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[00:01:00] <n1> communication is important, i'm not so fussed about the technicalities as long as the message is understood
[00:01:58] <charon> agreed
[00:04:59] <n1> i take that attitude to editing, as much information as possible, presented clearly in the easiest way to digest it
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[00:06:38] <n1> Bytram !!
[00:06:39] <charon> it may be a few years old, but can we run this story? http://gothamist.com
[00:06:41] * Bytram just finished reeding scroolback -- discovers he should be scheduling stories @ ~120min, not ~90min
[00:06:42] <exec> └─ 13EXCLUSIVE: Horrifying "Cthuken" Creator Speaks: Gothamist
[00:07:51] <charon> yes, i'm joking. but it is terribly amusing
[00:07:54] <Bytram> I dunno about THAT story, but in general, this site is Soylent *NEWS* (not OLDS)... can use old stuff on occasion but be blatantly obvious about it being old news, and don't do it but rarely wwould be my advice
[00:08:24] <Bytram> n1: hola!
[00:08:29] * Bytram is pretty knackered atm
[00:09:11] <charon> evening bytram
[00:09:19] <Bytram> charon: g'day!
[00:09:35] <n1> i want a story on this turkey pardon thing
[00:09:49] * Bytram notices someone corrected mis mis-scheduled story... thanks!
[00:10:42] <charon> yw
[00:10:51] <Bytram> charon++
[00:10:51] <Bender> karma - charon: 2
[00:11:32] <charon> the turkey pardon? it's traditional
[00:11:43] <Bytram> nod nod
[00:11:45] <charon> in the crazy US, anyway
[00:11:53] <Bytram> or, should that be:
[00:11:57] <Bytram> gnawed gnawed ??
[00:12:00] <charon> heh
[00:12:07] <n1> i hadn't heard about it before, the wikipedia was enlightening though
[00:12:39] <n1> turkey presentation is traditional, the pardon was started by reagan apparently
[00:12:44] <charon> and they're always ridiculously huge birds too. 30-40 lb turkeys. can't even move
[00:13:41] <n1> "The reference to it being a pardon was in response to criticism over the Iran-Contra affair, in which Reagan had been questioned on whether or not he would consider pardoning Oliver North (who had yet to be tried for his involvement in the affair); Reagan conjured the turkey pardon as a joke to deflect those questions."
[00:14:09] <charon> that is interesting. i was only a little kid during the reagan years
[00:15:20] <n1> i also find it interesting in the framing this year of Snowden deserving a pardon
[00:16:35] <Bytram> n1: got a couple quesitons for ya: is NHS ==National Health Service... AND is that strictly Britain? UK?
[00:16:56] * Bytram thinks it is UK only
[00:16:57] <n1> NHS==National Health Service and it's the UK
[00:17:13] <Bytram> Yay! I remembereed correctlee!
[00:17:17] <n1> but like with all UK things, it's probably more complicated
[00:17:27] <n1> i assume there's some overlap with the overseas territories
[00:17:41] <Bytram> oh! Didn't even think of that!
[00:17:53] * Bytram is looking at your story sub
[00:18:13] * Bytram clicks save
[00:18:34] * Bytram takes break ... biab
[00:19:34] * charon waves
[00:20:39] * Bytram waves at charon
[00:20:55] <Bytram> afk back in a few minutes
[00:21:03] <Bytram> !uid
[00:21:03] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 6417, owned by nrudaz
[00:33:47] * n1 burps
[00:34:51] <FatPhil> After spending 4 days as a zombie I've finally done the smallest quantum editorial contribution - woo!
[00:35:09] <charon> yay FatPhil!
[00:35:17] <FatPhil> not that I'm not a zombie still
[00:35:34] <n1> what sort of zombie
[00:35:42] <charon> are you the fast berzerker or the slow shamblem?
[00:36:00] <FatPhil> charon: I added a note to the aloe vera submission you are looking at
[00:36:27] <FatPhil> very very slow (think geological rates) shambler
[00:37:41] <charon> cool, looking at it now
[00:37:42] <FatPhil> I've walked into the upright supports that keep my roof up (and am too stupid to be able to name) more than once per day, because it rushed up and surprised me.
[00:38:02] <chromas> Walls?
[00:38:08] <FatPhil> are they "beams"? aren't beams horizontal?
[00:38:11] <charon> columns, i think
[00:38:17] <FatPhil> pillar-like
[00:38:18] <charon> beams are horizontal
[00:40:19] <charon> holy balls, do websites have an ad as the entire background now?
[00:40:33] <charon> i have been spoiled by ad-blockers for so long
[00:40:38] <FatPhil> I would hope not
[00:40:47] <charon> that bbc link you added does
[00:41:32] <FatPhil> I'm very adblocky, bt occasionally change browser, and have to suffer the onslaught again.
[00:41:40] <charon> or, is that the name of the feature itself? it looks like an ad for a tv show
[00:42:04] <FatPhil> I don't like using predefined filter lists, as they're huge, and weigh down my poor little box.
[00:42:14] <FatPhil> it is a feature in a tv show
[00:42:41] <FatPhil> TV show is called "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor"
[00:43:28] <FatPhil> pretty good program, I'm looking forward to more.
[00:43:49] <charon> hmm, guess that makes sense. the website is just a cross-promotion with the show itself
[00:44:02] <FatPhil> no, it's part of the program
[00:44:33] <FatPhil> they can't do URLs and stuff on TV, so the references section on the right is additional content
[00:44:43] <n1> charon, bbc doesn't have 'adverts'
[00:44:43] <charon> ahhh
[00:44:57] <charon> not even for their own shows?
[00:45:39] <n1> to a point, but not like banner ads or anything
[00:46:00] <n1> if there's a news article on a subject they will note if there's a bbc documentary being aired on the same topic
[00:46:10] <FatPhil> they announce their own shows and report on their own shows, on media channels they themselves own. if you wish to call that advertising, then I think that's pushing it a bit.
[00:46:26] <FatPhil> they're non-commercial. paid for by TV licences.
[00:46:30] <n1> self-referential rather than advertising
[00:46:42] <charon> ok, that's fair
[00:46:49] <n1> but they do have low standards for third party content they will publish
[00:47:09] <n1> i'm still pissed about how they decided to introduce amazon drones on BBC News at 6
[00:47:17] <n1> "it's like something from harry potter..."
[00:47:29] <charon> the mind reels
[00:47:55] <n1> a couple days later there was another topic they covered in the same style of segment, and it was some more bullshit
[00:48:16] <n1> possibly when they were talking about smart appliances, and they're being designed so we can save money on our electric bills
[00:48:31] <charon> expecto drone-um!
