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[00:03:22] <charon> hiyo Fnord666
[00:03:46] <charon> i was hoping you'd show up so i coul dmake fun of you
[00:04:23] <Fnord666> I'm here for your amusement.
[00:04:51] <charon> the carbon-silicon story. i 2nd ed it, but the title had no caps.
[00:04:58] <charon> can you imagine my horror?
[00:05:09] <Fnord666> Doh! Thanks for catching that.
[00:05:14] <charon> heheh
[00:05:24] <charon> any time
[00:07:16] <charon> how are ya?
[00:07:38] <Fnord666> Good. Yourself?
[00:07:57] <charon> pretty OK. slow day at work, so i'm bored
[00:08:54] <Fnord666> Yeah, days like that seem to drag on.
[00:13:28] <Fnord666> Looks like the IRS is looking for people not reporting capital gains.
[00:14:11] <Fnord666> on their currency exchange transactions in digital currency.
[00:14:33] <charon> yep, that's the conclusion i took too
[00:15:30] <charon> seems like a lot of trouble for some small fry.
[00:16:15] <Fnord666> Of course it you don't exchange your bitcoins into dollars it doesn't matter I guess
[00:16:54] <Fnord666> Not sure about their motive on this one.
[00:17:23] <Fnord666> There may be some people that made some serious gains on some of the wilder market shifts.
[00:18:35] <Fnord666> Or it could just be that they are looking for the chilling effect in order to discourage the use of digital currency that they don't controll.
[00:19:28] <charon> sort of a badge of legitimacy, right? if arbitrage is possible and lucrative, maybe bitcoin is a real thing after all
[00:20:22] <Fnord666> Very true.
[00:20:58] <Fnord666> In a sense that distinguishes it from say action figures that you bought and sold for a profit 20 years later.
[00:24:11] <Fnord666> When you can pay your taxes in bitcoin then it will be truly legitimate.
[00:24:44] <Fnord666> That's not to say that it isn't useful right now.
[00:26:25] <charon> i know so very little about it. vaguely interested in theory, but i'm not sure i have the brain space to learn
[00:27:44] <charon> is it you who is sort of an evangelist on bitcoin?
[00:29:04] <Fnord666> An evangelist? No, not at all.
[00:29:17] <charon> must be Snow i'm thinking of
[00:29:46] <charon> talked n1 through the process of buying bitcoin and using it for a purchase
[00:29:52] <Fnord666> I'm interested in the math and the concept of the blockchain that provides the ledger.
[00:30:03] <Fnord666> Interesting
[00:30:59] <Fnord666> I've never actually bought any bitcoins.
[00:31:18] <cmn32480> ~gday FNG
[00:31:19] * exec single-handedly launches an undersized chest of santa's semen toward FNG
[00:31:32] <charon> ~gday cmn32480
[00:31:34] * exec carefully blows a C cup of horse tentacle tofu at cmn32480
[00:31:39] <Fnord666> Any that I have I got mining way back when bitcoin was just starting out and you could go it with a CPU.
[00:31:47] <Fnord666> ~gday cmn32480
[00:31:49] * exec accidentally connects an armpit of kryptonite watermelon to cmn32480
[00:31:58] <cmn32480> fair warning... I've been drinking, and I don't mean coffee++
[00:32:14] <charon> so you'll spell everything correctly?
[00:32:16] <Fnord666> thx for the head's up
[00:32:24] <cmn32480> charon - likely.
[00:32:44] <cmn32480> it's a rotten side effect of me drinking... my typoing gets better
[00:32:52] <charon> impressive
[00:33:16] <charon> so i have good news and bad news.
[00:33:19] <Fnord666> Is typoing the number of typos per minute that a person can make?
[00:33:38] <cmn32480> myself and another gentleman at the hotel bar were celebrating the far to late passing of that sonofabitch Fidel Castro
[00:33:48] <charon> good news: us FNGs have kept the ship afloat today
[00:34:08] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - it's a style of typing that inclide prodigious amounts of mistakes
[00:34:11] <charon> bad news: the cupboard is looking very bare
[00:34:42] <cmn32480> I've been drinking some Cuba Libre and some Jameson...
[00:34:55] <cmn32480> and am rejoicing in the death of a tyrant.
[00:34:56] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - thanks for clarifying
[00:35:01] <charon> cuba libre++
[00:35:16] <charon> where's a bot when you need one?
[00:35:17] <cmn32480> charon - thank God and finally
[00:35:23] <cmn32480> arthur?
[00:35:52] <charon> i meant for the ++, BUT YEAH ARTHUR COULD COME IN HANDY RIGHT NOW
[00:35:58] <charon> sorry, caps lock
[00:36:13] <cmn32480> the karma think only works on the first word
[00:36:18] <Fnord666> What? I can't hear you for all the shouting
[00:36:19] <charon> oho
[00:36:19] <cmn32480> cuba_libre++
[00:36:19] <Bender> karma - cuba_libre: 1
[00:36:29] <cmn32480> adn it is per channel
[00:36:41] <cmn32480> so the karma here is different from the karma in #sotylent
[00:36:42] <charon> funny, i can't see anything a fnord would say at all
[00:37:28] <cmn32480> ever feel stuck in a strange dichotomy?
[00:37:30] <Fnord666> Long live the fnords!
[00:37:50] <cmn32480> Fidel Castro has caused my family much suffering.
[00:37:51] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - more than once.
[00:38:11] <cmn32480> my father and his immediate family left Cuba in 1961
[00:38:28] <cmn32480> with not much more than what they could carry in a suitcase
[00:38:54] <cmn32480> my grandparents... my dad, and 2 aunts
[00:39:13] <cmn32480> and as such I very much despise Fidel Castro
[00:39:21] <cmn32480> for what he has done to the Cuban people
[00:39:51] <cmn32480> but without him... I would not exist... as my parents would, very likely, never have met.
[00:40:51] <cmn32480> if he had never existed
[00:41:02] <cmn32480> or he had been stopped
[00:41:25] <charon> that is weird to think about
[00:41:38] <cmn32480> very
[00:41:59] <Fnord666> unless you've been drinking
[00:42:14] <cmn32480> trust me... it's weird to think about when you've been drinking too
[00:42:29] * cmn32480 speaks from first hand experience
[00:42:46] <Fnord666> :-)
[00:42:58] <charon> i'll think about it when i get home from work and have a few beers
[00:44:25] * cmn32480 thinks it very odd to consider that without the existence of on single person, his life would not exist, and particularly, because of that man, millions have suffered for 60 years
[00:45:15] * cmn32480 might need a hug
[00:45:29] * Fnord666 hugs cmn32480
[00:45:43] <cmn32480> thanks Fnord666
[00:45:49] <cmn32480> and stop grabbing my boobs
[00:46:02] * charon hugs cmn32480 is a manly way, being careful not to spill their drinks.
[00:46:45] <Fnord666> you're welcome.
[00:47:02] <cmn32480> I knew we picked the right knuckleheads
[00:47:09] <charon> heheh
[00:47:21] <Fnord666> In the end, he did exist, you exist, and now he doesn't exist any more.
[00:47:30] <charon> psssh, you picked every knucklehead who showed up
[00:48:07] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - for that last bit, Cubans in exile are exceptionally thankful.
[00:48:29] <cmn32480> and so far, we have what, 3 of 12? that are working out.
[00:48:32] <Fnord666> So what happens now?
[00:48:56] <Fnord666> for the Cuban people I mean.
[00:49:23] <Fnord666> and 3/12 is probably about what was expected in the end, right?
[00:49:40] <cmn32480> we expected about 40%
[00:50:02] <Fnord666> ok, not as good as you hoped then.
[00:50:09] <cmn32480> if we have 4 after 3 months, we'll be pretty happy
[00:52:18] <charon> i'm planning to stick around
[00:52:54] <cmn32480> don't take this as a slight, I don't mean it that way, but time will tell
[00:53:33] <charon> i understand you, no offense taken
[00:54:08] * charon whispers to Fnord666, "why does he hate me?"
[00:54:40] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - for the Cuban people, I have no idea. But at least now, there is a chance of real freedom. And that is what I pray for.
[00:54:48] <cmn32480> #smake charon
[00:54:48] * MrPlow smakes charon upside the head with a summer sausage
[00:55:23] * cmn32480 passes around Cuba Libre's to all present
[00:55:24] * Fnord666 whispers back "quiet or he'll smake you."
[00:55:31] <cmn32480> #smake Fnord666
[00:55:31] * MrPlow smakes Fnord666 upside the head with a limp noodle
[00:55:53] <charon> man, a summer sausage could be lethal
[00:55:54] * cmn32480 pulls back the Cuba Libre's from Fnord666 and charon, those traitorous bastards
[00:56:27] <cmn32480> as for Arthur...
[00:56:38] <cmn32480> he can be accessed by anybody
[00:56:54] <charon> what's the format for a sub that comes from #rss-bot? "An AC says:"?
[00:57:04] <cmn32480> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[00:57:06] <exec> └─ 13Storybot - SoylentNews
[00:57:20] <cmn32480> we set up Arthur and exec to work together
[00:57:22] <Fnord666> A Cuba Libre would have been just the thing right about now.
[00:59:10] <cmn32480> actually, a Rum and Coke...
[00:59:24] <Fnord666> with lime
[00:59:34] <cmn32480> correct, good sir!
[01:01:10] -!- charon has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[01:01:54] -!- charon [charon!Mibbit@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[01:01:54] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[01:02:37] <charon> son of a pigdog
[01:02:53] <cmn32480> ~nelson charon
[01:02:55] <exec> 03charon: HA! HA!
[01:03:11] * cmn32480 goes for moar coffee++
[01:03:42] <charon> someone did something to the webIRC
[01:04:20] <cmn32480> uh huh
[01:04:21] <cmn32480> sure
[01:04:28] <charon> strewth!
[01:04:40] <cmn32480> makes you feel any better mine dropped because of the hotel 24 hour internet conection
[01:05:06] <Fnord666> It's a poor craftsman ...
[01:05:21] <charon> grrr
[01:05:39] * cmn32480 passes another Cuba Libre
[01:06:16] <cmn32480> so anyway... as I was saying, arthur can be invoked by anybody
[01:06:20] <cmn32480> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[01:06:28] <exec> └─ 13Storybot - SoylentNews
[01:06:29] * Fnord666 raises his glass in acknowledgement
[01:06:41] <cmn32480> has the list of stories... and all you do is follow the instructins at the top of the page.
