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[00:00:44] <charon> ~gday #editorial
[00:00:45] * exec abnormally cropdusts a triply-linked list of ciri's bothole over #editorial
[00:14:07] <Bytram> ~gday charon
[00:14:08] * exec disturbingly a 40 of snotcaulk floccinaucinihilipilificates charon
[00:14:35] * Bytram things that exec a word out
[00:14:46] <charon> howdy do, bytram?
[00:15:15] <Bytram> been up since 0500, put in a full day at work, had dinner, and am trying to unwind
[00:15:15] <Bytram> you?
[00:15:16] <charon> exec was too disturbed by the whateverthehells
[00:15:42] <charon> been up fewer hours, but i also had a full day at work
[00:15:59] <Bytram> working_on_weekends--
[00:15:59] <Bender> karma - working_on_weekends: -1
[00:16:13] <charon> and one of my co-"workers" pissed me off something fierce just before closing
[00:16:40] <Bytram> charon: /co-.w/"cow-/
[00:16:48] <Bytram> charon: s/co-.w/"cow-/
[00:16:49] <exec> <Bytram> <charon> and one of my "cow-orkers" pissed me off something fierce just before closing
[00:16:58] <Bytram> ;)
[00:17:04] <Bytram> sorry to hear that... what happened?
[00:17:05] <charon> no, he really does "work" with me
[00:17:15] <charon> the co part is accurate
[00:17:33] <Bytram> sorry, just a favorite mis-pronounciation of mine
[00:18:19] <charon> oh, i see. like an old pal of mine used to say, after i bought a house, that i was now a homo-wner
[00:18:31] <Bytram> 'zactly!
[00:19:05] <charon> trying to distill the story...
[00:20:36] <charon> tonight i had to bring everything inside the store. usually it's allowed to stay out if it's chained up. co-worker (let's call him dipshit for short) came in to help me, but spent the time sitting on his ass. which is fine, he can at least field customers while i haul things in
[00:20:51] <Bytram> nod nocx
[00:20:55] <Bytram> nod nod
[00:21:43] <charon> after about half an hour, he disappears and customers start coming to me for help. so i didn't get to finish my job until after closing time, got out half an hour late until
[00:22:29] <charon> didn't say he was leaving, just *poof* while i was outside
[00:22:48] <Bytram> that is rather impolite
[00:22:52] <charon> ayep
[00:23:36] <Bytram> next time it is time to close, suggests/he pull the stuff in and you watch... and leave?
[00:23:52] <charon> heh, next time i will do it that way
[00:24:07] <Bytram> there's a very old adage:
[00:24:21] <Bytram> Tell me... and I will forget
[00:24:27] <Bytram> Show me... and I may remember
[00:24:34] <Bytram> Involve me... and I will understand.
[00:25:24] <charon> that seems pretty accurate. possibly even wise
[00:26:16] <Bytram> let's just say that, when first I heard it, it resonated quite strongly for me, too.
[00:30:59] <charon> but done is done. time to relax and forget. sweet sweet alcohol
[00:32:12] <charon> yes, the last bottle of oktoberfest
[00:33:38] <Bytram> is good to relax, step back, and look back on the positive things that happened during the day -- the ones that were overlooked beacuse I was so focussed on getting past yet another frustration
[00:36:27] <charon> are you still trying to break dev?
[00:36:42] <charon> well. succeeding in breaking dev
[00:39:25] <Bytram> kinda hard to do much of that while sleeping or at work
[00:39:38] <charon> i believe in you
[00:39:40] <Bytram> am pushing out a few stories to get us out of the morning
[00:39:48] <charon> i see, 2nding them now
[00:40:29] <Bytram> thank you, kind sir.
[00:40:55] <charon> whoa, that WaPo link in the trump cabinet story. pure text with no frills
[00:41:27] <charon> oh i see, printable version
[00:41:41] <Bytram> frills are for sissies! ;)
[00:41:48] <charon> heh
[00:46:40] * Bytram is too .tired to keep eyes open.... gonna call it a night
[00:46:48] <charon> ~gnight bytram
[00:46:49] * exec implicitly flicks a buzzfeed listicle of Ethanol-fueled's left testicle at bytram
[00:46:50] <Bytram> ~gnight #Soylent
[00:46:51] * exec prematurely pukes a whiff of dark humor on #Soylent
[00:46:55] <charon> take care, sleep well
[00:46:58] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[00:46:59] * exec emphatically snatches a spoon of stale doughnuts from charon
[00:47:28] <Bytram> will do, and the same to you, too!
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[02:31:13] <paulej72> any eds around
[02:31:45] <paulej72> hello hello hello hello
[02:37:00] <paulej72> if any eds read the backscroll please look at my comments in https://github.com Need consensus for what to do ofr the topic for merged stories
[02:37:01] <exec> └─ 13Page not found · GitHub
[02:37:13] <paulej72> https://github.com
[02:40:06] <cmn32480> paulej72 - your solution is excellent. Use News
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[03:45:50] <takyon_> how are our eds doing
[03:53:42] <cmn32480> the FNG?
[03:53:59] <cmn32480> pretty good
[03:54:04] <cmn32480> helping keep us afloat
[03:54:10] <cmn32480> how yo been?
[04:09:54] <paulej72> takyon_: I fixed some of your issues that you submitted. Some of them are live on dev
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[05:03:23] <Fnord666> Good evening/morning #editorial!
[05:07:08] <Fnord666> paulej72 you there?
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[05:55:43] <takyon_> thanks paulej72. #265 was annoying.
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[15:22:32] <janrinok> https://soylentnews.org just for the lulz
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[19:39:32] <Fnord666> Howdy #editorial!
