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[02:17:50] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[02:17:54] <Bytram> k
[02:18:02] <Bytram> takyon: how's things?
[02:18:09] <takyon> alright
[02:18:20] <Bytram> have a good weekend?
[02:18:40] <takyon> pretty slow
[02:18:45] <takyon> cleaned a lot of mouse poop
[02:19:14] <Bytram> ugh. lotsa little shits, eh?
[02:19:19] <takyon> yeah
[02:20:38] <Bytram> did they at least do it all mostly in one place? or did you find little piles here and there?
[02:21:42] <Bytram> heh. What would you bid for a space station with only a few billion miles on it? http://www.theregister.co.uk
[02:21:43] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03NASA wants to sell International Space Station to private enterprise • The Register
[02:21:59] <takyon> i
[02:22:04] <takyon> am subbing that story right now
[02:22:08] <takyon> same site too
[02:22:10] <Bytram> kewel!
[02:22:20] <takyon> i'm looking for alt sources
[02:22:24] <Bytram> lemme know when u r ready and i'll be right on it
[02:22:27] <Bytram> k
[02:23:11] <takyon> http://www.spaceflightinsider.com
[02:23:13] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03NASA considers handing over ISS to a private company - SpaceFlight Insider
[02:23:20] <Bytram> clicky
[02:24:03] <Bytram> that one refers to techcrunch:
[02:24:06] <Bytram> https://techcrunch.com
[02:24:07] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03NASA hopes to hand the International Space Station to a commercial owner by mid 2020s | TechCrunch
[02:25:43] <takyon> I feel like I am in an alternate universe because I don't remember reading: https://soylentnews.org
[02:25:44] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03SN article:  Russia to Build New Space Station with NASA after ISS 04(18 comments)
[02:26:16] <Bytram> clickity clickity
[02:30:26] <Bytram> I *vaguely* recall reading it... a couple of the comments looked familiar
[02:34:43] <Bytram> this looks interesting: http://semiengineering.com
[02:34:44] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03Semiconductor Engineering .:. What Transistors Will Look Like At 5nm
[02:46:13] <takyon> that does sound cool
[02:46:15] <takyon> let me click on it
[02:46:23] <takyon> into the tab jungle
[02:47:51] <Bytram> was a bit "thick" for my background -- I'm more of a software guy -- but I had a couple courses in college, and have been following the general literature for years and years, so could follow along pretty well with the story.
[02:48:46] <Bytram> aweebolin aweebolin aweebolin aweebolin, the lion sleeps tonight,
[02:50:26] <Bytram> break time; biab
[02:59:11] <Bytram> back (and forth
[02:59:13] <Bytram> )
[03:02:53] <takyon> story is actually not so hard to understand
[03:02:54] <takyon> 5nm
[03:04:03] <Bytram> no, not terribly hard, if you are into that kind of tech -- some of our community may find it a bit more difficult, of course.
[03:46:51] <Bytram> https://bugs.launchpad.net
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[03:47:10] <Bytram|away> time for bed. laters, all.
[03:47:28] <takyon> night
[03:50:56] <Bytram|away> good workin with ya!!
[03:50:59] <Bytram|away> teamwork++
[03:50:59] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 112
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[12:16:09] <CoolHand> Bytram|away: fyi... the takyon story you put up on internal planet temperature - has an [extended] copy section that you didn't put in the extended copy - so I"m gonna fix all that up while 2nding..
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