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[01:44:47] <takyon_> i notice we have 2 stories about to go out at the same time
[01:45:10] <takyon_> idk
[01:45:12] <takyon_> and you could probably remove breaking news from the NSA story since it's some hours older now
[01:47:32] <cmn32480> fixed
[02:06:33] <takyon_> i switched them to put the NSA story earlier
[02:06:52] <takyon_> i'll second these stories which aren;t mine
[02:13:07] <takyon_> the mylan story was posted days later
[02:13:30] <takyon_> bytram
[02:47:30] <takyon_> i'll just move it
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[12:14:09] * cmn32480 is sorry he has been such a slack ass lately
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[18:39:58] <janrinok> cmn32480, Bytram. everdred was making informal enquiries about editing yesterday. Its a long shot, but he might show some interest in the next few weeks.
[18:40:05] <janrinok> Bytram, ^^
[18:40:10] <Bytram> I see, thanks!
[18:40:24] <Bytram> I think I saw the convo in scrollback...
[18:40:35] * Bytram crosses fingers!!
[18:41:17] <janrinok> well, mustn't count our chickens and all that, but we could do with some new blood just so that we can take it a little easier
[18:41:41] <Bytram> my thoughts 'zactly
[18:42:22] <Bytram> only reason I got ed privs was I suggested it would be easier for me to fix typos if I could do it myself, instead of passing the word onto an ed in IRC. look what happened!
[18:44:02] <cmn32480> you've been regretting it ever since?
[18:47:25] <Bytram> that's why I keep coming back for more!
[18:47:49] <cmn32480> glutton for punishment
[18:48:11] <janrinok> and you are rapidly approaching our most prolific editor
[18:54:55] <Bytram> that would be YOU!
[18:55:44] <cmn32480> nuh uh
[18:55:45] <janrinok> at the rate you are going - and I appreciate that you are approaching your busy period - you will pass me before Christmas
[18:55:49] <cmn32480> I'm, in 3rd... firmly!
[18:56:17] * cmn32480 thiks about using janrinok's credentials to edit... thus transferring all the blame
[18:56:22] <janrinok> I've been ed'ing since we went live almost, you have achieved what you have in much less time
[18:57:46] * Bytram learned from the best!
[18:58:31] <Bytram> and is *still* learning!
[18:59:18] <janrinok> we all learn from each other
[18:59:27] <Bytram> true that
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