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[00:02:28] <mrpg> “Consumers may be carrying different smartphones now, but are they really in love and loyal to those brands?”
[00:02:37] <mrpg> hehehe in love
[00:04:54] <charon> there is no loyalty. it's just habit, or price
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[00:06:51] <Fnord666> Good evening #editorial!
[00:07:00] <mrpg> for me, android, but cheap. mine costs 45$ in amazon
[00:07:01] <charon> ~gday Fnord666
[00:07:02] * exec scientifically sodomizes a hammerfs volume of lua scripts with Fnord666
[00:07:06] <mrpg> Good night
[00:07:27] <Fnord666> ~gday charon
[00:07:28] * exec accidentally spews a D cup of the chronic on charon
[00:07:51] <charon> can't tell who won there
[00:08:32] <Fnord666> me either. Call it a draw?
[00:10:10] <charon> aye
[00:13:49] <charon> how are ya, fnord?
[00:16:34] <Fnord666> Doing well. It's Friday. Yourself?
[00:17:14] <charon> i am well. a few flurries of business tonight, but i think it will be quiet sailing til closing time
[00:17:33] <Fnord666> That's good.
[00:19:01] <charon> you doing the netflix story, fnord666?
[00:19:20] <Fnord666> yeah, it's in the queue.
[00:19:40] <Fnord666> I estimated where your mining story would land time wise
[00:19:58] <charon> lol, i skipped ahead, and out of that slot
[00:20:05] <charon> i'll put mine in the hole
[00:20:26] <Fnord666> it looks like right now the mining story has the same time as the previous story
[00:20:39] <chromas> !grab charon
[00:20:40] <Bender> Added quote 38
[00:21:07] <charon> durn burn you, chromas
[00:21:12] <Fnord666> eh chromas?
[00:21:24] <chromas> Bender does quote grabs
[00:21:30] <chromas> !quote -1
[00:21:30] <Bender> Quote -1 - <charon> i'll put mine in the hole
[00:21:32] <charon> my foolish quote will last for eternity
[00:22:36] <Fnord666> ah. That was indeed unfortunate.
[00:24:01] <Bytram> !grab charon
[00:24:01] <Bender> Added quote 39
[00:24:04] <Bytram> =)
[00:26:27] * charon cries
[00:27:02] <charon> Et tu, Bytram?
[00:27:22] <Bytram> I really should not have done that. Consider it a rite of passage. It was done unto me woe these many years ago.
[00:27:22] <Fnord666> and the level of the river Styx rises a smidge.
[00:27:55] <charon> lol
[00:27:55] <Bytram> and, yes, though well-learned, twas not always well-remembered... have been caught a few times, since.
[00:28:06] <Fnord666> !quote Bytram
[00:28:06] <Bender> Quote 9 - <Bytram> ding ding ding! give that man an internet!
[00:28:10] <Bender> Also in quotes: 11, 26, 27, 33
[00:28:31] <Fnord666> !quote 11,26,27,33
[00:28:31] <Bender> No quotes found with the text '11,26,27,33'
[00:28:38] <Fnord666> !quote 11
[00:28:38] <Bender> Quote 11 - <Bytram> "do we have to assume and data on a smartphone " should be: "do we have to assume *any* data on a smartphone " (emphasis added)
[00:28:48] <chromas> !quote pants
[00:28:48] <Bender> No quotes found with the text 'pants'
[00:29:11] <Bytram> !quote quote
[00:29:11] <Bender> Quote 19 - <cmn32480> !quote cmn32480
[00:29:15] <Bender> Also in quotes: 39
[00:29:17] <Bytram> =)
[00:29:21] <Bytram> !quote 39
[00:29:21] <Bender> Quote 39 - <charon> my foolish quote will last for eternity
[00:29:27] <Bytram> :P
[00:29:39] <Fnord666> Careful or you'll break smething.
[00:29:49] <Bytram> note: quotes are stored on a per-channel basis
[00:30:01] <Fnord666> s/smething/something/
[00:30:03] <exec> <Fnord666> Careful or you'll break something.
[00:30:05] * Bytram waits for that to sink in and for a sudden rush to #Soylent
[00:30:41] <Fnord666> Oh dear.
[00:31:39] <Fnord666> At least that one in #Soylent should make charon feel a little better.
