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[00:01:00] -!- charon_ has quit [Quit: blinkenlights blinking]
[01:58:38] <Fnord666> hey all
[02:00:53] <charon> hiyo fnord
[02:02:03] <Fnord666> I see you got your charging cable.
[02:02:20] <charon> yep, and it did indeed charge my car
[02:02:30] <charon> that reminds me, should leave ebay feedback
[02:02:35] <cmn32480> even better that it actually worked
[02:02:38] <Fnord666> nice that it did what was described on the tin.
[02:02:53] <charon> it's always a concern when buying online
[02:03:15] <charon> A+++ would buy again (hope i never have to)
[02:03:20] <cmn32480> especially from a non-manufacturer
[02:04:34] <Fnord666> yeah, the apple wall charger thing has got people concerned
[02:04:43] <charon> ?
[02:04:47] <Fnord666> and rightly so.
[02:05:28] <cmn32480> charon - unapproved chargers were catching fire or something
[02:05:32] <Fnord666> So many wall chargers that appear to be genuine apple products have turned out to not be, with only minimal electronics.
[02:05:54] <charon> oh. hmm
[02:05:59] <Fnord666> No overcharge protection, half wave rectifiers, no fuses, etc.
[02:06:49] <charon> thank for making me paranoid
[02:06:58] <cmn32480> np... we are good at that
[02:07:02] <Fnord666> I was just thinking that. Sorry.
[02:07:05] <charon> lol
[02:07:42] <Fnord666> As yoda said, "You will be. You will be."
[02:07:51] <charon> well, the car has plenty of technology for what it considers acceptable charge. it could shut off if the charger was screwing up
[02:08:07] * charon crosses his fingers
[02:08:32] <Fnord666> I'm sure it's fine.
[02:09:14] <charon> it probably is. i had it plugged in for about 6 hours, and the car gained the right amount of charge from that
[02:09:20] <cmn32480> if purchased from a reputable source, and not Chineseknockoffs.com
[02:09:24] <cmn32480> you ought to be ok
[02:09:37] <charon> that's where i do all my xmas shopping
[02:10:06] <cmn32480> me too
[02:10:13] <Fnord666> If it didn't overheat or melt then it's probably good to go
[02:10:23] * cmn32480 bets that charon got a box of used pinball machine parts
[02:10:51] <cmn32480> i kid i kid
[02:11:31] <charon> so that's why it said "insert quarter" on top...
[02:11:31] <Fnord666> cmn32480 so was exec taking a nap?
[02:12:01] <cmn32480> no... it has to do with the number of stories in the rss feed, I think
[02:12:02] <Fnord666> he wouldn't post any of Arthur's stories for me.
[02:12:11] <cmn32480> I did them after I reset him
[02:12:17] <charon> fuck you jobu, i do it myself
[02:12:21] <cmn32480> then I cut the number of stories to 2 days worth.
[02:12:32] <cmn32480> so that will take 24hours(?) to take effect
[02:12:38] <Fnord666> I saw that you resubmitted them
[02:12:39] <cmn32480> unless I wipe that directory
[02:12:48] <cmn32480> yup
[02:13:19] <Fnord666> I discovered that trying to edit and be on irc from a mobile device while a passenger in a car doesn't work very well.
[02:13:19] <cmn32480> been taking like 10 min per story for ti to go through due to the number of stories in the RSS feed
[02:13:51] <charon> better than while driving
[02:13:54] <Fnord666> When I app switched away from the irc client it logged me out again.
[02:13:59] <Fnord666> good point charon
[02:14:20] <Fnord666> which does not make for good conversation.
[02:14:39] <charon> i can imagine.
[02:14:46] <Fnord666> unfortunately the mobile app wasn't pointing at the bouncer yet
[02:14:59] <Fnord666> either so no scrollback.
[02:15:54] * charon whispers to cmn32480 "oh good, so he still has no idea what we said about him"
[02:15:58] <cmn32480> that could have jsut been that there was no scrollback today
[02:16:04] <cmn32480> been a verra quiet IRC day
[02:16:25] <Fnord666> I glanced at the story queue just before we (the family) left for a road trip for a family Christmas gathering and saw that there were no stories still in the queue.
[02:16:50] <charon> i admit, i have been slack the last couple days
[02:17:18] <Fnord666> So I was trying to get some queued up while on the road. It didn't go very well.
[02:18:03] <Fnord666> I did get the Heimlich story posted which apparently bought some time.
[02:19:38] <charon> wow, i am shocked the qwerty story got even 14 comments
[02:20:04] * Fnord666 whispers to charon "the bouncer sees all and knows all. And thanks to your recommendation it remembers all,"
[02:20:31] * charon is hoist by his own stupid petard
[02:22:26] <Fnord666> A good old qwerty vs dvorak or some other layout/design story will always bring out some discussion.
[02:23:45] <Fnord666> Have either of you seen the "Das Keyboard" mechanical keyboard that has all of the keycaps blank?
[02:24:02] <charon> that sounds slightly familiar
[02:24:15] <charon> it would kill me, because i never learned to touchtype
[02:25:10] <Fnord666> For normal typing I could use it, but for programming it wouldn't be as useful. Too many of the { } , etc. are in a non-standardized place.
[02:27:50] <Fnord666> Everyone have a reasonably quiet Sunday?
[02:28:24] <charon> yeah, very dead at work. now at home and unwinding
[02:28:40] <charon> how was your christmas gathering?
[02:31:02] <Fnord666> Good. We got to see a lot of my wife's side of the family.
[02:33:06] <charon> your side next week?
[02:34:58] <Fnord666> Such as it is. I have one sister in LA so we usually only get together when she comes back east for the holidays. My Mom passed a number of years ago, and Dad lives nearby. He'll stop over Christmas day usually.
