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[01:52:41] <n1> reports coming out now that a 'gunman' trying to enter us embassy in ankara was neutralized
[02:15:40] <Bytram> https://techcrunch.com
[02:15:41] <exec> └─ 13Apple’s Tim Cook assures employees that it is committed to the Mac and that ‘great desktops’ are coming | TechCrunch
[03:45:48] <charon> hiyo #editorial
[03:46:40] <n1> tim cook doing his best impression of a politician
[03:46:46] <n1> and howdy charon
[03:49:28] <charon> bad day for terror
[03:53:01] <n1> i think it's just a bad day
[03:53:40] <n1> so bad my karma is down to 49 for the first time in a very long time!
[03:54:39] * cmn32480 goes to find nick's comments to mark as spam
[03:55:03] <cmn32480> Make the Desktop Great Again!
[03:56:22] <charon> reading backscroll. is there really something wrong with that sub or is it you, n1?
[03:59:20] <cmn32480> deleted hip hop sounds soylvertisement
[03:59:56] <cmn32480> gentlemen, let's increas the article spread t 2 hours, since the queu is running short
[04:00:23] <charon> i second that motion
[04:00:29] <n1> charon, there's nothing 'wrong' with it as such
[04:01:16] <n1> but it does present a very narrow view of the incident which is serving as confirmation bias of sorts
[04:01:26] <n1> plays into the 'russia deserved it
[04:01:35] <charon> oh, i'm sorry. not that one
[04:01:49] <charon> the one about the stolen phone, and formatting?
[04:01:53] <n1> oh right
[04:02:05] <n1> i just couldn't access it, but it's a browser issue
[04:07:00] <cmn32480> n1 - very nice on the do-not-parse-go line
[04:07:22] <n1> thanks
[04:07:52] <n1> just dropped in a sub that should be easy enough to push through
[04:07:56] <charon> huh... i wonder if it's a coincidence or some really deep data mining. i just got a spam mail from someone with a nick the same as my old roommate about 20 years ago
[04:08:27] <cmn32480> same email you had back then?
[04:08:46] <charon> but it's definietely not him because he would not have used my nick in the salutation
[04:09:05] <charon> no, different email
[04:09:16] <cmn32480> yer just lucky I guess
[04:09:36] <charon> but like mayve we were in the same chatroom and got linked somehow in a log file
[04:10:18] <n1> charon, it wouldnt surprise me
[04:10:22] <n1> ive had similar things happen
[04:11:10] <n1> my comment is now a +4 Troll
[04:11:16] <n1> good times
[04:11:44] <charon> oooh, time to look at the car wreck
[04:12:38] <charon> ...
[04:12:56] <cmn32480> <Steve Irwin> And here we see n1 searching for the elusive +5 Troll mod. It has only been seen in the wild on rare occasions. If we are quiet, we can find it, capture it and find out what makes it tick, all in the name of conservation.</Steve Irwin>
[04:12:59] <charon> i honestly can't decide between funny and troll, myself
[04:13:23] <cmn32480> linky?
[04:13:30] <charon> you're standing on top of Poe kicking him
[04:13:33] <n1> cmn32480, with my karma modifier it is a +5 ;)
[04:13:38] <charon> https://soylentnews.org
[04:13:40] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews Comments | 9 Killed by Truck in Berlin and 3 Wounded in Zurich Shooting
[04:14:10] <n1> as you should know, it's not my style to make a comment like that, but was too much of an opportunity to pass up
[04:14:16] <cmn32480> I see it as a +5 Troll as well
[04:14:37] <charon> i must have the show bonus off, it's 4 to me
[04:14:55] <n1> i have karma and AC as +1 modifiers
[04:15:09] <cmn32480> we need a +1 Douchebag mod
[04:15:14] <charon> lol
[04:15:28] <cmn32480> I can't decided on funny or troll either
[04:16:07] <charon> of all people, kurenai upvoted you
[04:17:05] <cmn32480> ~arthur a94f6a
[04:17:44] <exec> 760 stories loaded
[04:17:44] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Cuba announces home internet trial scheme in Havana"
[04:17:58] * cmn32480 is not patient
[04:18:15] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[04:18:38] <charon> 1:12. not bad
[04:19:07] <exec> 759 stories loaded
[04:19:07] <cmn32480> since I cut the number of stories down it dropped precipitously
[04:19:52] <cmn32480> it was at 1500 stories (3 days worth) and it was submitting in about 10 min as it rebuilt the webpage
[04:20:31] <charon> it has to rebuild the page every time it submits? ugh
[04:20:43] <charon> i guess. to take off the used story
[04:21:08] <cmn32480> exactly
[04:22:12] <n1> on my funny-troll comment... the other week i was told by a canadian, quite seriously, that they had banned christmas in canada
[04:22:28] <cmn32480> sometimes it feels like it here
