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[00:31:57] <charon_> hi nick III
[01:29:35] <cmn32480> I'm sorry... you'll have to talk to janrinok
[01:29:47] <cmn32480> he was being a meanine... and I'm directing all FNG questions to him
[01:29:54] <cmn32480> and no, there isn't a way to do that
[01:34:54] <charon_> then i am blameless
[01:36:43] <cmn32480> wel... for this maybe
[01:36:58] <cmn32480> we'll think of something else... be it real or imagined up by chromas
[01:38:58] <charon_> how goes it,cmn32480?
[01:39:12] * cmn32480 is currently completing his adulting for the day and writing checks to all the peoples and institutions to whom he owes money
[01:40:04] * cmn32480 notes that he is doing this reluctantly...
[01:41:03] <charon_> i thought you seemed a bit more surly than usual
[01:41:06] <cmn32480> other than watchign the after Christmas bank account hemorrhage, not too bad
[01:41:15] * Fnord666 quietly waves at cmn32480 and charon_
[01:41:49] * charon_ jumps up and down yelling and pointing at Fnord666
[01:42:11] <Fnord666> oh it's going to be that sort of evening is it?
[01:42:50] <nick__> charon_, nice submission on credit reporting agencies
[01:43:01] <Fnord666> Hi nick__!
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[01:43:19] <nick> hey Fnord666
[01:43:20] <charon_> thank you nick, the third of his name
[01:43:38] <nick> is handy, i don't have to change any of the defaults in hexchat
[01:44:24] <Fnord666> Let's all stare at cmn32480 while he tries to write checks, then realizes he wrote 2016 on all of them.
[01:44:37] <charon_> lol
[01:44:40] <cmn32480> ah FUCVK
[01:44:54] * cmn32480 now writes VOID on all of them
[01:45:13] <cmn32480> thanks Fnord666
[01:45:22] * nick cant wait to get his check from cmn32480
[01:45:35] <charon_> make the 1 into a 4 and it will be still valid for 30 years
[01:45:46] <Fnord666> /
[01:45:47] <cmn32480> should be in the mailbox nick.. .why don't you go check
[01:45:49] <Fnord666> /
[01:45:58] <Fnord666> \ /
[01:46:02] <Fnord666> v
[01:46:07] <Fnord666> there's your check
[01:46:33] <cmn32480> I addressed it to:
[01:46:35] <Fnord666> kinda in an ascii art sorta way
[01:46:53] <cmn32480> The Only Ex-Pat Brit in the Calumet City, Michigan
[01:47:17] <nick> hah, should find me
[01:47:57] <cmn32480> I think it likely
[01:48:09] * cmn32480 wonders if it will get there before you leave again
[01:48:10] <Fnord666> That's bad, it means they know you.
[01:48:15] <nick> i have been enjoying peoples attempts at british accents
[01:48:32] <Fnord666> It's the post office, so they might even have a picture of you.
[01:49:14] <cmn32480> even if they know.. the brits haven't come for war in over 200 years... us Americans on the other hand...
[01:50:10] <cmn32480> all we gotta do is show up and it is on like Donkey Kong
[01:50:53] <nick> lol
[01:51:09] <Fnord666> There's a phrase I haven't heard since Reagan was president
[01:52:43] <cmn32480> mortage paid... on both houses
[01:52:58] <charon_> oh, mr fancy has TWO mortgages
[01:53:04] <cmn32480> yeah...
[01:53:16] <cmn32480> first one is on the house I live in
[01:53:31] <cmn32480> second one is on the house I still own, but owe more on than it is worth
[01:53:35] <cmn32480> and I rent it out
[01:53:52] <charon_> oh man, the joys of being a landlord
[01:54:38] <cmn32480> the family that is living there is pretty good
[01:54:49] <cmn32480> no major issues...