[01:06:53] <cmn32480> ~arthur 12345
[01:07:10] <charon> so that page constantly updates with stories he has available?
[01:07:28] <cmn32480> every hours
[01:07:34] <charon> cool
[01:07:37] <cmn32480> s/hours/hour/
[01:07:38] <exec> <cmn32480> every hour
[01:08:07] <Fnord666> Too bad the page doesn't have a timestamp for the entries
[01:08:28] <cmn32480> max age is 3 days
[01:08:41] <exec> story not found
[01:08:50] <cmn32480> #smake exec
[01:08:50] * MrPlow smakes exec upside the head with a wet noodle
[01:09:09] <cmn32480> and exec is fucking slower than shit on a cold winter day
[01:09:34] <cmn32480> you wnat them less? I cna make them less.
[01:09:38] <cmn32480> exec is my bitch
[01:09:56] <cmn32480> actually.. he is crutchy's bitch...
[01:10:00] <cmn32480> I'm jsut his op]
[01:10:28] <Fnord666> must be a visual basic GUI based on how fast it is.
[01:11:14] <cmn32480> IRC to PHP to Python to PHP to eat shit adn die
[01:11:14] <charon> can't decide who i pity more
[01:11:37] <charon> the bot has to read each entry again to make sure
[01:11:42] <Fnord666> ouch. Even Rube Goldberg is cringing.
[01:12:13] <cmn32480> the link is in #wiki every hour
[01:14:30] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - that's a lot of entries!
[01:14:45] <cmn32480> moar some days than others
[01:14:55] <cmn32480> which is why we keep 3 days worth in there
[01:15:09] <cmn32480> many (most?) are complete crap
[01:15:14] <cmn32480> otehrs are worthy
[01:15:42] <Fnord666> I like the use of the hash values.
[01:16:43] <cmn32480> blame cruthy
[01:16:47] <cmn32480> blame crutchy
[01:17:00] <cmn32480> that was his idea
[01:17:11] <Fnord666> funny that there is a link to Moxie Marlinspike's Crypto Challenge to the developers of Telegraph.
[01:17:25] <charon> better than URLs
[01:17:34] <Fnord666> That is a couple of years old. I wonder what updated?
[01:17:48] * cmn32480 shurgs
[01:17:53] * cmn32480 yawns
[01:17:53] * MrPlow flips a Skittle into cmn32480's gaping mouth
[01:18:59] <Fnord666> Sorry, I'm a big of a crypto nerd so most anything that Moxie M. does is usually interesting.
[01:19:40] * cmn32480 thinks that's wonderful
[01:19:47] <cmn32480> sub it... or arthur it... or whatever
[01:20:06] <Fnord666> ~arthur 06c759
[01:20:25] <charon> isn't that where Captain Haddock lives?
[01:20:28] <Fnord666> I checked the link and there's nothing new to be seen there.
[01:20:52] <cmn32480> dunno. but Jenny lives at 867-5309
[01:22:10] <Fnord666> hey that's the combination to my suitcase!
[01:22:59] <Fnord666> and also the phone number I give to almost every retail store that has tried to get customer info from me when all I want to do is buy a battery.
[01:24:20] <charon> thousands of people have gotten prank calls asking for jenny. i hope tommy tutone is happy
[01:24:40] <cmn32480> they are... I read it someplace
[01:25:56] <cmn32480> ~arthur 06c759
[01:26:05] <Fnord666> I'm surprised the telco even gives that number out any more.
[01:26:13] <cmn32480> I dont' think they do.
[01:26:14] <Fnord666> ~rthur 40a93b
[01:26:18] <cmn32480> but you can buy it on ebay
[01:26:22] <Fnord666> ~arthur 40a93b
[01:26:23] <charon> 7 ways Redditors used Photoshop to make this Corgi a hero. prime story, spaghetti-bot
[01:26:31] <Fnord666> lol
[01:26:42] <cmn32480> ~say FO
[01:26:44] <exec> FO
[01:27:06] <cmn32480> then why the f**k aren't you taking stories you bucket of bolts?
[01:27:20] <cmn32480> ~submit-storybot 40a93b
[01:27:22] <charon> ~blame
[01:27:24] * exec points at Bytram
[01:29:00] <exec> attempting to submit story: "ATM Insert Skimmers: A Closer Look"
[01:29:12] <cmn32480> WTF?????????????????????????????????????????
[01:29:17] <cmn32480> 2 minutes/???
[01:29:22] <cmn32480> are you fucking kidding me?
[01:29:32] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[01:29:44] <charon> technology++
[01:29:44] <Bender> karma - technology: 1
[01:30:10] <cmn32480> and I don't even know which one that was
[01:30:12] <Fnord666> yeah that was quite a while ago.
[01:30:43] <Fnord666> 20:20:06 <<+Fnord666>> arthur 06c759
[01:31:09] <Fnord666> I edited out the tilde
[01:31:16] <cmn32480> 10 minutes...
[01:31:22] <cmn32480> WTF is wrong w/ exec
[01:31:31] <Fnord666> coffee++
[01:31:31] <Bender> karma - coffee: 66
[01:31:47] <Fnord666> ~say coffee++
[01:32:00] <cmn32480> ~say coffee++
[01:32:01] <exec> coffee++
[01:32:02] <Bender> karma - coffee: 67
[01:32:10] <cmn32480> ~say is an admin commadn only
[01:32:12] <exec> is an admin commadn only
[01:32:19] <cmn32480> lol
[01:32:20] <charon> lol
[01:32:22] <Fnord666> lol
[01:32:24] <Fnord666> oops
[01:32:26] <cmn32480> lol
[01:32:28] <cmn32480> oops
[01:32:56] <exec> poops
[01:33:11] <cmn32480> #smake chromas
[01:33:11] * MrPlow smakes chromas upside the head with a teal deer
[01:33:48] -!- Fnord666_ [Fnord666_!~Fnord666@94-25-920-68.ubr4.dyn.lebanon-oh.fuse.net] has joined #editorial
[01:34:20] <Fnord666_> I guess it was my turn
[01:34:59] -!- Fnord666 has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Fnord666_!~Fnord666@94-25-920-68.ubr4.dyn.lebanon-oh.fuse.net))]
[01:35:02] <cmn32480> .kick fnord666_
[01:35:02] -!- Fnord666_ was kicked from #editorial by Hephaestus!Hephaestus@dodekatheon.olympus.gr [(cmn32480) No reason given]
[01:35:14] <cmn32480> oops
[01:35:19] * charon is very quiet
[01:35:22] <cmn32480> wrong one
[01:35:32] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has joined #editorial
[01:35:32] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Fnord666] by Hephaestus
[01:35:49] <cmn32480> it'd be funny if I .kicked him.. right now
[01:36:01] <charon> laugh riot, indeed
[01:36:13] * Fnord666 heard that
[01:36:22] <cmn32480> but I won't do that.. 'cuz deucalion will yell at me
[01:37:16] <charon> write on the chalkboard 100 times: "IRC is not a toy"
[01:37:25] <Fnord666> As long as there's a reason not to.
[01:38:21] <cmn32480> yes Dad...
[01:38:26] * cmn32480 hangs head in shame
[01:38:33] <charon> heheh
[01:39:21] <cmn32480> ~arthur 40a93b
[01:40:08] <Fnord666> you think there's an audience for "Learning to Read X86 Assembly Language"?
[01:40:14] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 by the numbers"
[01:40:45] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[01:40:47] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - not likely
[01:40:49] * charon 's eye glaze over
[01:40:58] <charon> well, both of them
[01:40:58] <Fnord666> that looks better for exec
[01:41:10] <cmn32480> i killed the FAH clinet that is running on that box
[01:41:12] <GreatOutdoors> Fnord666: I have a friend who programs his stuff in assembly... but he is a bit user unfriendly too.
[01:41:18] <Fnord666> sorry, forgot the closing /s
[01:41:45] <Fnord666> My day job is developing software in mainframe assembler. no kidding.
[01:42:01] <cmn32480> you poor bastard
[01:42:26] <Fnord666> it's the masochist in me
[01:42:57] <Fnord666> real time transaction processing system
[01:43:03] <GreatOutdoors> He doesn't work in programming, just uses it for his hobbies. Last I saw he built a projector from an 8051, a laser, and two mirrors/stepper motors..
[01:43:34] <Fnord666> don't forget the shark
[01:43:39] <GreatOutdoors> fe extra parts obviously, but that was the bulk of it..
[01:43:57] <Fnord666> cool
[01:43:57] <cmn32480> did the laser have a shark strapped to it's butt?
[01:44:03] <GreatOutdoors> lol..\
[01:44:07] <Fnord666> yes, yes it did.
[01:44:08] <charon> head
[01:44:25] <charon> oh wait, misread that. pay no mind
[01:44:38] * charon hides
[01:44:58] <GreatOutdoors> It was a 2"x2"x4" black box with a video input, a power supply input, and visible as a projector at 20ish feet.
[01:45:02] * cmn32480 is glad we promoted editors w/ reading comprehension
[01:45:55] <Fnord666> GreatOutdoors - ws this for some sort of street art type project?
[01:46:04] <GreatOutdoors> nope.. he was just bored.
[01:46:17] <Fnord666> as good a reason as any.
[01:46:24] <GreatOutdoors> Me and him used to do lots of projects together when we lived in the same city.
[01:47:11] <GreatOutdoors> built turbine engines, rebuilt jet engines, tesla coils, marx generators, coilguns, fixed old tube stuff, etc..
[01:47:49] <Fnord666> his name wouldn't be Colin Furze would it?
[01:47:58] <GreatOutdoors> He lives in Colorado no though.. :(
[01:48:19] <GreatOutdoors> Nope. Pretty sure Colin is english..?
[01:48:26] <GreatOutdoors> Colin makes some cool stuff though.
[01:48:50] <Fnord666> He is. That just looked like the same list of stuff Colin is trying to commit suicide with.
[01:49:14] <Fnord666> He makes some cool stuff but he's crazy.
[01:49:19] <GreatOutdoors> Aha.. yeah, we did it before Colin had a channel, lol
[01:49:41] <Fnord666> :-)
[01:49:53] <Fnord666> I assumed as much.