[04:22:38] <cmn32480> or at least the religious overtones fo Christmas
[04:23:05] <n1> it was in the midst of a one way conversation about obama being a muslim and related matters
[04:23:19] <charon> i don't interact with real people in a social way much, but i don't see any of the "war on christmas" that people talk about
[04:23:56] <cmn32480> not christmas specifically... just religion in general
[04:24:22] <n1> i have opinions on christmas, but ive never met anyone who wants to 'ban' it or anything close
[04:24:40] <charon> it is very nearly fully secular these days
[04:25:34] <charon> i'm not religious, but guess i do have a distaste fro people who wear religion on their sleeves
[04:26:19] <n1> people can celebrate christmas or not, if they choose to... but it's not exactly a holiday with it's traditions laid out in the bible
[04:27:18] <n1> it's a relatively modern tradition, especially on the scale that it has been in the last few decades
[04:28:11] <cmn32480> http://www.ipbrief.net
[04:28:13] <exec> └─ 13No Copyright Protection for Pornography: A Daring Response to File-Sharing Litigation – American University Intellectual Property Brief
[04:28:38] <cmn32480> ~arthur 7f056b
[04:29:13] <exec> 759 stories loaded
[04:29:14] <exec> attempting to submit story: "No Copyright Protection for Pornography: A Response to File-Sharing Litigation"
[04:29:45] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[04:30:29] <exec> 759 stories loaded
[04:30:31] <cmn32480> ~arthur 291949
[04:30:35] <exec> it has been only 48 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[04:30:42] <cmn32480> #smake exec
[04:30:42] * MrPlow smakes exec upside the head with a 400TB/s DDoS
[04:30:44] <cmn32480> ~arthur 291949
[04:31:15] <charon> don't make arthur angry, he'll turn into the hulk
[04:31:27] <exec> 759 stories loaded
[04:31:27] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Stingray use could be unconstitutional, House report finds"
[04:31:32] <cmn32480> and submit all 760 story? god forbid
[04:31:46] <charon> you see that porn stary is fron 2012
[04:31:58] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[04:32:15] <cmn32480> you are correct
[04:32:17] <cmn32480> delete it
[04:32:37] <cmn32480> even our rss feed is slower than dirt
[04:32:44] <exec> 758 stories loaded
[04:32:46] <charon> well, maybe it's been linked to recently. why else would arthur have it?
[04:35:01] <cmn32480> plausible
[04:35:06] <cmn32480> but too old even for us
[04:35:51] <cmn32480> all right
[04:35:53] <charon> yeah. it was actually closed back in 2012
[04:35:54] <cmn32480> bed time for me
[04:36:00] <cmn32480> [I'm shouda been done hours ago
[04:36:02] <charon> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:36:03] * exec romantically liberates a drop of systemd from cmn32480
[04:36:07] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon
[04:36:08] * exec illegitimately gives a mouthful of aptitude to charon
[04:36:12] <cmn32480> ~gnight n1
[04:36:15] * exec analiciously slides a sweaty armpit of illogical fallacies to n1
[04:36:21] * cmn32480 hat tip
[04:36:23] * n1 hat tip
[04:36:31] <cmn32480> ninja'd!
[04:37:40] * charon pulls cmn32480's hat down over hit eyes and runs away
[05:06:30] <charon> i see you Fnord666
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[05:28:38] <charon> ~arthur 21df0f
[05:28:49] <exec> 508 stories loaded
[05:28:49] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Deep blacks, bright future—where OLED screens go from here"
[05:29:20] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[05:29:34] <exec> 508 stories loaded
[06:43:04] <caffeine> +5 Troll now. Don't think I've ever seen one before.
[06:53:45] <charon> yay for n1!
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[15:04:39] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[15:07:50] <janrinok> ~gday editors!
[15:07:51] * exec clumsily deletes a bribe of words from editors!
[15:22:49] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[15:22:50] * exec figuratively allocates an example of estrogen for janrinok
[15:23:09] <janrinok> how goes it cmn32480 ?
[15:26:28] <cmn32480> figuring out once again that you can't fix stupid, janrinok
[15:26:43] <janrinok> another customer?
[15:26:56] <cmn32480> salesrep
[15:27:50] <janrinok> not much more to be said then ...
[15:27:56] <cmn32480> 'zactly
[15:28:01] <cmn32480> exec is running good again
[15:28:03] <cmn32480> so there is that
[15:28:24] <janrinok> I'm just building a stockpile of subs to see us through the hols
[15:28:36] <cmn32480> in the Hold queue?