[01:55:06] * charon_ knocks wood on cmn32480's behalf
[01:55:07] <cmn32480> I hear from them once a month when I get the "DING" in my bank account that the rent has been paid
[01:55:17] <cmn32480> the major stuff all happened last year
[01:55:32] <cmn32480> dryer went up in October
[01:55:40] <cmn32480> Furnace went up week before Christmas
[01:55:49] <cmn32480> last year being 2015
[01:56:17] <Fnord666> At least the furnace gets a tax credit
[01:57:44] <cmn32480> all of it did
[01:57:52] <cmn32480> falls under improvements on the property
[01:58:11] <cmn32480> and technically, I lost money on it last year
[01:58:32] <Fnord666> well there you go.
[01:58:33] <charon_> tax write off!
[01:58:37] <cmn32480> 75% of the mortgage interest is tax deductable
[01:58:53] <cmn32480> and by lost money, I took a freaking bath on the place
[01:59:00] <cmn32480> but it's all good
[01:59:15] <cmn32480> take the write off on the big purchase, but I have 5 years at 0% to pay it off
[01:59:37] <nick> cmn32480 looking to emulate trump's real estate success
[02:00:26] <cmn32480> not really... I"m actually hoping to keep the place long enough to make a half a profit on it when I sell
[02:00:30] <charon_> that would be getting more mortgages and buying a half dozen more properties
[02:00:49] <cmn32480> nah that place was bought under the old rules...
[02:00:53] <cmn32480> FHA loan
[02:01:06] <cmn32480> $0 down...
[02:01:26] <nick> got to build the debt in a way the creditors can't afford you to go bankrupt, get more loans and double down.
[02:01:40] <nick> obviously done through a loose collection of LLCs
[02:01:49] <charon_> helps if you have a rich dad
[02:02:26] <cmn32480> nick the LLC thing is actually somethign I wish I had done
[02:03:31] <cmn32480> that way, regtardless of if I get sued for somethign, the house is untouchable
[02:04:16] <charon_> punch out time, see y'all on the flip side
[02:04:34] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon_
[02:04:36] * exec brazenly scissors a shitton of spiders for charon_
[02:04:36] <nick> house owned by a nevada llc, but the property management stuff is done by a delaware llc that borrows from the nevada llc
[02:04:40] <Fnord666> see ya
[02:04:56] <charon_> i'll be back, just need to get home in the snow
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[02:05:22] <nick> then ideally that delaware llc would be operated by a belize ibc and a BVI trust
[02:05:38] <nick> sorry the nevada llc
[02:05:51] <cmn32480> yeah... round and round and round
[02:06:14] <nick> it's a very good way of making the most of that 'limited liability' in the name
[02:07:12] <nick> but you need to have a certain scale of operations to make such an endeavour viable, and then you need to be a good enough client of deloitte/kpmg/pwc to be sure they wont throw you under the bus as a sacrifice to the regulatory gods
[02:07:39] <cmn32480> right
[02:07:55] <cmn32480> had I done it as a trust, or an LLC it woudl have been a single layer
[02:08:14] <cmn32480> and strictly as an asset and credit protection thing
[02:08:47] <cmn32480> for instance, if the LLC goes into bankruptcy, I'd ahve lsot the hosue anyway... but my credit, as a tenent comes out unscathed
[02:08:52] <cmn32480> rinse and repeat
[02:09:37] <nick> yeah
[02:10:00] <nick> i have the reverse issue now... my company has far better credit than I do
[02:10:01] <cmn32480> basically stuff I wish I had known a few years ago
[02:10:58] <nick> no one will give me a personal loan or credit card on reasonable terms, because i personally don't have a track record (because they refuse to offer reasonable terms) or regular income.
[02:11:11] <nick> but they'll throw money at my company
[02:11:26] <cmn32480> make that work in your favor, if the cash flow is there
[02:11:35] <cmn32480> get the company to buy the house, and you pay as the tenent
[02:11:55] <nick> i'm not really complaining, i just find it funny
[02:13:42] <nick> keeps me personally debt free mostly
[02:13:53] <cmn32480> that is a good thing
[02:25:07] <nick> makes me pretty happy, enables me to do the things i'm doing now
[02:25:45] <nick> with apparently $217tn of debt in the world, it feels like a decent place to be
[02:33:04] * cmn32480 wants to be debt free... but the wife adn kds seem to ahve toher ideas at this point
[02:38:25] <charon> i was nearly debt free until i decided to get a new car
[02:39:25] <cmn32480> wife wants me to get one
[02:39:35] <cmn32480> told her we have way too much red ink to take that on
[02:41:31] <charon> i only did it because my old car was facing 1k in repairs and it didn't make much sense to put that much into it anymore
[02:41:40] <cmn32480> yeah
[02:41:47] <cmn32480> I understand how that works
[02:41:59] <cmn32480> I'm 10 years old w/ 186k miles...