[00:31:40] <charon> lol
[00:31:54] <charon> yes, that was far better than mine
[00:32:23] <Fnord666> a solid reminder not to drink and IRC
[00:33:35] * Bytram crosses fingers and loads new version of Pale Moon
[00:33:49] <Fnord666> I'm going to have to put together a submission for the Nikola One. If it lives up to the hype it will be a game changer I think
[00:34:02] <Fnord666> http://www.hybridcars.com
[00:34:06] <exec> └─ 13Nikola Motors Debuts Hydrogen-Electric Semi-Truck
[00:34:41] <Bytram> now, if it were made by Chrysler, would that be a Hemi-Semi?
[00:34:53] <Bytram> or a Semi-Hemi?
[00:35:17] <Fnord666> yes
[00:35:25] <charon> hydrogen? i am skeptical
[00:35:33] <mrpg> I find this interesting: Yale is trying to decide if and how rename a building. It's because one is named after a pro-slavery politician. Some say yes some say no, some say stop the PC crap. Should I submit it?
[00:36:39] <Bytram> how many founding fathers owned slaves and we have now changed the names of buildings named after them?
[00:36:47] <charon> mrpg. it will certainly spur some discussion. if you find it interesting, send it in
[00:36:53] <Fnord666> In today's times they'll just name the new building something else after the current one gets burned down.
[00:36:57] <Bytram> Jefferson Memorial, eh?
[00:37:16] <charon> Washington DC?
[00:37:23] <Fnord666> Definitely a slippery slope
[00:37:28] <mrpg> calhoun college
[00:37:42] <Bytram> I don't recall whether or not George Washington owned slaves
[00:37:57] <charon> he di, but they came from his wife when he married her
[00:38:01] <Fnord666> Trump Towers?
[00:38:07] <Bytram> Touche
[00:38:10] <charon> and he set most of them free before he died
[00:39:15] <charon> Yale is the site of the big uproar over halloween costumes a couple years ago, no?
[00:42:17] <Bytram> btw, did we run a story about SpaceX planning to launch again... IIRC,it'll be within a couple weeks
[00:43:25] <Fnord666> charon - I believe so but these days, with college students being college students there's at least one brewhaha every Halloween.
[00:43:37] <charon> negative. no sub for it in normal or hold
[00:44:40] <Fnord666> I found nada also.
[00:45:01] <Fnord666> Last story was identifying the cause
[00:45:16] <charon> nothing like a good Elon Musk hate thread
[00:45:38] <Bytram> that's something I don't understand
[00:46:11] <Bytram> the guy has revolutionized rocketry... made rockets that can land... right-side up!
[00:47:18] <Bytram> besides, one thing they *DO* do well, simulcast the launch, with both a commentary version and one with just the minimal chit-chat
[00:48:00] <Fnord666> I think it's the space tourist aspect for the 1% that hacks people off.
[00:48:02] <charon> i dont either. he seems a very smart guy who is doing things that benefit the world instead of just himself.
[00:48:29] <Fnord666> my $0.02 but you'll probably give me change back.
[00:49:18] <Fnord666> charon - true, no one trusts an altruist.
[00:49:35] <charon> he must have some kind of angle
[00:49:56] <charon> maybe he's going to sell us to evil aliens
[00:51:45] <Bytram> the Fifth Element wasn't *that* evil
[00:51:50] <Bytram> =)
[00:53:12] <charon> i am willing to go on record saying that movie is lame
[00:55:50] <chromas> it was written by a 16-year-old
[00:58:27] <Bytram> linky?
[00:58:42] <Fnord666> Because the only thing "better" than a Luc Besson film is one written by a 16 year old Luc Besson.
[00:59:27] <Fnord666> https://en.wikipedia.org
[00:59:28] <exec> └─ 13The Fifth Element - Wikipedia
[00:59:37] <Fnord666> second paragraph for what it's worth.
[00:59:51] <mrpg> Which topic for "Yale adopts a new approach to deciding whether Calhoun College and other university properties need new names." ????
[01:00:31] <chromas> is that from the social justice dept?
[01:01:08] <Fnord666> chromas - you stir the pot much harder you'll slot some over the side. :-)
[01:01:15] <Fnord666> s/slot/slop/
[01:01:16] <exec> <Fnord666> chromas - you stir the pot much harder you'll slop some over the side. :-)
[01:02:44] <Fnord666> OTOH I can't come with anything better.
[01:03:32] <mrpg> Submitted with /dev/random
[01:06:55] <Fnord666> Sounds safer anyway.
