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[02:52:30] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: I put a link https://www.helpnetsecurity.com in the comment section of the Trucrypt submission. That's probably the TFA to go with.
[02:52:54] <cmn32480> I'm in it now trying to unfuck the article
[02:53:10] <cmn32480> the title as posted by the original source is rather misleading
[02:53:17] <NotSanguine> Like I said, the original linked article is crap. this is much better: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com
[02:53:29] <NotSanguine> It's the second link at the bottom
[02:53:30] <cmn32480> agreed
[02:53:41] <cmn32480> much appreciatedQ!
[02:53:48] <cmn32480> stupid fingers
[02:53:53] <cmn32480> much appreciated!
[02:54:13] <NotSanguine> No worries. I looked at earlier but didn't have time to look deeper. I came back and you beat me to it. Good on you. :)
[02:54:26] <cmn32480> if you want it you can have tit!
[02:54:29] <cmn32480> *it
[02:54:34] <NotSanguine> I like tit.
[02:54:39] <cmn32480> me too
[02:54:45] <cmn32480> but that'd be up to your old lady
[02:55:02] <cmn32480> I kinda like that the PDF is linked.
[02:55:08] <NotSanguine> I got the whole Romulus/Remus image when you said that
[02:55:24] <NotSanguine> But I don't know you well enough for that. :)
[02:55:36] <cmn32480> II'm pulling the links for old articles now and will see what comes from the gibberish
[02:55:38] <NotSanguine> Yes. It's good to include that as well.
[02:56:43] <NotSanguine> Since you're on that, I'll see if I can't find another sub to screw up.
[02:56:57] <cmn32480> I'm sure I can help screw it up
[02:57:07] <cmn32480> community tells me on the regular that I'm good at that!
[02:58:02] <cmn32480> this is a much better article
[02:58:08] <cmn32480> muchas gracias
[03:11:17] <cmn32480> NotSanguine - I just plopped that steaming pile into the story queue. Take a peek at it and let em know if I suck
[03:11:39] * cmn32480 already knows he does, but wants verification
[03:12:12] <NotSanguine> I assume you do not mean "in the fun, sexy way" right?
[03:12:41] <cmn32480> correct
[03:12:50] <cmn32480> your really aren't my type
[03:13:09] <cmn32480> you know... a dude
[03:13:57] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: Just making sure.
[03:14:33] <NotSanguine> how do you know I'm a "dude"? I could just be a woman with a heavy hand on the keyboard. :)
[03:15:03] <cmn32480> given where we are.
[03:15:13] <cmn32480> and the sheer amount of sausage
[03:15:19] <cmn32480> and the lack of ladies.
[03:15:33] <cmn32480> I'm taking an edumacated guess.
[03:15:58] <NotSanguine> But I digress. The "steaming pile" you refer to looks pretty good. Perhaps just a nod to the hoi polloi asking if anyone is actually using Veracrypt. Not necessary, but it might bring additional engagement.
[03:16:25] <NotSanguine> You guess correctly.
[03:16:34] <cmn32480> good idea
[03:16:41] <cmn32480> you wanna put it in?
[03:16:44] <NotSanguine> It does not suck. In either sense of the word
[03:16:46] <cmn32480> or shall I?
[03:17:17] <NotSanguine> No. You can put whatever wherever. I don't want to know. :) Yes, I'll update it again and make it turn green.
[03:17:33] <cmn32480> Thanks
[03:17:44] <cmn32480> not that there is anythign wrong with that!
[03:19:17] * cmn32480 makes a note to bag his tools next time he travels with them (like on the way home). I got a shitton of little bits of wire floating around my suitcase now...
[03:23:04] <NotSanguine> As long as there's consent from those involved, it's all good.
[03:23:37] <cmn32480> hehe
[03:23:41] <cmn32480> I'm done
[03:23:47] <cmn32480> been going since 5am
[03:24:02] <cmn32480> need to study the inside of my eyelids before I go to the site tomorrow
[03:24:16] <cmn32480> oh, by the way, Welcome Back.
