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[00:44:56] <charon> ~gday #editorial
[00:44:58] * exec suspiciously generates a small script that substitutes a spool of TempleOS for #editorial
[01:11:53] <charon> ~arthur 4357a8
[01:11:54] <exec> story not found
[01:12:03] <charon> hey cmn32480. no hurries, but arthur has broken the storybot wiki page again
[01:31:26] <cmn32480> charon - I am aware
[01:31:36] <cmn32480> and without much hope
[01:31:41] <cmn32480> ~storybot
[01:32:05] <charon> ok
[01:32:16] <charon> i figured you knew, but just in case
[01:37:22] <cmn32480> ~storybot
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[01:48:19] <cmn32480> ~join #test
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[01:54:37] <cmn32480> ~join #test
[02:05:06] <cmn32480> ok
[02:05:20] <cmn32480> so now we wait abotu 45 minutes to see if he processes for the wiki
[02:05:49] * charon waits for an explosion
[02:07:59] <charon> man, Fnord666 is closing in on me. i thought i had a good lead
[02:10:34] <cmn32480> what list are you looking at?
[02:10:48] <charon> the authors page
[02:10:58] <cmn32480> ahhh race to the bottom
[02:11:06] <charon> i'll never catch you
[02:11:15] * cmn32480 scrolls toward the top looking for his own name
[02:11:24] * cmn32480 enjoys poking the bear
[02:32:56] <cmn32480> 20min
[02:33:01] <cmn32480> roughly
[02:38:50] * charon puts on his kevlar riot armor
[02:49:19] <cmn32480> 5 min
[02:49:40] * charon enters the bomb shelter
[02:50:00] * cmn32480 just waits to see if exec shits the bed
[02:50:20] <charon> for god's sake man, take cover
[02:51:14] * cmn32480 puts on sunglasses, just in case
[02:51:31] * cmn32480 dons his hard hat and safety vest
[02:51:47] * cmn32480 notes that the waiting is the very hardest part
[02:52:50] * charon trips over the cord and unplugs exec
[02:52:54] <charon> oops
[02:53:21] <cmn32480> WOOT!
[02:53:28] <cmn32480> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[02:53:30] <exec> └─ 13Storybot - SoylentNews
[02:53:50] <charon> storybot is dead, long live storybot
[02:54:26] <cmn32480> whatdayamean daed?
[02:54:40] <charon> it's what they say when the king dies
[02:54:48] <cmn32480> the king is alive
[02:54:51] <cmn32480> it works again
[02:54:54] <cmn32480> at least this once
[02:55:07] <charon> son of storybot: the heir to the throne
[03:03:31] <cmn32480> #fite Hephaestus
[03:03:31] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[03:04:11] <MrPlow> #fite Hephaestus falls broken at cmn32480's feet.
[03:24:17] <cmn32480> charon - I read your note on the professor watch list story.
[03:24:43] <charon> and?
[03:24:54] <cmn32480> I agree. What I am going to do is put a delete on it, with a note back to the submitter, asking him/her to do a rewrite to make it a littel more straight forward and less biased
[03:25:16] <charon> this is actually the second time he's ubbed that same story
[03:25:24] <cmn32480> is it?