[01:50:15] <GreatOutdoors> We were the geeks leaving HAM-fests with boxes of stuff.
[01:50:38] <GreatOutdoors> I still have my license... KE5DKD
[01:51:15] <Fnord666> Ever been to the Dayton OH Hamfest?
[01:51:30] -!- n1 [n1!~n1@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[01:51:30] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1] by Hephaestus
[01:51:31] <GreatOutdoors> Nope, it's a looong way from Oklahoma
[01:51:40] <Fnord666> True
[01:52:57] <GreatOutdoors> I haven't been active on Ham bands in a few years. Kinda lost interest.
[01:53:29] <GreatOutdoors> You live in Dayton?
[01:54:01] <Fnord666> No but nearby. Cincinnati
[01:54:28] <GreatOutdoors> aha. Dayton has the largest air and space museum I have ever been to.
[01:54:47] <GreatOutdoors> It's pretty awesome, but you already know that.
[01:55:42] <Fnord666> I do. It is quite extensive with some really interesting exhibits.
[01:56:10] <n1> good evening, GreatOutdoors and Fnord666
[01:56:12] <Fnord666> charon - you still hiding?
[01:56:21] <Fnord666> Good evening n1
[01:56:23] <GreatOutdoors> The SR71 is my favotite jet, has been since I was a kid, and they have two of them.
[01:56:26] <charon> i suddenly feel like i am not geeky enough to be in this channel
[01:56:34] <charon> hiyo n1
[01:56:43] <n1> charon, you can be not geeky enough along with me
[01:58:15] <charon> Fnord666: I am here, but actually just about to leave work. you need me for something?
[01:58:16] <Fnord666> charon was discussing the shallowness of the submissions pool at the moment
[01:58:56] <Fnord666> charon - nope just seeing if we had bored you to sleep yet
[01:59:20] <GreatOutdoors> I haven't edited many stories because it seems like everyone else is keeping it whittled down before I get home from work..
[01:59:45] <GreatOutdoors> All the good ones go fast.
[01:59:48] <n1> GreatOutdoors, if there are none you feel like editing, making submissions would be just as helpful
[01:59:57] <GreatOutdoors> aye.. may do that.
[02:02:33] <charon> now that we know how to use arthur, we can pack it full of things like "Dealmaster: It’s Cyber Monday! Bring on the deals "
[02:02:39] <Fnord666> ~arthur 08a22f
[02:02:51] <GreatOutdoors> we know how to use arthur?
[02:02:57] <GreatOutdoors> "I" do not..
[02:03:05] <charon> tsk tsk
[02:03:23] * GreatOutdoors is waiting on those instructions
[02:03:24] <Fnord666> "Ship's anchor severs Jersey's undersea internet cables" sounded interesting. oops.
[02:03:25] <charon> Fnord666 and I are special
[02:03:52] <GreatOutdoors> Fnord666: Doesn't that happen like every two months?
[02:04:13] <Fnord666> Does it?
[02:04:47] <Fnord666> Not a lot of ships near me.
[02:04:47] <GreatOutdoors> Seems common.. And also seems like something that we should have a fix for already, but don't.
[02:05:17] <Fnord666> ya keep just laying them on the bottom, it's going to keep happening.
[02:05:33] <charon> GreatOutdoors: it appears to be pretty easy. https://wiki.soylentnews.org shows what stories Arthur (the bot) has ready. you get the 6 digit hash next to the story you like and type ~arthur [hashnumber] and voila!
[02:05:35] <exec> └─ 13Storybot - SoylentNews
[02:06:32] <Fnord666> ~arthur c6e753
[02:06:41] <GreatOutdoors> aha..
[02:06:42] <cmn32480> Fnord666, you guys are old enough to stop setting your stuff to not diplsay, methinks
[02:06:53] <charon> or just let fnord pack the whole thing in
[02:07:17] <Fnord666> cmn32480 thank you.
[02:07:59] <charon> leaving work. back in a while when i get home. cheers, all
[02:08:08] <Fnord666> GreatOutdoors - the link to the StoryBot wiki page is also posted into irc channel #wiki periodically.
[02:08:10] <cmn32480> ~storybot-submit 5f5619
[02:08:19] <Fnord666> charon - have a safe trip home.
[02:08:29] <GreatOutdoors> so many channels to join..
[02:08:37] -!- charon has quit [Quit: drives like an old lady]
[02:08:48] <cmn32480> ~arthur 5f5619
[02:09:39] <exec> attempting to submit story: "2016: The year Apple lost its magic"
[02:10:10] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[02:10:19] <cmn32480> ~arthur 78b3d1
[02:10:20] <exec> it has been only 11 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[02:10:30] <cmn32480> ~arthur 78b3d1
[02:10:31] <exec> it has been only 21 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[02:15:25] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur ba2db9
[02:16:37] <GreatOutdoors> it no workie...
[02:16:54] <cmn32480> ~arthur ba2db9
[02:17:44] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Cards Against Humanity is digging a hole in the earth"
[02:18:08] <cmn32480> not sure why
[02:18:15] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[02:18:28] <GreatOutdoors> https://holidayhole.com
[02:18:30] <exec> └─ 13We're digging a hole.
[02:18:35] <GreatOutdoors> still digging, lol...
[02:18:44] <cmn32480> ~quit
[02:18:46] <exec> successfully saved buckets file (141.6 kb)
[02:18:56] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[02:19:15] -!- exec [exec!~exec@23.24.kp.ip] has joined #editorial
[02:19:15] -!- exec has quit [Changing host]
[02:19:15] -!- exec [exec!~exec@crutchys.brothel] has joined #editorial
[02:19:19] <Fnord666> lol
[02:19:39] <cmn32480> what's funny?
[02:20:02] <GreatOutdoors> the link I posted... thats the story.
[02:21:22] <Fnord666> exec (~exec@crutchys.brothel) Quit (Quit: dafuq)
[02:21:54] <Fnord666> apparently crutchy has his own TLD
[02:22:18] <Fnord666> I knew they were adding new ones...
[02:22:39] <cmn32480> jsut his IRC mask
[02:23:55] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 4e0767
[02:24:45] <cmn32480> hmmmmm
[02:24:55] * cmn32480 wonders if exec is not deleting the old files
[02:25:19] * GreatOutdoors kicks exec
[02:25:22] <cmn32480> ~arthur 4e0767
[02:25:26] * GreatOutdoors rusty old thing...
[02:25:37] * cmn32480 splashes on moar oil
[02:26:10] * GreatOutdoors lights it with a torch and pullsup a lawn chair
[02:26:13] <exec> attempting to submit story: "China approves $36B railway plan for Jing-Jin-Ji megacity"
[02:26:44] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[02:26:46] * cmn32480 wonders wtf is wrong w/ exec
[02:27:11] <GreatOutdoors> Surely it doesn't take that long to search for the hash?
[02:27:37] <cmn32480> unknonw
[02:27:42] <cmn32480> unknown
[02:27:54] <cmn32480> obviously I'm sobering since my typoing is getitng worse again
[02:28:05] <GreatOutdoors> ae..
[02:28:07] <GreatOutdoors> aye..
[02:28:39] <GreatOutdoors> ok guys gotta get back to cleaning...
[02:30:30] <Fnord666> ~gnight GreatOutdoors
[02:30:31] * exec flatulantly pesters an anvil of feministing droppings with GreatOutdoors
[02:30:55] <cmn32480> alrighty... seems that exec has an allowed array for this fucktion
[02:31:12] * cmn32480 wishes he spoke php...
[02:32:49] <GreatOutdoors> wtf... I changed to a classic rock station and they are playing collective soul... shit I am getting old..
[02:33:09] * cmn32480 welcomes GreatOutdoors to the club
[02:33:15] <cmn32480> we meet every other Thursday
[02:33:18] <GreatOutdoors> lol
[02:33:24] <cmn32480> next meeting is your turn to bring snacks
[02:33:48] <GreatOutdoors> beer nuts and tums?
[02:33:59] <cmn32480> sure
[02:34:05] <GreatOutdoors> will do.
[02:34:09] <cmn32480> just not them smoothie tums... they make me all lopy
[02:34:22] <GreatOutdoors> ok... back to cleaning... chat again in a bit.
[02:34:44] <n1> ahoy cmn32480
[02:35:03] <cmn32480> `gday n1
[02:35:09] <cmn32480> ~gday n1
[02:35:10] * exec cantankerously culturally appropriates a B cup of bling blong from n1
[02:35:50] <cmn32480> how goes my friend?
[02:40:03] -!- charon [charon!~charon@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[02:40:03] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[02:41:47] * cmn32480 notes that charon either lives pretty f**kin' close to the office, or his work PC logged his ass back in
[02:42:16] <charon> the former. only about 3 miles
[02:42:24] <n1> cmn32480, things are good, sup with you?
[02:42:41] <cmn32480> #yt on the road again
[02:42:42] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[02:43:10] <cmn32480> same old same old
[02:43:13] <cmn32480> avoicing email
[02:45:28] <cmn32480> charon - try this, please: ~arthur 82cab6
[02:45:41] <charon> ~arthur 82cab6
[02:46:08] <cmn32480> hmmmm
[02:46:39] <charon> Fnord666 broke it
[02:46:53] <cmn32480> nah... he has an allowed array
[02:46:59] <cmn32480> and I'm trying to break it
[02:47:44] * Fnord666 crawls back out from under the bus
[02:48:23] <cmn32480> charon - try ~arthur 4a2920
[02:48:36] <charon> ~arthur 4a2920
[02:48:56] <cmn32480> ok I get the PM in #exec.
[02:49:15] * cmn32480 keeps waitin
[02:49:26] <exec> attempting to submit story: "10 resume do’s and don’ts for developers"
[02:49:33] * charon sets alarm for 10 minutes
[02:49:52] <cmn32480> takes about 60 seconds to sub the story believe it or not
[02:49:58] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[02:50:05] <charon> score!
[02:50:06] <cmn32480> !woop
[02:50:06] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[02:51:26] <n1> can we do something about the two trump headlines in a row?