[03:24:30] <NotSanguine> I added a quick question and "The full audit report:" before the link to the PDF. Take a look and yank it out if you don't like it.
[03:24:56] <NotSanguine> Thanks! It's good to be back. Rest well and dream of large women.
[03:25:24] <cmn32480> NotSanguine: s/large/large breasted/
[03:25:26] <exec> <cmn32480> <NotSanguine> Thanks! It's good to be back. Rest well and dream of large breasted women.
[03:25:58] <NotSanguine> cmn32480: As I said, it's all good. :)
[03:26:54] <cmn32480> I fixed spacing on the previous articles. other than that looks like a nice fat steaming pile
[03:27:32] <cmn32480> thanks for the lookie loo over my shoulder
[03:27:55] <cmn32480> ~gnight NotSanguine
[03:27:57] * exec unjustifiably integrates a rusty trombone of your grandmother's queefs with NotSanguine
[03:28:23] <NotSanguine> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:28:25] * exec literally pesters a uharc archive of pecan sandies with cmn32480
[03:43:43] <NotSanguine> If anyone is around, I just saved the MIcrosoft bribery story. I had to hack it up a bunch and would like opinions as to potential changes.
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[08:45:33] <janrinok> ~tell NotSanguine|Sleeping I tidied up the English from the Microsoft Bribery story - it was a Google translation. Other than the fact that it was spaced at 2.5 hours, it's good. Nice to see you back on here :)
[09:07:47] <janrinok> NotSanguine|Sleeping, you're not sleeping, you are editing....
[09:08:54] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Actually, I'm not doing either. I'm prepping to unlock/root my phone and setting up an android platform dev VM.
[09:09:33] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Janrinok: Thank you for doing so. It's good to be back.
[09:10:55] <janrinok> np!
[09:11:43] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Why I want to build Nougat myself, I'm not sure. But I got a bug up my ass about it yesterday, so here I am. Sigh.
[09:11:49] <janrinok> the site told me that the story I was editing was similar to the one that you were editing - I suspect you were just reading it
[09:12:02] <janrinok> what time is where you are?
[09:12:29] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> The ebook story. Yeah, I looked at it
[09:13:06] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Janrinok: at the tone, the time will be 0512 US/Eastern
[09:13:51] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Mostly Python books and buzzword crap as far as I could see
[09:14:53] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Janrinok: That assumes (perhaps incorrectly) that you IRC client generates a tone when a directed message comes in. Mine does.
[09:15:00] <janrinok> I use Python - I'm happy!
[09:15:41] * janrinok has turned his tone off - but he gets a flashing task bar
[09:16:15] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> It's all good. It wasn't the Python books I was denigrating. It was the rest of the crap. Finsec apps? Geez Louise!
[09:17:35] <janrinok> yep, the rest is crap, they don't give away their best books. I've just downloaded one book that is all of 74 pages long.
[09:17:56] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Then again, I'm more of an infrastructure guy than a dev guy.
[09:18:46] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> That said, I can write code. If you give me long enough (really long enough), I can even write *working* code. :)
[09:19:21] <janrinok> and the second book is 82 pages - I don't think that they are giving much away at all
[09:19:34] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Then again, I don't consider perl/bash/etc. to be coding.
[09:20:12] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> As my dad used to say, "What do you want for nothing, your money back?"
[09:20:47] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> It's just marketing hype to drive people to their site.
[09:23:17] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> janrinok: If you really want the good stuff, you either need to pony up the simoleans. Or quid in your case? Are you in the UK?
[09:28:35] <janrinok> I'm a Brit living in France
[09:28:54] <janrinok> sorry - I was distracted by my other box then
[09:32:00] <janrinok> got to go and do some rl things
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[09:32:22] <janrinok_afk> NotSanguine|Sleeping, get some sleep!
[09:32:24] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Have a lovely day, janrinok.
[09:32:38] <janrinok_afk> thanks you too, when it finally becomes day!
[09:32:41] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> I plan on it.
[09:32:57] <NotSanguine|Sleeping> Tschuss!
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[18:01:22] <janrinok> welcome back Bytram
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