[02:35:37] <Fnord666> Or we will go over to his house, depending on the weather, etc.
[02:36:37] <Fnord666> My wife has 4 sisters so their family gatherings are a lot larger.
[02:36:45] <charon> ah
[02:37:16] <charon> it's nice to get together with family now and again. mine are all still in WI, so i rarely see them
[02:37:20] <Fnord666> My poor father-in-law. A wife, 5 daughters and 1 bathroom.
[02:38:20] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - I added a dept line ot the heimlich story too
[02:38:30] <charon> lol
[02:38:31] <Fnord666> I saw that and I appreciate it.
[02:38:37] <cmn32480> from the punch-in-the-guts story
[02:39:28] <Fnord666> Yup. Very well played.
[02:40:52] <Fnord666> How is cmn32480 doing today?
[02:41:11] <cmn32480> trying to get a test system upgrade done.. and failing miserably
[02:41:45] <charon> you're working on the weekend?
[02:42:16] <Fnord666> I thought it was going well.
[02:42:28] <Fnord666> at least as of yesterday.
[02:42:47] <cmn32480> been fighting new issues all day
[02:42:57] <cmn32480> 18(?) hours on it this weekend?
[02:43:06] <charon> man
[02:44:22] <cmn32480> it happens
[02:44:38] <cmn32480> but it is pretty unusual
[02:44:40] <Fnord666> ick.
[02:44:58] <Fnord666> Are you using any sort of tool like puppet or chef?
[02:45:02] <charon> well, i guess i worked 16 hours this weekend. but once i was done, i don't have to think about it anymore
[02:45:26] <Fnord666> I don't really know the architecture behind the site too well.
[02:45:26] <cmn32480> it's all windows
[02:45:39] <Fnord666> ah
[02:46:13] <cmn32480> a major version upgrade of our CRM system
[02:46:26] <Fnord666> So you're in it for the challenge then? :-)
[02:46:41] <cmn32480> somethign like that
[02:46:51] <charon> he doesn't need hair
[02:46:57] <cmn32480> this year has not left me much time to dig into IT tasks..
[02:47:03] <cmn32480> so this is a nice change of pace for me
[02:47:22] <cmn32480> charon - I can grow all the hair I want from my ears down
[02:48:10] <charon> one of these days i'm going to grow some martin van buren level sideburns.
[02:48:23] <Fnord666> Is the CRM system home grown or off the shelf?
[02:48:41] * Fnord666 googles MVB sideburns
[02:49:13] <charon> impressive, no?
[02:49:37] <Fnord666> damn straight. Those are not for the timid.
[02:49:55] <Fnord666> and not for anyone with small children who like to grasp things.
[02:50:04] <charon> for sure
[02:50:19] <charon> and my boss would probably shave me himself after week 3
[02:50:25] <cmn32480> my chest hair solved that problem
[02:50:43] <charon> cmn32480: yep, hazard of being a dad
[02:50:44] <cmn32480> or be so in awe that he gives you a raise
[02:59:13] <charon> why are there seconds in the release time field if i can't use them? i am disappoint
[02:59:23] <Fnord666> yeah, nothing like having a child swing from your chest hair.
[03:03:13] <Fnord666> charon - decided to roll with the ham radio software story eh?
[03:03:39] <charon> yeah. it got interesting because the company owner dropping to the thread and engaged with people
[03:04:15] <charon> i wrote the second and third graphs of the sub
[03:04:26] <Fnord666> what are the odds anyone will read that far besides you or I?
[03:04:45] <charon> because the story was no longer wah wah, they were mean to me
[03:04:56] <charon> none, of course
[03:05:42] <Fnord666> btw qrz.com is not the company's support forum.
[03:06:24] <charon> oh, is it a ham radio forum?
[03:06:29] <Fnord666> It's just a ham radio enthusiast's forum.
[03:06:34] <Fnord666> yes
[03:06:42] <charon> k, i'll fix that. thank you
[03:07:10] <Fnord666> np.
[03:07:56] <charon> is ham capitalized?
[03:07:59] <Fnord666> Sounds like I'll need to read the rest of the discussion.
[03:08:03] <Fnord666> No.
[03:08:47] <Fnord666> it's not an abbreviation for anything
[03:09:35] <charon> https://forums.qrz.com
[03:09:36] <exec> └─ 13Error | QRZ Forums
[03:09:44] <charon> that's the first post by the owner
[03:10:08] <Fnord666> I'll be interested in seeing how the company responds.
[03:13:09] <Fnord666> BTW a co-owner of HRD actually joined the discussion at
[03:13:10] <Fnord666> https://forums.qrz.com
[03:13:12] <exec> └─ 13Error | QRZ Forums
[03:14:06] <charon> interesting. i went back from the end because i saw people talking about the other guy
[03:14:24] <charon> didn't actually read the first 36 pages
[03:14:31] * charon is a bad editor
[03:14:33] <Fnord666> There was also a parallel discussion going on at eham.net I believe over the same topic.
[03:15:55] <Fnord666> I was reading the discussion since I have an amateur radio license and was curious what the deal was.
[03:16:46] <charon> reddit too
[03:17:06] <charon> we could go down the rabbit hole on this
[03:17:19] <Fnord666> just going to mention that.
[03:17:23] * cmn32480 kicks his windows server in the console
[03:17:37] <Fnord666> ouch. not in the console!
[03:18:00] <charon> rm *.*
[03:19:22] <Fnord666> del /S /Q /F c:\*.*
[03:19:48] <cmn32480> nah.. that'd set me back days
[03:20:03] * cmn32480 is also consiering kicking it in the RAID
[03:20:09] <Fnord666> charon - nohup rm -rf / &
[03:20:30] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - it would definitely do that
[03:20:43] <Fnord666> but you would have a nice clean slate to work with.
