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[00:00:00] <exec> └─ 13Japan earthquake: Tsunami after quake strikes off Fukushima - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
[00:00:02] <Bytram> I *just* got home and need to "depressurize" before I dive into a story
[00:00:10] <n1> seems a bit dramatic when no injuries have been reported
[00:00:15] <n1> i know the tsunami
[00:00:17] <Bytram> Just wanted to make sure someone was looking into it.
[00:00:57] <Bytram> I think it is notable because of the location, the name is going to be well recognized... noting that there were NOT major problems, to me, is newsworthy
[00:01:07] <Bytram> especially in light of their past expereince!
[00:02:05] <Bytram> okay, I'm famished and really need to make dinner... will check back in in a bit.
[00:02:05] <Bytram> ping me if you need anything.
[00:02:35] <n1> there's more stuff from The Japan Times on twitter, i'll ponder it for a minute or so
[00:02:46] <n1> enjoy your food
[00:03:43] <caffeine> downgraded to 6.9 which is not real big relative to others for Japan.
[00:05:11] <n1> http://www.japantimes.co.jp
[00:05:14] <exec> └─ 13M7.4 temblor off Fukushima triggers widespread tsunami alert | The Japan Times
[00:07:12] <Fnord666|afk> Live feed
[00:07:14] <Fnord666|afk> http://www3.nhk.or.jp
[00:07:16] <exec> └─ 13TV Live - NHK WORLD - English
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[02:23:04] <GreatOutdoors> Yo..
[02:24:15] <Bytramm> ho ho?
[02:24:34] <Bytramm> what's up?
[02:25:37] <GreatOutdoors> just got home and unloaded groceries. Went to the dentist today and my face is numb... Was really amusing when I tried to drink out of a straw at Whataburger..
[02:26:18] <Bytramm> LOL!
[02:26:33] <Bytramm> and so sorry... been there -- is not funny at all!
[02:27:00] <GreatOutdoors> It's funny :) The highschool girl was like "Whaaa...?"
[02:27:16] <GreatOutdoors> (one at another table)
[02:27:27] <Bytramm> that's when a can or bottle wins out...
[02:27:28] <GreatOutdoors> I explained, we laughed, I drooled some more..
[02:27:35] <Bytramm> can always lean your head back and pour the fluids into your mouth
[02:27:46] <Bytramm> drooling old man, eh?
[02:28:18] <GreatOutdoors> Not even old :)
[02:28:59] <Bytramm> yet.
[02:29:04] <Bytramm> ;)
[02:29:17] * Bytramm was trying to give you a pausible excuse
[02:29:40] <GreatOutdoors> There was a toddler acting like a fool in the grocery store, so I smiled at him as I passed by.... then realized my face wasn't doing what I told it to do, so I probably looked like someone ready to stead a kid, lol
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[02:29:41] <Bytram> btw, I hope things went well at the dentists!
[02:30:13] <Bytram> i can only imagine
[02:30:58] <GreatOutdoors> I had a horrible experience at the dentist when I was 20, so I didn't go back for 10 years... Now I have 10 fillings (apparently one for every year) that I have to get filled. Today was round 2 of 3. This new doc is MUCH better than the last one,
[02:33:45] <Bytram> how much better is he?
[02:33:51] <Bytram> He's so much better that...
[02:33:57] * Bytram so misses Johnny Carson!
[02:34:09] <cmn32480> toothfully.. he must be a lot better
[02:34:28] <cmn32480> betcha GreatOutdoors is all enameld with him
[02:34:53] * Bytram chews on that one
[02:34:56] <cmn32480> but I'm just filling time
[02:35:10] <cmn32480> ther has to be a bridge to a new topic here someplace
[02:35:12] <Bytram> well, that capped the discussion
[02:35:17] <cmn32480> we can brace ourselves
[02:35:22] <GreatOutdoors> The last one stabbed me in the mouth with no regret while trying to numb my wisdom tooth he was pulling. When I wined about it the old codger only said "don't move kid". Then ripped out the tooth before it was numb....
[02:36:07] <GreatOutdoors> New doc puts on a topical numb thing before he even does injections, and I never feel a thing. On top of that he has a super hot Hygienist and good prices.
[02:36:12] <Bytram> words fail me. So sorry to hear you had to experience that... there is no good reason for something like that to happen.
[02:36:33] <Bytram> how much are the rates for the new Hygienist?
[02:36:41] <Bytram> bah dum tish!
[02:36:58] <cmn32480> long as she rubs against the side of his face.. I don't think he cares
[02:37:41] * Bytram is leaving while he can
[02:37:48] <GreatOutdoors> I would pay it...
[02:37:48] <Bytram> time for a break, anyway
[02:38:18] * cmn32480 suggests that the bewbs nexus on dev become the pornhub favorites link collection area
[02:38:31] <cmn32480> whatdaya think TheMightyBuzzard ^^
[02:38:43] <GreatOutdoors> I think it should be funny bewb stuff only.
[02:38:54] <cmn32480> my hygenist just yells at me for not flossing
[02:41:33] <cmn32480> nothing funny about bewbs
[02:41:38] <cmn32480> they are serious business...
[02:41:57] <cmn32480> I mean... you can't lnibble her personality, can you?
[02:42:01] <GreatOutdoors> Men have fought and died for them...
[02:42:22] <Deucalion> cmn32480, zz_janrinok - charon would need to reg their nick with nickserv before I can apply perms / hostmasks etc.
[02:42:35] <cmn32480> DOH!
[02:43:55] <cmn32480> ~tell charon reg your nick, /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email-address>
[02:44:02] <Deucalion> I could mebbe do it on IP - but given they connect via Mibbit that would be a "bad thing" to do lol
[02:44:20] <cmn32480> isn't a problem
[02:44:28] <cmn32480> GreatOutdoors, you reg your nick yet?
[02:44:34] <GreatOutdoors> Why not a proper client?
[02:44:37] <GreatOutdoors> Yeah.
[02:44:58] <cmn32480> he'll do it wehen he do it, or not get the extras
[02:45:04] <GreatOutdoors> I am logged in now
[02:45:14] <cmn32480> Gaaark - you reg your nick?
[02:45:28] <cmn32480> caffeine - you reg your nick?
[02:46:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> cmn32480, i don't care what you wacky eds do on dev. long as you don't complain when i start breaking things again.
[02:46:38] <cmn32480> heh... charon is already moving up the authors list.... passed TheMightyBuzzard on his first day!