[02:51:51] <charon> if we have other stories we can set the second one to go later
[02:51:59] <cmn32480> DOH
[02:52:02] <cmn32480> my bad
[02:52:10] <charon> but i was out of material to work with
[02:52:34] <cmn32480> I edited the 2nd one, and it hasn't been 2nd'd yet
[02:53:17] <cmn32480> whatever... you know what I mean
[02:55:56] <charon> gawd, krebs is a nightmare of &mbsp; and <br>
[02:55:59] <Fnord666> want to push the second one after the ESA article?
[02:56:12] <n1> i have just moved it to later in the day
[02:56:16] <Fnord666> k
[02:56:17] <cmn32480> needs to get pushed 4 or more stories out,
[02:56:19] <n1> need to fill in the gap
[02:56:25] <cmn32480> n1++
[02:56:25] <Bender> karma - n1: 31
[02:57:06] <charon> i'm on it
[02:57:42] <cmn32480> do we care about the Fight for $15 article from Gewg?
[02:57:54] * cmn32480 hits up the k_cup in the hotel to make more tea
[02:57:56] <cmn32480> tea++
[02:57:56] <Bender> karma - tea: 27
[02:59:23] <n1> i say yes
[02:59:49] <cmn32480> yes we care, or yer we delete?
[03:00:21] <n1> yes we care
[03:01:10] <n1> although it's kind of late now though?
[03:01:11] * cmn32480 is admittedly questioning of anything subbed by Gewg...
[03:01:23] <cmn32480> that was today....
[03:01:39] <n1> yeah, but the articles talk about it as in the future
[03:02:27] <cmn32480> sure.. they was written befor today
[03:02:55] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - on the pipeline article, do you mind if I replace the last link with a link to a more specific page
[03:03:00] <n1> i don't like the sub, but there's a story in the situation which can be timely
[03:03:10] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - make thecahnges you see fit
[03:03:18] <Fnord666> k thanks
[03:03:58] <n1> http://www.forbes.com
[03:04:00] <exec> └─ 13Forbes Welcome
[03:04:18] <charon> hole filled
[03:04:20] <n1> http://www.cnbc.com
[03:04:21] <exec> └─ 13Scores arrested in first 'Fight for $15' protest since Trump win
[03:05:27] <n1> http://wgntv.com
[03:05:29] <exec> └─ 13Thousands of workers join ‘Fight for $15’ protests at O’Hare and across Chicago | WGN-TV
[03:05:55] <n1> charon++
[03:05:55] <Bender> karma - charon: 5
[03:08:09] <n1> "The NYPD spokesman could not give out names of those arrested, but Politico reported that City Council Members Mark Levine, Antonio Reynoso and Brad Lander and State Assemblyman Francisco Moya were among the 26 arrested."
[03:08:38] <n1> http://patch.com
[03:08:39] <exec> └─ 1326 Protesters, Including Elected Officials, Arrested in Zucotti Park 'Fight for $15' Rally - Tribeca, NY Patch
[03:10:51] <cmn32480> The NY City Council deserves to be in jail... I hope they can't make bail
[03:15:38] <takyon> that's a lot of eds
[03:16:47] <Fnord666> the linked articles in "Internet Archive to Duplicate Data in Canada in Response to Trump's Election" contain requests for contributions.
[03:17:07] <Fnord666> they talk about the move, it's going to cost money, can you give us some?
[03:17:10] <takyon> yeah? well fuck you! /ragequits
[03:17:20] <takyon> jk
[03:17:29] <Fnord666> woh.
[03:17:41] <takyon> well my position is that it is news. however I have donated to IA in the past
[03:17:42] <Fnord666> hi takyon
[03:17:50] <takyon> yo. good work out there
[03:17:53] <cmn32480> I'd agree that it is news
[03:18:10] <cmn32480> regardless of the beg-o-meter
[03:18:26] <Fnord666> works for me and the sub looks good. I'll push it.
[03:18:42] <takyon> I'd compare it to EFF related news. Often to be a beg in there somewhere
[03:18:48] <Fnord666> I just wanted to find out where we stand with requests for submissions, etc.
[03:19:04] <Fnord666> request for donations.
[03:19:06] <cmn32480> for ourselves? or for others?
[03:19:11] <Fnord666> my bad
[03:19:26] <cmn32480> if it is news, in part of the linked articles, it sin't an issue
[03:19:38] <Fnord666> cool. thanks for the clarification
[03:19:39] <takyon> I found the story itself when I was looking at the Google News tech section. You can see other outlets here: https://www.google.com
[03:19:40] <exec> └─ 13internet archive - Google Search
[03:20:03] <takyon> the blog post is linked as part of The Hill's text, although I wouldn't be against linking it outside of the blockquote if it hadn't been there
[03:20:13] <charon> i'd be cautious about making it part of what we put in our summary. but if it's part of their article, no problem
[03:20:27] <cmn32480> ^^^^YES!
[03:20:54] <Fnord666> is the story timeline stable now?
[03:21:40] <charon> Fnord666: i see what you mean about the antibiotic resistant water treatment story
[03:22:17] <charon> it kind of rises or falls on the study, but it's paywalled everywhere
[03:22:44] <takyon> I submit a science article regardless of whether the science is paywalled
[03:22:45] <Fnord666> I looked around for alternate sources but came up dry
[03:22:52] <takyon> I use these formats:
[03:23:20] <charon> same
[03:23:25] <takyon> Title of Article (DOI: 10.XXXX/ABC123) (DX) or Title (open, DOI: 10.XXXX/ABC1233) (DX)
[03:23:37] * cmn32480 loads takyon's user page jsut to tank the site
[03:24:03] <takyon> the DX is linked to a https://dx.doi.org (this is in response to a user complaint about linking directly to URLs which could become outdated
[03:24:06] <exec> └─ 13Error: DOI Prefix [10.XXXX] Not Found
[03:24:43] <takyon> whenever a science article is linked within a blockquote, I put this after the link and in between any punctuation:
[03:24:50] <takyon> [DOI: blahblah] [DX]
[03:25:02] <takyon> or [open, DOI: blahblah] [DX]
[03:25:23] <takyon> my extension looks for these specific DOI formats and linkifies them
[03:25:51] <takyon> on that note, you new eds should try my extension, because among other things, it makes Editing the Story a lot easier
[03:25:57] <Fnord666> takyon BTW thanks very much for the extension!
[03:26:05] <takyon> by automatically inserting line breaks into the big blob of text it produces
[03:26:14] <charon> the greasemonkey? yes, it is wonderful
[03:26:41] <takyon> back when I became an ed, I had to deal with the text blob. and I think bytram still does
[03:26:44] <Fnord666> I've been using it for submissions,etc. for maybe 9 months or so.
[03:27:10] <cmn32480> bytram is the only ed who doenst' use it afaik
[03:27:30] <takyon> well if you have any feature requests or bug reports, slap them on the latest journal. It has been stable for a while now, and I forgot about any other planned features I had in mind
[03:28:30] <Fnord666> What does the "open" in the second citation format signify
[03:28:32] <Fnord666> ?
[03:28:50] <takyon> meaning that the article is not paywalled
[03:29:28] <Fnord666> thx
[03:29:41] <takyon> if you go back to science stories I've submitted, the (DOI: blah) ones are all paywalled, and (open, DOI: blah) are note
[03:29:44] <takyon> *not
[03:30:28] <takyon> <charon> it kind of rises or falls on the study, but it's paywalled everywhere
[03:30:57] <takyon> now the thing about that is that if you provide the title/doi, someone can usually obtain a copy of the study
[03:31:18] <takyon> it's something that we have covered on soylentnews, I'll let that coverage speak for itself......
[03:31:34] <takyon> https://www.google.com
[03:31:36] <exec> └─ 13Google
[03:32:09] <cmn32480> but for legal reasons, we can't link ot the grey sites that may have the papers that are not technically supposed to be on the interwebs
[03:32:54] <takyon> but allegedly, with some modification, my extension will link formatted DOIs to any websites you may desire. allegedly
[03:33:06] <charon> very interesting
[03:33:12] <charon> allegedly
[03:33:50] <Fnord666> wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more
[03:34:20] <cmn32480> but for legal reasons, we can't link ot the grey sites that may have the papers that are not technically supposed to be on the interwebs
[03:34:39] <Fnord666> understood
[03:34:55] * charon wonders if cmn32480 typed that all over again and made the same typo
[03:35:09] <cmn32480> the up arrow is my friend
[03:35:15] <charon> heheh
[03:35:18] <cmn32480> it's abotu the only one I have.. so be nice
[03:35:32] <cmn32480> which typo?
[03:35:34] <cmn32480> grey?
[03:35:47] <charon> "can't link ot"
[03:35:48] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[03:36:01] <cmn32480> #snake charon
[03:36:08] <charon> rofl
[03:36:09] * Bytram scrools back about 4 pages and decides to not catch up
[03:36:17] <charon> hiyo bytram
[03:36:22] <Bytram> charon: hiya
[03:36:23] <cmn32480> bytram is a velly smrt man
[03:36:32] <Fnord666> hey Bytram
[03:36:39] * Bytram is a very *tired* man
[03:36:49] <Bytram> Fnord666: heydee hidee ho!
[03:37:19] <Bytram> and one of my cow-orkers was fighting a cold but came to work anyway because she was feeling better...
[03:37:31] <Bytram> and now it seems I am coming down with it.
[03:37:38] <Bytram> just before my only day off this week.
[03:37:38] <takyon> anons on drugs: https://soylentnews.org
[03:37:41] <exec> └─ 13Disordered Nanonetwork Produces Vibrant Colors for Vehicles, Biomimetic Tissues and Camouflage - SoylentNews
[03:38:32] <Bytram> is that the one where they have nano quantum dots that glow brighter (under illumination) to reveal how much the material has been stressed?
[03:39:05] <charon> no, that one was mine. and this is not the same
[03:39:54] <Bytram> nodnod
[03:39:55] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[03:39:57] <exec> └─ 13GET pwned: Web CCTV cams can be hijacked by single HTTP request • The Register
[03:40:30] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[03:40:31] <exec> └─ 13Firefox 0day in the wild is being used to attack Tor users | Ars Technica
[03:40:52] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[03:40:54] <exec> └─ 13Drive-by web nasty unmasks Tor Browser users, Mozilla dashes to patch zero-day vuln • The Register
[03:41:10] <Fnord666> and of course the cameras will either be not updateable or will never see an update
[03:42:14] * Bytram suggests things might improve after one takes off the lens ccover
[03:42:16] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[03:42:18] <exec> └─ 13system-d free Linux distro Devuan releases second beta • The Register
[03:42:32] <Bytram> beta late than nevah
[03:44:04] <cmn32480> ~submit http://go.theregister.com
[03:44:07] <exec> └─ 13system-d free Linux distro Devuan releases second beta • The Register
[03:44:37] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[03:48:08] <Bytram> well... I mostly poked my nose in to see how things were going (and to try and keep up with the scroolback)... seems like submission and story queues are under control.