[01:08:57] <mrpg> OK productive night, three submissions, do with them as you please.
[01:09:05] <Fnord666> mrpg - what's up with the two undisplayed stories from today?
[01:09:24] <Bytram> Fnord666: under direction from EIC
[01:09:39] <Bytram> practicing putting stories up on prod
[01:09:58] <Fnord666> Cool. Figured it was something like that.
[01:10:05] <Bytram> once they have been reviewed, and accepted, then will be considered for promotion to real eds
[01:10:15] <Bytram> as far as I understand it.
[01:10:17] <mrpg> Yes JK told me to set them like that, I'm in 'testing' like debian
[01:10:24] <Bytram> lol
[01:10:34] <Bytram> mrpg: s/JK/JR/
[01:10:35] <exec> <Bytram> <mrpg> Yes JR told me to set them like that, I'm in 'testing' like debian
[01:10:42] <Bytram> ;)
[01:11:10] <Fnord666> wonder where the third story landed?
[01:11:21] <charon> somewhere in october
[01:11:25] <Bytram> charon
[01:11:27] <Bytram> ;)
[01:11:48] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org(moon)
[01:11:50] <exec> └─ 13Charon (moon) - Wikipedia
[01:13:42] <charon> this week
[01:14:21] <Bytram> charon: for something that is like 5 light hours away, you have an amazing response time... are you replying before we write our questions?
[01:14:43] <cmn32480> bytram - he is just that damn good
[01:15:03] <Fnord666> ~gday cmn32480
[01:15:04] * exec insatiably waves an alternative view of contentment at cmn32480
[01:15:10] <Bytram> must be taking tips from faster-that-the-speed-of-light taky*n
[01:15:13] <cmn32480> ~gday Fnord666
[01:15:15] * exec readily rubs a hammerfs volume of pesos on Fnord666
[01:16:08] <Fnord666> I had a fortune cookie that said I would be receiving unexpected money soon.
[01:16:21] <Fnord666> Thanks exec!
[01:16:52] <Fnord666> How's cmn32480 tonight?
[01:17:32] <cmn32480> sitting in a very quiet house.... enjoying the relative silence...
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[01:17:58] <charon_> son of a man bear pig dog
[01:18:04] * Bytram drops his voice to a whisper as a sign of respect
[01:18:05] <Fnord666> It was quiet... Too quiet.
[01:18:40] <cmn32480> wondering how I am going to find a good qualified wireless guy in the new year so I can go back to being a simple dept head and IT guy
[01:18:47] <charon_> you kicked me, i know it, bytram
[01:18:49] -!- charon has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[01:19:01] charon_ is now known as charon
[01:19:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, Deucalion is lookin for a job. talk to him.
[01:19:25] <cmn32480> wrong continent, I do believe
[01:19:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> he's single, he can move.
[01:19:40] <cmn32480> unless he wants to emigrate
[01:19:48] <Bytram> charon: 'twas not I. though sorely tempted, I think I've only done two or three kicks in all my time here. And one of them was to cmn32480
[01:20:05] <cmn32480> several were to cmn32480
[01:20:22] <charon> ~gday cmn32480
[01:20:24] * exec diarrhetically internalizes a raid 10 volume of toecheese in cmn32480
[01:20:31] <cmn32480> ~gday charon
[01:20:32] * exec deliciously cracks open a mail spool of TNT for charon
[01:20:39] <Bytram> IIRC, mine were prefaced by a kick or two from the other side
[01:21:02] <cmn32480> ummmmmmmm
[01:21:07] <cmn32480> maybe?
[01:22:16] <charon> see fnord666, there's no way we could be worse than these jokers
[01:22:32] <cmn32480> #smake charon
[01:22:32] * MrPlow smakes charon upside the head with tp
[01:22:53] <Bytram> please don't squeeze the tp
[01:23:12] <cmn32480> you can as long as it is clean
[01:23:18] <Fnord666> charon - I bet we can if we apply ourselves.
[01:29:06] <GreatOutdoors> I read that as "tip", not "tp" at first... made a lot less "wtf" thoughts go through my head the 2nd time.
[01:29:19] <charon> hiyo GreatOutdoors
[01:29:21] <GreatOutdoors> yo.
[01:30:05] * chromas imagines GreatOutdoors' head with just the tip inside
[01:30:06] <Fnord666> That definitely changes the meaning
[01:30:55] <Fnord666> hey GreatOutdoors
[01:30:58] * cmn32480 imagines a hot blonde... with just the tip inside
[01:31:15] <GreatOutdoors> much better thought..