[15:28:59] <janrinok> not yet, but they will be
[15:29:03] <cmn32480> understood
[15:29:23] <janrinok> if they get picked up today then OK, otherwise I'll push them across later
[15:29:29] <cmn32480> the ~arthur <storyID> from the wiki is subbing in about 1 minute again
[15:29:41] <cmn32480> via IRC, of course
[15:29:51] <cmn32480> had to cut the number of stories that exec was indexing
[15:29:53] <janrinok> what was the problem?
[15:30:39] <cmn32480> I cut from 3 days of back stories to two, because 3 was too much.
[15:30:47] <cmn32480> 3 days gave like 1500 stories...
[15:30:53] <cmn32480> 2 days is about 800
[15:31:06] <janrinok> there is no shortage of material, it just needs the community to process it!
[15:32:12] <cmn32480> agreed
[15:32:19] <cmn32480> I dumped a few via exec in last night
[15:32:58] * cmn32480 is struggling to stay awake and on taks today
[15:33:03] <cmn32480> *task
[15:33:42] <cmn32480> how things 'round you janrinok ?\
[15:34:52] <janrinok> busy getting ready for Christmas - first guests arrive in 2 days. Lots of shopping to do or already done. I even have to buy myself a surprise present from S...?!
[15:35:06] <janrinok> plus all the usual daily stuff
[15:35:22] * cmn32480 suggests pointing he to the internet
[15:35:41] <janrinok> Oh, I've done that for some things.
[15:36:01] <cmn32480> buying yourself a surprise gift
[15:36:16] <cmn32480> all that means is that you get the bill on the credit card in January
[15:36:28] <janrinok> er, no, I'll just look appropriately gobsmacked when I unwrap the present that I wrapped a few days earlier ...
[15:36:54] <cmn32480> pizza gift certificate!
[15:37:02] <janrinok> don't use a credit card - if we haven't got it, we don't spend it
[15:37:11] <janrinok> nurse has arrived - brb
[15:37:18] <cmn32480> 10-4
[15:40:32] * cmn32480 hopes janrinok unwraps him soon... he has to pee... and it is getting hot in this box...
[16:20:14] <cmn32480> charon - https://soylentnews.org
[16:20:16] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews Comments | Professor Watchlist
[17:14:28] <janrinok> charon, congratulations, good summary.
[17:14:47] <janrinok> cmn32480, sry about the delay, had to cook a meal as well...
[17:15:01] <cmn32480> is ok
[17:15:05] <cmn32480> let em out of this damn box, please
[17:15:11] <janrinok> lol
[17:15:36] <cmn32480> I NEED TO PEEE!!!!!
[17:15:41] <janrinok> can't unwrap pressies until Christmas day, do you want a plastic bottle?
[17:16:04] <cmn32480> air holes woudl be nice too.. but I can't guarantee no spots on the carpet
[17:16:31] * janrinok thinks it's worse than getting a puppy
[17:16:53] <cmn32480> rougly the same amount of hair
[17:18:59] <janrinok> lol, but a puppy usually exhibits more common sense, even at that early age
[17:19:40] <cmn32480> no argument here...
[17:19:50] * cmn32480 wishes janrinok woudl hurry with that plastic bottle
[17:21:58] <janrinok> I'm trying to find the right box, there are loads of them here, can you whimper a little bit please?
[17:22:38] <cmn32480> IT"S THE BIG ONE!!!!!!
[17:22:52] <cmn32480> too late
[17:23:08] <cmn32480> with the power cord for the lappy running to it
[17:23:15] <janrinok> oh, you mean the big one with the puddle under it?
[17:23:41] <janrinok> I'd better unplug the power cord, power and puddles don't mix
[17:24:30] * cmn32480 whimpers
[17:24:40] <cmn32480> now it's all dark
[17:26:17] <janrinok> well, it seems this is a surprise pressie for both of us then
[17:27:36] <janrinok> brb - 15 mins
[17:44:25] <janrinok> cmn32480, have you sorted out that salesrep yet?
[17:45:06] <cmn32480> I've yet to ever sort out a salesrep
[17:45:14] <cmn32480> certainly can't understand how they think
[17:45:34] <janrinok> do they think?
[17:45:38] <cmn32480> generally
[17:45:39] <cmn32480> not
[17:46:02] <cmn32480> he was supposedly going back to the customer to see if they unerstood my logic...
[17:46:06] <cmn32480> we'll see
[17:46:50] <cmn32480> what did you make for dinenr?