[03:21:00] <charon> nice. never heard of nohup. that's evil
[03:22:00] <Fnord666> don't want your nice project to shut down just because the terminal logged off!
[03:22:51] <Fnord666> to be completely thorough
[03:23:39] <Fnord666> nohup rm -rf / 2>&1 >/dev/null &
[03:23:56] <Fnord666> gets rid of any output
[03:24:13] <Fnord666> cmn32480 what version of windows server edition?
[03:24:23] <cmn32480> I'm at a point where the new version has a required component, and to do the upgrade, I have to put the required component in on the old version, or it doesn't upgrade
[03:24:29] <cmn32480> Server 2012R2
[03:24:47] <cmn32480> massive pain in hte ass
[03:27:21] <Fnord666> upgrade versions are definitely a PITA
[03:27:56] <charon> so it's asking you to roll back, place a compaonent and then redo the upgrade? how dumb
[03:28:11] <Fnord666> charon - i'll be interested in seeing the discussion that comes out of that story.
[03:28:44] <charon> Fnord666: now that i'm reading the rest of the thread, i'm doing more work on our story
[03:29:17] <Fnord666> Now you begin to see why my caution in the ed note....
[03:29:29] <cmn32480> no
[03:29:49] <Fnord666> I was going to call it a shit show but that would be unprofessional
[03:29:51] <cmn32480> I've got the old version up and running on the new test server (movign from 2008R2 to 2012R2)
[03:30:25] <cmn32480> and to do the upgrade from 6.5.24 to I have to get a product called ElasticSearch up and running on 6.5, or it fails on the preflight check for 7.7
[03:31:00] <charon> hah
[03:31:22] <cmn32480> Elasticsearch is an optional that we didn't screw around with on 6.5, but is now required for 7.7
[03:32:31] <Bytram> cmn32480: IOW: You can't get there from here? cf: https://www.youtube.com
[03:32:33] <exec> └─ 13Which way to Millinocket - YouTube
[03:32:52] <cmn32480> so I have to get it running, but I am having trouble finding a good tutorial for the current version
[03:32:59] <cmn32480> bytram - basically
[03:34:47] <charon> hiyo bytram
[03:34:50] <Fnord666> hmmm. I installed that on my own test machine not too long ago as part of logstash and kibana. I don't know what reference I used though.
[03:35:31] <Fnord666> It might have been a part of the installation guide for kibana.
[03:35:51] <Bytram> sorry to hear you are having so much frustration with the upgrade... seems like you've made considerable progress, just keep a plugging along!
[03:35:51] <Bytram> charon: howdy!
[03:36:14] <Fnord666> Hey Bytram!
[03:36:15] <Bytram> if, on the other hand, instead of Millinocket, you were trying to get to East Vassalboro, then cf: https://www.youtube.com
[03:36:17] <exec> └─ 13Which Way to East Vassalboro? - YouTube
[03:36:28] <Bytram> Fnord666: hola!
[03:36:50] <charon> i hear dynamite works wonders
[03:37:14] <Bytram> charon: WHAT DID YOU SAY? MY EARS ARE RINGING!
[03:37:22] * cmn32480 shoulda taken a left at Albaquerque
[03:37:32] <Bytram> ROFL!
[03:37:48] <Bytram> one of my favorites -- thanks for the memory
[03:37:55] <Fnord666> That was a good episode!
[03:38:05] <cmn32480> everybody loves Bugs Bunny
[03:38:26] <Bytram> noticed the sub queue was rather slim -- submitted one for your consideration
[03:38:26] <Bytram> well, I'm not so sure about Elmer Fudd
[03:38:29] <charon> wabbit season
[03:38:39] <Fnord666> duck season
[03:38:39] <Bytram> and, then there's the Tasmanian Devil
[03:39:20] <cmn32480> Duck Season FIRE!
[03:40:32] <cmn32480> Duck Season FIRE!
[03:40:36] <cmn32480> WOOT!
[03:40:38] <cmn32480> that's progress
[03:40:42] <cmn32480> got the service to install correctly
[03:41:01] <charon> and here i thought you just got daffy blasted in the face
[03:41:38] <cmn32480> Oh.. I did that too
[03:42:12] <cmn32480> and that insolent feather brain deserved it
[03:42:21] <charon> he always does
[03:42:21] <Fnord666> Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!
[03:42:25] <Bytram> sssuffering sssuckotash!
[03:43:19] <cmn32480> KABOOOM!
[03:43:32] <Fnord666> Ho! Ha-ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! <sproing!>
[03:44:10] <charon> letsthhhh try that again, shall we?
[03:45:50] <Fnord666> Yoiks! And away! <smacks tree>. Yoiks ... And awa-ayy! <smacks tree>.Yo-iks ... and away <smacks tree>.
[03:46:48] <Fnord666> ok, enough frivolity.
[03:47:12] <Fnord666> Congratulations cmn32480 for getting the service installed!
[03:47:20] <charon> how are things, bytram?
[03:47:32] <Bytram> trying to unwind after a looooong day
[03:47:59] <charon> i hear that
[03:48:18] <Bytram> checking out my favorite artist's current antics... looks like she'll be at the CMW - Canadian Music Week: https://cmw.net
[03:48:22] <exec> └─ 13Passes & First Wave – 2017 Canadian Music Week – April 18-22, 2017
[03:48:40] <Bytram> http://www.amyandtheengine.com
[03:48:42] <exec> └─ 13Amy & The Engine
[03:48:47] <Fnord666> genre?
[03:49:03] <Bytram> excellent question!
[03:49:35] <Bytram> solid rock-n-roll roots, but more modern...