[00:48:41] <FatPhil> BBC are not like PBS, where they'll say "programs like this are supported by generous donations by DuPont"
[00:49:13] <FatPhil> PBS is commercial. That's a commercial. A shitty one, but still a commercial.
[00:49:26] <n1> but if a third party production company happens to use a lot of talking heads and data from dupont in a programme aired on the bbc, they're not going to complain.
[00:49:36] <charon> pbs is pushing even farther into ads these days
[00:49:55] <FatPhil> Better than "The Bohpal disaster was also brought to you thanks to DuPont (or one of their subsidiaries)", admittedly.
[00:50:25] <charon> that would be an interesting thing to see
[00:50:28] <FatPhil> n1: certainly, talking heads are identified. Which isn't always good publicity.
[00:50:51] <n1> the BBC is very good in comparison to most other media outlets with comparable reach or otherwise
[00:51:03] <FatPhil> 99% agree
[00:51:12] <n1> but they do deserve a large amount of criticism, but it's not the criticism that's usually levelled at them from the DMG or Fox/Sky
[00:51:14] <FatPhil> I freaking hate BBC World.
[00:51:48] <GreatOutdoors> Hiya peeps, Looks like some good discussion going. I am only here for a few mins...
[00:52:11] <n1> there was a story about the uk gov doing some massive drive to work on treatments for dementia possibly
[00:52:12] <FatPhil> I grew up to the real BBC news. and when I'm now travelling and trying to keep up with world events in the hotel room, the BBC World news channel is probably in equal 3rd place with all the other shit ones.
[00:52:25] <n1> but the BBC didn't actually bother to look at the press releases and print the important stuff in it
[00:52:32] <charon> howdy GreatOutdoors
[00:52:42] <FatPhil> n1: dementia is an interesting topic - it's over-reported as being important.
[00:52:52] <n1> like the main part of this drive to create cures or whatever was "working with JP morgan to creative innovative financial solutions to funding the research"
[00:52:58] <n1> or something very close to that
[00:53:09] <FatPhil> n1: http://www.bbc.co.uk
[00:53:14] <exec> └─ 13BBC Radio 4 - More or Less: Behind the Stats, Is dementia the number one killer?
[00:53:39] <n1> but it was buried on like page 2 of a press release, so the BBC just went with "government pledges x million to fund dementia research"
[00:53:50] <n1> didn't bother reporting on the numerous caveats and bullshit around that
[00:54:19] <FatPhil> More or Less is also a BBC (radio) program I recommend. They cut through all the bullshit, and go straight to the numbers.
[00:54:28] <charon> FatPhil: screw dementia, i want to know about chocolate muffins
[00:54:56] <FatPhil> charon: will ice cream do? http://www.bbc.co.uk
[00:55:01] <exec> └─ 13BBC Radio 4 - More or Less: Behind the Stats, WS More or Less: Ice Cream versus aid
[00:55:19] <charon> n1: wow, that sounds nearly outright deceptive
[00:55:29] <FatPhil> fuck, nearly 3, time for bed, so that I can wake at 9 like a zombie again...
[00:55:40] <n1> the BBC didn't lie, they just didn't report the actual important information in the press release
[00:56:05] <charon> gnight FatPhil
[00:56:08] <FatPhil> see you guys in 2 hours when I realise staring at my smoke detector blink is not going to hypnotize me enough
[00:56:17] <n1> take it easy, FatPhil
[00:56:19] <charon> you need to eat more brains
[00:56:28] <FatPhil> CJD for the win
[00:56:43] <n1> charon, usually it's a case of trying to avoid bias, unless they can provide a counterpoint, they can't really report on it
[00:57:08] <n1> and when it's their job to make the people aware of the government press releases, they'll focus on the bits they're expected to
[00:57:42] <n1> the BBC could get a report that it's raining outside, and they would print an article showing how some people said it was, others said it wasn't
[00:57:58] <n1> but they couldn't look out the window themselves, because that could show bias
[01:00:13] <charon> ...
[01:01:54] <n1> but because of their unique position, and they do air 'liberal' viewpoints consistently, it gives the private media ample opportunity to bash them for bias anyway
[01:03:46] <n1> there's concerted effort by the private media to destroy the bbc, and i can understand their position as it's unfair to have a state sponsored media outlet competing with advertising funded media
[01:04:19] <n1> don't get me wrong, the BBC does do great work, but they are also used as a political tool for various agendas
[01:06:03] <charon> that part about unable to report without a counterbalance is the charge always levelled at american media
[01:06:16] <charon> and it's usually contrued as negative
[01:06:30] <charon> construed
[01:06:52] <n1> ah i found the press releases about that dementia thing i was talking about
[01:07:06] <n1> "Major pharmaceutical companies Biogen, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly and Pfizer have all committed in principle to investing in the project, alongside Alzheimer’s Research UK and the UK government."
[01:07:16] <n1> "The government has been working with J.P. Morgan to structure the Dementia Discovery Fund as an innovative method for financing dementia research."
[01:07:50] <charon> also, i am so used to PBS being the barely funded step-child, that i can't imagine any for-profit media giving a shit what they do
[01:07:58] <Bytram> hi guys... am just absolutely knackered and am gonna call it a night... be well, and for those of you who celebrate it; "Happy Thanksgiving!"
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[01:08:15] <charon> gnight and happy T-day Bytram|away
[01:08:26] <Bytram|away> mare see!
[01:08:29] * n1 hat tip Bytram|away
[01:08:29] <Bytram|away> ;)
[01:08:38] <Bytram|away> tippy hat to you too!
[01:10:17] <n1> there's lots of talk, but all they actually say is "we hope by 2020, there will be an office in a university somewhere with "Dementia Research Institute" on the door by 2020
[01:10:46] <charon> "committed in principle" indeed
[01:11:22] <n1> none of that was reported, just how awesome the UK government is putting so much money (in principle) into taking care of old people
[01:11:42] <n1> because that was the message, people wont understand the details
[01:12:00] <n1> especially when you need an 'innovative method for financing research'
[01:12:05] <n1> which has been structured by JP Morgan
[01:12:27] <charon> something something credit default swaps
[01:13:00] <n1> i mean, it could be worse, could be Goldman Sachs
[01:14:32] <n1> but as i said on our recent JPM story "That brings up this years legal expenses for JP Morgan up to around $1.43bn dollars, before the cost of lawyers."
[01:15:23] <n1> i might be cynical, but i dont trust any news/media group
[01:15:46] <charon> can't tell if that's a joke or not. if serious, that's pretty wild
[01:16:17] <n1> what?