[03:48:35] <cmn32480> mostly due to the FNG
[03:48:42] <cmn32480> us old folks are too tired
[03:48:59] * cmn32480 shakes his cane at the kids on his grass
[03:49:12] <Bytram> I don't remember... ever read "The Mythical Man Month"
[03:49:27] <Bytram> adding people to a late project... makes it later
[03:49:27] <charon> jeepers mr. wilson, i just wanted to see what the stick of dynamite would do
[03:49:39] <cmn32480> this porject isn't late
[03:49:53] <cmn32480> it's on a rolling deadline
[03:50:28] <Bytram> no, but adding people to any project initially slows things down a bit... takes time away from the more expereinced folk trying to bring the new ones up to speed
[03:50:41] <Bytram> not complaining mind,
[03:51:00] <Bytram> just observing that it is an investment (and a worthwhile one, IMHO)
[03:51:03] <cmn32480> and it did.. and we now have 3 or 4 that are contributing a couple a day
[03:51:12] <Bytram> and th payback is not necessarily immediate
[03:51:32] <cmn32480> this one has bhad a quicker payback than the last batch of editoris
[03:51:33] <Bytram> thought, with this crop of FNGs, we seem to have been most fortunate, indeed
[03:51:47] <Bytram> ninja'd!!
[03:52:11] <charon> oh don't worry, bytram. you'll get your payback. oh yes, you will...
[03:52:11] <Bytram> must be the advanced training, of course!
[03:52:14] * charon chuckles
[03:52:25] <Bytram> hmmm...
[03:52:27] * cmn32480 can insult the last batch... he resembles that remark
[03:52:42] <Bytram> "Just because we taught you everything you know, does not mean we taught you everything we know."
[03:53:39] <Bytram> thought, you lot are getting better at imitating our propensity for speeling erorrs
[03:53:50] <Bytram> just need moah practice
[03:53:53] <Bytram> =)
[03:54:13] <charon> i'll have ouo know i can spell gooder than cmn already
[03:54:43] <Bytram> eye no ewe Kant
[03:54:46] <cmn32480> my 8 year old speels better than me
[03:54:59] <Bytram> but you spiel better than he
[03:58:00] <charon> not to make more work for anyone, but was someone going to do a "welcome your new editor overlords" post?
[03:58:31] <cmn32480> nope
[03:58:37] <cmn32480> or rather... not it
[03:58:43] * cmn32480 puts his finger on his nose
[03:59:09] <charon> prolly JRs job anyway
[03:59:15] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:59:26] <cmn32480> yup yup
[04:00:49] <Bytram> is tangentially referenced in the story that is currently held in the queue about asking for help on other areas of the site.
[04:00:56] <charon> but i suppose it's touched on in bytram's "Leverage what you know" thingy which is on hold forever
[04:01:11] <Bytram> you been ninja'd
[04:02:13] * charon looks for a field with cherry blossoms so he can commit seppuku
[04:02:35] <Bytram> yeah, not having much extra energy what with long hours at work what with 17.5 hr day on Black Friday, and then working every day since.
[04:02:47] <Bytram> and what's with all the "what with" ??
[04:02:53] * Bytram is tireder than he thought.
[04:02:56] <Bytram> :/
[04:03:01] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[04:03:11] <Fnord666> bed time for Bytram
[04:03:16] <cmn32480> ~tell janrinok to write the article for welcoming the FNG to the team so they will stop asking me and bytram about it.
[04:03:43] <charon> heheh
[04:03:44] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: assuming he ever connects with that nick again.
[04:03:59] <charon> he got it sorted, was on this morning with the right nick
[04:04:00] <cmn32480> ~tell janrinok_soyguest to write the article for welcoming the FNG to the team so they will stop asking me and bytram about it.
[04:04:05] <Bytram|away> anyway... Fnord666 had it right... heading to bed
[04:04:10] <cmn32480> ~gnight Bytram|away
[04:04:12] * exec abrasively crams yo mama's asscrack of power overwhelming into Bytram|away
[04:04:12] <charon> gnight Bytram|away
[04:04:14] <Bytram|away> ~gnight #editorial
[04:04:15] * exec ceremoniously planks a loaded diaper of bacon grease for #editorial
[04:04:24] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram|away
[04:04:25] * exec ironically mixes an old shoe full of the chron with Bytram|away
[04:04:32] <Bytram|away> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:04:34] * exec buttmagically waves a training bra of estrogen at cmn32480
[04:04:35] <Bytram|away> ~gnight charon
[04:04:37] * exec seductively hallucinates a fart hole of TopKek with charon
[04:04:38] <Bytram|away> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:04:40] * exec sardonically stuffs a megabyte of key/value pairs into Fnord666
[04:05:09] * Bytram|away has overwhelming power... thinks hemight have won that round
[04:05:41] <charon> and we all have to split the diaper full of bacon grease
[04:05:47] <Bytram|away> whenpressingthespacebaristoomuchworkthatmightbeasignitistimetogettosleep
[04:05:59] * Bytram|away calls dibs on the bacom
[04:06:06] <Fnord666> my eyes! it burns!
[04:06:09] <Bytram|away> s/com/con/
[04:06:10] <exec> <Bytram|away> calls dibs on the bacon
[04:06:19] <Bytram|away> gnight all!
[04:06:24] <charon> sleep well
[04:10:17] <Fnord666> I'm going to head out as well.
[04:10:23] <Fnord666> ~gnight #editorial
[04:10:24] * exec figuratively connects The Cloud of tumbleweeds to #editorial
[04:10:26] <cmn32480> I'm not far behind
[04:10:32] <cmn32480> ~gngiht Fnord666
[04:10:33] <charon> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:10:34] * exec overratedly an ace archive of chew spit floccinaucinihilipilificates Fnord666
[04:10:43] <cmn32480> ~gnight Fnord666
[04:10:44] * exec emphatically bitchslaps a sac of goat porn with Fnord666
[04:10:55] <cmn32480> a sac of goat porn
[04:11:04] <Fnord666> ok then
[04:11:14] <charon> poor fnord
[04:11:14] <cmn32480> lol
[04:11:29] <Fnord666> I definitely lost that one
[04:12:03] <Fnord666> good night cmn32480
[04:12:07] <Fnord666> good night charon
[04:12:22] <charon> take care
[04:12:29] <Fnord666> you too.
[04:12:34] -!- Fnord666 has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[04:12:57] <charon> nice to have a bunch of people on at once
[04:13:02] <cmn32480> heh
[04:13:03] <cmn32480> yeah
[04:23:32] * cmn32480 heads for bed
[04:23:39] <cmn32480> ~gnight charon
[04:23:40] * exec provocatively poops a kilobyte of puns for charon
[04:23:46] <charon> ~gnight cmn32480
[04:23:47] * exec allegedly copies the last box of poop cola for cmn32480
[04:23:59] <charon> too much poop
[04:24:17] <cmn32480> heh
[04:24:22] <charon> sleep well
[04:24:29] <cmn32480> you too
[04:39:06] <GreatOutdoors> Back... kitchen is 96% clean...
[04:44:07] <charon> wb
[04:44:18] <charon> what's the other 4%?
[04:47:59] <GreatOutdoors> sweep/mop floor
[04:48:16] <GreatOutdoors> small kitchen, and hasnt been cleaned really well in ages..
[04:48:49] <charon> sounds like my kitchen too
[04:49:35] <GreatOutdoors> I did the detailed clean on all the dishes, scrubbed the toaster/oven/microwave/etc... and I Hate dishes.
[04:57:39] <charon> so tired. got to get some sleep. gnight GreatOutdoors and #editorial
[04:57:59] -!- charon has quit [Quit: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy]
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[05:17:08] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 21e719
[05:17:58] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Clinton team to take part in US state election recounts"
[05:18:29] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[05:31:27] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur fbb38f
[05:31:54] <exec> attempting to submit story: "A New Threat to Oceans: Deep-Sea Mining for Precious Metals"
[05:32:25] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[05:35:52] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 0a2a68
[05:36:19] <exec> attempting to submit story: "All eyes on Havana as Cuba bids farewell to Castro"
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[05:38:27] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 1b5a0a
[05:38:54] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Amazon imposes limit on reviews"
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[05:40:11] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 2741e4
[05:40:12] <exec> it has been only 47 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[05:40:40] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 2741e4
[05:41:06] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Android security in 2016 is a mess"
[05:41:37] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[05:41:58] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 1ceb65
[05:42:00] <exec> it has been only 23 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[05:42:16] <GreatOutdoors> grr... slow ass bot..
[05:42:29] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 1ceb65
[05:42:31] <exec> it has been only 54 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[05:42:39] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 1ceb65
[05:43:06] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Arizona gains new electric vehicle plant, as Lucid Motors announces manufacturing"
[05:43:36] <exec> error: something went wrong with your submission - maybe try again in a minute
[05:45:30] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 1ceb65
[05:45:44] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 0a3d99
[05:46:08] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Arizona gains new electric vehicle plant, as Lucid Motors announces manufacturing"
[05:46:23] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Australian nuclear waste dump divides tiny Outback town"
[05:46:39] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[05:46:54] <exec> error: something went wrong with your submission - maybe try again in a minute
[05:47:16] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 0cd56d
[05:47:17] <exec> it has been only 38 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[05:47:53] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 0cd56d
[05:48:19] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Autistic People Can Solve Our Cybersecurity Crisis"
[05:48:20] <exec> error: unable to extract reskey
[05:50:15] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 0cd56d
[05:50:43] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Autistic People Can Solve Our Cybersecurity Crisis"
[05:50:44] <exec> error: unable to extract reskey
[05:50:50] <GreatOutdoors> blah...
[05:50:57] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 3bbf8e
[05:51:24] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Browse three decades of satellite imagery with Google Earth Timelapse"
[05:51:24] <exec> error: unable to extract reskey
[05:52:57] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur f77d5c
[05:53:23] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Codebattles: Competitive Coding in the Workplace"
[05:53:23] <exec> error: unable to extract reskey
[05:53:26] <GreatOutdoors> And I think I broke the bot..