[02:46:55] <GreatOutdoors> lol
[02:47:17] <cmn32480> only 3111 stories to go to pass janrinok!
[02:47:56] <Gaaark> yeah, i think i registered it a few years back
[02:47:57] <Deucalion> GreatOutdoors, there are numerous reasons a person would not use a locally installed IRC client and choose to use a web accessible thing like Mibbit. Why that over our own web interface to irc I do not know - bet eh... what do I know?
[02:50:25] <GreatOutdoors> Well, I'll probablt set up some custom scrips eventually... can't really do that with a web client..
[02:51:06] <GreatOutdoors> s/ps/pts
[02:51:11] <GreatOutdoors> s/ps/pts/
[02:51:12] <exec> <GreatOutdoors> Well, I'll probablt set up some custom scripts eventually... can't really do that with a web client..
[02:53:00] <Bytram> GreatOutdoors: use wget/curl and wrap it with some perl =)
[02:53:01] <Deucalion> Meh, all browsers have plugin frameworks of some kind that could be bent to do that. Not that I'm a particular fan of web to irc interfaces.
[02:54:27] <cmn32480> I think FF just crapped
[02:54:38] <cmn32480> oop no. it's back
[02:54:48] <Deucalion> IRC bouncers through TOR - as many hops as you like really - if obfuscation is the aim... involving web interfaces to another protocol just makes it harder to secure IMHO
[02:55:09] <cmn32480> gentlemen... I'm done.
[02:55:19] <cmn32480> too tired to keep up the charade of getting editing done
[02:55:20] * Deucalion puts a fork in cmn32480
[02:55:29] * cmn32480 deflates into a pile of good
[02:55:39] * cmn32480 deflates into a pile of goo
[02:55:44] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:55:46] * exec insensitively poops a tube of salt & vinegar chips for cmn32480
[02:55:49] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:55:52] * exec slowly coalesces 40 gallons worth of phantom power with bytram
[02:55:53] * Bytram won't be too far behind
[02:56:01] <cmn32480> queue is good to 1:30pm eastern tomorrow
[02:56:06] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:56:10] <cmn32480> but I'm MIA most ofthe day tomorrow
[02:56:12] <Bytram> enjoy your chips
[02:56:18] <cmn32480> and your dips
[02:56:32] <Bytram> I'll push out a couple more before I hit the hay
[02:56:34] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[02:56:36] * exec hurriedly gives a dumpster full of contentment to #editorial
[02:56:44] <Bytram> not a nice thing to call your fellow vounteers
[02:57:00] <cmn32480> lol
[02:57:03] <cmn32480> I'm out
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[03:15:54] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[03:20:19] <GreatOutdoors> So I have an article that has links to the original source, a lame youtube video, and a PDF that is related but still kinda lame in my opinion... Thoughts?
[03:20:37] <GreatOutdoors> https://dev.soylentnews.org
[03:20:39] <exec> └─ 13Google Car Handles City Streets: Dev.SN Submission
[03:22:21] <charon> GreatOutdoors: reading...
[03:22:48] <GreatOutdoors> My first idea is to remove the youtube link, but leave the PDF link as it is relevant.
[03:23:46] <charon> the pdf on its own is interesting, definitely leave it
[03:26:16] <charon> the movie is kinda cool too. but i can't get away from the feeling that it's an advertisement
[03:26:18] <caffeine> This may be useful - more on the same issue and includes the link to the PDF
[03:26:20] <caffeine> http://www.accessmagazine.org
[03:26:24] <exec> └─ 13Cruising for Parking - ACCESS Magazine
[03:26:38] <GreatOutdoors> I told janrino I would edit 2 articles tonight for him to review to determine if he feels I am ready for actual ED power (not erectile dysfunction)
[03:26:52] <charon> that would be the opposite of power
[03:27:18] <GreatOutdoors> yeh..
[03:28:00] <GreatOutdoors> However... the first article I ever submitted to Soylent went live today with no edits. I was pretty happy about that.
[03:28:30] <charon> i think you could punch it up by writing a line after the quote which directly addresses the claims google is making about how awesome and great their cars are
[03:28:50] <charon> "So, what the hell do they know anyway?"
[03:29:19] <GreatOutdoors> I have not edited it yet.. I was mainly asking about the links. Gotta do it myself for the most part or else you might as well have done it :)
[03:30:04] <charon> i know. i was joking. anyway, my line would have more swearing in it
[03:30:21] <GreatOutdoors> lol
[03:31:41] <caffeine> Just going to log out and in to see if the registered nick works.
[03:31:45] -!- caffeine has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[03:32:11] <charon> oh, i take it back. the linked video IS kinda lame
[03:32:38] -!- caffeine [caffeine!~andrew@wsb7608405.lnk.telstra.net] has joined #editorial
[03:34:10] <caffeine> think that worked.
[03:35:20] <charon> wb
[03:42:16] <GreatOutdoors> Article is ready..
[03:44:44] <GreatOutdoors> Gonna let Jan check it now. If you have comments please leave them in the notes box.
[03:47:34] <charon> looks good. but jan is the real arbiter
[03:47:40] <GreatOutdoors> Gonna do this one... it hits home: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[03:47:44] <exec> └─ 13Oklahoma Botches an Execution: Dev.SN Submission
[03:48:04] <GreatOutdoors> Happened a few miles from my house.. Should used a bullet.
[03:48:24] <GreatOutdoors> s/Should/Shoulda/
[03:48:26] <exec> <GreatOutdoors> Happened a few miles from my house.. Shoulda used a bullet.
[03:49:45] <charon> they halted the execution? what the heck? sorry he's in a little pain, but that doesn't change anything about the situation they were in
[03:50:36] <GreatOutdoors> Wait til you see my post-comment :)
[03:59:38] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[04:03:57] <Bytram|away> good to see you guys helping each other out! "If you really want to understand something, try explaining it to someone else"
[04:04:06] <Bytram|away> anyway, I'm completely knackered...
[04:04:14] <Bytram|away> ~gnight caffeine
[04:04:16] * exec presumably inserts a pair of confusement into caffeine
[04:04:18] <Bytram|away> ~gnight charon
[04:04:19] * exec unnecessarily refactors a sockful of pits for charon
[04:04:21] <charon> hi and bye Bytram|away
[04:04:22] <Bytram|away> ~gnight GreatOutdoors
[04:04:24] * exec abnormally pesters a potion of wasabi gummy fish with GreatOutdoors
[04:04:44] <Bytram|away> ciao for now!