[02:42:09] <cmn32480> major reepairs are pretty well out of the questions
[02:42:13] <charon> that's a lot of mileage
[02:42:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> 16 years old w/ 264K+ miles
[02:42:38] * TheMightyBuzzard wins
[02:42:41] <cmn32480> yeah... she's a good little car
[02:43:01] <cmn32480> don't you have an LCARS theme to fix?
[02:43:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> nope, disabling it and calling the update ready to roll out tomorrow
[02:43:31] <charon> the comment update?
[02:43:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> nod nod
[02:43:42] <cmn32480> okie then
[02:44:05] <cmn32480> my yaris shoudl last 16 yeasr adn 300k
[02:44:22] <cmn32480> engine is in good shape, and she is still getting 35-36 around town
[02:44:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, it prolly will. yotas rock dat ass for longevity.
[02:45:17] <charon> my honda accord that i got rid of was about 16. if i had been willing to do the repairs it needed, probably would last another long while
[02:45:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> ima hafta drop a grand to get a new transmission in mine eventually but hell, if it gets me another 100k miles, well worth it.
[02:45:33] <cmn32480> that's the thing I ever understand
[02:45:49] <cmn32480> people squeal about $1000 in repairs...
[02:46:05] <cmn32480> for a car that will likely last without additional repairs for a few more years
[02:46:24] <cmn32480> but will drop $300/month on a payment for 3 or 5 years
[02:46:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, it don't matter what the car will sell for. the value of having a running car for the next N miles is what matters.
[02:46:42] <charon> yeah, it's not expecially logical. but i had my eye on a leaf for a while, so it was also taking that opportunity
[02:47:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> i would kinda like to get an old jeep cj though if i can find one. it'd haul boats better.
[02:48:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> the hamster in my echo cries every time i latch the boat on.
[02:48:37] <cmn32480> heh
[02:48:38] <cmn32480> I bet
[02:48:46] <cmn32480> I found that feeding it coffee helps
[02:50:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> well yeah, that helps everything except carburetors.
[02:51:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> time for bed, yall go back to your edity weirdness now.
[02:51:25] <charon> ~gnight TheMightyBuzzard
[02:51:27] * exec prematurely bitchslaps 40 gallons worth of phantom power with TheMightyBuzzard
[02:51:50] <cmn32480> ~gnight TheMightyBuzzard
[02:51:51] * exec transphobically internalizes a safe space of eye crust in TheMightyBuzzard
[02:52:54] <Fnord666> ~gnight TheMightyBuzzard
[02:52:55] * exec sneakily requisitions a keg of the atheist's nightmare for TheMightyBuzzard
[02:54:15] <Fnord666> We've kept track of the Saturn SL1 that we bought when they first came out.
[02:54:29] <Fnord666> It currently has > 375,000 miles on it.
[02:55:01] <Fnord666> Been through 3 owners since we had it.
[02:55:46] <Fnord666> Wait, TMB pulls a boat with an ECHO?
[02:56:03] <charon> there is no logic to TMB
[02:56:23] <cmn32480> it is NOT a big boat
[02:56:31] <cmn32480> think dinghy w/ a trolling motor
[02:56:52] <Fnord666> Anything bigger and the first hill would have the boat towing the echo!
[02:57:14] <cmn32480> and I don't believe that he goes very far w/ it
[02:57:36] <cmn32480> -254.39
[02:57:38] <cmn32480> DOH
[02:57:47] <cmn32480> that was s'posed to be in the calculator
[02:58:02] <Fnord666> lol
[02:58:03] <charon> i thought that was your current bank balance
[02:58:14] <cmn32480> not that far off
[03:04:28] <charon> Fnord666 is pickin on me
[03:04:46] <Fnord666> Muahahaha
[03:04:55] <Fnord666> Don't complain. You won. Barely.