[05:54:47] <GreatOutdoors> Wonder if it is an article age thing..
[05:54:52] <GreatOutdoors> ~arthur 82cab6
[05:55:19] <exec> attempting to submit story: "10 reasons to love the USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro"
[05:55:19] <exec> error: unable to extract reskey
[05:55:24] <GreatOutdoors> Nope..
[05:55:47] * GreatOutdoors thinks someone should fix the bot now that I have thoroughly broken it.
[05:57:21] <GreatOutdoors> Well, I got about 10 in before it broke...
[05:58:34] <GreatOutdoors> I put them in the hold queue so that it still looks like we need subs on the main page. Hopefully some of the readers will some some good stuff :) If I have time tomorrow I will edit and process a few.
[06:10:08] -!- n1 has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[11:08:43] SoyGuest42542 is now known as NCommander
[11:09:02] <cmn32480> GreatOutdoors - exec subs as an AC... there are limitations as to how fast he is allowed to put stuff in the queue
[11:09:43] NCommander is now known as SoyGuest59691
[11:10:08] SoyGuest59691 is now known as NCommander
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[13:57:48] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1] by Hephaestus
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[14:24:02] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[14:52:49] <takyon> ~eds
[14:52:49] <exec> editor ping for takyon: janrinok zz_janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 charon GreatOutdoors FatPhil Snow goodie mrpg
[14:52:57] <takyon> the psychedelic article is a bit old (2015)
[14:53:09] <takyon> it can probably be rejuvenated by looking up psilocybin on goog news
[14:53:44] <takyon> it won't be published for another 12 hours, so I will take a look later
[14:54:06] <janrinok> k - thanks I didn't notice that.
[14:54:13] * janrinok goes to stand in the corner
[14:56:35] <takyon> take your prescription shrooms in the corner
[14:56:56] <janrinok> just look at all the wavy colours....
[14:57:47] <takyon> user spotted
[14:58:26] <takyon> do we want an article about that Brazil plane crash which I assume has wiped out a football club?
[14:59:53] <janrinok> well, I've seen it on TV, but I'm not sure it will provoke a discussion.
[15:00:52] <janrinok> takyon, if you could 2nd the Hello and Welcome story that I have pushed to go out in a short while I would appreciate it thx
[15:01:30] <takyon> ok
[15:02:38] <takyon> i think I added a comma
[15:03:15] <takyon> should I link their names to their user pages?
[15:03:30] <janrinok> I suppose that would be a nice touch
[15:06:37] <takyon> done
[15:07:43] <janrinok> thx
[15:12:24] <janrinok> Thank you P666! That is just what we needed!
[15:19:48] <n1> i just noticed another trump headline got moved into the void i created last night to spread out trump headlines
[15:19:56] <n1> so i'm going to move the next one again to tomorrow
[15:20:45] <takyon> i'm listening to the diane rehm show. they're debating about how forcefully to call donald trump a liar
[15:21:39] <n1> well, as my submission says... 'journalists need to stop taking trump literally'
[15:22:01] <n1> it doesn't matter what he says, he's not used to being held to account for his statements, so we shouldn't expect him to be consistent
[15:22:04] <takyon> you can't just ignore what the president says
[15:22:15] <n1> i agree
[15:22:58] <n1> but if we do ignore it, like a lot of people are on both 'sides'
[15:23:47] <n1> when he doesn't say what you want, he can't because he'd end up like JFK, and if he says abhorrent things then it's just hyperbolic to make a broad point
[15:24:21] <n1> we(they) have to work out a way to keep this as business as usual as possible, even if that means conceding political statements have even less value than they have before
[15:26:32] <takyon> well, in an algorithm driven news environment, I guess if people really don't care, Trump's outrageous statements will sink to the bottom of the pile on Google/Facebook/etc
[15:26:48] <takyon> but seeing how much attention a trump article gets here, I doubt that will happen
[15:28:05] <n1> oh people will pay attention, but i think they're just going to ignore it at 'serious' levels of society in government.
[15:28:44] <janrinok> n1, mea culpa. I noticed that the story spacing this morning was all over the place, but I didn't know you were trying to save a slot. Could you leave a marker in there next time?
[15:29:16] <n1> just before i crashed out last night i made the point about having two trump stories next to each other was bad form
[15:29:37] <n1> don't want to give the nod that it's cool to just submit every bit of trump related click-bait
[15:29:47] <n1> i was going to tidy it up but passed out before i could
[15:30:04] <janrinok> ah, different problem then. It looks like perhaps someone moved one of them but didn't fill the gap. We had only 13 stories in todays slots, so I reshuffled and added a few more
[15:31:05] <n1> is all good, thanks for the shuffle
[15:31:26] <n1> i don't think people really notice, but i don't want to give them a reason to either
[15:31:39] <n1> especially when Trump isn't even in office yet
[15:31:39] <janrinok> fair point...
[15:32:32] <janrinok> I think 1 Trump story a day is more than sufficient, and only then if it is actually a significant story and not just a 'he said, she said' type of story
[15:33:24] <n1> 1 a day is sufficient, but i'll take 2 if they're relevant, but should be a good 12hr spacing between them
[15:34:04] <n1> each should have it's own room to breathe and be discussed if they're decent enough
[15:34:26] <janrinok> we will have to be very careful when we get the politics nexus on the next update - they all have to go out on the same front page.
[15:34:42] <n1> we are sadly in a situation where what the president-elect says in one day could generate many relevant stories across different topics
[15:35:28] <n1> i'm still unsure of how we're going to define 'politics'
[15:35:35] <janrinok> but we are not a politics centric site - these stories are being reported elsewhere too. I came here to get away from all the other stuff to a site that was leaning towards STEM
[15:36:21] <n1> lots of stories are being reported elsewhere, but are they being discussed by adults in an open non-affiliated platform?
[15:36:26] <janrinok> the main advantage is that you can block a nexus in your user preferences - so those that don't want to read politics won't even see the stories displayed
[15:36:34] <n1> i understand that
[15:36:41] <n1> but my point still is, what is politics and what isn't?
[15:37:22] <janrinok> If we swamp the site with politics - adult discussions or otherwise - I think we will drive away much of our current user base and attract a completely different one
[15:37:25] <n1> partisan rhetoric is fairly easy, but then it comes to digital liberty, trade disputes, legal cases
[15:37:50] <janrinok> if we already have a topic for it, then fine. But if not, then it goes into politics
[15:38:07] <n1> there's a whole range of stuff that is stuff that matters, but isn't news for nerds, but also isn't partisan political stuff
[15:38:58] <n1> and then a technical story can have an explicitly political discussion associated with it
[15:38:59] <janrinok> agreed, but that doesn't mean we have to change what we are about to fill that void, does it?
[15:39:18] <n1> i just think we're opening up a can of worms by having the political nexus
[15:39:30] <n1> because we're just going to get "this is about x so it should be in political"
[15:40:32] <janrinok> if a story is already covered by a topic, be that legal, business, or whatever then it goes in that topic. If it is just politics - not related to an existing topic - then I would be tempted to push that into politics
[15:41:06] <n1> can you give me an example of such a story
[15:42:18] <janrinok> look for any of the stories that are already reported under those topics - there are the examples. But for who is voting in which state - politics. What Trump/May/Merkel is saying about stuff that we don't currently discuss is politics
[15:43:08] <n1> i don't see that we get so many of those submissions anyway, and if they're still going to end up on the front page anyway
[15:43:15] <janrinok> or we go back and ask the community. But I fear that we will simply drive away many of our current members. If that is what the community wants then so be it
[15:43:40] <janrinok> you have been away during the 5 stories a day madness
[15:43:55] <janrinok> who is campaigning where sort of thing
[15:44:03] <n1> the last US election was not exactly a normal situation
[15:44:35] <n1> if we go back to normality 'politics' might as well just be 'local news' and if not, then it will be relevant enough to fall into an existing topic
[15:45:13] <janrinok> brb - nursing duties!
[15:45:24] * n1 hat tip
[15:46:49] <n1> i understand there's been a call for the 'politics' nexus of some sort, but i really don't think it's going to benefit the situation, it's going to give opportunity to complain about classifications of stuff and avenue to complain about perceived political bias by hiding important topics under the 'political' label
[15:48:07] <n1> shouldn't use an exceptional situation as the reason to change the general policy
[15:54:38] <n1> by creating the political nexus we're saying we are a politics focused site, but if we're also having the standard that it still goes on the front page, we're creating bigger editorial challenges on accepting/rejecting explicitly political stories with potentially no relevance/discussion value for the community, regardless of their political engagement
[15:56:33] <janrinok> just backreading
[15:57:48] <janrinok> people can complain, but we have the final say. We will not be asking for any different submissions than we do today. The only difference is that if
[15:58:14] <janrinok> they do not fall into the current topics and clearly have a political bias, then they get put on that nexus so that
[15:58:46] <janrinok> others can ignore them if they wish. I don't believe that it will encourage more political reporting, and even if it does we have to maintain the
[15:58:55] <janrinok> balance between all topics
[16:00:30] <janrinok> we already try to select stories that inform and might create a discussion 'that is of interest to the majority of our community', I don't see any reason that the additional nexus will change that
[16:00:31] <n1> as i said, i understand the desire for it
[16:00:55] <n1> and i can see the potential benefits, but i don't think they outweigh the risks
[16:01:30] <janrinok> we have been selecting and rejecting stories from day one, I don't see that this will change anything
[16:01:54] <n1> we're just adding another level of subjective to the process, whilst explicitly encouraging political submissions
[16:02:05] <janrinok> we are NOT explicit
[16:02:17] <n1> if there's a political nexus and 'everything else' nexus
[16:02:21] <n1> i think we are
[16:02:27] <janrinok> explicitly encouraging political submissions - we will just process them differently#
[16:03:02] <janrinok> well, people _could_ block the main page nexus I suppose, but I don't think it will happen
[16:03:45] <n1> it's also the perspective of the non-registered user
[16:03:58] <janrinok> people will still only be submitting to the single submissions queue. We decide how it gets processed
[16:04:03] <n1> who is likely to see far more irrelevant political stories rather than stories of general interest with political implications
[16:04:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> of which we have a great many
[16:04:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> we can, however, make it opt in instead of opt out
[16:05:31] <n1> to use a political analogy, we're going for the 'more government solves the problem' route
[16:05:40] * TheMightyBuzzard interjects some technical information and goes back to lurking
[16:06:07] <janrinok> from the users point of view, they submit stories as they always have. We can reject stories as we always have, or process them. If we feel that it is of limited interest but of political value then it can go into the pol nexus and those that want to see it can do so
[16:06:34] <n1> how many people use the tools to filter topics and nexuses at the moment?