[01:17:14] <charon> about JPMorgan legal expenses
[01:17:25] <n1> it's not a joke
[01:17:30] <n1> http://www.corp-research.org
[01:17:32] <exec> └─ 13JPMorgan Chase: Corporate Rap Sheet | Corporate Research Project
[01:18:33] <n1> http://blogs.wsj.com
[01:18:35] <exec> └─ 13J.P. Morgan Adds $2.6 Billion to Its $25 Billion Plus Tally of Recent Settlements - MoneyBeat - WSJ
[01:18:48] <n1> those are old stories, but nothing has changed
[01:18:57] <n1> every few months there's a new multi-million to billion settlement
[01:19:02] <charon> just a drop in the bucket
[01:19:13] <charon> if the fine isn't more than the profit, they win
[01:19:39] <n1> well, they got better deals because they complied with the investigations reasonably promptly
[01:20:51] <charon> yeah, or they captured the investigators
[01:21:13] <n1> well, the investigators want jobs to go to after they finished their public service
[01:21:31] <charon> yep yep
[01:22:04] <n1> in the UK it works as a punishment... get caught being the chairman of a bank doing all sorts of dodgy things? well you're the most experienced person available to handle the investigations into such practices
[01:22:56] <charon> that's rather elegant. if you can possibly trust such a person
[01:23:34] <n1> well, they will find errors in judgement and faults in process, but no one individual was to blame, except that 24 year old on his first day in the job.
[01:23:57] <charon> naturally
[01:24:18] <n1> which was for a while how they framed the LIBOR (i think) rigging... some guy who just started, managed to convince everyone around him to fix the rate
[01:24:29] <n1> and he was buying them off with chocolate or something
[01:25:18] <charon> reminds me of when Enron went down and Ken Lay, the CEO, claimed he didn't know what was going on.
[01:25:21] <n1> interest rate that affects billions in transactions every day, and this guy manages to mindfuck everyone in his bank, and all the other banks to fix the rates because they thought he was cool and didn't know it was wrong
[01:25:40] <charon> excuse me, as the CEO, it is preciesly your job to know everything
[01:26:01] <n1> same as that UK trader who they're extraditing for causing flash crashes
[01:26:23] <n1> they happen all the time and continue to happen, but the only direction the blame can be placed is one trader living in his moms basement
[01:27:08] <charon> yeah
[01:28:03] <n1> i got the pleasure of literally watching the GBP/USD flash crash from a few weeks ago
[01:28:34] <charon> because you did it?
[01:28:47] <n1> fuck no, it cost me a lot
[01:29:06] <charon> i'm sorry
[01:29:12] <n1> someone in japan accidentally pressed the sell button on a few billion $
[01:29:15] <charon> i took literally too literally
[01:29:42] <n1> they cancelled it too, which is how flash crashes work, but it hasn't recovered
[01:30:20] <n1> because of what happened, the spreads changed and just as i went to bed i saw it fall of a cliff in seconds, it was insane.
[01:31:50] <n1> but this is also where Trump being elected has been OK for me personally, his winning was an implied approval of brexit from the US, so the £ regained some ground
[01:33:04] <charon> looks like GBP was already headed down, but this accelerated the loss
[01:34:40] <n1> it's so far out of trends, it was heading down on failed economic policy in the UK, and the threat of brexit anyway
[01:34:51] <n1> it's been a major political deal for several years, membership of the EU
[01:35:18] <n1> but being at the crossroads of international trade has been how the UK has ensured it's relevance
[01:36:14] <n1> the UK previously has had direct routes in and out to the EU, and indirect routes in and out too, whilst giving international investors the option to have full EU access, while having limited EUR exposure
[01:37:38] -!- charon has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[01:40:36] * cmn32480 skips the logs and asks if I missed anything important?
[01:41:10] <n1> nope
[01:41:40] <cmn32480> saw another rant by azuma hazuki...
[01:41:47] <cmn32480> some questions by the FNG
[01:42:00] <cmn32480> and some idle chit chat
[01:42:52] <n1> looks like my laptop has shipped
[01:43:05] <cmn32480> yay!
[01:43:27] <n1> good thing too, it's now sold out on newegg
[01:43:38] <cmn32480> 'cuz you bought 6!
[01:44:32] <n1> lol
[01:45:50] <n1> hopefully it turns up safe
[01:45:59] <n1> everywhere else that has it is selling for $1500
[01:46:09] <cmn32480> and you got it for?
[01:46:18] <n1> $900
[01:46:26] * cmn32480 intercepts the shipment and replaces it
[01:46:53] <n1> i nearly bought a shittier one trying to save $50
[01:47:42] <n1> only downside is no SSD, but otherwise the specs are kickass for the money
[01:48:57] <n1> Intel Core i7 6820HK + GTX 970M
[01:50:13] <cmn32480> wooooo
[01:50:15] <cmn32480> spiffy
[01:52:45] <n1> hopefully it's as good as it sounds
[01:53:05] <cmn32480> the 970M is prolly not quite as good as the 970 card...
[01:53:12] <cmn32480> which is what I have in my desktop
[01:53:28] <cmn32480> but as a whole that chipset performs very well in my opinion
[01:54:08] <cmn32480> mobile chipsets tend to be a little less power hungry, etc...
[01:55:18] <n1> it's my first foray into nvidia gpu for over 10 years
[01:55:40] <cmn32480> I have a full size GTX970 in my tower.
[01:55:44] <n1> i've been an amd fanboy for a long time, but limited options at this point, so fuck it.
[01:55:48] <cmn32480> performs excelently
[01:56:00] <cmn32480> my CPU is AMD
[01:57:01] <n1> my desktop, which is obviously unavailable to me these days runs Phenom II X6 1045T CPU and R9 270 GPU
[01:57:16] <cmn32480> zoinks
[01:58:39] <n1> GTX 970 benchmarks a lot higher than 970M
[01:58:40] <cmn32480> Mine is an FX-8350 Eight Core @ 4GHz
[01:58:56] <cmn32480> w/ a GTX 970 an 16GB RAM
[01:59:27] <n1> a friend of mine has a 8350 i think, i make fun of his 'fake 8 core' :p
[01:59:52] <cmn32480> I'm not complaining
[02:00:19] <cmn32480> but when I intercept that shipment.. I'm gonna replace your shiny new laptop wiht this: http://imgur.com
[02:00:21] <exec> └─ 13Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
[02:00:39] <cmn32480> it's a poo pillow
[02:00:46] <n1> lol
[02:01:20] <cmn32480> so be nice!