[03:49:52] <Bytram> I'm struggling to give you a straight anser.
[03:49:55] <Bytram> *answer
[03:50:05] <Bytram> hold on a sec
[03:50:49] <charon> bubblegum jpop with a full string section and a death metal drummer
[03:51:15] <Fnord666> now that I would listen to
[03:51:17] <Bytram> umm, not really
[03:51:34] <Bytram> here's one of her more recent works: https://www.youtube.com
[03:51:36] <exec> └─ 13Amy & The Engine - Arrows (Official Video) - YouTube
[03:51:42] <Fnord666> especially with a little industrial thrown in
[03:52:28] <cmn32480> steampunk wiht a littl elady gaga
[03:52:28] <Fnord666> so I hit the track previews on the site and I'm also getting some CW in the mix for some reason.
[03:52:36] <charon> trent reznor meets morcheeba doing an album of garth brooks covers
[03:53:17] <Fnord666> and.... a tear in the fabric of space/time appears...
[03:53:21] <charon> lol
[03:53:35] <Fnord666> sota like microwaving instant coffee
[03:53:39] <Fnord666> sorta
[03:54:30] <charon> not a bad tune. a bit happy for my tastes but solid rock
[03:55:26] <Fnord666> Sounds quite interesting so far. I'll have to check it out more seriously tomorrow.
[03:56:12] <charon> of course it's not Tom Waits sings West Side Story, but what is?
[03:56:36] <Bytram> she's a tiny little thing, barely 5-feet tall, slim, with great pipes and is going places -- graduated from Berklee (in Boston, MA)
[03:56:36] <Bytram> I first saw her solo, up on stage singing her heart out while playing guitar and tambourine
[03:56:36] <Bytram> and she had just graduated high school
[03:56:37] <Bytram> a very different sound from her: "Patience" ... lemme find a link
[03:56:39] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[03:56:41] <exec> └─ 13Amy & The Engine - Patience (Official Video) - YouTube
[03:57:04] * Bytram offers a pot^w urn of coffee to exec
[03:57:05] * exec is now carrying a pot^w urn of coffee
[03:57:13] <Bytram> LOL!
[03:57:23] <cmn32480> lol
[03:57:25] <cmn32480> wasn't me
[03:58:03] * Bytram offers a cone of silence to exec
[03:58:03] * exec is now carrying a cone of silence
[03:58:23] * cmn32480 offers exec one meeelion dollars
[03:58:35] <charon> syntax error
[03:59:04] * cmn32480 offers one meeelion dollars to exec
[03:59:05] * exec is now carrying one meeelion dollars
[03:59:12] <cmn32480> this one is all news to me
[03:59:34] * Bytram offers exec
[04:00:53] * cmn32480 offers to exec
[04:01:05] * cmn32480 offers a beat down to exec
[04:01:06] * exec is now carrying a beat down
[04:01:09] <cmn32480> lol
[04:01:14] * charon offers Bytram to exec
[04:01:16] * exec is now carrying Bytram
[04:01:20] * Fnord666 offers exec to exec
[04:01:20] <Bytram> Fnord666: so, besides the "Patience" video: https://www.youtube.com check out "Last Forever": https://www.youtube.com
[04:01:23] <exec> item already exists in inventory
[04:01:23] <cmn32480> human sacrifice
[04:01:26] <exec> ├─ 13Amy & The Engine - Patience (Official Video) - YouTube
[04:01:27] <exec> └─ 13Amy & The Engine - Last Forever (Official Video) - YouTube
[04:01:30] * Bytram wiggles and struggles to break free
[04:01:36] <cmn32480> ~inventory
[04:01:39] <exec> http://ix.io
[04:01:50] <charon> whoa
[04:01:52] <Bytram> cmn32480: well, I ain't no virgin...
[04:02:03] <cmn32480> that was a guess on my part
[04:02:13] <Bytram> cmn32480: you are in a maze of twisting little passages, all different
[04:02:15] * cmn32480 takes Bytram from exec
[04:02:22] <charon> this can only be the work of TMB
[04:02:27] <cmn32480> crutchy
[04:02:32] <cmn32480> hew wrote the bot
[04:02:36] <charon> ah
[04:03:10] <Bytram> O. M. G. ... have exec play Colossal cave -- keeping track of moves for each user.
[04:03:27] <Fnord666> oh dear lordy.
[04:03:32] <charon> ~go west
[04:03:41] <cmn32480> crutchy was writing a sneak server for a game of some sort
[04:03:46] <cmn32480> but I'm not sure what it was
[04:04:12] <Fnord666> There's already a part of my life missing due to that game.
[04:04:44] <cmn32480> heh
[04:04:49] <Fnord666> and a complete map painted on a dorm room wall oh so many years ago.
[04:04:57] <Bytram> Colossal Cave, aka "Adventure"
[04:04:57] <Bytram> Plugh
[04:04:57] <Bytram> You are now at "Y2"
[04:04:58] * Bytram attained "Adventure Grandmaster" in late 1978 or very early 1979
[04:05:03] <Fnord666> xyzzy
[04:05:07] <Bytram> plover
[04:05:53] <charon> you'll never shoot the wumpus
[04:06:11] * Bytram has a listing of the fortran source from back then someplace in his files
[04:06:28] <Fnord666> what really scares me is that i may still ahve the record of everything since we were playing on a decwriter and everything printed out
[04:06:43] <Bytram> decwriter++
[04:06:43] <Bender> karma - decwriter: 1
[04:07:04] <Fnord666> and a 300 baud acoustic modem...
[04:07:05] <Bytram> greenbar_paper++
[04:07:05] <Bender> karma - greenbar_paper: 1
[04:07:54] <Fnord666> who else had the lineprinter version of the farrah fawcett poster?