[05:05:13] -!- caffeine has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
[05:25:02] <charon> so there's a breaking submission about the earthquake in Japan. should I push it effective now
[05:29:46] <charon> i guess it's up to me
[05:40:42] <GreatOutdoors> Sounds like breaking news to me. I'll 2nd ya. (no privs myself to bump it up though)
[05:41:58] <charon> I think if the time comes that I set for release, it will go live even if no one seconds it
[05:42:23] <GreatOutdoors> And for our Japanese Readers, Right now is 2PM, so middle of their day.
[05:42:25] <charon> we'll see in about 5 minutes
[05:42:54] <charon> well, the news is about 8 hours old, so no doubt anyone in Japan already knows
[05:44:16] <GreatOutdoors> Yeah, but they might want a place to discuss it..
[05:44:30] <GreatOutdoors> Looks like we will have it out before the "other" site does too.
[05:44:39] <charon> even though i am on the east coast, the weird hours i keep means i'm the only one around this time of day/night
[05:45:02] <GreatOutdoors> I am central time, and headed to bed very soon myself.
[05:45:07] <charon> well, and your good self, GreatOutdoors
[05:46:00] <GreatOutdoors> I wonder if anyone has caught on to my away nick yet.. GreatOutdoors|AWAY ... GO AWAY lol
[05:46:14] <charon> lol, i had not
[05:46:46] <GreatOutdoors> Just keep it to us and see...
[05:47:19] <GreatOutdoors> I am curious to see if I make the cut tomorrow :)
[05:48:12] <charon> you've got to figure out what kind of pizza janrinok likes and send him one
[05:49:57] <charon> well, there it went
[05:52:06] <GreatOutdoors> I hait it when the quoted article misspells something and you can't correct it..
[05:52:11] <GreatOutdoors> hate, lol
[05:52:50] <chromas> that's where [sic] comes in handy
[05:53:07] <GreatOutdoors> what does sic stand for?
[05:53:42] <chromas> it's latin, used for "as written"
[05:54:20] <chromas> it lets us know that you know there's an error
[05:54:30] <GreatOutdoors> Shouldn't there be a preceding [...] in the article also?
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[05:54:57] <GreatOutdoors> The word centered is spelled wrong.
[05:55:11] -!- Fnord666_ has quit [Client Quit]
[05:55:26] <chromas> depends on the region. which version of english dooes japan use?
[05:55:26] <charon> i was just about to greet fnord...
[05:55:48] <Fnord666> hey charon
[05:55:52] <GreatOutdoors> English is english, and there is a right way (mine) and a wrong way (not mine) lol
[05:56:06] <charon> but but... you quit
[05:56:13] <chromas> after he came twice
[05:56:20] <charon> ...
[05:56:22] <GreatOutdoors> ...
[05:56:27] <Fnord666> ..
[05:56:44] <chromas> once with an underscore to highlight his presence
[05:57:16] <charon> i see now
[05:57:22] <Fnord666> yeah I need to figure that out. hexchat is starting two sessions
[05:57:42] <GreatOutdoors> Night peeps.
[05:57:50] GreatOutdoors is now known as GreatOutdoors|AWAY
[05:57:52] <charon> ~gnight GreatOutdoors|AWAY
[05:57:53] * exec mistakenly pits a tower of bitches brew against GreatOutdoors|AWAY
[05:57:55] <Fnord666> night GreatOutdoors
[05:59:00] <Fnord666> So I noticed that the Obama story stirred up a hornet's nest.
[05:59:17] <chromas> Good job
[05:59:19] <charon> little bit
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[09:13:29] <caffeine> Hi janrinok, In answer to your question, yes I think I'm ready to start on the prod system.
[09:33:33] janrinok is now known as janrinok_lurking
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[10:11:09] <janrinok_lurking> Have we gone to 2 hours spacing a day early?
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[11:13:40] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1_] by Hephaestus
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[12:22:31] <janrinok_lurking> ~eds caffeine should now have privs on prod - please help him find his feet. I've asked him to release his initial stories as NOT display, pse check them and release if OK
[12:22:32] <exec> editor ping for janrinok_lurking (reason: caffeine should now have privs on prod - please help him find his feet. i've asked him to release his initial stories as not display, pse check them and release if ok): janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away
[13:58:21] janrinok_lurking is now known as janrinok
[14:16:53] <janrinok> ~eds story spacing for the Thanksgiving holiday will be approx 120 minutes - beginning 23 Nov. We will revert to 90 min spacing once we start getting subs again after the holiday
[14:16:54] <exec> editor ping for janrinok (reason: story spacing for the thanksgiving holiday will be approx 120 minutes - beginning 23 nov. we will revert to 90 min spacing once we start getting subs again after the holiday): janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away
[14:37:17] <CoolHand> but, but, you don't even have thanksgiving over there...
[14:37:19] <CoolHand> :)
[14:38:11] <janrinok> no so the handful of eds who have stayed on this side of the pond will try to keep the site operating!
[14:38:17] <janrinok> :)
[14:38:50] <janrinok> I've seen cmn's typing when he is sober, I'm not sure I'm ready to see it when he is drunk
[14:39:15] <CoolHand> lol...
[14:39:31] <janrinok> CoolHand, but any support you can give over the period will, as always, be much appreciated
[14:39:42] <CoolHand> no doubt... :) oh well... I'm sure a few of us will pop in from time to time..
[16:29:43] -!- SoylentSnow [SoylentSnow!~4ac81ad4@540.04.038-02.q7.net] has joined #editorial
[16:36:13] <n1_> hi SoylentSnow
[16:39:45] <SoylentSnow> Top o' the mornin' to ya!
[16:42:48] <n1_> how goes
[16:48:12] <SoylentSnow> Pretty good. Just chilling at work here. It's a pretty slow morning, so I'm just admiring the fog outside.
[16:48:17] <SoylentSnow> How about yourself?
[16:53:18] <n1_> not too bad, was just invited to see Adrian Belew (formerly of King Crimson) play this evening, but i'm thinking it's a bit too experimental/obscure even for me
[16:54:29] <SoylentSnow> I have never heard of him... Hold on.
[16:55:05] <n1_> https://www.youtube.com
[16:55:07] <exec> └─ 13Adrian Belew power trio - Indiscipline - live @ Barby Feb.3 ,2016 - YouTube
[16:55:10] <n1_> that's what i listened to, to get an idea
[17:01:42] <SoylentSnow> Oh yea, I see. Not too bad, but also not my thing. They playing at a coffee shop or a concert hall? Do you have a hot date to bring?