[02:02:45] <n1> i figure, unless it's replaced with a poo pillow, should be good enough to do some gaming and video editing
[02:02:59] <cmn32480> defionetly
[02:03:36] <n1> was being tempted by the steam sale earlier
[02:04:42] <cmn32480> what's on sale for Black Friday?
[02:04:50] * cmn32480 hasn't looked
[02:05:27] <n1> most things it seems
[02:05:47] <n1> GTA series, Far Cry series, Fallout
[02:05:58] <n1> all 50-75% off at the moment
[02:06:07] <cmn32480> interesting
[02:06:11] <cmn32480> maybe I'll poke around
[02:06:18] <cmn32480> I got Doom at 50% off a couple weeks ago
[02:07:11] <n1> nice
[02:07:45] <n1> it's got even more off it now
[02:07:50] <cmn32480> DAMNIT
[02:08:16] <cmn32480> fek
[02:08:17] <n1> could be different for you though, 67% in the UK
[02:08:21] <cmn32480> I paid $30
[02:08:29] <cmn32480> nope same
[02:08:34] <n1> what's it now in USD
[02:08:40] <cmn32480> $19.79
[02:08:51] <n1> ouch
[02:09:15] <cmn32480> can't get pissed about it
[02:09:23] <cmn32480> this was 3 or 4 weeks ago
[02:09:28] <cmn32480> prolly before Halloween
[02:09:35] <n1> i want to play the new hitman still, but it can get fucked with it's always online requirement
[02:09:44] <cmn32480> and I'm ok w/ the price I paid and the fun I've had w/ it so far
[02:09:53] <cmn32480> agreed
[02:09:56] <n1> always online for a game with no online/multiplayer, fucking bullshit
[02:10:45] <cmn32480> agreed
[02:11:14] <n1> i replayed a lot of Blood Money before i left the UK though, that is such a good game
[02:11:33] <cmn32480> you planning on bringing your desktop over?
[02:12:00] <n1> got to see where i'm going to end up before i think about anything like that
[02:12:21] <cmn32480> of course... duh
[02:12:28] <cmn32480> sorry... total brain fart
[02:12:33] <n1> guitars will be a bigger priority though
[02:13:07] <n1> i have 5 that i'll be missing until i can figure something out
[02:14:04] <n1> although if i'm travelling through the US, might be the time to make that 6
[02:14:51] <cmn32480> let me know if you make it to the east coast
[02:16:53] <n1> sure
[02:17:40] * n1 goes to ebay to look at guitars
[02:34:31] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has joined #editorial
[02:34:31] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Fnord666] by Hephaestus
[02:35:23] <n1> wb Fnord666
[02:35:45] <Fnord666> good evening
[02:36:18] <Fnord666> And how are you this fine evening?
[02:37:01] <n1> no complaints, just trying to convince myself that buying a guitar is a bad idea
[02:37:14] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@universe2.us/Subsentient] has joined #editorial
[02:37:52] <n1> is Fnord666 having a good evening?
[02:37:52] <Fnord666> oh dear.
[02:38:23] <Fnord666> How many do you ahve already?
[02:38:51] <Fnord666> It's been a productive evening here getting ready for Turkey day tomorrow.
[02:39:11] <n1> 2 electrics, 2 electric basses, 1 acoustic, 1 acoustic bass ... but they're all the other side of the world from me right now
[02:39:34] <Fnord666> ah, I see the problem now.
[02:40:27] <n1> i really want an esp viper
[02:41:54] <Fnord666> Nice looking and they even have a left handed model.
[02:42:36] <n1> http://www.musiciansfriend.com
[02:42:40] <Fnord666> I'm not familiar with them. Do they have a characteristic sound?
[02:42:41] <exec> └─ 13ESP LTD Viper 300M Electric Guitar | Musician's Friend
[02:42:56] <n1> i've never actually played one, they're pretty rare in the UK
[02:45:36] <n1> the two i have now are a Gibson Les Paul Standard and an Ibanez RGA72 ... always wanted an SG but i actually don't really like how they feel, ESP Viper looks better and i'd hope feels better.
[02:46:16] <n1> sorry it's an RGA32
[02:47:18] <Fnord666> ESP seems to run the full price range.
[02:47:50] <n1> yeah, i'd probably get a lower-mid range one
[02:48:11] <n1> one of the reasons i don't like playing the les paul and my acoustic is fear of damaging them
[02:51:10] <n1> in my (amateur) opinion, $300-600 will get you a decent guitar, spending more isn't necessary for a quality instrument.
[02:52:55] <Fnord666> I really don't know that much about pricing for guitars.
[02:53:30] <cmn32480> I know one thing: mor than I can afford
[02:53:36] <Fnord666> From what I've seen that seems reasonable but I'm not sure what the difference is between a $500 guitar and a $5000 one.
[02:54:01] <n1> cmn32480, get a ukulele
[02:54:12] <cmn32480> my fingers are too fat
[02:54:47] <cmn32480> Woot!
[02:54:48] <Fnord666> BTW I added a story to the queue if one of you wouldn't mind giving it a once over please.
[02:54:50] <n1> Fnord666, $5000 is a status symbol/collectable thing, it's not because it's a better guitar
[02:54:54] <cmn32480> story queue has broken into Saturday
[02:55:12] <cmn32480> already did Fnord
[02:55:20] <cmn32480> no problems
[02:55:25] <Fnord666> thank you.
[02:55:26] <n1> once you get over about $1500, you're paying for exclusivity really
[02:55:43] <Fnord666> I know two types of guitar players.
[02:55:45] <n1> or because it's a handmade custom job
[02:55:57] <n1> oh?
[02:55:57] <Fnord666> The first a $5000 guitar won't help
[02:56:09] <Fnord666> or even a $500 one
[02:56:44] <cmn32480> those who can adn those who can't?
[02:56:50] <Fnord666> and the second can make any guitar sound amazing
[02:56:57] <Fnord666> OK three types then
[02:57:19] <Fnord666> Those that can't play and know it, like me
[02:57:39] <Fnord666> are the third type.
[02:59:28] <n1> my playing sucks really, but music has always been an important thing in my life
[03:00:27] <n1> it can be therapeutic to improvise/write and play some music
[03:05:04] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - question for you. On the Olympics story, should the quoted section have [...] marks to show the disjoint sections of the quoted material?
[03:05:40] <cmn32480> yes
[03:06:57] <cmn32480> did I pooch it?
[03:07:04] <Fnord666> ummm...
[03:07:07] <Fnord666> maybe?
[03:07:16] <Fnord666> ok, yes.