[17:47:39] <janrinok> chinese, turkey in hoi sin sauces, with chinese stir-fried veggies
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[17:47:54] -!- mode/#editorial [+v nick] by Hephaestus
[17:47:59] <janrinok> hi nick!
[17:48:37] <nick> janrinok !!
[17:48:48] <janrinok> how's things in very N America
[17:48:55] <nick> practically summer today
[17:49:04] <janrinok> really?
[17:49:09] <nick> it's only -1C
[17:49:37] <janrinok> so you are out sunbathing then!
[17:50:00] <nick> i'm wearing shorts at least
[17:50:13] <janrinok> mad dogs and Englishmen ....
[17:50:18] <nick> how goes things in very N france?
[17:50:53] <janrinok> good, preparing for Christmas so very busy, but otherwise things as normal
[17:52:23] <janrinok> any more new food experiences recently nick?
[17:52:49] <nick> had my first taco bell experience
[17:52:56] <cmn32480> http://ijr.com
[17:52:58] <exec> └─ 137 'Faithless' Electors Decline to Vote for Their Party's Nominee — & It's One Final Humiliation for Dems
[17:53:07] <cmn32480> <insert toilet joke here>
[17:53:08] <janrinok> is that good?
[17:54:14] <nick> it was, i had the 'steakhouse burrito' i believe
[17:54:31] * cmn32480 urges caution... ]
[17:54:40] <nick> also, the fried cheese curd things from the hot food counter at walmart are rather amazing.
[17:55:19] <cmn32480> too much tack bell may increase the speed of digestion to something approaching Mach 1
[17:56:17] <cmn32480> nick - mozzerella sticks?
[17:56:18] <nick> as a person of british origin, who eats a lot of curry and other spicy food, think i can handle taco bell
[17:56:30] <cmn32480> it isn't the spicy
[17:56:49] <nick> just the poor quality>
[17:56:50] <nick> ?
[17:56:57] <cmn32480> yep
[17:57:05] <cmn32480> pre-digested meat....
[17:57:14] <nick> the burrito i had was pretty decent, was a lot better than i expected
[17:57:51] <cmn32480> the steakhouse seires seems to have real meat in it
[17:58:14] <nick> i dont regret it
[17:58:54] <cmn32480> i've had one. it was quite good
[17:59:08] <cmn32480> just be careful with some of the more run of the mill items on their menu
[18:00:47] <nick> dont think i'm rushing back there, but it was about time i had something from there
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[18:14:29] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon_] by Hephaestus
[18:15:11] <charon_> ~gday #editorial
[18:15:12] * exec carefully irritates an ntfs volume of tomacco with #editorial
[18:15:24] <cmn32480> ~gday charon
[18:15:25] * exec allegedly derives a heap of NURBS from charon
[18:15:28] <cmn32480> ~gday charon_
[18:15:29] * exec problematically cyberbullies a cheap plastic cup of tomacco at charon_
[18:15:42] <janrinok> hail the hero charon!
[18:15:46] <cmn32480> ~define NURBS
[18:15:47] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03Nurbs: An acronym for Non Uniform Rational B-Splines, especially when used in the gaming industry to define how graphics are rendered in a game.
[18:15:50] <charon_> tomato tobacco?
[18:16:06] <cmn32480> #yt tomacco
[18:16:07] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[18:16:25] <cmn32480> it is a Simpson's reference
[18:17:11] <charon_> i see
[18:17:31] <charon_> how are things?
[18:17:39] <cmn32480> can't stay on task
[18:17:50] <janrinok> good here, and with you?
[18:17:53] <cmn32480> everytime somethign shiny wanders past
[18:18:01] <cmn32480> how's you?
[18:18:06] <cmn32480> car all good and charged?
[18:18:31] <charon_> about halfway. might plug it in tomorrow
[18:18:47] <cmn32480> glad you aren't on the side of the road w/ a dead battery
[18:18:59] <nick> charon_, has some kind of electric car?
[18:19:02] <charon_> yep, that would be very unpleasant.
[18:19:09] <charon_> yes, i have a leaf
[18:19:12] <janrinok> you've seen this link charon ? https://soylentnews.org
[18:19:14] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews Comments | Professor Watchlist
[18:19:33] <charon_> lol!
[18:19:51] <charon_> thanks, AC, wherever you are
[18:20:29] <nick> charon++
[18:20:30] <Bender> karma - charon: 6
[18:21:01] <cmn32480> yes.. quite the nice rewrite on taht
[18:21:05] <charon_> wow, 91 comments. i figured it was a good story. gotta catch up
[18:21:23] * cmn32480 passes the catsup
[18:21:25] <charon_> thank you, both
[18:22:10] <nick> i note that my funny/troll comment got a lot more moderations overnight
[18:23:28] <charon_> still +5 troll?