[17:04:02] <n1_> i would assume it's a small venue similar to where that video was taken... a female friend invited me, but certainly not a hot date, the mrs. wouldn't be a fan of that phrasing on it.
[17:05:15] <n1_> this is more my kind of style: https://www.youtube.com
[17:05:17] <exec> └─ 13Three Trapped Tigers "3" - YouTube
[17:12:10] <SoylentSnow> Sorry, I pop in and out as I can. I AM at work, so that has to come first...
[17:12:19] <SoylentSnow> Those Three Trapped Tigers are super retro
[17:12:30] <SoylentSnow> Kinda weird, but oddly good.
[17:12:56] <SoylentSnow> So are you gong to go on your 'cool'
[17:13:00] <SoylentSnow> ... date tonight?
[17:14:03] <n1_> i was going to be seeing her this evening anyway, not any form of date though... are you trying to get me killed?
[17:24:31] <SoylentSnow> Haha, no! I tease; I tease... You call it whatever your wife wants you to call it!
[17:25:39] <SoylentSnow> I've got the night to myself tonight! My wife is gong to a breast-feeding class for most of the evening, so I plan on playing some Transport Fever. If you haven't played it, it's pretty great (if you are a dork that loves trains
[17:25:42] <SoylentSnow> ).
[17:26:13] <SoylentSnow> I've got a baby on the way that should be coming out at the beginning of Jan.
[17:26:23] <SoylentSnow> Pretty excited/scared
[17:27:49] <n1_> !!
[17:28:05] <n1_> good luck with that whole baby thing!
[17:28:40] * n1_ googles transport fever
[17:35:20] <n1_> seems like something i could get into
[17:38:15] <SoylentSnow> It just came out. It a little clunky (I feel like I'm fighting the UI quite a bit), but I have a lot of fun with it. I love the steam trains. I'd reccommend it, especially if you can get it on sale from Steam.
[17:41:27] <n1_> i have enough games in my steam library that i don't play heh
[17:41:39] <n1_> damn you steam sales and humblebundles
[17:42:02] <SoylentSnow> Haha, I know what you mean! Especially now that they take bitcoin, it's just too easy to add more games
[17:42:09] <n1_> most recent game i played was 'my summer car'
[17:42:38] <n1_> i did not know steam takes bitcoin now
[17:42:57] <n1_> just not paying attention i think
[17:43:07] <SoylentSnow> Ya! It's great, just use my phone, and bam! New game.
[17:43:32] <SoylentSnow> Although with the clogged blocks, if you don't set an adequate fee, then it can take a while to get a confirmation...
[17:43:49] <SoylentSnow> n1, have you got any kids?
[17:45:42] <n1_> no kids here
[17:47:16] <n1_> due to the slightly erratic life i lead, i don't feel it would be appropriate to entertain such ideas without some semblance of stable home life
[17:50:57] <n1_> the mrs. has very patiently dealt with me being perpetually stressed for almost 2 years and then going to the other side of the world to try and make those 2 years and the years preceding mean something, but she has not had the best of me for too long... couldn't subject a child to that
[17:53:47] <SoylentSnow> Ahh, fair enough. My wife and I are pretty lame and boring. I just REALLY REALLY value my time alone, so I'm a little worried that I won't have that anymore. Sometimes I worry I've made a terrible mistake. I'm sure it will all be fine, it's just a pretty big change for me.
[17:54:07] <SoylentSnow> It sounds like you have a pretty understanding wife.
[17:54:49] <SoylentSnow> I can't tell you how often I dream of just being like 'Fuck y'all, I'm out!' and just going somewhere with a backback.
[17:55:07] <SoylentSnow> but then I remember how lame I am, and how homesick i get....
[17:56:47] <n1_> we're not married yet, but that is my fault so... but yes, very understanding and supportive too, couldn't ask for a better partner
[17:57:22] <SoylentSnow> How old are you, if you don't mind me asking (I'm 33)
[17:57:26] <n1_> i've seen the most unsuitable people adapt to being brilliant parents, i'm sure you'll do great.
[17:57:41] <n1_> 27 i think
[17:57:54] <SoylentSnow> haha, I had to think about it too
[17:58:01] <SoylentSnow> you still got lots of time.
[17:58:23] <SoylentSnow> My wife is a year older than I, so we had to make a move, or never have kids.
[17:58:44] <SoylentSnow> We were together for 12 years before getting married.
[17:59:48] <n1_> my mrs. is 33, together 4-5
[18:00:13] <n1_> but she's known me a lot longer, and i've been crazy the whole time
[18:00:34] <SoylentSnow> Crazy for her, of just generally crazy?
[18:00:37] <SoylentSnow> or*
[18:00:44] <n1_> generally crazy
[18:01:03] <SoylentSnow> haha, everyone is crazy. Sometimes you just have to get to know them to see it!
[18:01:24] <n1_> for sure, different flavours of crazy
[18:02:20] <n1_> the only thing i could compare to kids is having a businesses... it's not about you anymore, there's always something to do for this entity you created
[18:02:59] <SoylentSnow> A buisiness with a terrible ROI....
[18:03:22] <n1_> that statistic about most businesses (or children?) failing in the first 5 years....
[18:03:44] <n1_> but children are supposed to be rewarding in other ways
[18:03:49] <SoylentSnow> I think the kids take a bit longer to be failures.
[18:04:11] <SoylentSnow> It's an investment so you have visitors at the old folks home
[18:04:26] <n1_> kids can all be turned around with, investment, time and the right leadership.
[18:04:38] <n1_> sorry, im just liking this analogy!
[18:05:54] <n1_> my dad introduces me now as "the man who will inherit my overdraft" ... got to have someone to pay for the old folks home
[18:06:12] -!- charon [charon!~0c0959f3@Soylent/Staff/Editor/charon] has joined #editorial
[18:06:12] -!- mode/#editorial [+v charon] by Hephaestus
[18:08:06] <charon> ~gday #editorial
[18:08:08] * exec carefully copies a mighty bundle of humor for #editorial
[18:08:12] <SoylentSnow> 'mornin
[18:08:20] <n1_> ahoy charon
[18:13:15] <charon> so i guess i didn't destroy the site last night by posting a breaking news story
[18:13:20] <charon> thanks again, takyon
[18:14:27] <n1_> did you think that you broke it?
