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[01:37:20] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: I'm on it...just pushedout a story
[01:40:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~blame
[01:40:12] * exec points at Bytram
[01:40:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh, wait
[01:40:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~credit
[01:40:25] <Bytram> #smake TheMightyBuzzard
[01:40:25] * MrPlow smakes TheMightyBuzzard upside the head with a limp biscuit
[01:40:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> nope
[01:40:39] <Bytram> ~debit
[01:41:09] * TheMightyBuzzard debs it
[01:41:41] <Bytram> lol
[01:42:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> real deb too. none of this fake, chinese, knockoff deb
[01:43:33] <Bytram> yep, demand *real* deb, none of that *imaginary* stuff!
[01:43:44] <Bytram> otherwise, things might get complex!
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[14:46:48] <janrinok> Is nobody 2nd stories this weekend apart from me?
[14:47:51] <cmn32480> i did a bunch yesterdya
[14:48:02] <cmn32480> but I left after we talked.. adn came back this morning
[14:48:14] <cmn32480> have been playing the finances and resume game all morning
[14:48:29] <janrinok> well mine from Saturday still haven't been done
[14:48:35] * cmn32480 goes to look at the site
[14:49:46] <cmn32480> you sure you aren't looking at a cached version of the page?
[14:50:09] <janrinok> I stand corrected - apologies
[14:50:39] * cmn32480 quickly changes the timestamp on the seconds
[14:50:46] <janrinok> lol
[14:51:35] <janrinok> I won't be around much last week of Oct and first week of Nov - S in a home and I am on enforced rest
[14:52:07] <cmn32480> okie dokie
[14:52:21] * cmn32480 eats his Weaties to prep
[14:52:35] <janrinok> having brekkie again?
[14:52:52] <cmn32480> nah... just coffee++ for me
[14:53:22] * cmn32480 hopes for breaking news jsut to goof with Bytram|away's full day
[14:53:56] <janrinok> a bit of judicious time adjustments will make room for 1 story in the middle :)
[14:54:14] <cmn32480> we wouldn't do that, would we?
[14:54:41] <janrinok> how did the soccer go?
[14:54:42] * cmn32480 checks for 3 hour gaps
[14:54:54] <cmn32480> the girl played [retty well
[14:55:10] <cmn32480> scored 5 goals in 3 on 3 U5
[14:55:22] <janrinok> brilliant
[14:55:26] <cmn32480> so based on that, she is trying out for the World Cup team next week
[14:56:00] <janrinok> she could be captain of England at that scoring rate - although that isn't anything to call an achievement
[14:56:27] <cmn32480> at age 4? I think that is somethign resume worthy
[14:56:46] <janrinok> agreed, but being captain of England isn't
[14:56:52] * cmn32480 notes that it'd be the only line on her resume... and she'd need help writing it in crayon
[14:58:44] <cmn32480> is this a scheduled enforced rest? or are you pushing too hard again
[15:00:45] <janrinok> a bit of both, but it has been scheduled for 4 months. However, the doc seems to think that I need the rest no matter how I feel.
[15:01:10] <cmn32480> I tend to agree w/ the doc.
[15:01:17] <janrinok> so this way I get to spend several hours a day driving to and from the home to see S :)
[15:01:31] <cmn32480> Audio books!
[15:02:07] <cmn32480> I can recommend a really good pod cast called Hardcore History
[15:02:35] <janrinok> I don't have a portable player or a radio in the car
[15:02:49] <cmn32480> tape deck?
[15:03:11] <cmn32480> no radio in the car?
[15:03:11] <janrinok> nope - we try to keep conversation going
[15:03:27] <cmn32480> the French... 300 miles and 300 years away
[15:03:34] <janrinok> I don't often drive any appreciable distance without S
[15:03:52] <janrinok> Oh, everyone else has one, but we have chosen not to
[15:04:07] <cmn32480> just a hole in the dash, huh?
[15:04:23] <janrinok> yup, but it is handy for storing things in
[15:04:36] <cmn32480> like a radio...