[18:27:01] <nick> yup
[18:27:10] <nick> without karma bonus
[18:36:42] <cmn32480> as I knew would happen.. salesrep asks customer to order in case quantity, customer has no issue with it.
[18:36:48] <cmn32480> #smake salespeople
[18:36:48] * MrPlow smakes salespeople upside the head with a toolbar addon
[18:39:51] <nick> whats the issue, cmn32480 ?
[18:41:38] <charon_> when i order 12 i'll get 144?
[18:41:50] <cmn32480> guy who has been in the business 30 years could not understand why I don't want to break full cases of labels due to the inventory issues that will ineveitably arise from ti
[18:42:10] <cmn32480> original order was for 10k labels (10 rolls)
[18:42:22] <cmn32480> cases are 4 rolls
[18:42:38] <cmn32480> so, full case quantities are 8 or 12
[18:42:58] <charon_> math is hard --barbie
[18:43:31] <cmn32480> for an ongoing print project for a customer (pallet license plates)
[18:43:53] <cmn32480> he didn't want to ask the custoemr to go to full case qunatities, because "it makes us look hard to work with"
[18:45:40] <janrinok> well, you can't just write of the excess that the customer doesn't actually want, so what do you do with them?
[18:45:53] <janrinok> write off*
[18:46:18] <cmn32480> they stay in inventory...
[18:46:29] <cmn32480> until some other nimnob sells a non-case quantity
[18:46:36] <janrinok> but will never get sold because they are not a full box?
[18:46:43] <cmn32480> exactly
[18:47:07] <janrinok> your salesrep needs another smake about the head with a common-sense bat
[18:47:12] <nick> do a sales order to sell them to the salesman who ordered the non-case quantity
[18:47:20] <janrinok> lol
[18:47:31] <charon_> lol
[18:47:47] <cmn32480> so... we only sell full case quantities, unless they REALLY don't want them, in whcih case, they pay for the full case and we only ship what they order adn kepe the remainder as test labels for the repair depot
[18:48:28] <janrinok> nick - that was a really mean and spiteful comment to make - I like it very much!
[18:48:42] <cmn32480> we all said the same thign
[18:49:00] <nick> janrinok, it's the only way they'll learn
[18:50:15] <janrinok> only wish I had thought of it
[18:51:29] <nick> not only does it teach the salesman a lesson, cmn32480 gets some commission out of it.
[18:51:39] <cmn32480> hey!
[18:51:43] <cmn32480> I kinda like taht idea
[18:52:57] <janrinok> time for tea
[18:54:02] * nick drinks mtn dew and ponders
[18:54:04] <charon_> tea? the kind with crustless cucmber snadwiches and dainty cups of earl gray?
[18:54:35] <charon_> perhaps ladyfingers?
[18:56:15] <cmn32480> lotta women w/ stumps in the UK...I mean.. they drink a lot of tea
[18:56:33] <janrinok> nick, would that be a 27 litre mountain dew with free refills, and a box of doughnuts?
[18:57:08] <nick> if only...
[18:57:15] <janrinok> this is just tea with nothing to eat, and good honest tea at that, none of that poncey stuff
[18:57:27] <nick> tetley?
[18:57:32] <janrinok> yep
[18:57:36] <nick> good man
[18:57:49] <janrinok> not bad for France
[18:57:53] <charon_> nick, you're getting more american every time i see you. mountain dew? taco bell?
[18:58:38] <charon_> not that it's bad, mind. just interesting
[19:00:34] <nick> i try to integrate wherever i go
[19:01:01] <nick> got to enjoy the local delicacies
[19:02:32] <cmn32480> do you do differential equations too?
[19:05:43] * charon_ has been whooshed
[19:06:10] <nick> is a math joke i'm pretty sure, and as i'm essentially a high school drop-out...
[19:06:38] <nick> thankfully in the UK it's basically impossible to do so, i get away with it.
[19:07:51] <charon_> oh... integrate. durrrr
[19:08:14] <charon_> #smake charon
[19:08:14] * MrPlow smakes charon upside the head with a dropbear
[19:08:17] <janrinok> I love it - I can't stop laughing!
[19:08:41] <janrinok> tea all over my kbd!
[19:10:12] * cmn32480 passes the paper towels
[19:13:07] <janrinok> thx
[19:19:31] <cmn32480> gtotta be careful of them dropbears... straight up dangerous
[19:21:13] <charon_> i know it. they look like cute koalas, but have shark teeth
[19:25:16] <cmn32480> http://d3lp4xedbqa8a5.cloudfront.net
[19:27:15] <cmn32480> http://3.bp.blogspot.com
[19:31:43] <charon_> so kawaii!