[03:05:05] <Fnord666> Next time for sure.
[03:05:52] <charon> i guess i should fite someone else to burn off that last hp
[03:07:21] <Fnord666> Give it to one of the bots
[03:09:03] <Fnord666> You know what's funnier than one of your friends sending you a picture of a brad nail stuck in his thumb from a nail gun?
[03:09:40] <Fnord666> He said this one didn't hurt as much as the one earlier.
[03:09:41] <charon> them doing it right in front of you?
[03:10:33] <Fnord666> that too.
[03:10:35] <chromas> Gotta keep it symmetrical
[03:10:50] <charon> dedication to his art
[03:11:21] <Fnord666> True dat.
[03:11:34] <Fnord666> perfecting the craft I guess
[03:12:04] <Fnord666> Then again he's always been a couple of fries short of a happy meal.
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[03:17:07] <Fnord666> charon - how much snow did you get?
[03:17:40] <charon> none really. it was just a light snowshower. turned back into rain then stopped while i was driving
[03:18:15] <Fnord666> good I guess. Is it supposed to freeze overnight?
[03:18:21] <charon> atm, there is almost nothing left of the 3 inches we got last week
[03:18:44] <Fnord666> We're supposed to get a few inches tomorrow afternoon
[03:18:59] <charon> low of 25 overnight. not bad
[03:21:53] <charon> low snowfall for you so far, yeah?
[03:22:09] <Fnord666> anyone have reallu crappy weather headed their way?
[03:22:19] <Fnord666> Yeah, very little so far.
[03:22:57] <charon> same here. only two solid precipitation events, and all melted
[03:23:13] <Fnord666> You getting acclimated yet nick?
[03:27:07] <charon> he must be lost in a snowbank
[03:30:59] <Fnord666> Or the IRS just executed a no knock warrant.
[03:35:41] <Fnord666> Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure as always but it's time for me to head out for the evening. I was dragging tail a bit today with too little sleep. Talk to you all later.
[03:36:00] <cmn32480> ~gnight Fnord666
[03:36:01] <charon> good night Fnord666, sleep well
[03:36:02] * exec single-candidly formulates a training bra of pain for Fnord666
[03:36:02] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon
[03:36:03] * exec diabolically shoves an assload of futility in charon
[03:36:04] <cmn32480> I'm about to do the same
[03:36:22] <charon> now my watch begins
[03:36:24] <cmn32480> ~gngiht charon
[03:36:30] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:36:31] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon
[03:36:31] <charon> i will take no wife, hold no lands
[03:36:32] * exec prematurely snatches a raid 5 volume of IOUs from cmn32480
[03:36:33] * exec ironically hucks a caravan of beaver-age at charon
[03:36:48] <charon> i am the sword upon the wall
[03:37:05] <charon> or whatever gibberish GRRM made up
[03:37:41] <Fnord666> Winter is cominnnngggggg
[03:38:04] <cmn32480> so was your mom last night
[03:38:22] <charon> oh no you di'int
[03:38:23] * cmn32480 goes back in his hole
[03:39:11] <charon> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:39:12] * exec whole-heartedly snatches a safe space of MP from cmn32480
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[04:37:40] <nick> ahoy
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[18:13:54] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[18:16:46] <janrinok> here
[18:16:56] <charon> i am here too
[18:17:14] <cmn32480> BEAT HIM!!!!!!!
[18:17:19] <charon> but but
[18:17:21] <janrinok> it is to do with merges. I can't remember how much training you had in how to do them
[18:17:21] <cmn32480> BEAT HIM ABOUT THE HEAD AND SHOULDERS!!!!!!
[18:17:39] * cmn32480 chickles that janrinok dones't have the back scroll
[18:17:46] <charon> i do know about merges. i just didn't see the second story until it was too late
[18:18:02] <janrinok> it is preferable, if you are going to do a merge, to do it from the subs page
[18:18:19] <janrinok> but as you already know that - there is no point in me going on about it!