[02:09:14] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - what happened to Arthur today? The story list is empty.
[02:10:40] <Fnord666> Looks like it was the last run that did it.
[02:10:43] * cmn32480 goes and looks
[02:10:59] <cmn32480> yup it do
[02:11:24] <cmn32480> let's wait 30 or 40 and see what happens
[02:11:58] <cmn32480> minutes
[02:12:12] <cmn32480> i've had issues getting it to trigger Arthur
[02:12:18] <cmn32480> ~storybot
[02:14:19] -!- charon_ [charon_!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
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[03:00:23] <Fnord666> cmn32480 no joy for Arthur
[03:00:58] <cmn32480> nope
[03:01:00] <cmn32480> working on it
[03:01:56] <charon> we can steal his stories. submit them ourselves and no one will ever know
[03:02:38] <cmn32480> hah... good luck wiht that
[03:02:52] <charon> ~gnight bytram
[03:02:53] * exec problematically imagines a pinch of disparagement with bytram
[03:02:57] <Bytram> time for me to hit the hay
[03:03:01] <Bytram> ~gnight charon
[03:03:02] * exec presumably waves a crust of terr'ists at charon
[03:03:05] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:03:09] * exec carefully sets a rusty trombone of TempleOS by cmn32480
[03:03:11] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[03:03:13] * exec presumably pours some chewy chunks of store-brand beer for bytram
[03:03:14] <cmn32480> get some sleep
[03:03:14] <Bytram> ~gnight Fnord666
[03:03:17] * exec brazenly snatches promises of cocaine from Fnord666
[03:03:26] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[03:03:28] * exec defiantly gives birth to a pair of used panties full of words for Bytram
[03:03:29] <Bytram> cmn32480: and you, too, as well
[03:03:29] <charon> beer in chunks... no thank you
[03:03:55] <Fnord666> My coke!
[03:05:35] <Fnord666> gotta run for a bit. back later @editorial
[03:05:44] <charon> seeya Fnord666
[03:06:02] Fnord666 is now known as Fnord666_afk
[03:13:03] <charon> hey cmn32480, do me a small favor?
[03:14:03] <cmn32480> maybe
[03:14:59] <cmn32480> whatcha need charon?
[03:15:15] <charon> type something that includes my nick in a minute or so. i want to see if hexchat will break into the game at fullscreen
[03:15:24] <cmn32480> ok
[03:15:37] <cmn32480> 2 minutes?
[03:18:13] <cmn32480> charon - you son of a motherless goat
[03:21:37] <cmn32480> charon - you son of a motherless goat
[03:21:39] <cmn32480> charon - you son of a motherless goat
[03:21:41] <cmn32480> charon - you son of a motherless goat
[03:22:03] <charon> thank you. didn't work though
[03:22:07] <cmn32480> charon - my name is inigo montoya. you killed my faterhe. prepare to die
[03:22:50] <charon> but i only have 5 fingers
[03:23:43] <cmn32480> oh well... wrong guy then
[03:26:45] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[03:26:58] -!- exec [exec!~exec@23.24.kp.ip] has joined #editorial
[03:26:59] -!- exec has quit [Changing host]
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[03:28:00] <charon> there's a problem with arthur?
[03:28:19] <cmn32480> yeah
[03:28:32] <cmn32480> he's not processing correctly
[03:28:48] <cmn32480> I just poked exec in the eye
[03:28:51] <cmn32480> so we'll see
[03:29:10] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #editorial
[03:29:37] <charon> i did one of his subs today which had been in the hold queue. it had no text pulled from the page. is that the problem you're fixing?
[03:29:45] <cmn32480> and the brothel madame has arrived!