[19:32:11] * cmn32480 thinks crutchy got bit by a drop bear and that is why he hasn't been around
[19:33:33] <charon_> he was on the other night. but he didn't say anything, so it might have been a drop bear using his computer
[19:34:27] <janrinok> P666 has just dropped a load of subs - I'm going to move all of Arthur's to the hold queue
[19:34:40] <charon_> we still doing 2 hr spacing?
[19:34:42] <cmn32480> God Bless P666
[19:35:25] * charon_ looks at story Q. guess not
[19:35:50] <janrinok> no, we should be at 90 mins, have been since Thanksgiving finished
[19:36:08] <cmn32480> thigns were pretty lite last night, so I asked thatwe move to 2 hours.
[19:36:23] <charon_> cmn32480 suggested 2 hrs last night when we were scraping the bottom of the barrel
[19:36:27] <cmn32480> the quantity adn quality of the subs was rather... um.. lacking
[19:36:35] * charon_ coughs
[19:36:36] <janrinok> ah, that's why I was shuffling stories this am - I thought someone had had a brain fart
[19:36:52] <cmn32480> no.. that is the way my brain always smells
[19:36:57] <janrinok> I just grabbed some from Exec and pushed them out
[19:40:00] <cmn32480> in my own defense, /me was falling asleep at the keyboard last night
[19:41:08] <janrinok> np, but with a team of 6-8 active eds we should be able to put something together.
[19:41:22] <cmn32480> you were sleeping
[19:41:23] <charon_> teamwork++
[19:41:23] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 124
[19:41:26] <janrinok> lol
[19:41:35] <charon_> i was there, jerk
[19:41:42] <cmn32480> I tried knocking on the inside of the box.. but nobody heard me...
[19:41:50] <janrinok> hence the puddle
[19:41:56] <cmn32480> that resulted in the first carpet puddle this morning
[19:42:26] <janrinok> well, knocking on the side of a cardboard box in the middle of the night (for me) was bound to fail
[19:43:05] * cmn32480 noticed
[19:53:29] <charon_> janrinok: i have a complaint about the editing page
[19:54:03] * cmn32480 watches janrinok shut down his IRC client for the duration
[19:54:54] <charon_> the rlease time field has space for seconds, but when i change that it reverts to an exact minute.
[19:55:08] <cmn32480> seriously?
[19:55:13] <charon_> i want to release sotries down to the second
[19:55:27] * cmn32480 gives charon_ the fisheye
[19:55:32] <charon_> seriously
[19:55:52] <charon_> well the problem exists
[19:56:07] <charon_> maybe i don't actually want to go down to the second
[19:56:34] <charon_> picosecond
[19:56:39] <cmn32480> please feel free to file a bug report on Github
[19:56:47] <janrinok> OK, but why?
[19:56:52] <charon_> psssh, then TMB will ignore it
[19:56:57] * cmn32480 can't wait to hear what TMB and pj say about this one
[19:57:26] <cmn32480> after the laughter stops, I mean.
[19:57:39] <charon_> attosecond accuracy
[19:57:41] <cmn32480> bug closed as NTF
[19:57:53] <janrinok> ttg - see you guys tomorrow?
[19:58:05] <cmn32480> you are giving us a chouice?
[19:58:08] <cmn32480> SWEET!k
[19:58:13] <cmn32480> I choose....
[19:58:15] <cmn32480> maybe
[19:58:25] <charon_> you're still in the box
[19:58:30] <charon_> ~gnight janrinok
[19:58:32] * exec diabolically prepares a dumpster full of naval lint for janrinok
[19:58:37] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[19:58:37] <janrinok> OK, then I might give cmn32480 a bottle
[19:58:39] * exec crutchyly mixes a plate of lips & assholes with janrinok
[19:58:41] <cmn32480> my best to S, please
[19:58:50] <janrinok> ~gnight charon - and well done on that rewrite
[19:58:51] * exec readily pisses a toilet bowl of salt & vinegar chips on charon
[19:58:56] <janrinok> cmn32480, will do thx
[19:58:58] <charon_> thank you
[19:59:15] <janrinok> there is a second compliment nearer the bottom
[19:59:16] * charon_ curtseys
[19:59:25] * cmn32480 isn't surprised
[19:59:26] <janrinok> pansy!
