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[12:25:37] <CoolHand> we're famous now! we made Ars comments!! w00t! :)
[15:51:20] <Subsentient> Muahahahaha, I, as an admin, would be able to grant myself unlimited subscription days... a value with lots of 9s....
[15:51:23] <Subsentient> MUAHAHAHAHA
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[17:48:32] <janrinok> Just out of interest - Arthur has found a possible 755 stories today. Don't let anyone say that they can't find stories. I think Buzz has been tweaking the rss feeds - for the better!
[17:49:12] <cmn32480> now sort the cruft!
[17:49:27] <janrinok> ... I'll have to write a program for that
[17:49:33] <janrinok> cmn32480, !!!
[17:49:42] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[17:49:44] * exec disturbingly pesters a D cup of Jesus' Cheeses with janrinok
[17:50:11] <janrinok> a D Cup of Jesus' Cheeses' - just what I wanted
[17:50:32] <cmn32480> glad I can help
[17:50:41] <janrinok> you still down south?
[17:51:15] <cmn32480> home for the moment
[17:51:30] <janrinok> just for the w/e or is there a hitch in the job?
[17:52:08] <cmn32480> just today and the w/e
[17:52:17] <cmn32480> leave Monday morning on the next job..
[17:52:20] <janrinok> enjoy!
[17:52:57] <cmn32480> whheeeeeee
[17:53:57] <janrinok> I've just noticed that I'm not getting the chat from when I am logged off. I wonder if my settings have changed?
[17:57:27] <janrinok> cmn, when do your kids go back to school?
[17:57:32] <cmn32480> you still show as liogged in when you are out
[17:58:21] <cmn32480> yesterday
[17:58:26] <janrinok> but isn't it meant to change to zz_janrinok or something, and then save the missed comments - it sure used to
[18:00:42] <cmn32480> yes.. it should.
[18:01:44] <janrinok> I've significantly reduced the size of Arthur and improved its processing of stories - I'm just updating some documentation and I'll push it out to everyone. Converted to Python3 - it is much faster now than it was
[18:02:47] <janrinok> ... still limited by the speed of downloads, of course, 755 stories is a lot of dns lookups and downloads relative to the actual processing time required.
[18:11:28] <janrinok> CoolHand, thanks for the 2nds
[18:18:52] <cmn32480> sorry,... got grabbed by one of t5he other techs
[18:19:00] <cmn32480> he didn't ewven buy me dinner first
[18:59:13] <janrinok> cmn32480, have a good w/e, and my best to J
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