[03:30:00] <cmn32480> nah.. he wiped out the page on the wiki
[03:30:05] <cmn32480> 'bout 2 hours ago
[03:30:10] <charon> oh, that's even worse
[03:30:49] <cmn32480> is ok
[03:30:58] <cmn32480> we'll see if the poke in the eye fixed it
[03:31:08] <cmn32480> the box he is on just updated a shtton of stuff
[03:31:18] <cmn32480> adn iff not.. I'll poke crutchy and see what he says
[03:31:28] <cmn32480> he'll prolly tell me bytram broke it
[03:31:37] <charon> stop poking me, probably
[03:31:55] <cmn32480> likely
[03:32:25] <cmn32480> ~list-auth
[03:32:25] <exec> ~q ~rehash ~ps ~kill ~killall ~dest-override ~dest-clear ~buckets-dump ~buckets-save ~buckets-load ~buckets-flush ~buckets-list ~restart ~ignore ~unignore
[03:32:25] <exec> ~alias-info ~bucket ~define-list ~define-source-edit ~define-source-param ~delete-exec-file ~deop ~devoice ~eval ~event-info ~event-test ~exec-add ~exec-del ~exec-irc-raw ~exec-save ~getmem ~invite ~join ~journals ~kick ~lockdown ~minion ~mode ~mysql ~op ~part ~reader ~say ~slash-test ~soon ~sql ~startup ~storybot ~tests ~topic ~update-exec-file ~users ~voice
[03:32:34] <cmn32480> ~storybot
[03:33:56] -!- crutchy has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[03:40:25] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #editorial
[04:08:45] -!- mrpg has quit [Quit: close - bye]
[04:39:21] <cmn32480> I have run arthur manually
[04:39:44] <cmn32480> stupid computer
[05:52:11] <Fnord666_afk> /nick Fnord666
[05:52:17] Fnord666_afk is now known as Fnord666
[05:52:51] <Fnord666> cmn32480 still not luck eh?
[05:53:03] <Fnord666> s/not/no/
[05:53:04] <exec> <Fnord666> cmn32480 still no luck eh?
[05:53:13] <charon> i think he went to bed
[05:53:32] <Fnord666> k
[05:53:52] <Fnord666> not a bad idea before too long
[05:54:06] <charon> thinking the same myself
[06:08:55] <Fnord666> ~gnight #editorial
[06:08:56] * exec historically deletes a pit of rations from #editorial
[06:09:15] <Fnord666> good night charon
[06:09:42] -!- Fnord666 has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[07:52:35] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #editorial
[07:52:35] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[08:38:49] <charon> good morning and good night janrinok
[08:39:02] -!- charon has quit [Quit: Going to sleep]
[09:24:34] <janrinok> charon - sorry, I was afk and forgot to flag it. Sleep well!
[09:57:43] * janrinok thinks that there has been a slight change to the colours on the story list
[10:04:12] exec is now known as bottymcbottface
[10:04:23] bottymcbottface is now known as bottymcbotface
[10:12:56] bottymcbotface is now known as exec
[10:34:07] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[11:11:26] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[14:42:03] <cmn32480> janrinok is correct
[14:50:54] <janrinok_afk> as usual?
[14:51:01] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[14:55:07] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[14:55:09] * exec prematurely fires an example of male tears at janrinok
[14:55:25] <janrinok> ~gday cmn32480
[14:55:26] * exec single-handedly postulates a cockle of nasty, rotten burrito towards cmn32480
[14:55:56] <janrinok> your male tears versus nasty, rotten burrito - my win, Sir
[14:56:10] <cmn32480> agreed
[14:56:17] <cmn32480> I think exec hates me... I always lose those
[14:57:33] <cmn32480> and exec isn't talking to Arthur either
[14:57:44] * cmn32480 wonders what we did to piss off exec
[14:58:01] <janrinok> crutchy renamed exec this am, then wondered if that would cause problems, so then changed it back
[14:58:14] <cmn32480> this started last night
[14:58:29] <cmn32480> he and arthur aren't getting along
[14:58:55] <cmn32480> not sure if it is the python 3 thing, or if there was a package update that borked, or whathave you
[14:59:02] <cmn32480> but Arthur runs fine manually
[14:59:11] <cmn32480> so I know it ain't him
[14:59:44] <janrinok> see #soylent about 4 hours ago. it was renamed to bottymcbotface
[15:00:01] <janrinok> not sure if that is significant or not
[15:00:13] <cmn32480> nah
[15:00:19] <cmn32480> this started 12 hours ago, more or les
[15:00:39] <janrinok> ah, not me chief!
[15:00:41] <cmn32480> I don't think it woudl have any effect
[15:00:58] * cmn32480 blames the FNG or bytram
[15:01:25] <cmn32480> you was snuggled in bed with a stocking cap and sugarplum dreams
[15:01:33] <janrinok> sort of
[15:01:53] <janrinok> it was actually a sugarplum hat and dreaming of stockings....
[15:02:04] <cmn32480> welll... least I was part right...