[16:06:44] <janrinok> no-one because you can't
[16:07:07] <n1> i thought you could filter topics, i obviously havn't looked
[16:07:10] <janrinok> you can't filter on topics. and the only nexuses are mainpage and meta
[16:07:37] <n1> but i just want one example of a story that's in the queue or been recently published that would fall into this political nexus
[16:07:38] <janrinok> ignoring Breaking News for the moment, which is a nexus of its own
[16:08:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> n1, you can filter topics on dev but not on prod for some reason
[16:08:42] <janrinok> the accusations of vote rigging - they are not STEM related - but many thought it was worth a discussion
[16:08:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> prolly just a setting
[16:09:14] <janrinok> that would be a clear story for the politics nexus
[16:09:34] <n1> i'd say electronic voting systems with the potential for vote rigging falls into STEM
[16:10:26] <janrinok> it wasn't electronic - it was simply manipulation. And the electronic story is only of interest if it provides something new - not just a repeat of what has been said before
[16:10:33] <n1> but then again we're talking 'election news' not 'politics' ... for presidential elections and such, i can see the value of filtering.
[16:11:15] <janrinok> well, I'll argue that we will see the same again for Brexit, and perhaps also for the French and German elections
[16:12:25] <n1> well since the brexit vote already hapepned and the government isn't saying anything, it's unlikely
[16:12:55] <n1> the US election circus is relatively unique and this was a very different election
[16:13:03] <janrinok> but when it comes to negotiations - we might not all want to read every report about every discussion, but I accept that some might
[16:13:22] <n1> well, as the UK gov has said, there will be no discussion
[16:13:45] <n1> and so far for the last 5 months or whatever, there has been nothing made public on government position, and they're implying it will remain so
[16:13:45] <janrinok> there will be once the negotiations start - that's what they are, discussions
[16:14:01] <janrinok> there will be 2 years of it
[16:14:20] <n1> are they actually going to be public discussions though?
[16:14:40] <n1> and i'm still not putting money on anything happening in march
[16:15:22] <janrinok> once they get to the EU yes - I can't see the EU keeping quiet about what we want, not do I think that the Govt can keep a lid on it. What they are not saying is the negotiating position - what is their bottom line, what will they accept.
[16:16:04] <n1> well the EU is already not that quiet
[16:16:13] <janrinok> I believe that there will be a very big outcry if they try to renege on what they have said
[16:16:43] <n1> they wont renege, they are just going to continue not giving running commentary and other events have caused a change in priorities and the process of the debate
[16:16:53] <janrinok> however, I have to go cook turkey kebabs with all the trimmings. Back in a couple of hours or so
[16:16:59] * n1 hat tip
[16:17:00] <n1> enjoy
[16:17:03] <janrinok> and to you
[16:18:42] <n1> not going to keep beating this dead horse but.... i'm not for the political nexus and i'm not going to use it because the way i'm reading it is more 'irrelevant' than 'partisan/political'
[16:19:03] <n1> if a story doesn't fit in some way into an existing topic, and is not 'stuff that matters' then wtf good is it.
[16:25:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> hows about a 'stuff that matters' topic then and we just enable blocking topics on prod once we figure out how we did it on dev.
[16:25:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> to be distinguished from /dev/random by actually mattering to someone
[16:28:27] <n1> stuff that matters generally falls into an existing topic, i can only think of rare exceptions that could fall into political
[16:29:01] <n1> if we get 2 or 3 submissions a month currently that would qualify, then it seems pointless unless we're trying to encourage more
[16:29:49] <n1> an opt-in 'election news' topic seems more relevant to the concerns
[16:32:47] <n1> there's 5 stories at least today that i could say should fall into the 'political' nexus, and once we have it, there will be plenty of opportunity to say "i opted out of this political crap, why is it on my main page?!!"
[16:35:43] <n1> IRS-Bitcoin, Corps & Donald, IA Trump Canada, Snoopers Charter, Trudeau are all 'political agendas' and not academic/technology/science focused news for nerds. The only thing that matters in a non-political context is the technical feasibility of the implications and that's not what the articles are about.
[16:36:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> n1, wouldn't necessarily be political, just a more relevant catch-all than /dev/random.
[16:39:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> hrm, that'd mostly just duplicate News though.
[16:39:08] <n1> as i said, i'm not going to be comfortable in using it... seems like a way of lowering the bar to accept stories we'd otherwise reject
[16:41:54] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'd still like folks to be able to not have to see things like the US election if they don't want to.
[16:42:21] <n1> i agree, but as i said before... an exceptional situation shouldn't make us change our general policy
[16:42:34] <n1> to be hyperbolic myself, that's how we got the patriot act
[16:42:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> troof
[16:42:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'll ponder on it some more after i take a nap
[16:42:59] * n1 hat tip
[17:12:46] -!- charon [charon!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[17:12:46] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[17:13:05] <charon> ~gday #editorial
[17:13:06] * exec literally pukes a DD cup of funding on #editorial
[17:14:05] <n1> howdy charon
[17:15:37] <charon> how are things?
[17:19:40] <n1> things are ok, how about you?
[17:20:43] <charon> fine. looks to be another super slow day at work because of rain
[17:24:14] <n1> janrinok takyon i've moved some of P666's subs into the hold queue
[17:25:25] <n1> good to have the submissions, but it doesn't help encourage people other than P666 to submit when there's 30 stories from one person in the queue
[17:28:26] <n1> but don't worry, there's still 17 to choose from
[17:37:07] <charon> 17 is good number. nice and prime
[17:39:20] <n1> feel free to pick from the hold queue if you prefer, but i don't think it looks very welcoming to see a screen full of one persons submissions representing the whole 'community'
[17:41:34] <charon> yeah, i hear ya
[17:46:19] <n1> https://www.washingtonpost.com
[17:46:20] <exec> └─ 1327% of Europeans say rape may be acceptable in some circumstances - The Washington Post
[17:47:40] <charon> when the alternative is murder?
[17:51:36] <n1> not sure how that logic works
[17:53:08] <charon> that was before i read the article
[17:53:27] <charon> imagining the question to be "would you rather rape someone or murder them?"
[17:54:16] <n1> http://www.mediaite.com
[17:55:39] <n1> thats the counterpoint to it, but it's on pretty weak ground really in my opinion
[17:56:12] <n1> 'not saying no clearly enough is implied consent' and if the person doing the assault 'doesn't know what they're doing' it's not so bad either
[17:58:34] <n1> the poll does appear to be flawed, but they all are, however i think it's pretty ignorant to assume people responding to the poll did so with the nuance of a politician talking in the third person
[17:59:44] <n1> 'do you think other people think x based on assumption y?' is not how people will have read the question
[18:00:02] <charon> agreed
[18:01:54] <charon> and anyone who said yes to the least of those circumstances is counted the same as someone who said yes to the worst circumstance
[18:02:17] <n1> and ive heard the shit from my own family, about how men just cannot control themselves if they see a woman by herself wearing 'revealing' clothes
[18:03:01] <n1> they're not saying that it's right, but it's justifiable, because that's just how men are, apparently
[18:05:43] <charon> as a man, i think that's bullshit
[18:06:20] <n1> right, i had to remind them that half the people in the room happen to be men, and we are not like that.
[18:07:52] <n1> also had to make the point that in 'private', we don't go for the 'locker room' banter about grabbing women by the pussy or whatever.
[18:08:09] <n1> at least those of us who are older than 13 don't engage in that kind of banter.
[18:11:59] <charon> but on the other hand, there obviously are men who are like that
[18:12:11] <charon> we just happen to be better than that
[18:12:17] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, having a stuff that matters topic is too widespread. Nobody can realistically block a topic if they don't know what is in it. How about a politics topic then?
[18:15:19] <janrinok> n1, we are NOT changing our policy. We are NOT soliciting more stories about politics. And all of the examples that you quoted above can remain in the topics that they are now in. However, we have had lots of stories that didn't fit the existing topics (voting fraud - not electronic, for example) which were just politics and electioneering. I do not want to read them, and I will not edit them because I have insufficient knowledge
[18:15:19] <janrinok> to do so intelligently
[18:16:52] <janrinok> ~eds n1 has moved some of p666's stories to the Hold queue, so that we don't put other submitters off
[18:16:52] <exec> editor ping for janrinok (reason: n1 has moved some of p666's stories to the hold queue, so that we don't put other submitters off): janrinok zz_janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 charon GreatOutdoors FatPhil Snow goodie mrpg
[18:18:14] <janrinok> ~gday charon
[18:18:15] * exec flatulantly sets a thingy of windows 3.11 for workpoops by charon
[18:18:32] <charon> ~gday janrinok
[18:18:33] * exec mistakenly hangs a trigger warning sign about an exfat volume of seven of nine on janrinok
[18:18:46] <charon> did i walk into a kerfuffle?
[18:18:54] <n1> janrinok, i understand what you're saying and i agree in general terms
[18:18:56] <janrinok> I don't think so, why?
[18:19:44] <n1> but it is an implicit changing of the policy by acknowledging and accommodating the from what i can see rare situation
[18:19:50] <charon> you were talking to TMB, but he's not talking back, responding to n1 about something before i logged in
[18:19:59] <janrinok> he's having a nap now
[18:20:02] <charon> ah
[18:20:54] <janrinok> I'm getting 503's from the site at present
[18:21:12] <janrinok> is there a DDoS in the US again?