[04:08:01] <cmn32480> greenbar.. STILL the best stuff to print out large rports on
[04:08:53] <charon> what, they still make it? and tractor feed printers?
[04:08:54] <cmn32480> farrah whp?
[04:08:57] <Bytram> Fnord666: now THAT is a trip down memory lane
[04:09:16] <Fnord666> :-)
[04:09:58] <cmn32480> http://www.staples.com
[04:11:27] <Fnord666> http://www.cypress-tech.com
[04:11:29] <exec> └─ 13HP Line Printers - Cypress Technology Inc HP New HP Refurbished HP Remanufactured HP Renew HP Replacement Parts HP Obsolete HP Used HP Upgrade HP Pre Owned HP Off lease HP Surplus HP Integrity HP Itanium HP HP-UX HP Unix HP MPE HP e3000 HP 9000
[04:11:59] <charon> well i'll be
[04:12:20] <charon> i assumed those dinosaurs died out
[04:13:13] <Bytram> well, things seem to have changed. ISTR that there a version of Colossal Cave built into Emacs, but what comes up when I now play "Adventure" sure is NOT Colossal Cave
[04:14:18] <Bytram> Tools > Games > Adventure
[04:14:25] <Fnord666> Now if someone would just implement an editor in EMACs...
[04:14:34] <Bytram> that would be some feet
[04:14:37] <Bytram> *feat
[04:14:58] <Fnord666> It does everything else...
[04:15:39] <Bytram> we just need to create a minor mode called "rehash" ;)
[04:16:07] <Fnord666> lol
[04:16:37] <charon> i sorta got lost in that awful story i just edited, would someone mind giving it a once over?
[04:16:47] <charon> https://soylentnews.org
[04:16:49] <exec> └─ 13Error
[04:17:01] <charon> ~blame
[04:17:02] * exec points at Bytram
[04:17:11] * cmn32480 crosses his fingers
[04:18:16] <Bytram> /me crosses his toes, too
[04:18:23] <cmn32480> c'mon schwartz... c'mon scwartz.....
[04:18:29] * Bytram crosses his eyes
[04:19:08] * cmn32480 suggests going pee before you ahve to cross your legs
[04:19:14] * charon crosses the streams
[04:19:15] <Fnord666> may the schwartz be with you...
[04:19:36] * Fnord666 crosses his buns
[04:19:40] <Bytram> appreciate the suggestion, but I think I might be better off going to bed, instead
[04:19:45] <cmn32480> I see your schwartz is as big as mine, Fnord666
[04:19:45] <charon> hot
[04:19:53] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[04:19:54] * exec transphobically irritates a fart hole of false promises with bytram
[04:19:55] <Bytram> have another early day ahead of me tomorrow
[04:19:58] <Bytram> ~gncm
[04:20:01] <charon> ~gnight Bytram
[04:20:02] * exec ironically penetrates an anvil of dust with Bytram
[04:20:04] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:20:04] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[04:20:05] * exec whole-heartedly writes a fanfic featuring an alternative view of extra lives about cmn32480
[04:20:06] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[04:20:07] * exec transphobically mixes shippon of targeted ads with Bytram
[04:20:08] * exec sexually $action a tub of stock options $preposition charon
[04:20:11] <Bytram> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:20:13] * exec readily sodomizes a +1 mace of lips & assholes with Fnord666
[04:20:21] <cmn32480> unpack complete
[04:20:25] <cmn32480> healthcheck complete
[04:20:36] <cmn32480> jeopardy theme...
[04:20:38] <Bytram> healthplaid complete
[04:20:51] <charon> wow, Fnord666. you... got the raw end of that one
[04:20:52] <Bytram> healthpolkadot complete
[04:21:07] <Fnord666> i was hoping that one might slip by
[04:21:26] <Bytram> best two out of three?
[04:21:26] <Bytram> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:21:28] * exec retroactively snatches a barrage of recycled toiletpaper from Fnord666
[04:21:29] <Bytram> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:21:30] * exec allegedly launches a dong of 1-up shrooms toward Fnord666
[04:21:35] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[04:21:37] * exec carefully deletes a wad of hashrefs from Bytram
[04:21:37] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[04:21:56] <Fnord666> oh crap we broke it
[04:21:59] * Bytram waits
[04:22:06] <Bytram> #smake exec
[04:22:06] * MrPlow smakes exec upside the head with a cinder block
[04:22:12] <cmn32480> preflight failed...
[04:22:14] <cmn32480> FUCK
[04:22:20] * Bytram carefully uncrosses his toes
[04:22:43] <charon> someone did not have their tray table stowed
[04:22:50] * cmn32480 looks at the logs
[04:22:54] * Fnord666 uncrosses his (hot according to charon) buns
[04:23:11] * Bytram wonders if the logs are yule logs
[04:23:26] * Fnord666 thinks they're captain's logs
[04:24:04] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[04:24:05] * exec sexually pours your mom's bra, full of nuts for Bytram
[04:24:42] * Bytram thinks the captain needs to add fiber to his diet
[04:24:43] <Bytram> mixed metaphor, indeed
[04:25:05] <Fnord666> Freud would ahve a field day with that one
[04:25:15] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[04:25:16] * exec insatiably slides a kilobyte of hash tables to bytram
[04:25:29] <Bytram> FYI, I submitted a story to help out with the light number of submissions in the queue
[04:25:47] <Bytram> knowing my luck, those'd be MD5 hashes
[04:25:48] <charon> oh, i already rejected that
[04:26:03] <Fnord666> i was going to ask "which one"?
[04:26:05] <Bytram> ok, off I go for the evening... have a great night everyone!