[18:15:42] <charon> nah
[18:15:52] <charon> just joking about doing something for the first time
[18:16:12] <charon> but takyon merged in a different sub on the same topic for me
[18:17:22] <janrinok> SoylentSnow you now have privs on prod. Take your time to have a look around. For the first few stories that you do (not necessarily today!) make sure you set them to NOT display so that someone can check them before they go out. Any questions, just ask anybody on the team.
[18:18:44] <janrinok> ~eds Snow (soylentsnow), fnord666 and GreatOutdoors now have privs on prod. Again, please help them find their feet.
[18:18:45] <exec> editor ping for janrinok (reason: snow (soylentsnow), fnord666 and greatoutdoors now have privs on prod. again, please help them find their feet.): janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away
[18:20:19] <janrinok> GreatOutdoors|AWAY, you now have privs on prod. Take your time to have a look around. For the first few stories that you do (not necessarily today!) make sure you set them to NOT display so that someone can check them before they go out. Any questions, just ask anybody on the team.
[18:21:36] <SoylentSnow> Awesome, thanks again for all your help, JR.
[18:23:21] <janrinok> np - I'm still here if you have any questions.
[18:24:38] <n1_> hey janrinok
[18:25:07] <charon> congrats, SoylentSnow
[18:26:31] <SoylentSnow> :)
[18:27:13] SoylentSnow is now known as SoylentSnow_awayforl
[18:28:00] <janrinok> n1!!
[18:28:24] -!- Gaaark has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[18:29:39] <n1_> how are you today?
[18:30:25] <janrinok> not bad - S is in reasonable form so I've been very domesticated and been cracking on with all those boring jobs like shopping, washing, ironing, etc
[18:33:20] <n1_> when i first read domesticated i thought she'd finally managed to house-train you
[18:34:27] <janrinok> no chance - I don't even use my litter tray somedays
[18:36:21] <janrinok> charon, good work on that breaking news earlier - I don't think it was even reported here
[18:37:59] <charon> danka. i thought i was the only ed on, so i pushed it. turns out takyon was also on the scene
[18:38:17] <janrinok> he is often lurking in the background
[18:39:57] <n1_> he makes up for the rest of us being incompetent
[18:40:38] <charon> hah
[18:41:22] <janrinok> don't you laugh at my incompetence - its taken me years to develop it to this level
[18:44:37] <janrinok> it's nice to be able to sit down at the computer and see healthy looking queues and enough editors to do whatever is necessary
[18:46:21] <n1_> couldn't agree more
[18:47:59] <janrinok> n1_, I don't think we have had a team this size since the early days with LamX...?
[18:49:09] <n1_> i think those early days of this many people were before even i was on the team
[18:49:26] <charon> oh, uh... i just remembered, i have to quit forever. sorry
[18:49:30] <janrinok> well, it didn't last long at that size
[18:50:00] <n1_> it was pretty much just you, lamx and myself doing anything regularly if i recall to that time
[18:50:03] <janrinok> that was a fortuitous reply to your last n1, it just fit nicely with charon's comment
[18:50:17] <n1_> lol
[18:50:57] <janrinok> 10 stories already - charon has just developed the earliest case of burnout I think we have ever witnessed...
[18:51:09] <charon> lol
[18:51:30] <janrinok> now take it easy son, don't over do it
[18:53:00] <charon> so there's stuff in the hold bin for the weekend?
[18:53:22] <n1_> janrinok, you're right it didn't last long... looking at the history, it was only about a month after the site went public before i joined.
[18:53:31] <n1_> and found myself doing way more than i anticipated heh
[18:53:41] <janrinok> didn't we all
[18:54:17] <janrinok> I can recall the three of us all trying to motivate the other two and wondering what the hell we had just let ourselves in for
[18:54:29] <n1_> charon, it's probably going to be a tough week for subs... if you do see anything worth subbing, i'd say do it
[18:55:18] <janrinok> I've got 18 subs from Arthur already queued in Hold, and I've got hundreds more on my computer that I am just trying to filter before I submit them
[18:55:23] <charon> i dropped in a few subs the other day instead of editing with my time. i can do that periodically.
[18:55:48] <charon> and since i know how to construct an article, it will need minimal editing time
[18:55:51] <janrinok> charon - have you seen the output from Arthur? There is one in the sub queue at the moment
[18:55:54] <charon> unless i forget the link
[18:56:07] <n1_> if you look at the existing subs and go "blah" then it's always good to submit some to save another editor from the same reaction
[18:56:41] <charon> oh, arthur is the one that dumps the whole article
[18:56:45] <janrinok> If I leave them in the main queue, people think that we have enough and stop submitting, so I tend to put them in the Hold queue out of sight
[18:56:49] <janrinok> yep
[18:57:23] <janrinok> its better than just a link, but nowhere near as good as a real sub from the community
[18:58:01] <charon> yeah, takes some energy to turn into something useful
[18:58:05] <janrinok> however, when we are pushed it is easy to select a few key paragraphs and get it out
[18:59:16] <charon> do you mind if i help out the new(er) guys if they need it? late nights, you and nick and cmn are not on
[18:59:23] <janrinok> The heading is designed so that you can cut from the first Arthur T Knackerbracket link to the A.T.K has found with one selection. Remove the paras that you don't need and it can be ready to go
[19:00:41] <janrinok> However, it doesn't know about good stories and bad stories, and occasionally it will miss some bits like images but keep the text that refers to them
[19:01:33] <janrinok> It found over 400 stories today alone, but many of them are not up to much or are duplicates with minor rewrites from the rss-feeds
[19:01:41] <charon> just noticed arthur also keeps links within the article. that is handy
[19:01:45] <janrinok> yep
[19:04:14] <janrinok> charon, I have no problem with you helping the new guys, but don't forget your limits. Best you don't cuff it too much or it can get a bit confusing
[19:05:09] <janrinok> and try not to get into the habit of checking each others work, it would be wise to have a more experienced ed do the 2nds if we can
[19:05:47] <janrinok> if we can stay ahead of the postings, someone should be along to 2nd stories before they have to be released
[19:06:59] <janrinok> any stories that have the Not displayed selected needs an experienced ed to view them before they can go out
[19:08:58] <charon> understood
[19:09:20] <janrinok> but the nice thing about the team is that we all help each other - it works well
[19:09:56] * janrinok notes that normally we only have 1 or 2 new eds at once, we currently have 6
[19:10:51] <charon> i am working on saying to myself, "it's just a style thing, it's not important to change this..."
[19:11:29] <janrinok> yeah, it can be very tempting, but we have to let the community have their own claim to fame
[19:13:51] <janrinok> your next 'milestone', charon, will when you upset somebody in the community and they fire a string of derogatory comments at you!