[03:07:24] <cmn32480> if the answer is yes.. the answer is yer
[03:07:33] <Fnord666> yes
[03:07:43] <cmn32480> I'm not gonna get in your grill for finding adn fixing one of my many many many many many many many mistakes
[03:08:01] <cmn32480> that si the entrie reason we second check articles
[03:08:35] <cmn32480> are you making the adjustment, or do you want me to?
[03:08:55] <cmn32480> if you are in the middle of it, pleae finish
[03:09:10] <Fnord666> that was going to be my question. Do I go in and make the edits myself? I'm not clear on how that's supposed to work.
[03:09:16] <cmn32480> yes
[03:09:19] <cmn32480> you certainly can
[03:09:20] <Fnord666> ok
[03:09:32] <cmn32480> if unsure.. ask questions.
[03:09:32] <Fnord666> I just wanted to check before making any changes.
[03:10:50] <Fnord666> The quoted paragraphs jump around in the source article a bit
[03:21:12] <GreatOutdoors> Hola peeps
[03:21:44] <cmn32480> I keep this up.. we may yet have a day of cmn32480
[03:21:52] <Fnord666> Hola GO
[03:22:01] <cmn32480> ~gday GreatOutdoors
[03:22:03] * exec dexterously combines a scrote of tagnuts with GreatOutdoors
[03:22:27] <Fnord666> cmn32480 - I finished up on the Olympics piece if you would like to review it please.
[03:22:34] <cmn32480> sure
[03:22:39] <cmn32480> lemme finish the one I'm in
[03:22:46] <Fnord666> np
[03:22:59] <Fnord666> You are definitely on a roll tonight.
[03:25:26] <GreatOutdoors> I should ed one tonight.. I gave up yesterday because the other noobs like myself were burning through the good ones faster than I could type, lol
[03:25:47] <cmn32480> don't forget.. arthur has about a dozen in the hold queue
[03:26:42] <GreatOutdoors> Why are they on hold?
[03:27:17] <cmn32480> we didn't wanna dump a shitton of arhturs subs in the main queue
[03:27:23] <GreatOutdoors> aha.
[03:27:30] <cmn32480> when the nag line shows at the top of the main page, we tend to get more subs
[03:28:03] <GreatOutdoors> So we can ed them and release a few?
[03:28:06] <GreatOutdoors> nag line?
[03:28:24] <cmn32480> SoylentNews is powered by your submissions, so send in your scoop. Only 11 submissions in the queue..
[03:28:28] <cmn32480> upper right hand corner
[03:28:31] <GreatOutdoors> aha..
[03:28:38] <cmn32480> triggers when sub queue gets below 20
[03:28:45] <Fnord666> How do we view the hold queue?
[03:28:51] <GreatOutdoors> nice.. never noticed that came and went
[03:29:00] <GreatOutdoors> Fnord666: MINE!
[03:29:12] <cmn32480> in the sub queue there are a bunch of drop boxes at the top, near a button that says filter submissions.
[03:29:18] <Fnord666> ;-)
[03:29:28] <cmn32480> use the first drop box to show the hold queue and click the filter button
[03:29:48] <Fnord666> Ah thank you.
[03:31:19] <cmn32480> if we can get 8 or nine more in the can, we will do somethign that only happens VERY rarely
[03:31:29] <cmn32480> the entire first page of the story queue will be future stories
[03:32:04] <GreatOutdoors> Arthur is a bot?
[03:32:16] <cmn32480> script written and maintained by zz_janrinok
[03:32:42] <GreatOutdoors> Do we leave the bot name there for credit?
[03:34:04] <cmn32480> ther is a line in there that is the general cut off
[03:34:12] <cmn32480> one sec adn I will find it
[03:35:35] <cmn32480> ok
[03:35:46] <cmn32480> there is a line that says : --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Entire Story Below --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
[03:35:51] <cmn32480> then a title line
[03:36:00] <cmn32480> then: Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story [nextplatform.com]:
[03:36:14] <cmn32480> cut EVERYTHING above the last line I posted
[03:36:24] <cmn32480> but keep Arthur's byline as it has the link ot the original source
[03:36:35] <GreatOutdoors> k
[03:36:39] <cmn32480> clear as mud?
[03:36:44] <GreatOutdoors> clear.
[03:37:03] <cmn32480> and remember, arthur's stories ar the ENTRIE article.
[03:37:14] <cmn32480> YOu have to cut them down, or we can get into legal issues
[03:37:17] <GreatOutdoors> yeah.. gotta slim em down
[03:37:34] <GreatOutdoors> I RTFA on all my edits... takes some time.
[03:37:40] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - see above
[03:37:56] <cmn32480> you'll learn ho0w to avoid that
[03:38:11] <cmn32480> jsut takes practice
[03:38:13] <Fnord666> re?
[03:38:19] <cmn32480> Arthurs subs
[03:38:23] <cmn32480> \and where to cut the top out
[03:38:24] <Fnord666> oh, ok
[03:38:47] <Fnord666> yeah, I've been interested in StoryBot for some time and seen his submissions before.
[03:39:25] <Fnord666> I was looking over the code just the other day.
[03:40:28] * cmn32480 don't speak python
[03:40:46] <cmn32480> or parseltongue eitehr
[03:40:58] <Fnord666> Oroginally I saw the submissions and thought it was someone using a script to do some lazy submissions.
[03:41:00] <Fnord666> :)
[03:41:14] <cmn32480> and that someone is the editorial staff
[03:41:17] <Fnord666> s/Oroginally/Originally/
[03:41:24] <Fnord666> ~s/Oroginally/Originally/
[03:41:29] <cmn32480> ~sed on
[03:41:30] <exec> sed already enabled for 10#editorial
[03:41:45] <cmn32480> it done'st work if you have another line of text after
[03:41:50] <cmn32480> and :) counts as text
[03:42:00] <Fnord666> ok
[03:42:16] <cmn32480> has to be the last line that person said for sed to work
[03:43:47] <Fnord666> I've been playing with python so when I found out that StoryBot was written in such, I had to check it out.
[03:44:09] * cmn32480 just needs to find the time to make him wirk w/ exec and the wiki again
[03:44:13] <cmn32480> code be damned
[03:44:18] <Fnord666> program structure via whitespace is like sand in a bathing suit though
[03:44:41] <Fnord666> rubs me the wrong way. :-)
[03:48:03] <cmn32480> Fnord.. I'm halfway done w/ the reddit sub
[03:48:05] <cmn32480> please back out
[03:48:20] <cmn32480> Fnord666 ^^^
[03:48:47] <Fnord666> I'm out. Sorry about that.
[03:48:51] <cmn32480> np
[03:49:04] <cmn32480> just be sure to wathc the 100 matching w/ xyz below the title
[03:50:16] <Fnord666> is that on the preview submission screen?
