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[03:23:33] <cmn32480> I vote to delete the Assnage story and the Trump story in the sub queue
[03:23:41] <cmn32480> that leaves us with 0 stories in queue
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[13:33:14] <cmn32480> from the shorted-NCommander-post-EVER! dept
[13:36:34] <cmn32480> in Google drive
[13:38:55] <cmn32480> Google Drive at 18:52
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[15:20:51] <Bytram> cmn32480: did some cleanup on the election eve jobs story... might want to take a look -- called out that the US News Report was from 2012 and clarified google cache link vs original
[15:22:02] <cmn32480> Bytram - AGREED ON CHANGES
[15:22:07] <cmn32480> stupid caps lock
[15:22:10] <Bytram> tnx
[15:22:24] <cmn32480> TAKE TAHAT HELLIAN!!!
[15:22:25] <Bytram> here's a trick I learned YEARS ago...
[15:22:44] <Bytram> there are tools to assist visually impaired users on windows
[15:23:09] <cmn32480> they don't work well when looking for aliens in video games
[15:23:30] <Bytram> I set things up so that when caps lock is hit it makes a "Beep" when it is enabled, and a "Boop" when disabled.
[15:23:41] <cmn32480> interesting idea
[15:24:03] <Bytram> been a long time since I messed with it, but I expect you could use a custom sound instead of that provided by default
[15:24:55] <cmn32480> coffee++
[15:24:55] <Bender> karma - coffee: 62
[15:25:47] <Bytram> coffee++ agreed
[15:25:47] <Bender> karma - coffee: 63
[15:26:23] <Bytram> this could be fun for CAPS enabled: http://www.mediacollege.com
[15:31:21] <Bytram> BTW, it is still quite a bit of a kludge, but I've cobbled together some code to automagically download the story list at admin.pl, accept a parameter, story_skip_count, for the number of top-listed-stories to ignore, get the next-scheduled story's release date/time, add a parameter-amount of time offset (default to 90 minutes), and then put that in the clipboard for easy pasting into the story edit page.
[15:32:02] <Bytram> actually, kludge is putting it VERY nicely, but it seems to work... had fun debugging it while cmn32480 was busy adding stories to the queue at the same time. =)
[15:40:40] <cmn32480> I was helping to provide a realistic environment!
[15:40:46] <cmn32480> and shoudln't that be done on Dev?
[15:50:38] <Bytram> oh? no. is all done locally on my PC; I wget the admin.pl page, and then do all the selection and calculation locally.
[15:51:43] <Bytram> appreciate the realism... it was actually a nice additional test; I'd expect a certain date/time stamp to be generated (again) and see something different; reloaded the admin.pl page in my browser, saw that you'd been busy, and just worked with the new values.
[15:52:12] <Bytram> provided a more complete test of the code as it would have likely flagged math errors were any present.
[15:52:46] <chromas> Is that something the API supports? Might make extracting the info a little easier
[15:53:01] <Bytram> good question... I dunno
[15:53:12] <chromas> Maybe poke TMB for an admin API :D
[15:53:21] <Bytram> I expect that it does not, but I could well be mistaken
[15:53:41] <cmn32480> is anythign on this project no a kludge held together by duct tape and bubble gum?
[15:54:35] <Bytram> well, there is this, too: https://soylentnews.org
[15:54:37] <exec> └─ 13John Oates Presents Berklee Collaboration Project 'Smoke and Mirrors' and Wants you to Remix it! - SoylentNews
[16:12:30] <cmn32480> bytram - thoughts on the 4 subs with notes on them?
[16:29:58] <Bytram> just a bit
[16:30:21] <Bytram> I only see 3 with notes
[16:30:49] <cmn32480> maybe somebody deleted one of them
[16:30:51] <cmn32480> there were 4
[16:31:20] <Bytram> ok to delete the three with notes;
[16:31:25] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[16:31:27] <exec> └─ 13Catholic Parish's Bulletin Says Democratic Voters Are Damned: SoylentNews Submission
[16:31:28] <cmn32480> that was the 4th
[16:31:30] <Bytram> keep tsunami
[16:31:34] <cmn32480> looks like takyon was in it and deleted
[16:32:13] <Bytram> on phone atm
[16:54:59] * cmn32480 is out. back later
[17:12:15] * Bytram is back... sees he missed cmn32480
[18:42:55] <Bytram> http://www.theverge.com
[18:42:57] <exec> └─ 13Elon Musk says SpaceX finally knows what caused the latest rocket failure - The Verge
[18:43:09] <Bytram> http://www.nytimes.com
[18:43:11] <exec> └─ 13Elon Musk Says SpaceX Rocket Launches Might Resume Next Month - The New York Times
[18:45:53] <Bytram> Looks like some of the Liquid O2 *froze* which resulted in one of the Helium tanks exploding, which cascaded into blowing up the whole rocket. Sadly, stories are entirely in English units of minus-bignum-Fahrenheit instead of Kelvin.
[18:46:28] <Bytram> basically confirmed the theory laid out in: http://spacenews.com
[18:46:30] <exec> └─ 13SpaceX's Musk says sabotage unlikely cause of Sept. 1 explosion, but still a worry - SpaceNews.com
[18:47:06] <Bytram> where they thought that the Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPV) had solid O2 form on it which led to its exploding.
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[20:09:07] <takyon> what do you want to do on election day? post a story around noon-afternoon, then update it a few times and maybe move it up the queue?
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[21:54:19] <takyon> bbl
[22:32:38] <cmn32480> ignore it until Wednesday?
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