[15:04:45] <cmn32480> and no smart phone'
[15:04:54] <cmn32480> of course
[15:05:07] <janrinok> got a GPS that talks to me in any one of a dozen languages
[15:05:37] <cmn32480> stored in the radio hole
[15:05:55] <janrinok> nope - somebody would steal it. It is hidden from view
[15:06:14] <cmn32480> the GPS may have an SD Card slot and play MP3's
[15:06:36] <janrinok> If I take out the SD card, it is no longer a GPS ....
[15:06:48] <cmn32480> <facepalm>
[15:07:07] <cmn32480> and no extra room on the card no doubt
[15:07:29] <janrinok> loads of room. I've only got all of Europe and Russia on there
[15:07:50] <janrinok> and as Russia covers 12 time zones, that is a fair chunk I suppose
[15:08:44] <cmn32480> well... if yer interested, let me know, I can get you the files, total is 1.1GB
[15:09:26] <cmn32480> comes from dancarlin.com
[15:09:34] <janrinok> I've got a lifetime subscription to mapping and updates for the whole world, I just don't see us driving that far any more.
[15:09:38] * cmn32480 pokes exec
[15:09:52] <cmn32480> ~title on
[15:09:53] <janrinok> but thanks for the offer.
[15:09:53] <exec> titles enabled for 10#editorial
[15:10:38] * cmn32480 didn't realize that russia covered 12 time zones...
[15:10:46] <cmn32480> I thought it was 8 or 9
[15:12:13] <janrinok> all the way across - including claimed island dependancies
[15:12:30] <janrinok> on a scale of 1 to 10 it is F big
[15:12:30] <cmn32480> ahhh
[15:13:14] <cmn32480> looks like they go from +1 to -11
[15:13:19] <cmn32480> I sit corrected!
[15:13:23] <janrinok> we got that subscription free because I was paid to work there for 3 years by our Government
[15:13:57] <cmn32480> does that one come with an "Avoid Ghetto" setting?
[15:15:39] <janrinok> travel east from Moscow and you have little choice. The cities are relatively modern, but in between can be wild and remote
[15:15:56] <janrinok> you have to go where the road takes you
[15:16:17] <cmn32480> "Nnext Gas 300km" type stuff?
[15:17:16] <janrinok> pretty much, and then you arrive and find that that particular garage has not had a resupply for a couple of weeks, but if you hang around he will try to arrange one within the next 10 days...
[15:18:36] <janrinok> many towns and villages still don't have electric power, only 1 telephone connection, and since the end of communism it isn't cost effective to drive out there from the cities to deliver goods...
[15:18:42] <cmn32480> sounds like a grand place to go
[15:18:49] <janrinok> it was an experience
[15:19:07] <janrinok> yet the famous big cities have billions spent on them
[15:19:38] <cmn32480> quite the dichotomy
[15:20:03] <cmn32480> di-cot-o-me
[15:20:08] <cmn32480> I know I spelled that wrong
[15:20:11] <janrinok> I suppose it must be similar in parts of the US. Get a night view and look for lit up areas. Nope, nope and n... Oh there's one!
[15:20:34] <cmn32480> good point
[15:20:38] <janrinok> correct spelling first time - you must have mistyped what you were thinking :)
[15:20:46] <cmn32480> NOrth Korea is much the same... except you just get nope
[15:20:54] <janrinok> and a lot more nope
[15:21:10] <cmn32480> for the "people who ate each other" artice
[15:21:26] <cmn32480> is the dept. line of "kids-are-like-veal" too mean?
[15:21:55] <janrinok> Ah that's near Bristol UK - they are probably still doing it
[15:22:25] <janrinok> perhaps I exaggerate a little
[15:22:32] <cmn32480> but not much?
[15:22:58] <janrinok> I'm going to have to go, smells of nice cooking coming from the kitchen. It is time I went and spoiled whatever I am trying to make
[15:23:30] <janrinok> be back on here in a few hours
[15:23:45] <cmn32480> ok
[15:23:46] <janrinok> have a quiet Sunday!
[15:23:48] <cmn32480> have a good dinner
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[15:24:00] <cmn32480> I'm gonna go change the break s on the car
[15:24:09] <janrinok_afk> sounds like fun
[15:24:21] <cmn32480> long as I remember not to cut the lines, we're good!
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