[18:18:47] <cmn32480> NO... you must lecture the new guy
[18:18:56] <charon> since it was AC, i really didn't even need to publish the second one. could have just deleted it
[18:19:06] <janrinok> cmn32480, for some reason I don't seem to get the backscroll any more
[18:19:16] <cmn32480> you have to log inot ZNC...
[18:19:29] <janrinok> I am logged into to ZNC
[18:20:05] <charon> then ZNC isno't logged on here...
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[18:20:16] <janrinok> oh, it looks as though it has kicked me off again
[18:20:25] <cmn32480> no sir... you come and go like a normal
[18:20:36] <charon> that's how i knew to say hi to you
[18:20:46] -!- janrinok_ has quit [Client Quit]
[18:21:09] <cmn32480> that's why exec always says hi to you
[18:21:33] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:21:47] <cmn32480> WOO HOO!
[18:22:03] <charon> nice you tricked him into logging out
[18:22:26] * cmn32480 polishes his nails on his shirt
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[18:23:14] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[18:23:14] <charon> so, how are you?
[18:23:26] <cmn32480> trying hard to stay awake and on task
[18:23:31] <janrinok> it's done it again!
[18:23:56] <charon> this time we know who to blame
[18:24:16] <cmn32480> deucalion?
[18:24:28] -!- janrinok has quit [Client Quit]
[18:24:58] <charon> yep. but for old time's sake may as well...
[18:25:00] <charon> ~blame
[18:25:01] * exec points at Bytram
[18:25:04] <cmn32480> oh lord... here we go.. he'll be in and out for the next 2 hours....
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[18:25:59] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[18:26:52] <cmn32480> oh lord... here we go.. he'll be in and out for the next 2 hours....
[18:26:54] <janrinok> ZNC is a heap of shit at this end. 4 different computers, 2 different OS, and they all get forgotten by ZNC
[18:27:20] <janrinok> ~blame
[18:27:20] <cmn32480> has been workign for me for almost 2 years, nearly flawlessly
[18:27:21] * exec points at Bytram
[18:27:42] <janrinok> yep, it works for everyone else, but reboot the system and my end falls down
[18:28:15] <cmn32480> sounds like user error...
[18:28:17] <charon> i blame France
[18:28:28] <cmn32480> are you savign the configuaraiton? or are you forced to rebuild it each time?
[18:28:53] <cmn32480> Dude.. got some sweet French WW II rifles.. never been fired and only dropped once!
[18:29:31] <janrinok> I save it and it works until the SN servers get rebooted - then it dies. It cannot be a corruption at this end because that wouldn't affect 4 different computers. I can't find a common link between the ZNC software from 2 different OS.
[18:30:12] <janrinok> I'd better edit some subs before I start playing with it again
[18:30:18] <cmn32480> lol
[18:30:50] <charon> cmn32480: the ghost of Charles DeGaulle was on its way to beat you up for that joke, but it was the end of his 5 hour work day, so he'll get to you tomorrow
[18:31:05] <janrinok> ... and he'll want overtime
[18:31:25] <cmn32480> I'll give him some cheese to go w/ his whine...
[18:31:57] <janrinok> but if you guys can't get yourselves organised into a reasonable length working week it doesn't by blaming everyone in Europe who have already achieved that dream
[18:32:32] <janrinok> plus we get guaranteed paid vacations that we can actually take
[18:33:03] <janrinok> ... just sayin'
[18:33:10] <charon> i can't take a vacation, there's only 2 other people who know how to do my job
[18:33:24] <janrinok> blame the French...
[18:33:29] <cmn32480> and if you are greek you get to retire at 50.. and have the state put you on the dole.. adn run the country into the ground
[18:33:59] <janrinok> I retired at 55 and received a pension. No problems at this side of Europe
[18:34:52] <janrinok> anybody got any idea why Google is a 'federal contractor'? What do they do for the Govt?
[18:35:45] <cmn32480> manage all the gov't stock of our private information
[18:35:46] <chromas> Liberate privacy
[18:35:46] <charon> surveillance?
