reminds me, since you are an authentic UK citizen. is the construction "our [person's name]" actually used by regular people?
[23:54:44] <Fnord666> janR thinks he knows what mechJ will find and I'm a tad concerned.
[23:55:06] <charon_> i'm betting he'll find political sniping is the common thread
[23:55:30] <nick> charon_, yes it is, but it's a regional thing
[23:55:32] <Fnord666> ok, maybe he is thinking of the commenting and not the editing.
[23:56:10] <Fnord666> I'm pretty sure most of the stories I eun get little if any commentary.
[23:56:16] <Fnord666> s/eun/run/
[23:56:17] <exec> <Fnord666> I'm pretty sure most of the stories I run get little if any commentary.
[23:56:46] <Fnord666> They are more science focused and pretty limited in scope.
[23:56:52] <nick> I almost never add to a summary, especially in the form of questions
[23:57:11] <nick> i don't like the idea of accidentally or intentionally creating a leading question or framing the story in my own terms
[23:57:14] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@119.17.wmi.rzn] has joined #editorial
[23:57:40] <Fnord666> agreed and I think in 2016 I had my fill of clickbaity headlines
[23:57:51] <charon_> i have had a few big ones, but since i prefer straight up science stories, i get a lot with no comments too
[23:58:19] <charon_> gday crutchy
[23:58:30] <nick> quality discussion on objective issues is hard to come by, unless you're particularly well versed in the field, most people don't have anything to add
[23:58:33] <Fnord666> Now I've submitted more stories in the last two months than I have in the previous two years...
[23:58:41] <charon_> same here, Fnord666
[23:58:45] <nick> and even when they do, it's not going to create lengthy discussion
[23:58:55] <Fnord666> Hey crutchy
[23:59:09] <nick> subjective topics can generate more discussion, but the quality of the discussion is also subjective at that point
[23:59:20] <Fnord666> brb