[19:59:40] -!- nick has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:59:44] -!- nick [nick!~nick@2602:306:bc35:zuum:lpgr:izki:vljh:vgxp] has joined #editorial
[19:59:47] <charon_> not to be a copycat, but say hello to S for me too
[19:59:48] -!- nick has quit [Changing host]
[19:59:48] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[19:59:48] -!- mode/#editorial [+v nick] by Hephaestus
[20:00:22] <janrinok> thx - she says thanks to you all, and she wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
[20:00:42] <cmn32480> Merry Christmas to her too.
[20:00:47] <cmn32480> will she let me out of the box early?
[20:00:48] <janrinok> lol
[20:00:58] <charon_> and many figgy puddings to you both
[20:01:13] <cmn32480> #smakeadd figgy pudding
[20:01:13] <MrPlow> "figgy pudding" added.
[20:01:29] <janrinok> doubt it - she can't even get to the pressies unless I wheel her there, and with puddles on the floor I don't think that would comply with local health and safety rules
[20:01:40] <cmn32480> DAMNIT
[20:01:46] <janrinok> you guys have figgy puddings too?
[20:01:49] <cmn32480> at least cut me the airholes before you go to bned!
[20:01:58] <nick> lol
[20:02:05] <janrinok> what so that you can wake me up?
[20:02:21] <cmn32480> YES!!!!!!
[20:02:38] <janrinok> OK, 1 hole being cut now - but no peeing through it!
[20:02:45] <cmn32480> no p[romises!
[20:03:06] <janrinok> bye!
[20:03:08] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:08:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, truth. i can't put it in the queue to get ignored till i know about it.
[20:09:44] <charon_> TheMightyBuzzard: it's obviously not a bug really worth time fixing, but i was curious why seconds were available at all, if they're not used
[20:10:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> That? Oh, that's just to confuse people with.
[20:11:06] <charon_> of course
[20:49:16] <cmn32480> obviously the strategy is working well
[20:58:55] <nick> http://giphy.com
[20:58:57] <exec> └─ 13Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
[21:03:52] <charon_> that is a cat
[21:08:43] SoyGuest73518 is now known as NCommander
[21:08:49] -!- NCommander has quit [Changing host]
[21:08:49] -!- NCommander [NCommander!~mcasadeva@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/mcasadevall] has joined #editorial
[21:09:10] <Fnord666> ~gday all!
[21:09:12] * exec faithfully terrorizes a fartbox of milo with all!
[21:11:32] <cmn32480> ~gday Fnord666
[21:11:34] * exec explicitly poops a recycle bin of stinkfinger for Fnord666
[21:14:26] <Fnord666> ew!
[21:14:46] <Fnord666> ~gday cmn32480
[21:14:47] * exec casually mixes a training bra of peanuts with cmn32480
[21:15:00] <Fnord666> I definitely lsot that one
[21:15:08] <cmn32480> yes you did!
[21:17:24] <charon_> hiyo Fnord666
[21:17:41] <Fnord666> hey charon_
[21:18:13] <Fnord666> how's the new charging cord working out?
[21:18:24] <cmn32480> made a puddle of his car
[21:18:56] <charon_> seems ok. it did not explode, and charged properly. i'm going to say that it is a success
[21:19:00] <Fnord666> So a nice ,fast charge rate then.
[21:19:10] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - you are lokoing for his current status?
[21:19:22] <charon_> there's supposed to be a puddle of melter steel under my car, right?
[21:19:48] <charon_> #smake cmn32480
[21:19:48] * MrPlow smakes cmn32480 upside the head with a microaggression
[21:20:30] <cmn32480> now now charon_ , don't get all amped up about it
[21:20:47] <Fnord666> shocking behavior
[21:21:02] <cmn32480> this is like an FNG re-volt
[21:21:22] <charon_> i'll just sit and chant my mantra until i feel better. "Ohm... Ohm..."
[21:21:26] <Fnord666> that can get them discharged
[21:21:47] <cmn32480> charon_, Reisitance is Futile
[21:22:05] <Fnord666> I don't know if he has the capacitance for this
[21:22:14] <charon_> i know you get a charge out of this
[21:22:39] <Fnord666> careful or you'll get inducted into something
[21:23:40] <cmn32480> I'll power throuhg this conversation some how
[21:23:58] <Fnord666> Watt?
[21:24:18] <charon_> Joule regret this
[21:24:32] <cmn32480> can we keep this shoret?
[21:24:36] <cmn32480> *short
[21:24:51] <Fnord666> So just once around the circuit?
[21:25:18] <charon_> can we switch topics?
[21:25:41] <Fnord666> or at least fuse them together?