[18:36:15] <janrinok> you'd think that someone might want to keep that quiet - or at least I would think that
[18:36:29] <cmn32480> and I think that Gooogle did some work to fix the disaster that was Healthcare.gov
[18:37:00] <chromas> You only need to hide bad deeds when someone will get after you for them
[18:37:52] <charon> and chromas wins the "cynic of the day" award
[18:38:51] <janrinok> apparently, they provide 'digital advertising' for the govt and is also a 'defense' contractor
[18:39:48] <chromas> Didn't they buy Boston Dynamics?
[18:40:54] <janrinok> yup
[18:43:52] <cmn32480> there you go
[18:44:09] <janrinok> what do Boston Dy do?
[18:44:22] <chromas> Makes giant robot dogs
[18:45:05] <cmn32480> that required a gasoline engine becasue the batteries were such crap
[18:45:11] <charon> i thought that was the roomba guys
[18:45:25] <cmn32480> supposed to be used to haul gear for the Marines on covert missions or some such
[18:45:33] <chromas> 'covert'
[18:45:45] <cmn32480> but the gas engine was kinda a dead giveaway
[18:46:00] <chromas> "No one will suspect people are sneaking about when they hear this loud engine running"
[18:46:07] <chromas> oh damn I type too slow
[18:46:13] <janrinok> that and having to keep stopping at a gas station....
[18:46:30] <chromas> Just bring another dog to haul extra fuel
[18:47:24] <chromas> Maybe in a secret lab somewhere, Google is combining Earth with robot dogs to make a real-life RTS game
[18:50:14] <cmn32480> man... imagine all the robotic barking...
[18:50:56] <chromas> Google Dognamics
[18:51:41] * chromas sets dog to patrol, right-clicks to bomb house with drone
[18:52:28] * cmn32480 sets on a defensive stance... that way it won't run away
[18:52:50] * charon charges his home defense Tesla cannon
[18:53:08] * cmn32480 cuts the power to charon's house
[18:53:30] * cmn32480 sends in the clowns before the generator picks up
[18:53:58] <charon> luckily, my Rooma army is fully charged and waiting
[18:54:10] <chromas> would be pretty cool though. Sit in front of google earth, with drones painting updates on the map. Little markers showing tanks 'n' dogs. Click; command. Click; command
[18:58:08] <charon> dunno. unless they were actually crawling around your own neighborhood in real time, i don't see how it would be better
[18:59:09] <chromas> Why would I want to shoot up my own neighborhood? Send 'em to one of those terr'ist countries
[18:59:53] <janrinok> hark - I hear MASH starting on a TV not far from where I sit
[19:00:19] <cmn32480> Frank Burns eats worms
[19:00:34] <chromas> How long d'you think 'til they reboot that?
[19:00:40] <janrinok> but Hotlips is still hot in the old shows!
[19:00:47] <charon> RIP William Cristopher
[19:08:27] <charon> ted cruz?!? http://thehill.com
[19:08:29] <exec> └─ 13Cruz, DeSantis push for congressional term limits | TheHill
[19:08:57] <chromas> fake
[19:09:06] <chromas> I saw it on facebook so it's Fake News™ LD
[19:09:07] <chromas> :D
[19:10:14] <charon> it's only fake if it comes from the onion
[19:42:57] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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[19:43:14] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
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[19:49:34] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[19:49:58] <janrinok> time to go
[19:50:04] <janrinok> ~gnight all
[19:50:05] * exec casually internalizes a pitcher of frustration in all
[19:50:10] <charon> ~gnight janrinok
[19:50:11] * exec ceremoniously piles a stein of lard on janrinok
[19:50:21] <charon> mm, lard
[19:50:29] <janrinok> shit frustration!
[19:50:54] -!- janrinok has quit [Client Quit]
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[19:51:34] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[19:52:22] <janrinok> so how do I know if I am logged in via ZNC or not?
[19:52:53] -!- janrinok has quit [Client Quit]
[20:04:11] <cmn32480> ~tell janrinok You aren't logged into ZNC you keep disappearing
[21:23:38] <cmn32480> #fite Hephaestus
[21:23:38] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[21:23:48] <MrPlow> #fite Hephaestus falls broken at cmn32480's feet.