[19:14:02] <charon> oooh, can't wait
[19:14:28] <janrinok> try to remain polite and civil, but by all means argue your case.
[19:15:06] <janrinok> after a few hours you will often find others in the community making comments supporting you so it is not all bad. But the first few times it hurts a bit
[19:15:24] <charon> is this usually a "you mangled my sub"?
[19:16:11] <n1_> only from gewg_
[19:16:17] <janrinok> oh, it can be anything, often relatively trivial. They might find a spelling mistake and demand to know why the editors aren't doing the job they are paid to do...
[19:16:43] <charon> oho
[19:16:50] <n1_> the most common is one disputing that SN is the venue for such a story, political motivations.
[19:16:57] <janrinok> some actually believe that we do this full time as a profession - despite how many times we have told them otherwise
[19:17:11] <janrinok> or accusing us of a bias.
[19:18:01] <janrinok> apparently in the run up to the US election, we were pro-HRC, pro-Trump and pro-Saunders!
[19:18:10] <charon> that's impressive
[19:18:22] <janrinok> it's a knack!
[19:19:02] <janrinok> Personally, I hate political stories and I think that many have had enough of them for the time being too
[19:19:10] <charon> i've stayed away from political type stories in the queue
[19:19:16] <janrinok> wise move
[19:19:36] <janrinok> Just because it is in the queue doesn't mean we have to publish it
[19:21:05] <charon> https://soylentnews.org
[19:21:07] <exec> └─ 13Error
[19:21:21] <charon> from the here-there-be-balrogs
[19:21:24] <charon> dept
[19:22:05] <janrinok> put it in
[19:23:33] <charon> dept'd
[19:24:20] <n1_> looking at laptops again... i don't think a 17" laptop will fit in my backpack :|
[19:24:54] <janrinok> if you are spending that much on a laptop, but a bigger backpack
[19:24:59] <charon> priorities: you need a bigger backpack
[19:25:00] <janrinok> buy*
[19:25:14] * charon highfives janrinok
[19:26:14] <n1_> backpack i have now is brand new
[19:26:45] <janrinok> an unsound life choice there, my friend
[19:26:56] <n1_> seems so
[19:27:59] <janrinok> disappointed that the Snowden story just ended up being political mud slinging again
[19:28:19] <n1_> http://www.newegg.com
[19:28:21] <exec> └─ 13MSI 15.6" GE62 Apache Pro-254 Intel Core i5 6300HQ (2.30 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 8 GB Memory 256 GB SSD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Gaming Laptop - Newegg.com
[19:29:05] <janrinok> oooh, multi-coloured keyboard lights! That's the one!
[19:29:07] <n1_> when i looked at the comments it wasn't too bad, most of what i read was talking on precedent of pardons before formal charges
[19:29:09] <n1_> lol
[19:29:28] <n1_> i wanted to avoid that, but it has a much better GPU
[19:29:36] <n1_> than the laptop i was looking at before
[19:30:37] <n1_> less ram and a worse cpu though, and the smaller display
[19:30:43] <charon> tose keyboard lights are real? terribly distracting
[19:30:51] <janrinok> if the lights are user programmable -which they must be, right? - it can be very useful for lots of things
[19:31:23] <charon> blink on name used in chat
[19:31:38] <charon> instead of the airhorn i have set up
[19:32:20] <janrinok> charon, I think they do pretty patterns as part of the boot self test, but then the top window defines what they show and mean. At least in my minimal experience. Takyon will know.
[19:39:11] <charon> also, is 256GB enough storage these days? the OS is going to take up 20 or so
[19:39:30] <janrinok> depends on how much pron you want to save I guess
[19:39:38] <charon> lol
[19:40:07] <charon> i just downloaded a game that takes up about 80
[19:40:19] <janrinok> my OS takes about 8Gb, can't imagine what else I would want in an OS that would take up that much space
[19:43:13] <n1_> from the other ones i looked at, it seems like there's space to add a second drive
[19:43:41] <n1_> i have plenty of external/network storage
[19:45:00] <n1_> there's another version of the same laptop that has a 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
[19:45:22] <janrinok> much more expensive?
[19:46:48] <n1_> it actually has the better cpu from the other laptop i was looking at too
[19:47:00] <janrinok> getting closer then
[19:47:08] <n1_> it's better specs all around, except smaller ssd
[19:47:15] <n1_> but it's $1300
[19:49:28] <n1_> http://www.newegg.com
[19:49:30] <exec> └─ 13MSI 17.3" GT72 Dominator G-1227 Quad Core Intel Core i7 6820HK (2.70 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Gaming Laptop-Newegg.com
[19:49:43] <n1_> that one has no SSD, but has a better CPU, GPU and Memory
[19:49:50] <n1_> but is 17" again
[19:50:22] <charon> but it's called The Dominator
[19:51:20] <n1_> according to benchmarks, that i7 is way better than the i5
[19:51:31] <n1_> and it has the same GPU which is way better than the one i was looking at before that
[19:51:32] <janrinok> flashing lights and called the Dominator - how can you not buy at least 2
[19:51:34] SoylentSnow_awayforl is now known as SoylentSnow
[19:51:45] <janrinok> hi snowy
[19:52:01] <SoylentSnow> Hey Gang, I can't remember who it was that I talked about an auto-summarizing bot, but I found it: https://www.reddit.com
[19:52:07] <exec> └─ 13overview for autotldr
[19:52:18] <SoylentSnow> It's amazingly good
[19:53:02] <janrinok> any idea where I can find the source?
[19:53:08] <SoylentSnow> Nope!
[19:54:31] <janrinok> nearly time for me to go
[19:54:59] <SoylentSnow> > autotldr is a bot that uses SMMRY to automatically summarize long reddit submissions. It will remove extra examples, transition phrases, and unimportant details.
[19:55:25] <SoylentSnow> http://smmry.com
[19:55:27] <exec> └─ 13SMMRY - Summarize Everything
[19:55:33] <janrinok> queues good for 14 hours, loads of editors around, must be nearly Christmas
[19:57:11] <janrinok> got a copy of the js on that page, I'll see if that gives me enough or whether it relies on a remote element
[19:57:54] <SoylentSnow> Well, I hope you can get what you need from it. I thought it was pretty neat when I first saw it.
