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[03:12:56] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram
[03:12:57] * exec scientifically postulates a dumpster of NCommander towards bytram
[03:13:22] * cmn32480 has had the ever living fuck beat outta him the last 3 days
[03:14:08] <NCommander> why was I in a dumpster?
[03:14:21] <cmn32480> 'cuz exec said so?
[03:14:38] <cmn32480> how goes NCommander
[03:14:59] <NCommander> Stressing out somewhat. I need to be on a train to DC in four hours
[03:15:08] <cmn32480> woof
[03:15:31] <cmn32480> I need to be on a plane back to Baltimore in 12
[03:18:39] <cmn32480> bytram - soory I been MIA... this west coast swing has been a real ass kicker
[03:19:47] * cmn32480 pokes the submission queue
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[21:05:29] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[21:05:30] <PC-Police> ^ 03Hiker's dramatic video of two snakes fighting reveals rare sight - CNET ( https://www.cnet.com )
[21:07:07] <Bytram> http://journals.plos.org
[21:07:15] <PC-Police> ^ 03PLOS ONE: Phylogeny of Courtship and Male-Male Combat Behavior in Snakes