[15:03:55] <cmn32480> things going OK today?
[15:04:03] <cmn32480> S cracking the whip?
[15:04:41] <janrinok> I've just come in from doing some tidying up in the garden
[15:04:56] <cmn32480> pulling your plants and cultivating the weeds?
[15:05:00] <janrinok> another hour and I have to start cooking
[15:05:06] <janrinok> that sort of thing!
[15:05:18] <cmn32480> glad to hear she is keeping you on the straight and narrow
[15:05:36] <janrinok> like an arrow!
[15:07:56] <cmn32480> glad to hear it... you have suce a fearsome reputation for taking wrong turns after all
[15:08:35] <janrinok> all the time, I only occasionally stumble across the correct path by mistake
[15:09:05] <cmn32480> that happens when you crisscross an area
[15:20:29] * cmn32480 hates working on Saturday mornings
[15:20:34] <cmn32480> but at least I have doffee++
[15:20:41] <cmn32480> <sigh>
[15:21:13] <janrinok> I thought that you were at home this weekend. Have a bit of stuff with you that you need to do?
[15:21:34] * cmn32480 has an inbox full of stuff that needs doing...
[15:21:56] <janrinok> brb - playing at nurse again
[15:22:01] <cmn32480> round about 150 messages that still need sorting, answering, actino or trash
[15:31:59] <janrinok> standard technique - bin those that aren't prime numbers, swear blind you never received them. Of the others half go up the chain for a decision, and the other half get delegated down for action.
[16:24:58] * cmn32480 loves having multiple monitors at home
[16:37:11] <chromas> toss 'em. if the emails are important they'll send 'em again
[18:21:44] <janrinok> any eds available to 2nd my stories pse?
[18:31:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> i can if nobody's around. youWantTheSubjectToBeCamelCase, yes?
[18:32:22] <janrinok> yes please, but we should have some eds around - we have doubled the size of the team
[18:32:33] * TheMightyBuzzard grins mischievously
[18:32:54] <janrinok> Hey, it will be your name as 2nd ed, fill yer boots!
[18:33:44] <janrinok> we've got an hour or more before they go live
[18:37:41] <cmn32480> I'll handle
[18:37:48] <janrinok> thnks cmn32480
[18:37:57] <cmn32480> sorry.. been working on stuff for work
[18:38:07] <cmn32480> \not watching IRC or the story queue
[18:38:20] <janrinok> well leave it for another ed - we should have more than just the 2 of us on here
[18:38:53] <cmn32480> is not a worry...
[18:39:03] <cmn32480> I'm in need of a moment to blink
[18:39:09] <janrinok> lol
[18:39:16] <janrinok> how many emails left to do?
[18:39:44] <cmn32480> 85
[18:40:03] <cmn32480> progress.. I suppose
[18:40:09] <janrinok> about half way through I suppose
[18:40:44] <cmn32480> some won't get done. and I am OK w/ that
[18:40:55] <janrinok> I don't suppose you want to know about the fresh cod in fennel-seasoned breadcrumbs that we have just enjoyed...
[18:40:56] <cmn32480> some are from the same conversation... so those will go quick
[18:41:09] <cmn32480> mmmmmmmm
[18:41:18] * cmn32480 had scrambled eggs for lunch
[18:41:42] <janrinok> I think my piece was perhaps a little more than I should have had, but I managed to eat it all :)
[18:41:52] * cmn32480 contains his surprise
[18:42:43] <janrinok> I think that you are cut-and-pasting your comments - you used that one less than 24 hours ago
[18:43:00] * cmn32480 contains his surprise
[18:43:18] <cmn32480> some commetns are fom the same conversation... so they will go quick
[18:43:23] <janrinok> ooh, you are a wag
[18:43:30] <cmn32480> ~define wag
[18:43:31] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03WAG: (abbv: wives and girlfriends) A selection of overpublicised, vacuous anorexics found lurking at football matches, easily distinguised by their orange skin tone and high body plastic index, ostensibly...
[18:43:51] <cmn32480> ummmmmm...... no
[18:44:01] <janrinok> not that definition - old english: a jester, someone with a wicked sense of humour
[18:44:17] * cmn32480 contains his surprise
[18:44:31] * cmn32480 wonders if he can be replced by a bot.
[18:44:44] <janrinok> easily, once you have seconded my stories
[18:44:47] <cmn32480> certainly my kids seem to think I can be replaced by an ATM
[18:45:46] <cmn32480> for the devuan story... you want the links from the original in it?