[03:50:22] <cmn32480> it gets tough around here when there are more than 1 guy editing at a time
[03:50:27] <cmn32480> no
[03:50:30] <cmn32480> in the actual interface
[03:51:09] <Fnord666> My apologies. I didn't think I got that far into that article.
[03:51:26] <Fnord666> I can't wait to see what you do with it.
[03:51:36] <cmn32480> it shows on the bottom of the screen as soon as one of us is in an article
[03:51:44] <cmn32480> not much
[03:51:52] <cmn32480> checked the links.. and it is actually a decent sub
[03:51:54] <cmn32480> as written
[03:52:17] <cmn32480> I didn't do stuff like digging for the additional comments, the WP link was good, no paywayy
[03:52:27] <cmn32480> s/paywayy/paywall/
[03:52:28] <exec> <cmn32480> I didn't do stuff like digging for the additional comments, the WP link was good, no paywall
[03:52:32] <Fnord666> takyon even already 2nded it.
[03:52:38] <cmn32480> no shcok
[03:52:42] <cmn32480> he was prolly looking to post it
[03:52:48] <cmn32480> or he wanted to read it
[03:53:01] <cmn32480> and checked it all while in there
[03:53:24] <GreatOutdoors> Microsoft edge story is up and ready to check.
[03:53:49] <cmn32480> Fnord666 - careful on that Colbert sub
[03:53:54] <cmn32480> it has been sitting a while.
[03:54:04] <GreatOutdoors> I left that one alone...lol
[03:54:12] <cmn32480> and none of us really wanted to touch it.. no tech angle and all politics thansk to gewg)_
[03:54:13] <GreatOutdoors> I don't think it is worthy.
[03:54:20] <cmn32480> put a note on it!
[03:54:35] <GreatOutdoors> I thought I did last night....
[03:54:52] <Fnord666> Am I editing it somehow?
[03:54:52] <cmn32480> i dind't see it if you did
[03:54:54] <GreatOutdoors> I did, it is there.
[03:55:06] <cmn32480> whyen you read an article, it shows in the list at the bottom
[03:55:13] <cmn32480> currently you ought to see me in the Dlink article
[03:55:29] <cmn32480> if you scorll allllllllll the way to the bottom
[03:55:36] <GreatOutdoors> I know.
[03:55:50] <GreatOutdoors> I left a note on the colbert article, thats all I was saying :)
[03:56:01] <Fnord666> Ok I see it.
[03:56:26] <Fnord666> does that not go away when you leave the preview?
[03:56:47] <cmn32480> hangs around until you go iunot an ohter article or 30 min, which ever comes first
[03:57:00] <GreatOutdoors> Friggin cold in here... and although I can easily afford to turn the heat on, my stobbornness is stronger!
[03:57:06] <Fnord666> Ah, ok
[03:57:25] <cmn32480> currently I see both of us in the DLink article
[04:00:40] <cmn32480> SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!
[04:00:51] <Fnord666> I agree re the Colbert article.
[04:01:11] <cmn32480> binned
[04:01:49] <cmn32480> am also gonna bin the blowjob retainer story unless all y'all wanna read it to get one for yourselves or your significant others
[04:02:15] <Fnord666> Looks like I may need to go looking for some submissions before bed.
[04:02:25] <cmn32480> use Arthurs stuff
[04:02:35] <cmn32480> keep in mind we are 3DAYS ahead right now
[04:02:52] <Fnord666> " the blowjob retainer story" does make for a catchy headline. :-)
[04:03:48] <Fnord666> I was just looking at the front page. Only 6 submissions in the queue!!!
[04:03:53] <Fnord666> :-)
[04:04:21] <Fnord666> FWIW I vote we bin that story as well cmn32480
[04:04:32] <GreatOutdoors> So the weekend will be covered nicely..
[04:05:07] <cmn32480> the next sub will put us in Sunday
[04:05:10] <cmn32480> UTC
[04:05:23] <Fnord666> Did you say that Arthur runs automatically?
[04:05:59] <cmn32480> no
[04:06:05] <cmn32480> least not recently
[04:06:25] <cmn32480> used to, but there was a code chnge, and I pooched the running on exec, and haven't managed to get it workign agian
[04:06:35] <Fnord666> AH. For some reason I thought it ran if the sub queue was low.
[04:06:42] <Fnord666> ok got it
[04:06:45] <cmn32480> he ws working, and writing the headlines to a page on the wiki where we had people submit from in IRC
[04:07:36] <GreatOutdoors> holy crap cmn, you have been busy..
[04:07:37] <Fnord666> I wondered how they got from the program execution into the submission queue
[04:07:58] <cmn32480> Bytram|away - got a whole day of me despite the FNG. Be safe at work. The crowds might be ugly.
[04:08:17] <cmn32480> a manual process
[04:08:49] <cmn32480> but when we were running via exec, we woudl put in a hash that linked to a particular story, and exec woudl sub the sucker
[04:09:07] <cmn32480> GreatOutdoors - this is why you can't read everythign
[04:09:10] <Fnord666> nice
[04:09:35] <Fnord666> .kick Fnord666_Away
[04:09:35] -!- Fnord666_Away was kicked from #editorial by Hephaestus!Hephaestus@dodekatheon.olympus.gr [(Fnord666) No reason given]
[04:09:54] <Fnord666> That was weird
[04:10:08] <Fnord666> For some reason I was in the channel twice.
[04:13:56] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has parted #editorial
[04:14:03] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has joined #editorial
[04:14:03] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Fnord666] by Hephaestus
[04:14:18] <cmn32480> feel better now?
[04:15:55] <GreatOutdoors> .kick Fnord666 yep
[04:15:55] -!- Fnord666 was kicked from #editorial by Hephaestus!Hephaestus@dodekatheon.olympus.gr [(GreatOutdoors) yep]
[04:15:58] <GreatOutdoors> :)
[04:16:14] <cmn32480> be nice
[04:16:22] -!- Fnord666 [Fnord666!~Fnord666@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Fnord666] has joined #editorial
[04:16:22] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Fnord666] by Hephaestus
[04:16:22] <GreatOutdoors> I couldn't help it boss..
[04:16:38] <cmn32480> don't let deuc alion catch you doing that
[04:16:38] <GreatOutdoors> Oh, hey Fnord666, how ya been?
[04:16:44] <cmn32480> he'll give you a permanent deop
[04:16:57] <GreatOutdoors> really? even for playing a bit?
[04:17:05] <Fnord666> I've been having my ups and downs lately
[04:17:07] <cmn32480> just don't make a habit of it
[04:17:12] <cmn32480> lol
[04:17:30] <GreatOutdoors> nah I won't. It just felt right at that moment..