[19:58:00] <janrinok> yep, it only sends it away to be summarized
[19:58:20] <janrinok> thanks SoylentSnow, at least I know the name of the code that I am looking for
[19:58:46] <charon> wb snow
[19:58:52] <janrinok> I have a few tools that might be able to find where it lives on the net
[19:59:46] <janrinok> time for me to go and do my evening nursing duties with S, and then to my bed. Have a good one!
[19:59:56] <janrinok> ~gnight #editorial
[19:59:57] * exec ceremoniously fires a mountain of contentment at #editorial
[19:59:59] <charon> good night, janrinok. take care
[20:00:22] <janrinok> I always try ....
[20:01:16] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[20:02:20] * n1_ hat tip zz_janrinok
[20:02:35] <n1_> so very tempted by the 'dominator' ...
[20:21:27] <charon> see, it's already dominating you
[20:30:35] <n1_> not letting me order it anyway
[20:30:51] <n1_> newegg wont accept billing addresses outside the US, even if the shipping address is within the US
[20:33:03] <SoylentSnow> ?? I'm pretty sure that they ship to Canada
[20:33:41] <n1_> canada is the exception
[20:33:47] <SoylentSnow> oh.
[20:33:53] <n1_> they accept credit/debit cards from US/Canada and nowhere else
[20:33:54] <SoylentSnow> I'm guessing that it's a fraud thing...
[20:34:00] <n1_> same thing as going through visa checkout
[20:34:01] <n1_> and paypal
[20:38:12] <SoylentSnow> They take bitcoin... Then you don't have to worry about that junk.
[20:38:33] <SoylentSnow> (Sorry, you'll find out I'm a huge bitcoin fan)
[20:39:14] <n1_> no problem with that, ive never used bitcoin but it's been interesting to follow
[20:40:51] <n1_> can't see the option though, even if i did use it
[20:41:39] <SoylentSnow> It's there. I just checked. You have to go to the billing page, then there is a radio button to select bitcoin
[20:42:23] <n1_> ah ok, i'm not a registered user so it's not on the checkout options
[20:42:54] <SoylentSnow> Oh. I just filled in crap to get to the checkout process. YMMV
[20:43:13] <SoylentSnow> In any case, it's a bit of a process to get your frist bitcoins
[20:44:31] <n1_> i actually recently made efforts in that direction
[20:52:29] <SoylentSnow> Once you actually get setup and verified, it's smooth as butter to get more, it's just the first purchase that sucks... If you want to get any significant amount ($50+) you have to provide a lot of identification. If you ever need bitcoin help, I'm here for you :) I'm actually a 'Bitcoin Certified Professional'!
[21:00:51] <n1_> i've actually done all that
[21:05:28] <SoylentSnow> Then all you need to do is take out a second mortgage, buy some bitcoin, then send it to BitMex so you can use their 100x leverage and go all in long only to get rekt and lose it all!
[21:05:43] <SoylentSnow> It's a right of passage.
[21:06:33] <SoylentSnow> But seriously, if you are actually considering it, know that the community is split, and that bitcoin (the network) will likely be stagnent for some time while the split gets resolved.
[21:07:37] <SoylentSnow> Also, /r/bitcoin is HEAVILY censored. /r/btc is not censored, but mostly bitches about /r/bitcoin's censorship.
[21:09:10] <SoylentSnow> Just like everything else, educate yourself before you drop a significant amount of your money in it.
[21:12:01] <n1_> seems like i just bought my first bitcoin
[21:12:25] <charon> sounds like a kids book by Ayn Rand: My First Bitcoin
[21:14:59] <n1_> it was less painless than i expected, and was pretty much instant
[21:15:53] -!- charon has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[21:21:33] <SoylentSnow> congratulations.
[21:21:58] <SoylentSnow> Jsut so you know... Right now, there is a backlog of transactions, so if you send a transaction without a high enough fee, it may get stuck for some time (days or more)...
[21:22:29] <SoylentSnow> check out https://tradeblock.com for more info
[21:22:32] <exec> └─ 13TradeBlock
[21:28:48] -!- n1_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:30:53] -!- n1_ [n1_!~n1@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[21:30:53] -!- mode/#editorial [+v n1_] by Hephaestus
[21:31:21] <n1_> ive not seen where you set the fee on a transaction
[21:31:31] <SoylentSnow> What wallet are you using?
[21:33:08] <n1_> i used coinfloor as broker and am transferring to 'localbitcoins' wallet ... upon further investigation, coinfloor apparently pays the fees
[21:33:13] <n1_> so i'm guessing it might take some time
[21:34:21] <SoylentSnow> Possibly... If their transaction takes too long to confirm they would get complaints, so I'm sure they have some sort of dynamic fee adjustment going on.
[21:34:32] <SoylentSnow> Did they give you a transaction id?
[21:34:41] <SoylentSnow> you can always check it out if you have one
[21:34:55] <SoylentSnow> Also, with bitcoin, if you don't own the private keys, you don't own the bitcoin.
[21:34:58] <SoylentSnow> remember that...
[21:36:35] <n1_> indeed
[21:36:58] <n1_> i only intend to use it for transactions right now rather than holding any
[21:43:49] <n1_> SoylentSnow, if it takes so long sometimes for a transaction to clear, how is it going to be possible to pay newegg in the 15 minute window they give?
[21:46:47] <SoylentSnow> Bitpay?
[21:47:03] <n1_> yeah
[21:48:38] <SoylentSnow> They will see the transaction instantly. The transaction should remain in a 'pending' state until the first confirmation occurs. Depending on the sites' settings, they might employ a timeout period. I think that they just want to make sure they see the transaction.
[21:48:59] <SoylentSnow> This is why setting an adequate fee is so important.
[21:49:28] <SoylentSnow> (bitcoin has some usability problems that make it too hard for the average person still....)
[21:50:00] <SoylentSnow> I used bitpay recently to buy a game off steam.
[21:50:09] <SoylentSnow> The mempool was low, so I used a small fee.
[21:50:29] <SoylentSnow> I sent the transaction, and bitpay immediately saw it.
[21:50:56] <SoylentSnow> They say that your invoice is awaiting a confirmation.
[21:51:18] <SoylentSnow> Meanwhile, bitcoin went 60 minutes without finding a block, which caused a small backlog.
[21:51:56] <SoylentSnow> It ended up taking 3-4 hours for the transaction to finally confirm. Steam said that they keep invoices open for 72 hours. Not sure what would have happened if it took 73 hours to cofirm.
[21:54:10] <n1_> well still waiting for the broker to send it to the wallet so, not much i can do right now
[21:54:46] <SoylentSnow> What's the wallet address?