[18:21:50] <janrinok> it's coming back up slowly
[18:23:09] <janrinok> and it's back - I think
[18:23:46] <n1> has been ok for me
[18:24:54] <janrinok> yeah, we've had it a few times recently. It appears to be the cross atlantic link that is being hammered. A couple of times it has been a DDoS against US sites
[18:25:23] <janrinok> I can access sites on this side of the pond no problem, but the US drops off for a while
[18:26:01] <n1> http://map.norsecorp.com
[18:26:02] <exec> └─ 13Norse Attack Map
[18:26:16] <n1> still have no idea how legit that is, but i do find it fun to watch
[18:27:03] <janrinok> well it is showing me very little at the moment
[18:27:31] <janrinok> seems to be stuck in 'Loading'
[18:27:43] <charon> loading here also
[18:28:48] <n1> it's loaded ok for me, not showing anything on the scale that would correlate to your slow loading though
[18:29:05] <janrinok> well, it's not crossing the pond very well
[18:29:29] <charon> maybe it's blocked by my work somehow]
[18:29:53] <n1> lots of Microsoft IP's attacking Dubai is the biggest thing going on right now
[18:29:57] <janrinok> certainly not being blocked by mine - I don't do any
[18:30:15] <n1> china and us ip's taking on dubai
[18:31:12] <janrinok> that'll be it then, I suspect
[18:36:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> janrinok, site's fine
[18:37:16] <janrinok> it's the link between here and there I guess
[18:37:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> shouldn't mean 503s though
[18:37:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> should be timed out errors instead of a numeric one
[18:37:49] <janrinok> around 20 minutes past this hour - lasted approx 3 minutes
[18:38:13] <janrinok> didn,t make a note of the guru med value
[18:38:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> just as well, those are useless
[18:38:30] <janrinok> lol
[18:38:37] <n1> hah
[18:39:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> web frontends bounced just for good measure though
[18:53:07] <n1> i was just looking for a more recent psilocybin story and wasn't able to find anything
[18:53:56] <n1> however, it did lead me to this; http://www.nytimes.com
[18:53:58] <exec> └─ 13F.D.A. Agrees to New Trials for Ecstasy as Relief for PTSD Patients - The New York Times
[18:54:02] <charon> i did the same. can't even find any real reference to the doctor
[18:55:11] <n1> http://jop.sagepub.com
[18:55:13] <exec> └─ 13Psilocybin-assisted treatment for alcohol dependence: A proof-of-concept study
[18:55:31] <n1> that's the paper the story from last year uses i believe
[18:55:46] <n1> http://jop.sagepub.com
[18:55:48] <n1> also
[18:55:55] <exec> └─ 13Psilocybin-assisted treatment for alcohol dependence: A proof-of-concept study
[18:56:47] <n1> could always do some actual journalism type stuff and email mbogenschutz@salud.unm.edu for an exclusive update ;)
[18:57:50] <charon> ain't nobody got time for that
[18:58:25] * n1 thinks charon went to journalism school
[19:02:25] <charon> great. i stick my head up and get volunteered
[19:03:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> not until you said that, you hadn't
[19:03:01] <janrinok> Site down here! no news stories, no story list
[19:03:09] <janrinok> everyone else OK?
[19:03:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya
[19:03:31] <n1> janrinok, it's ok here still
[19:04:06] <charon> slightly slower than usual, but up
[19:04:18] <janrinok> front page shows borders but no stories. Story list is just empty list, with headings but no content
[19:04:28] <janrinok> db OK?
[19:04:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> db's fine
[19:05:16] <janrinok> I'm going to reboot
[19:05:20] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:09:20] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #editorial
[19:09:20] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[19:10:05] <janrinok> OK, rebooted. No front page, no stories list, but submissions page is OK. All pages show decoration (side panels, toolbar etc) but no content
[19:10:44] <janrinok> other sites working fine, both US and European
[19:11:29] <janrinok> same on 2 different computers
[19:13:03] <janrinok> Front page back
[19:13:15] <janrinok> still no stories page
[19:14:22] <janrinok> front page down again - you guys are editing without me for a while
[19:15:30] <janrinok> got the front page on my second computer, but when I tried to log in it died again
[19:16:20] <janrinok> nope - just blank screens now on both computers, other sites working fine
[19:16:49] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, is this helping or shall I just shut up?
[19:17:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~blame
[19:17:02] * exec points at Bytram
[19:17:13] <janrinok> fairy snuff
[19:17:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> near as i can tell there's nothing wrong and both web frontends are functioning fine
[19:17:47] <charon> it's the wind turbine near Nantes
[19:17:49] <janrinok> must be a leak in the interwebs pipe
[19:18:10] <janrinok> they haven't even got it going yet have they?
[19:18:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> prolly something going on between you and us.
[19:18:16] <janrinok> yup
[19:18:25] <janrinok> still blaming Bytram though
[19:18:32] * TheMightyBuzzard nods sagely
[19:19:32] <janrinok> what's the betting there is a story tomorrow about a DDoS somewhere
[19:20:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'd be sorely disappointed if there weren't
[19:20:46] <n1> that would be the story of the day, no DDoS anywhere
[19:21:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> yarp
[19:21:59] <n1> although since janrinok is in france i assume it's an underground minitel resistance movement causing his problems.
[19:22:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> ah well, can't think up any more excuses to keep putting off fighting with my shrink and the pharmacy on why they can't manage to get me a prescription fillable.
[19:22:12] <janrinok> Norse shows 2 big DDoS attacks in the US, and UAE being dicked by a fair chunk of Europe
[19:23:37] <janrinok> US is getting dicked big time now
[19:23:58] <janrinok> it's like watching space invaders - pew, pew and pew
[19:23:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> thas normal
[19:24:05] <n1> sometimes you can tell a little of what's going on
[19:24:26] <n1> when i was looking earlier no one was hitting any of the Fed Reserves, so it's not that serious
[19:24:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[19:24:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[19:24:36] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 2
[19:24:56] <n1> my only assumption on UAE is it's something OPEC related
[19:25:28] <janrinok> China is also pissing off Spain
[19:26:04] <n1> it's fun to watch
[19:27:04] <n1> someone is really pissed at the UAE today
[19:27:05] <janrinok> Checkpoint is also showing a bit attack between France and Indonesia - that'll probably explain it then
[19:28:37] <janrinok> someone has pwned a lot of computers in France, and they are cycling the attack through S American countries, now switched to Turkey
[19:28:58] <janrinok> Panama, Brazil
[19:29:46] <janrinok> Colombia
[19:30:07] <janrinok> I'll bet someone is trying to control it by block French IPs ... hence my problem
[19:31:35] <janrinok> thank god they haven't blocked the porn - or so I assume, right guys?
[19:32:30] <charon> not checking that
[19:34:11] <janrinok> Ah, a mass of windows worms infecting French computers - don't you just love commercial software
[19:34:49] <n1> does seem like theres some shit going down now on the norse map
[19:34:56] <n1> compared to what was going on when i first looked
[19:35:59] <charon> well now, i just got a 503 error also.
[19:36:30] <janrinok> on the Norse map it says that the US has the most attacks originating from it, as well as being the top target. The Checkpoint map indicates France as being the top attacker for the last 30 minutes or so
[19:36:52] <janrinok> yeah, I've lost the site completely now
[19:37:02] <janrinok> IRC still works though
[19:37:10] <charon> i blame takyon's user page
[19:38:51] <n1> yeah but that's still Bytram's fault
[19:38:52] <janrinok> watching these maps, you can understand how wars begin
[19:39:48] <janrinok> the US is throwing stuff back at France now
[19:40:19] <charon> hmm, this norse page doesn't ever stop loading for me
[19:40:37] <janrinok> I had to close it and reopen
[19:41:07] <n1> it's not unlikely i think that one day one of those attacks will be the 'cyber/digital' version of franz ferdinand
[19:41:59] <janrinok> look at https://threatmap.checkpoint.com very different view from the Norse display
[19:42:01] <exec> └─ 13Live Cyber Attack Threat Map | Check Point Software
[19:42:47] <n1> indeed, very different
[19:42:55] <n1> ecuador getting it's ass kicked
[19:47:47] <janrinok> there is very little similarity between the 2 maps I have displayed. I wonder how they get such different results if they are both selling essentially the same thing?
[19:49:13] <n1> they have different nodes that are checking for it
[19:49:46] <n1> at best i think you have to look at both together to get halfway close to reality, if they are not just some bullshit simulation
[19:50:10] <janrinok> well if they are both claiming world-wide coverage, they are obviously located in different worlds
[19:50:48] <n1> and cyber-security companies are known for their honesty
[19:51:04] <janrinok> Norse seems to have a more balanced picture - but as you say, they are known for their honesty!
[19:51:50] <n1> from what i saw, don't have them open anymore, ecuador wasn't being logged at all on norse
[19:52:29] <charon> hmm, i may have messed something up. just edited a sub and it has disappeared. not in the sub queue, not in the sotry queue. it was about australian HS students synthesizing the ingredient in daraprim
[19:52:46] <n1> you put in an invalid time/date
[19:52:47] <janrinok> did you get the date wrong?
[19:52:50] <janrinok> lol
[19:53:02] <n1> it's the only reason that happens!
[19:53:09] <janrinok> been there, seen that, worn the t-shirt
[19:53:12] <charon> that must be. i was switching from 11/30 to 12/01
[19:53:26] <charon> how do i find it?
[19:53:26] <n1> was it a P666 sub?
[19:53:30] <charon> AC
[19:54:04] <janrinok> do a search on "daraprim" or any other keywords that you can remember
[19:54:22] <janrinok> sort by oldest first
[19:54:50] <charon> found it, thank you
[19:55:22] <janrinok> pick your t-shirt up on the way out
[19:55:43] <janrinok> wear it with pride, tinged with embarrassment
[19:56:13] <charon> or maybe it was a race happening. says snow is in it now
[19:56:26] <janrinok> blame him first
[19:56:49] <janrinok> go on the attack. start a rant about how he cocked up YOUR editing!
[19:57:01] <janrinok> winning is all that matters
[19:57:13] <charon> yes!
[19:57:21] <charon> i'll murdalize him
[19:58:08] <janrinok> n1, it's nice to see that the training of the FNGs is up to the old standard
[19:59:15] <janrinok> well, with no access to the site, I'm going to call it a day. Bye guys, hopefully be back on tomorrow
[19:59:37] * n1 hat tip
[19:59:44] <janrinok> ~gnight n1
[19:59:45] * exec ceremoniously scissors a trunk of iced tea for n1
[20:01:30] <n1> now i got a 503!
[20:02:40] <janrinok> yay
[20:02:57] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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