[04:18:06] <GreatOutdoors> Intersting thing is... I have no clue the heirarchy here....
[04:19:10] <cmn32480> all you need to know is you are at the bttom
[04:19:23] <GreatOutdoors> Already knew that..
[04:19:42] <cmn32480> on IRC deucalion riles wiht an iron fist
[04:19:55] <cmn32480> technically, he is also the CEO of the PBC, I believe
[04:20:07] <GreatOutdoors> pbc?
[04:20:24] <cmn32480> N Commander, Mr Cool Bp and Matt_ are the board or directors
[04:20:29] <cmn32480> Public Benefit Corp.
[04:20:34] <GreatOutdoors> aha
[04:20:51] <Fnord666> Are they still working on non-profit status?
[04:21:11] <cmn32480> unlikely
[04:21:23] <cmn32480> it is too cumbersome, and we dont ahve the $$$ for it
[04:21:28] <Fnord666> oh ok.
[04:22:26] <Fnord666> If they were 501(c) my company matches my contributions. :-)
[04:22:52] <Fnord666> Oh well.
[04:24:02] <cmn32480> we are very short on funding to make that happen
[04:24:23] <Fnord666> cmn32480, when you get a chance would you kick Fnord666_Away from the #edtrain channel
[04:24:37] <cmn32480> you can
[04:24:45] <cmn32480> .kick Fnord666_Away
[04:24:46] <GreatOutdoors> If it is staying that long, it is still active
[04:24:56] <Fnord666> I don't know why I'm in the channel under two different nicks but that seems to be the only way to clear it up
[04:25:02] <GreatOutdoors> you hve another browser or something open with it running?
[04:25:09] <Fnord666> Nope
[04:25:17] <cmn32480> that nick don't show in my peopel list
[04:25:18] <Fnord666> I don't have voice in #edtrain
[04:26:00] <Fnord666> ty
[04:26:07] <cmn32480> np
[04:26:19] <GreatOutdoors> [22:25:24] Fnord666_Away has been idle 7hrs 46mins 18secs, signed on Wed Nov 23 11:46:55 2016
[04:26:28] <GreatOutdoors> maybe it is your bouncer?
[04:26:47] <Fnord666> I didn't think anything was set up
[04:26:49] <cmn32480> that'd be a good thoguht
[04:27:18] <Fnord666> interesting
[04:27:38] <GreatOutdoors> aye..
[04:28:06] <GreatOutdoors> It is definitelly not a ghost, else it would have died by now.
[04:29:59] <Fnord666> 15:39:18 I changed my nick from Fnord666 to Fnord666_Away
[04:32:00] <Fnord666> And when I came back at later, I got the topic headline, it logged me in as Fnord666, and everything in my scrollback is double posted until I kicked the ghost.
[04:32:54] <Fnord666> Weird.
[04:38:07] <cmn32480> hey now
[04:38:18] <cmn32480> I think I got exec and arthur working together again
[04:38:56] <cmn32480> now I jsut gotta wait for it to finish and see what happens
[04:39:59] <Fnord666> Nicely done.
[04:40:25] <cmn32480> nah... turns out I'm a moron
[04:40:46] <cmn32480> wasn't runnig the new code that jr gave me that resolved the putting the stories in dated folders
[04:40:57] <cmn32480> i need it to drop in the same place each time.
[04:41:13] <cmn32480> so exec has been creating the stories.. but couldn't find them
[04:41:19] <Fnord666> lol
[04:41:23] <cmn32480> #smake cmn32480
[04:41:23] * MrPlow smakes cmn32480 upside the head with a sockful of coins; homie don't play dat
[04:41:39] <Fnord666> easy thing to miss
[04:42:29] <cmn32480> thanks
[04:42:37] <cmn32480> makes me feel like a little less of a dumbass
[05:06:56] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[05:06:57] * exec proverbially kipes a cockle of grandma's gash from #editorial
[05:07:24] <Fnord666> ~gnight cmn32480
[05:07:26] * exec covertly culturally appropriates a fart hole of drool from cmn32480
[05:07:31] <cmn32480> ~gngiht Fnord666
[05:08:10] <Fnord666> I'm headed for bed as well.
[05:08:14] <Fnord666> ~gnight all
[05:08:16] * exec hideously experiences a pair of used panties full of black holes with all
[05:08:42] -!- Fnord666 has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[07:54:23] -!- caffeine [caffeine!~andrew@101.175.lh.in] has joined #editorial
[11:04:29] -!- caffeine has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[11:22:17] -!- n1_ [n1_!~n1@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[11:22:17] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1_] by Hephaestus
[11:24:34] -!- n1 has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[14:30:46] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
[14:42:54] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[14:43:33] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[14:43:36] <exec> └─ 13404 Error - The Page Cannot be Found
[14:44:10] <Bytram> oRly? /me is looking at it right now. :/
[14:44:20] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[14:44:22] <exec> └─ 13A new perovskite could lead the next generation of data storage
[14:44:29] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[14:50:35] <janrinok> ~gday bytram
[14:50:36] * exec cautiously twerks a safe space of vindication for bytram
[14:50:47] <Bytram> ~gday janrinok
[14:50:49] * exec deliciously planks a tumblr of pits for janrinok
[14:50:59] <janrinok> I thought that you would be resting before your Black Friday attack!
[14:51:22] <Bytram> how you holdiong up trying to keep the reins on this motley bunch
[14:52:06] <Bytram> got to bed relative early last night, woke and puttered, went back to bed... am puttering some more, and after lunch plan/hope to get some more shuteye
[14:52:19] <janrinok> well, it's easy at the moment. Stories good until Sunday so no pressure
[15:18:24] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[16:00:12] <cmn32480> yer welcome for that Sunday thing, by the way
[16:22:05] <cmn32480> the command seems to be ~arthur that does the submission
[16:22:25] <janrinok> well, that makes sense in some ways
[16:22:34] <cmn32480> it do
[16:22:52] <cmn32480> it had been ~ubmit-storybot
[16:24:27] <janrinok> you know, there really is no excuse for people not to sub stories - how much easier could it be?
[16:25:07] <cmn32480> unknown
[16:25:14] <cmn32480> but we will try to keep making it easier
[16:25:33] <cmn32480> I imagine at some point, we may try to put a Submit link on the wiki page
[16:26:00] <janrinok> I'm trying to make arthur more intelligent but it is not easy - of course I am limited by my own intelligence ...
[16:26:09] <cmn32480> aren't we all?
