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[02:02:42] <Bytram|away> NotSanguine: Hi! cmn32480 explained things pretty well. I understand about real life intervening. No offense intended, there were some who had not even visited the site in, say, a year... had to draw the line somewhere on when to cull the privs. Is easily reversed, and $diety knows we can always use more editors!
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[02:05:04] <Bytram> NotSanguine: looks like your privs have already been restored... let any of us know if there are any issues.
[02:20:01] <NotSanguine> bytram: Hello yourself. No offense taken. I think it was a good idea, as you never know what might happen with inactive credentials. Yes, Buzzard took care of me this morning. So efficient (and Mighty, too :) ) that he is.
[02:20:39] <Deucalion> NotSanguine, we've been having a purge of permissions of late, too many dangling dingle-berries lying around unused and waiting to be abused. Call it house-keeping.
[02:22:14] <NotSanguine> BYtram: As to issues, I'm pretty concerned about a lack of reasoned discourse and civility that's been creeping in to our society. Also the lack of affordable gigabit fiber in my area. THere are other issues too, but I'll take them up with my shrink, unless you'd like to help out. :)
[02:24:42] <NotSanguine> Deucalion: I'm glad this was done. As an infosec/infrastructure guy by trade, I think it's important to make sure that crdential/authorization management is addressed on a regular basis.
[02:25:53] <NotSanguine> bytram: I'm hoping that I'll have time to start editing again in the next week or so.
[02:26:53] <NotSanguine> *is turning into a pumpkin, and doesn't like being orange
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[02:27:46] <Deucalion> NotSanguine, thank you for your understanding. Just shout when you're good to go for editing and as if by magic perms will be restored :)
[02:30:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> Deucalion, he said like a week or two, so i just went ahead and restored them.
[02:52:00] <takyon> do you want something NotSanguine-sleeping
[03:06:02] <takyon> you can also send me an email or SoylentNews direct message NotSanguine-sleeping
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[13:00:21] <NotSanguine> Takyon: Thanks for following up. I'm all set.
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