[03:25:30] * cmn32480 goes to loko at his submission page
[03:25:40] <charon> this one is worded slightly differenty but most of it is the same
[03:26:26] <cmn32480> jebus.. almost word for word
[03:26:31] <charon> yah
[03:27:24] <cmn32480> gimme a couple and I'll put somethign together
[03:27:29] <charon> k
[03:27:50] <charon> i'm building subs atm, but i'll see a ping if you need me
[03:32:12] <cmn32480> hmmmm who knew... the ed notes box has a limit
[03:32:20] <charon> lol
[03:32:45] <cmn32480> Decline reason: aristarchus, the editorial staff like the idea behind this story, and we think it will generate good discussion. Where we are having a problem is with the way this particular submission is written. This comes across as a very one sided submission, and as much as we have tried, we are unable to make it come out as a neutral reporting of the event instead of a side-taking piece. If possible, since we would like to
[03:32:45] <cmn32480> give you credit for it, could you do a rewrite in a more neutral tone? Phrases like "a group of concerned uneducated people who are concerned that they might not be getting educated, since what they are being taught does not agree with their uneducated opinions!" are the type of thing that we would generally like to avoid. It is a great topic, and we appreciate the submission, but it is a little too leaning to one side instead of
[03:32:46] <cmn32480> reporting just the facts. Thanks. - cmn32480
[03:33:49] <charon> that is an admirable piece of diplomacy
[03:34:06] <charon> cmn32480++
[03:34:06] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 79
[03:36:35] <cmn32480> that is the longest decline reason I have ever sent
[03:37:26] <charon> could choke the system. we're in a new frontier
[03:37:38] <cmn32480> lol
[03:38:01] <cmn32480> I have no idea what the limit on that field is, but I think it is along the lines of War and Peace
[03:40:09] <charon> sorry about the one where i forgot the links
[03:40:25] <charon> i was in a hurry at work
[03:59:10] <cmn32480> np
[03:59:14] <cmn32480> it was an easy fix
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[17:36:39] <cmn32480> shit.. exec is still working.. I mighta fixed somethign!
[17:46:07] <cmn32480> #fite Hephaestus
[17:46:07] <MrPlow> #fite spam going to channel #fite
[17:46:14] <MrPlow> #fite Hephaestus falls broken at cmn32480's feet.
[18:55:10] <charon> hiyo #editorial
[19:10:18] <cmn32480> ~gday cahron
[19:10:19] * exec dexterously gives a teaspoonful of hot gas to cahron
[19:10:23] <cmn32480> ~gday charon
[19:10:24] * exec faithfully pilfers a box of pleasant hooters from charon
[19:10:43] <cmn32480> the good fairy hath smiled upon charon_
[19:10:53] <cmn32480> you have 4 hours to run amok
[19:10:56] <charon> my owls!
[19:11:21] <charon> huh, what does that mean?
[19:11:30] <cmn32480> gives yhou an extra 100 points to kill stuff with
[19:11:35] <charon> i can fite without dying?
[19:11:41] <cmn32480> instead of 11 hp
[19:11:45] <cmn32480> you now have 111
[19:11:56] <cmn32480> 101 rather
[19:12:02] <cmn32480> as charon_
[19:12:04] <charon> cool. too bad it's the alt version
[19:12:41] <cmn32480> hey.. I jsut pass the news.. I don't make you use it
[19:13:05] <charon> how are you, cmn32480?
[19:13:57] <cmn32480> at work.. wishing I was on a tropical island someplace sipping somethign frozen and rum flavored
[19:14:32] <charon> that does sound kinda nice. especially since it's snowy/slushy by me
[19:15:06] <cmn32480> just rain here... but it is a cold rain
[19:18:55] -!- Snow [Snow!~4ac81ad4@540.04.038-02.q7.net] has joined #editorial
[19:19:31] <charon> hiyo snow
[19:21:21] <cmn32480> I hear you are falling all over the place
[19:21:52] <Snow> Hey, what's going on?
[19:22:13] <Snow> Ya, snow is everywhere! My brother out in Victoria even got lik 8 inches!
[19:22:38] <Snow> Not much here where I am though. Just bitterly cold.
[19:23:11] <cmn32480> so he's a hit with the ladies then?
[19:24:30] <Snow> well some ladies....
[19:24:42] <Snow> Victoria can't take take 8", but Regina.....
[19:24:53] <Snow> she can take a lot more than that!
[19:25:15] <charon> lie back and think of England
[19:28:50] <cmn32480> lol
[19:30:15] <charon> It's nice to see an article i subbed generate some real discussion
[19:31:04] <charon> not huge, but ~20 is better than 2
[21:37:44] <Fnord666> Hey #editorial! Good afternoon.
[21:44:13] <cmn32480> ~gday Fnord666
[21:44:15] * exec irresponsibly snatches a byte of iced tea from Fnord666
[21:57:44] <cmn32480> ai'ight. I'm out. got Cub Scouts tonight.
[21:57:53] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[21:57:55] * exec cromulently crossbreeds a ⅓ cup of the Gilligan's Island theme song with #editorial
[22:10:10] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[22:10:12] * exec brazenly crams a thing of windows me into cmn32480
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