[16:26:18] * cmn32480 runs to the kitchen for a cup of coffee++
[16:27:35] <cmn32480> \me walked back so as not to spill
[16:27:50] <cmn32480> USS Zumwalt gets Panama tug job after yet another breakdown
[16:27:55] <cmn32480> that's a funny headline
[16:27:59] <janrinok> I suspect that one problem with putting a submit link directly onto that page is that it might be easy for someone to 'spam' us simply by submitting every story over and over again using a bot?
[16:28:15] <cmn32480> oooo
[16:28:16] <cmn32480> yeah
[16:28:47] <janrinok> best we keep something manual in there to prevent that, or at least slow it down
[16:28:58] <cmn32480> exec isn't a registered user
[16:29:02] <cmn32480> he subs as AC
[16:29:21] <cmn32480> site rate limiting is alrady in place
[16:30:03] <cmn32480> oh God coffee tastes good with no kids or coowrkers around
[16:30:03] <janrinok> perhaps not as bad as I first feared then
[16:30:30] <janrinok> I'll have to go for pizzas soon - its pizza night here
[16:30:38] <cmn32480> WOOT!
[16:30:50] <janrinok> you stick with your pardoned turkey
[16:30:56] * cmn32480 might be wishing for pizza soon
[16:31:02] <cmn32480> depends how dry the turkey is
[16:31:15] <cmn32480> it you bend it and it cracks... it is too dry
[16:31:52] <janrinok> we are getting a lot more comments than I expected today
[16:32:26] <cmn32480> the comment counts have been up in general lately, if the story page and my faulty memory are to be believed
[16:32:52] <janrinok> that is pleasing, perhaps we are doing something right
[16:33:08] <cmn32480> the iste in general, or editors in particular?
[16:33:34] <cmn32480> I find it rather hard to believe that this motly crue of editors is getting things right on a regular basis
[16:33:45] <cmn32480> other than by pure chance
[16:34:09] <janrinok> well, we were due for a lucky streak eventually
[16:34:20] <cmn32480> I suppose
[16:35:53] <cmn32480> I'm gonnn a go catch a shower.
[16:35:57] <cmn32480> go get you pizza
[16:36:02] <cmn32480> enjoy a night off from editing
[16:36:07] <cmn32480> and take tomorrow too!
[16:36:07] <janrinok> I've got to go get pizzas
[16:36:19] <cmn32480> give S a hug for me
[16:36:24] <janrinok> I will thanks. All the best to you and your family for the holiday
[16:36:28] <cmn32480> and let he know that I am Thankful for her too
[16:36:40] <cmn32480> she keep you in line and that is invaluable!
[16:36:43] <janrinok> and thanks for being a friend
[16:36:49] <cmn32480> anytime brotehr
[16:36:54] <janrinok> she does, and I do thank her for it
[16:37:00] <cmn32480> have a good night janrinok
[16:37:08] <janrinok> ~gnight cmn32480
[16:37:10] * exec whole-heartedly generates a small script that substitutes a set of horse tentacle tofu for cmn32480
[16:37:11] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[16:37:13] * exec ironically sets a drawing of suffering by janrinok
[16:37:28] <cmn32480> we both lose
[16:37:43] <janrinok> lol
[16:38:33] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[17:46:23] -!- audioguy has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[17:52:28] -!- Snow [Snow!~4ac81ad4@540.04.038-02.q7.net] has joined #editorial
[17:58:37] -!- audioguy [audioguy!~audioguy@Soylent/Staff/Developer/audioguy] has joined #editorial
[18:10:29] <janrinok_afk> ~gday Snow
[18:10:30] * exec emphatically planks a B-tree of totally legit parameters for Snow
[18:10:53] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[18:38:03] -!- n1_ has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[18:43:08] <Snow> mornin' gang :)
[18:43:34] <janrinok> evening Snow
[18:45:29] <Snow> It's a glorious day here in Calgary, Canda! The sun is out and from my (very small) cubicle, I can see the mountains all glistening with fresh snow. It's a great day to be alive!
[18:45:53] <Snow> (Ahtough it would be better to be IN the mountains instead of just looking at them).
[18:45:55] <janrinok> well, apart from being dark now, it has been a cold, grey day here
[18:46:13] <janrinok> so I envy you your view
[18:46:16] <Snow> We've had a lot of that lately, so it feels extra good to have sun
[18:46:55] <janrinok> got any plans for today - it's not a holiday for you is it?
[18:47:44] <Snow> Nope, we have Thanksgiving in October. I'm at work... Although today we are having a chili cook-off for lunch, so I'm pretty excited for that
[18:47:54] <janrinok> fair enough
[18:47:54] <Snow> Do you have Thanksgiving in France?
[18:48:34] <janrinok> no, we are grateful the pilgrims left every day
[18:48:54] <Snow> Haha, classic
[18:49:49] <janrinok> a chili cook-off, sounds like a good idea. I might make a chili this weekend
[18:50:44] <Snow> Yea, it's a super popular event here. I started it 7-8 years ago when I was running the social committee. We usually get anwhere from 10-15 cookers, so there is a good selection. It's a lot of fun
[18:51:08] <janrinok> so how big is the work force?
[18:51:52] <Snow> I work for an agracultrial retail company. We have about 2000 employees, but I work in the head office, and we have ~300 here i'd guess.
[18:52:53] <Snow> It's hard to get people involved in social things here...
[18:53:02] <janrinok> that sounds a very sociable group you have there
[18:53:30] <janrinok> lol - I had just the opposite opinion until you said that
[18:55:25] <Snow> I think poeple are just worn out... the economy (oil prices) has cut a lot of budgets, so everyone wants to do more with less. I understand the reasoning and really, there isn't much choice, but morale has really suffered.
[18:56:10] <Snow> but that's life...
[18:56:34] <janrinok> well, it's much the same in Europe. The last 8 years since the crash haven't been good for anybody except perhaps the 1%
[18:58:09] <Snow> I think we are on the leading edge of a revolution. World-wide economic problems. Countless countries rushing towards insolvancy. People
[18:58:21] <Snow> .. 's distrust of government, and racial tensions.
[18:58:40] <Snow> Plus AI coming to take all the jobs
[18:58:44] <janrinok> this is also the quietest we've had it on the site in several years - we've managed to get ahead of the game and can actually breathe a little
[18:58:53] <Snow> There needs to be a shift.
[18:58:58] <Snow> oh! It's chili time.
[18:59:00] <Snow> i'll be back
[18:59:01] <Snow> 1
[18:59:10] <janrinok> well, I'm not so sure about the AI side - but you go and enjoy yourself
[19:59:33] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
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[23:33:32] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1] by Hephaestus
[23:35:07] * n1 cough