[18:46:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> janrinok, i can make a bot to second your stories. it won't change anything, mind you, but it will second them.
[18:46:05] <janrinok> I left them out on purpose, but do you think they would be better in there?
[18:46:32] <janrinok> TMB, I'll pass on your kind offer thx
[18:46:58] <cmn32480> TheMightyBuzzard - ain't you got code to fix instead of more overlycomplicating MrPlow?
[18:47:16] <janrinok> he's got lots of code, but he can't fix it hehehehe
[18:47:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> nope, i'm practicing up for my nap
[18:47:37] <janrinok> I've been following his convo with pj72
[18:47:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> no code till after nap
[18:47:45] <cmn32480> me too
[18:47:52] <cmn32480> looks like PJ is fixing all TMB's mistakes
[18:48:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> only fair, i fixed at least one of his
[18:48:20] <cmn32480> 937 to 1... sounds fair
[18:48:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> definitely
[18:49:01] * TheMightyBuzzard scoots off to nap-land
[18:49:02] <cmn32480> janrinok - after reading the links.. they only add background info. most people here are familiar with the story, so I think you are correct in leaving them out
[18:49:19] <janrinok> it sounds as though some of the original code is a bit convoluted for no apparent reason
[18:49:30] <janrinok> k thx
[18:49:38] * cmn32480 sets a timer to ding themightybuzzard at random intervals not to exceed 1 minute
[18:50:34] <cmn32480> and the title ought to be systemd not System-D
[18:50:54] <janrinok> k, I won't lose sleep if you change it
[18:51:07] <cmn32480> changed
[18:51:20] <cmn32480> but we might be able to make buzz lose sleep
[18:51:33] <janrinok> what, keep pinging him?
[18:51:38] <cmn32480> uh huh
[18:51:49] <cmn32480> but his puter is in a different room
[18:51:59] <cmn32480> and I bet he sleeps like the non-walking dead
[18:52:15] <janrinok> ping him with cries of Site Down, 503, 404 and Story full of Spam!
[18:53:00] <janrinok> he knows that pj is here too, I bet he wouldn't even open one eye
[18:53:06] <cmn32480> end up getting my privs revoked....
[18:53:22] <janrinok> see, there is always a bright side ...
[18:53:23] <cmn32480> i can always text him a lot
[18:53:42] <cmn32480> golly.. think I can get fired?
[18:53:49] <cmn32480> man taht'd be sweet
[18:53:56] <janrinok> prolly a pay cut
[18:54:55] <cmn32480> don't matter... I already pay them
[19:34:00] chromas is now known as HughMungus
[19:34:32] HughMungus is now known as chromas
[19:51:12] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:54:49] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #editorial
[19:54:49] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[19:59:37] -!- janrinok has quit [Client Quit]
[20:24:11] -!- charon [charon!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[20:24:11] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[20:24:43] <charon> hiyo #editorial
[20:29:25] <cmn32480> do we have a jobs nexus yet?
[20:41:41] <charon> on live? i thought we had only main page and meta
[20:44:04] <cmn32480> and breaking
[20:44:55] <cmn32480> if we did have one.. it's have to be registered users only that could post to it
[21:44:24] -!- charon has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[23:09:56] -!- charon [charon!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[23:09:56] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[23:25:47] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has joined #editorial
[23:25:47] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Fnord666] by Hephaestus
[23:26:16] <Fnord666> Evening all!
[23:27:58] <charon> ~gday Fnord666
[23:28:00] * exec accidentally hangs a trigger warning sign about a tub of Brazilian wandering spiders on Fnord666
[23:28:33] <Fnord666> ~gday charon
[23:28:34] * exec provocatively passes a hooker full of aptitude to charon
[23:30:15] <Fnord666> Is that a win win?
[23:30:55] <charon> uh, if you like spiders, sure
[23:31:33] <Fnord666> No I got a sign warning me about the spiders.
[23:31:51] <Fnord666> And hookers
[23:32:17] <Fnord666> And spider hookers
[23:32:26] <charon> nope nope nope nope
[23:33:18] <Fnord666> How's charon tonight?
[23:38:56] <Fnord666> Gotta run. Just stopped by to say hi. Later.
[23:39:18] -!- Fnord666 has quit [Quit: Mutter: http://www.mutterirc.com]
[23:46:01] <charon> aww, i wasn't ignoring you... work took me away