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[01:32:04] <Bytram> takyon: ah, yes you are right. My bad.
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[04:46:24] <takyon_> notsanguine
[04:46:39] <NotSanguine> takyon: yessir?
[04:46:44] <takyon_> refresh the article, I think I fixed the problem
[04:47:01] <NotSanguine> Which article? Which problem?
[04:47:14] <takyon_> the story must have been accepted multiple times. I used Google to find the version with the comments
[04:47:14] <takyon_> https://soylentnews.org
[04:47:17] <exec> └─ 13- SoylentNews User
[04:47:24] <takyon_> and then put the URL in there instead of the submission link
[04:47:53] <takyon_> also the story doesn't appear to be a dupe like bytram thought
[04:48:04] <takyon_> my story was about dark energy, this one is dark matter
[04:48:28] <NotSanguine> I saw that. I was just about to sign off on it.
[04:49:14] <takyon_> ok then
[04:49:23] <NotSanguine> I missed the stormwyrm url issue. Good catch
[04:50:10] <NotSanguine> Is there a better link (Ethan Segal) than Forbes? Forbes blows
[04:50:24] <takyon_> hmm
[04:50:29] <takyon_> let's search the text
[04:51:23] <NotSanguine> I'm looking around. Haven't found anything yet.
[04:52:17] <takyon_> http://scienceblogs.com
[04:52:19] <exec> └─ 13Dark matter rises to its biggest challenge… and succeeds! (Synopsis) – Starts With A Bang
[04:52:29] <takyon_> this coverage seems to say the opposite as forbes
[04:53:23] <NotSanguine> how about this one? http://www.realclearscience.com
[04:53:25] <exec> └─ 13The Fight Over Dark Matter Continues | RealClearScience
[04:53:47] <NotSanguine> It seems like it's the same article
[04:53:57] <takyon_> that is just a snippet of fobres
[04:54:35] <NotSanguine> So it is. My bad
[04:55:00] <NotSanguine> Maybe we should yell at Ethan Segal?
[04:55:36] <takyon_> forbes paywall not under his control
[04:55:39] <takyon_> adwall/scriptwall
[04:55:46] <takyon_> ill look at it later
[04:56:42] <NotSanguine> I guess it's the article we want, so why not? I suppose there will be one or more who complains about Forbes, but we're used to that, no?
[04:56:59] <NotSanguine> Unless you want me to wait, I'll go ahead and sign off
[05:01:37] <NotSanguine> Takyon: I'm going to update your article.
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