[19:55:52] <cmn32480> ~gday Fnord666
[19:56:03] <Fnord666> ~gday cmn32480
[19:56:20] <Fnord666> How are things going this fine Monday?
[19:56:47] * cmn32480 slams head into desk repeatedly
[19:56:52] <cmn32480> you?
[19:56:57] <Fnord666> Other than exec being off his feed I guess.
[19:57:15] <Fnord666> A day off so I'm doing ok.
[19:59:32] <Fnord666> How was your weekend? Better tha ntoday at least?
[20:00:43] <Fnord666> s/tha ntoday/than today/
[20:06:28] <janrinok> just in time for me to say 'hi' and 'time for me to go'
[20:07:08] <janrinok> I'm having a great time on your Trump story Fnord666! Some has a very raw nerve...
[20:07:11] <cmn32480> ~gngiht janrinok
[20:07:13] <janrinok> someone*
[20:07:18] <janrinok> ~gnight cmn32480
[20:07:32] <janrinok> no exec working on this chan?
[20:08:28] <chromas> he died
[20:10:24] <cmn32480> damnit
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[20:11:25] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[20:11:26] * exec suspiciously crossbreeds a jar jar of chicken stock with janrinok
[20:12:01] <janrinok> ~gnight cmn32480
[20:12:04] * exec presumably throws a photograph of cheese logs at cmn32480
[20:12:21] <cmn32480> if we compbine, we cna prolyl make some soup
[20:12:28] <janrinok> lol
[20:12:59] <janrinok> it has been very quiet on here today/evening
[20:13:09] * cmn32480 thanks $diety
[20:14:17] <Fnord666> ~gnight janrinok
[20:14:19] * exec retroactively evolves a caravan of encouragement from janrinok
[20:15:08] <Fnord666> and thanks. I figured that story would spark some discussion.
[20:15:11] <janrinok> ~gnight Fnord666, hope you have had a good day, or are having one
[20:15:13] * exec diarrhetically allocates a udf volume of trail mix for Fnord666,
[20:15:53] <janrinok> Oh, we editors are being accused of bias, lying and not accepting the off-the-wall version made by an AC in preference to your story
[20:15:54] <Fnord666> I am. Thanks. Say hi to S for me as well.
[20:16:02] <janrinok> I will, thank you
[20:16:33] <Fnord666> The AC submission was a total mess.
[20:16:39] <janrinok> that's what I said
[20:17:22] <janrinok> but I think a Trumpeter/Trumpist/Trumper thinks that we should only print comments that he agrees with
[20:18:27] <Fnord666> s/he thoight wrong then.
[20:18:30] <Fnord666> thought
[20:19:14] <janrinok> yes but it is my fault apparently for telling him that
[20:19:15] <chromas> you should, but he should only agree with reality ;)
[20:19:39] <janrinok> welcome chromas to our humble abode ...
[20:19:55] <Fnord666> Hey chromas
[20:20:00] * chromas stuffs his nose in where it don't belong
[20:20:02] <chromas> hey
[20:20:03] <janrinok> we don't often get to see you on here
[20:20:34] * janrinok thinks the other channels must be pretty bad if more people are coming here ...
[20:21:13] <Fnord666> I'm about to queue the vegetarian cafe story so that should stir things up a bit.
[20:21:22] <chromas> I just poke my head in to make a lame joke sometimes
[20:24:26] <janrinok> much appreciated it is too
[20:24:34] <janrinok> however, I must go now.
[20:24:37] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:25:02] <Fnord666> Good night janrinok
[20:25:36] <Fnord666> takyon - you already have the vegetarian cafe story?
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[22:23:22] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[22:39:21] <charon> hiyo #editorial, assuming anyone exists
[23:14:37] Fnord666 is now known as Fnord666_away
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[23:22:33] <charon> ~gday n1
[23:22:34] * exec dexterously gives birth to a fat32 volume of relevant whitespace for n1
[23:22:46] <n1> howdy charon
[23:23:41] <charon> how goes it?
[23:25:24] <n1> it goes, heading to the airport tomorrow so been packing my shit up again, some to take with, some to leave with a friend here
[23:25:35] <n1> how goes charon
[23:26:46] <charon> doing fine. switched work days with my boss so he could go to a wake. it's wierd being here on a monday
[23:27:06] <charon> i keep forgetting what day it is
[23:27:40] <n1> yeah, i know how that feels... before i started my travels the only marker i had for the week was sunday dinner with the family
[23:29:51] <charon> where are you headed? still south america?
[23:34:03] <n1> actually going go the US
[23:35:01] <Deucalion> He be going to Utah.... or is he going all Amish in Penn?
[23:35:27] <charon> mormon or amish.... tough choice
[23:37:42] <Deucalion> Can't say I know enough about either, so yeah that would be a tough binary choice in a choose or die again situation
[23:38:40] <charon> Zenu
[23:38:58] <Deucalion> That's mormon right?
[23:39:02] <charon> or is it Xenu?
[23:39:10] <charon> scientology
[23:39:24] <Deucalion> blech...
[23:39:29] <charon> if you want crazy religion, go all the way
[23:39:46] <Deucalion> not recognised as a religion here :P
[23:40:02] <charon> i'd call it a cult myself
[23:41:05] <Deucalion> rut-roh... they'll be blacked out SUVs parked outside your home tomorrow morning... oh wait, that only be if you try to leave right
[23:41:28] <Deucalion> meh, I must sleep, busy day tomorrow. Be well all
[23:41:37] <charon> hahahah, i never leave the house and have no reputation to blemish
[23:41:46] <charon> night Deucalion