[21:26:05] <Fnord666> We could discuss Romex and Juliet
[21:26:18] <cmn32480> at least we all have a good creative outlet
[21:26:34] <charon_> janrinok will be sad he missed the conversation this has sparked
[21:26:56] <Fnord666> does that mean there was a spark gap for him?
[21:26:58] * cmn32480 is shocked he missed it
[21:27:34] <Fnord666> I think janrinok is much too grounded for this.
[21:27:55] * cmn32480 will stay neutral
[21:28:03] <Fnord666> although the conversation does have potential.
[21:28:35] <charon_> i'm running low on energy, need a snack
[21:29:03] <cmn32480> positively a good idea
[21:30:07] <Fnord666> It's good to not have a negative view on these things.
[21:36:26] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - you ever find a dupe for that Supreme Court news article about patent trolls?
[21:36:33] <cmn32480> nope
[21:37:38] <Fnord666> ok. I didn't either but thought I would check back with you.
[21:38:27] <charon_> darn, i had one last pun queued up and a customer walked in
[21:38:32] <charon_> what i like about this place is the way we connect
[21:38:50] <cmn32480> via the internet?
[21:39:10] <charon_> via electricity
[21:39:16] <charon_> #smake cmn32480
[21:39:16] * MrPlow smakes cmn32480 upside the head with a paper football
[21:39:39] <Fnord666> hey now that could get you charged with battery!
[21:40:44] <cmn32480> that's DCent of you
[21:42:36] <charon_> holy crap the holographic AI thing is creepy
[21:43:21] <nick> all this AI shit is getting creepy
[21:43:47] <Fnord666> submission or story right now?
[21:44:47] <Fnord666> nevermind i see it
[21:45:30] <Fnord666> Cool. Even a mention for the movie "Her".
[21:46:53] <charon_> that movie is also more than a bit creepy
[21:48:18] <Fnord666> At least for once the AI didn't go all skynet on us
[21:48:43] <Fnord666> You watch season 2 of Mr. Robot?
[21:50:18] <charon_> i have not seen that show. heard good things about it though
[21:50:39] <Fnord666> ok. no spoilers then
[21:50:45] <Fnord666> you want a bit creepy?
[21:50:47] <Fnord666> http://kotaku.com
[21:51:35] <Fnord666> a talking hug pillow
[21:51:48] <Fnord666> but...
[21:51:52] <Fnord666> "His creation doesn't only talk when touched, but also when caressed. "
[21:51:57] <charon_> for my sanity, i am glad my work blocks that link
[21:53:18] <Fnord666> probably.
[21:57:21] <charon_> i'm pretty sure i am a pessimist on AI. as soon as it's smart enough to bootstrap itself to omniscience, it will swat us like flies
[21:59:38] <cmn32480> I;m out. back later if I don't fall asleep
[21:59:55] <charon_> night cmn32480
[22:01:26] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[22:01:27] * exec sardonically tosses an alternative view of grammar's fried chicken to cmn32480
[22:02:51] <Fnord666> charon_ re AI if we build them with shotguns wired to their foreheads then they sure aren't going to take kindly to us, that's for sure.
[22:05:08] <charon_> and it wouldn't help anyway. by the time we realize we need to use the metaphorical shotgun, it would be far too late for it to do anything.
[22:05:30] <charon_> as a wise computer once said: the only winning move is not to play
[22:06:25] <Fnord666> Well now that's the question isn't it. Should we preclude all research that could lead to strong AI?
[22:13:47] <charon_> it really is inevitable by now. too many people working in too many directions. the genie is out of the bottle
[22:14:42] <Fnord666> That's what I think as well. Between that and basement/garage recombinant DNA workshops the human race is probably doomed.
[22:15:51] <charon_> pessimists unite!
[22:24:54] <chromas> nah
[22:25:12] <chromas> we just need to create some AIs to be 'good' then let them built robots to fight each other
[22:27:18] <chromas> Plus if they don't have any qualms about genocide, maybe they'll be willing to play around with eugenics too
[22:27:35] <chromas> Rise of the Robazis
[22:28:46] <Fnord666> question about the drone drug delivery story.
[22:28:57] <charon_> if only we could make a simulation of the world, let it develop AI, and see what happens
[22:29:00] <Fnord666> mobile as the dept?
[22:29:14] <Fnord666> What do you think this reality is?
[22:29:30] <Fnord666> or did you forget the /s at the end?
[22:29:34] <charon_> Fnord666: i blame janrinok for that, i saw it and didn't change
[22:29:43] <Fnord666> k
[22:30:10] <charon_> and yes, that was the intent of my simulation comment
[22:30:38] <charon_> was going to say, "whoa!" a la Neo
[22:59:32] -!- nick has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]