[04:26:09] <Bytram> .boot charon
[04:26:11] <charon> take care
[04:26:13] <Bytram> ;)
[04:26:17] <Fnord666> good night Bytram
[04:26:35] <Bytram> ciao for now
[04:26:53] <charon> the FNGs are taking over the asylum!
[04:27:12] * cmn32480 turns around so you can buckle my jacket in the back
[04:27:57] * charon puts a foot on cmn32480's back so he can get the sleeves extra tight
[04:28:46] * cmn32480 asks that you go easy on the strap between my legs
[04:29:06] <charon> !grab cmn32480
[04:29:06] <Bender> Added quote 46
[04:29:19] <cmn32480> touche
[04:31:34] <Fnord666> like a lamb to the slaughter
[04:31:58] <cmn32480> Baaaaaa
[04:32:02] <cmn32480> baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[04:32:06] <cmn32480> or somesuch
[04:32:23] <charon> i had to type quickly so you wouldn't say anything else
[04:33:54] <Fnord666> That's ok in NZ is believe it's ddaaaaaadddyyyyyy
[04:34:56] <Fnord666> charon - I think your story looks good at this point but I'm going to let one of the senior editors second it.
[04:35:28] <charon> well, it's going live in a short while. if only there were a senior editor around....
[04:35:39] <charon> thank you, Fnord666
[04:36:04] <Fnord666> welcome
[04:36:12] <cmn32480> bastards
[04:36:15] <Fnord666> you did a good job with it.
[04:36:38] <charon> i made a pig's breakfast into a sow's ear. or something
[04:36:55] <Fnord666> am not. my parents were married.
[04:37:09] <Fnord666> charon something like that
[04:37:33] <charon> i admit, i am a bastard in the true sense
[04:38:35] <cmn32480> what story am I supposed ot look at?
[04:38:42] <Fnord666> I've been called worse
[04:38:47] <charon> https://soylentnews.org
[04:38:49] <exec> └─ 13Error
[04:39:00] <Fnord666> "Negative Software Review Results in Company Bricking Reviewers Software"
[04:40:18] <Fnord666> The funniest thing is that apparently the license validation is a telnet query/response.
[04:40:58] <Fnord666> a hosts file entry and a two line java program and your license is valid again
[04:41:09] <cmn32480> well done
[04:41:12] <cmn32480> approved.
[04:41:18] <charon> from the days before securom
[04:41:55] <charon> thank you cmn32480. i just wanted to be sure i hadn't left any dangling sentences, since i went back and inserted a bunch of material
[04:41:59] <cmn32480> 2nded
[04:41:59] <Fnord666> thanks cmn32480
[04:42:28] <charon> and when you're looking at something for so long, you don't really see it anymore
[04:43:17] <cmn32480> I believe bytram calls it word soup
[04:43:27] <charon> that's about right
[04:44:27] <charon> i think i may dump a few subs in, instead of editing. my brain is a bit frazzled
[04:44:56] <charon> the google search algorithm one looks like another nightmare
[04:48:54] <cmn32480> I"m done
[04:49:01] <cmn32480> my brain is fried
[04:49:34] * charon offers a cuba libre to cmn32480
[04:49:41] * charon offers a cuba libre to exec
[04:49:42] * exec is now carrying a cuba libre
[04:49:53] * cmn32480 accepts the cuba libre
[04:50:12] <cmn32480> I'm done
[04:50:14] <cmn32480> time for bed
[04:50:24] <charon> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:50:26] * exec ceremoniously poops a ½ cup of cheesy poofs for cmn32480
[04:50:29] <charon> sleep well
[04:50:38] <cmn32480> ~gngiht charon
[04:50:42] <cmn32480> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:50:44] * exec ironically separates shippon of everlasting gobstoppers from Fnord666
[04:50:50] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon
[04:50:51] * exec emphatically vomits a dutch oven of non-alcoholic carbonated beverage on charon
[04:51:01] <charon> yum
[04:53:18] <Fnord666> !gnight cmn32480
[04:53:28] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:53:30] * exec brazenly farts a massive fart a painting of onion rings at cmn32480
[04:54:18] <charon> damnit. takyon beat me to this story. by about 10 months
[04:54:55] <Fnord666> which one?
[04:55:09] <charon> https://soylentnews.org
[04:55:12] <exec> └─ 13U.S. Navy Brings Back Celestial Navigation Over GPS Fears - SoylentNews
[04:56:09] <Fnord666> What story were you looking at?
[04:56:28] <charon> a similar story, from the atlantic
[04:56:59] <Fnord666> ah. Nothing fresh in it?
[04:58:30] <charon> nope. though i wanted to add a link to the webpage of the polynesian wayfinders who still do long voyages the old way like it was done for thousands of year
[04:59:07] <charon> http://pvs.kcc.hawaii.edu this page in particular is fascinating
[04:59:09] <exec> └─ 13On Wayfinding / Nainoa Thompson
[05:00:54] <Fnord666> Cool
[05:00:56] <charon> which makes me wonder if i could just sub that page with a backref to the earlier story
[05:01:20] <charon> not news as such, but bery interesting
[05:02:04] <Fnord666> it has interest.
[05:02:29] <Fnord666> can't hurt to submit it.
[05:03:05] <charon> i shall submit myself to your scrutiny. the mighty editors may do as they wish
[05:03:22] <Fnord666> lol.
[05:04:09] <Fnord666> go for it
[05:04:34] <Fnord666> i think i'm going to call it an evening. good night charon.
[05:04:44] <charon> ok, sleep well Fnord666
[05:04:55] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666
[05:04:56] <Fnord666> you too.