[21:55:46] <n1_> mine?
[21:56:13] <SoylentSnow> The destination address, so the localbitocin address you are sending to.
[21:56:30] <n1_> 1L1FAHxzFCtqtAKegDo4f7BAuj14RMUF7h
[21:57:43] <SoylentSnow> Just showed up.
[21:57:47] <SoylentSnow> https://blockchain.info
[21:57:50] <exec> └─ 13Bitcoin Address 1L1FAHxzFCtqtAKegDo4f7BAuj14RMUF7h
[21:58:36] <SoylentSnow> https://blockchain.info
[21:58:39] <exec> └─ 13Bitcoin Transaction 219709734d8fe032eccf9a27c3fab082b5fd178b5113accde42afbc8c10a44d3
[21:58:56] <SoylentSnow> They included a good fee, so you should see it confirm quickly
[21:59:05] <SoylentSnow> 1-2 blocks would be my guess
[21:59:20] <n1_> yeah i just saw it show up as pending
[21:59:26] <n1_> guess they must have heard us talking about it
[22:00:14] <SoylentSnow> haha, must be
[22:01:42] <n1_> go to say i'm fairly impressed by this so far
[22:04:13] <SoylentSnow> I think it's very interesting.
[22:04:37] <SoylentSnow> before you know it you'll be reading the satoshi whitepaper and debating it's finer points
[22:07:03] <n1_> i probably will get around to that
[22:07:16] <n1_> any recommendation on a better wallet?
[22:07:46] <n1_> this also might actually make this purchase cheaper, since i wont have paid the currency conversion fees
[22:08:13] <SoylentSnow> I use 'Bitcoin Wallet' on my android phone. Make sure you get the genuine one, not a fake one....
[22:08:25] <n1_> nice generic name
[22:08:32] <SoylentSnow> yeah...
[22:08:50] <SoylentSnow> Electrum is highly reccommended too, but I have never used it.
[22:08:56] <SoylentSnow> They have a desktop and mobile version
[22:09:42] <SoylentSnow> for larger amounts, I use a paper wallet. I bought a cheap android tablet and generated a couple in offline mode, then printed them out and wiped teh device.
[22:11:05] <SoylentSnow> THey also sell hardware wallets. google 'trezor'. I think it's around $80. I'm too cheap for that though :P
[22:12:51] <SoylentSnow> Sorry, the android 'Bitcoin Wallet' is published by 'Bitcoin Wallet Developers' There are a couple others with the same name. The top results all appear to be legit though.
[22:15:34] <n1_> once i get this transaction done, i'll have to do some investigating as i'll have some fractions of bitcoin left over
[22:16:03] <SoylentSnow> Looks like your transaction was confirmed, and localbitcoins has swept it up.
[22:17:01] <SoylentSnow> Remember that /r/bitcoin is censored and is not a reliable source of information.
[22:19:00] <n1_> the timer is ticking down on localbitcoins, not shown up yet
[22:19:47] <SoylentSnow> They got it. They swept the address you provided and bundled it with some other transactions into what I assume is one of their hot wallets.
[22:20:49] <SoylentSnow> You might have to wait for their secondary transaction to confirm for the funds to show up. That trasnaction was also just confirmed.
[22:21:08] <SoylentSnow> Some places require 6 confirmations before funds are added.
[22:22:18] <n1_> localbitcoins apparently changes your wallet for every transaction, so that's kind of helpful i guess?
[22:23:22] <SoylentSnow> Using a new address per transaction is supposed to improve security and privacy.... The security improvement is minimal, and you should always assume you have no privacy when using bitcoin.
[22:24:14] <SoylentSnow> (don't buy drugs, and don't evade taxes)
[22:24:40] <n1_> sensible advice
[22:25:17] <n1_> i have no intention of doing anything like that, just a convenience thing, and i dont expect privacy either
[22:25:21] <n1_> tis the internet after all
[22:25:23] <SoylentSnow> Apperantly the IRS is looking for (got?) access to many, many bitcoin users to look for tax dodgers.
[22:25:38] <SoylentSnow> some people made millions and didn't claim anything.
[22:26:19] <n1_> yeah, i know the IRS is pretty tough on it at the moment
[22:26:43] <n1_> i'm not a US citizen so they're not after me
[22:27:21] <n1_> yay it went through finally
[22:27:40] <SoylentSnow> I'm in Canada, so that's not my problem either :).
[22:28:15] <n1_> try and open a bank account in another country and the first thing they'll want to know is if you're a US citizen
[22:28:26] <SoylentSnow> The US has a long reash
[22:28:27] <n1_> and even if you're not, they still might want you to fill out all the IRS forms anyway
[22:28:30] <SoylentSnow> reach*
[22:34:56] <n1_> "
[22:34:57] <n1_> Thank you for ordering from Newegg.com."
[22:34:58] <n1_> :D
[22:37:05] <n1_> now to do some math on working out how much that actually cost me
[22:42:26] <n1_> and it failed anyway because of my too many failed order attempts meant i'd exceeded the limit on orders for the item
[22:46:23] <SoylentSnow> Uhh, what?
[22:47:18] <SoylentSnow> Did it work or not?
[22:47:35] <n1_> newegg cancelled the order after accepting the payment
[22:47:50] <n1_> because i had tried to place the order before, using different payment methods and to see the bitcoin process
[22:47:50] <SoylentSnow> That's annoying...
[22:47:58] <n1_> it decided i'd already ordered more than the allowed per customer
[22:48:12] <SoylentSnow> Oh, lame...
[22:49:08] <SoylentSnow> I'm sure their customer service will streighten you out. That's a problem on their end.
[22:49:35] <SoylentSnow> What did you order? Somethign fun?
[22:51:56] <n1_> laptop
[22:52:55] <SoylentSnow> That's pretty fun! Whelp, I hope they fix you up without much hassle.
[22:54:47] <n1_> off to customer support i go
[22:55:23] <SoylentSnow> Good luck!
[22:56:14] <n1_> amusing that it's the established retailer that causes the problem, not bitcoin brokers
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[23:47:24] <Fnord666> Good evening all!
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[23:55:45] <mrpg> hi
[23:58:23] <charon> hiyo mrpg
[23:59:09] * cmn32480 cracks the whip on the new editors
[23:59:19] <mrpg> hi
[23:59:47] <cmn32480> ~gday FNG's
[23:59:49] * exec retroactively tosses a teaspoonful of unintended consequences to FNG's