[05:04:57] * exec homogeneously irritates a heap of coffee with Fnord666
[05:05:03] <Fnord666> ~gnight charon
[05:05:04] * exec presumably passes an undersized chest of problematic principles to charon
[07:21:10] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@119.17.wmi.rzn] has joined #editorial
[08:18:58] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[14:26:55] <CoolHand> fyi - I noticed in the evolution/smart loners story that there are a couple links not working (must have been relative URL's in story source) for sherlock and Newt Scamander... I'm going to see if I can't fix them up...
[14:30:17] <CoolHand> there, that should be better...
[17:03:46] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[17:03:47] -!- mode/#editorial [+v nick] by Hephaestus
[17:05:11] <nick> a russian ambassador in turkey was just shot whilst giving a speech, possibly dead
[17:21:57] <cmn32480> no kidding...
[17:22:11] <cmn32480> isn't Turkey part of NATO?
[17:22:58] <cmn32480> that coudl be VERY bad...
[17:23:09] <cmn32480> think ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand
[17:24:27] <nick> could be, but i doubt it
[17:24:48] <nick> i think it just will continue escalation of hostilities and existing narratives rather than be a real turning point
[17:24:49] <cmn32480> me too.. but the Russians are not exactly known for taking stuff like this laying down
[17:25:39] <nick> seems like the death is confirmed
[17:26:29] <nick> well, it does give russia even more reason to continue their operations in syria
[17:26:43] <nick> but it remains to be seen on who will claim responsibility
[17:27:07] <cmn32480> news reports say (unsurprisingly) Islamic terror attack
[17:27:57] <chromas> s/un//
[17:28:14] <nick> well of course, there was apparently a shooting just now in Zurich also
[17:28:30] <cmn32480> coordinated attacks?
[17:28:37] <nick> but an islamic lone wolf, or a recognized group is more my question
[17:28:43] <cmn32480> ahhh
[17:28:59] <cmn32480> the turkey one says the guy yelled somethign about Alleppo
[17:29:23] <nick> ugh
[17:30:08] <cmn32480> -but that is all according to the AO via Fox news
[17:30:15] <cmn32480> s/AO/AP
[17:30:18] <cmn32480> s/AO/AP/
[17:30:19] <exec> <cmn32480> -but that is all according to the AP via Fox news
[17:30:43] <nick> if aleppo was specifically mentioned, that makes things more complicated
[17:31:02] <chromas> Did he ask where it was?
[17:31:20] <nick> even if it wasn't and that's what they're going with, then it's still the same
[17:31:27] <cmn32480> supposedly looking for directions ro somesuch
[17:31:44] <cmn32480> http://www.foxnews.com
[17:31:45] <nick> cmn32480, can you link me to the AP report
[17:31:46] <exec> └─ 13Russian ambassador to Turkey shot in Ankara | Fox News
[17:32:12] <cmn32480> Russian officials told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet that the perpetrator was believed to be an Islamic radical. The gunman made a remark about Syria's besieged city Aleppo during the assault, a witness interviewed by Hurriyet said. The AP reported he also yelled "Allahu Akbar." Russia is assisting the Syrian government in its campaign against rebel forces in that country.
[17:32:20] <cmn32480> looking for it now
[17:33:44] <cmn32480> http://news.sky.com
[17:33:45] <exec> └─ 13Russia's ambassador to Turkey killed in shooting
[17:34:05] <cmn32480> this one mentions the quote from the AP photgrapher saying he shouted Allahu Akbar
[17:34:37] <nick> that's some deep shit going on there
[17:34:57] <cmn32480> yeah
[17:35:03] <cmn32480> not a good way to start a Monday
[17:35:17] <nick> no one from NATO has been able to talk about syria without using aleppo as a central theme
[17:35:29] <nick> and now we get this incident
[17:35:48] <cmn32480> whatever happens, it ain't gonna be good
[17:35:57] <nick> indeed
[17:39:44] <nick> it appears like it's going to be used to undermine the effectiveness of russia in syria, blowback from irresponsible actions... although obviously would be the reverse if it was our side.
[17:40:13] <cmn32480> spun for political gain? the hell you say!
[17:40:32] <nick> then it would show how desperate and on the back foot they are by taking chances at minor diplomats
[17:41:14] <nick> excuse me for my cynicism but the reports of aleppo being mentioned on the first reports raised a flag for me
[17:42:01] <cmn32480> I would agree that this guy is minor, but at this juncture in time, we don't know if he is Putin's best buddy, or just an Ambassador in a marginal posting
[17:42:24] <cmn32480> the whole thing needs time to unflod a bit
[17:43:13] <nick> yesterday there was a UN vote on aleppo pushed back to today coincidentally
[17:43:27] <cmn32480> for humanitarian aid?
[17:43:56] * cmn32480 was rather occupied with a rather single focus this weekend
[17:45:14] <nick> i assume the vote is on a resolution condemning atrocities
[17:46:25] <cmn32480> another toothless resolution from the UN... they seem to do that alot
[17:46:59] <cmn32480> not that I am cynical
[17:47:01] <nick> i have a submission coming soon on the UN
[17:47:12] <cmn32480> ok
[17:47:24] <cmn32480> ought to make for interesting debate
[17:47:25] <nick> is unlikely to improve your opinion
[17:47:53] * nick remembers a time when he actually went to the UN as a tourist and thought it was a great institution
[17:48:00] <cmn32480> not much short of their voluntary disbanding will improve my opinion of the UN
[17:48:36] <nick> indeed
[17:49:08] <cmn32480> the idea of the UN is great... the problem is that it is exceptionally corrupt, and I personaly disagree with much of their politics
[17:49:44] <nick> yeah
[17:50:14] <cmn32480> I also disagree with the fact that the US is basically paying for the vast majority of it...
[17:51:17] <nick> there was recently a report about the UN arming a warlord in s.sudan
[17:51:38] <nick> but when asked about it, no one in UN had read the report, or if they did had no comment on it
[17:51:57] <nick> 'Ambassadors of the UK and New Zealand about it, and both had heard of it and said it needed to be investigated. The Ambassador of France, the country that has run UN Peacekeeping for 20 years, did not comment. '
[17:53:10] <cmn32480> sure.. nobody wants to give up a really cushy gig in New York by rocking the boat
[17:53:35] <nick> then there's the incompetence of bringing cholera to haiti
[17:53:45] <nick> but the fact they managed to do that just proves how hard they were trying to help haiti
[17:53:50] <cmn32480> you could ahve stopped after "incometance"
[17:54:16] <nick> well i have to be an unbiased journalist and give the UN side of the story too!
[17:54:43] <cmn32480> then it is "alleged incompetance"
[17:55:06] <nick> well that would then imply there's a chance it was intentional
[17:56:42] <chromas> "Alleged incident." There, now we don't even know if it even happened
[17:57:11] <nick> and in other news "Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon says Saudi Arabia has confirmed it will not use British-made cluster bombs in Yemen"
[17:57:52] <nick> what a delightful world we live in
[17:58:33] <nick> chromas, that might be how it's referenced in the future but for now they're admitting it
[17:58:35] <nick> http://www.nytimes.com
[17:58:37] <exec> └─ 13U.N. Plans to Pay Victims of Cholera Outbreak It Caused in Haiti - The New York Times
[17:58:47] <nick> http://www.nytimes.com
[17:58:49] <exec> └─ 13U.N. Admits Role in Cholera Epidemic in Haiti - The New York Times
[18:21:31] <nick> reports are now that it was indeed a turkish police officer who shot the ambassador, which makes the aleppo thing even more odd
[18:23:00] <cmn32480> Rodney King said it best "Can't we all just get along??"
[18:25:07] <nick> when i saw the video, i assumed the guy was the ambassadors security, not the attacker. is a real fucked up situation
[18:25:46] <cmn32480> agreed... however it goes, it ain't gonna end well
[18:27:02] <nick> maybe just getting all this stuff out the way so 2017 can't get any worse
[18:27:22] <cmn32480> speaking of which.. Zsa Zsa Gabor died
[18:27:36] <cmn32480> 2016 claioms yet another celebrity
[18:27:48] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #editorial
[18:27:48] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[18:28:07] <cmn32480> speaking of celebrities.. here's janrinok!
[18:28:23] <cmn32480> or rather... hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's janrinok!
[18:28:41] * cmn32480 waits impatiently for the joke filled monologue
[18:29:00] <janrinok> ~gday cmn32480
[18:29:02] * exec overratedly hangs a trigger warning sign about a tremendouns number of black man's radio on cmn32480
[18:29:08] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[18:29:10] * exec mistakenly $action a bottle of male privilege $preposition janrinok
[18:29:28] <janrinok> aren't celebrities rich and surrounded by the trappings of the good life?
[18:29:43] <cmn32480> noot necessarily...
[18:29:48] * janrinok thinks he must be a covert celeb
[18:30:22] <cmn32480> it's like Cheers... everybody knows your name... but you are still AC
[18:30:57] <janrinok> oh, (he said in a disappointed tone of voice)
[18:31:20] <cmn32480> better than being famous for being a Kardashian
[18:31:20] <nick> janrinok is a local celebrity
[18:31:41] <cmn32480> assuming you mean within SoylentNews
[18:31:57] <janrinok> ~gday nick
[18:31:58] * exec figuratively hallucinates a thing of snotcaulk with nick
[18:32:07] <janrinok> still attacking the doughnuts?
[18:32:44] <cmn32480> at least we dont' all yell "NORM!" when he comes in
[18:33:12] <janrinok> no, but you do yell "janrinok"
[18:34:02] <janrinok> anyway - any news?
[18:34:27] <cmn32480> Russian amabassador to Turkey got hisself shot
[18:34:51] <cmn32480> dude had the absolute balls to attend an art gallery show...
[18:34:55] <cmn32480> I think he deserved it
[18:35:00] <janrinok> yep, just been watching that
[18:35:07] <cmn32480> certainly he was asking for it going into a warzone like that
[18:36:26] <cmn32480> /sarcasm
[18:37:33] <nick> http://qz.com
[18:37:34] <exec> └─ 13Barclays (BCS) is prepared to fire 7,000 low-volume trading clients — Quartz
[19:09:16] -!- audioguy has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:29:30] -!- audioguy [audioguy!~audioguy@Soylent/Staff/Developer/audioguy] has joined #editorial
[19:46:04] -!- nick has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:17:53] <cmn32480> ok
[20:19:07] <cmn32480> from the look of what I'm seeing in #test, Fnord666 was able to submit Arthur stories via exec in quick succession (90 seconds in between)
[20:19:44] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - can you confirm above? I'm trying to see if the change I made last night is indeed the cause (too many stories to be rebuilt and exec chokes)
[20:26:28] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:21:24] <cmn32480> and a truck has now slammed into a market in berlin... a la the attack in niece
[21:21:31] <cmn32480> *Nice
[21:26:43] <chromas> Totally lone wolf
[21:27:46] <cmn32480> so many attacks today, it seems an unlikely coinkydynk
[21:28:05] <chromas> racis
[21:30:20] <chromas> it was probaably another 'sexual emergency'. the driver heard the idiom "plow your mom" and took it to heart
[23:48:20] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[23:48:20] -!- mode/#editorial [+v nick] by Hephaestus
[23:48:50] * nick slow clap
[23:58:36] <nick> just to clarify... using NYT and Stratfor for the russia/turkey incident today was indeed the best way to make sure the appropriate slant was put on the story