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[02:40:02] * cmn32480 has to go get packed to be on a plane tomorrow morning...
[02:40:28] <cmn32480> sorry guys.... wish I coudl be of any kind of help tongiht. I'll try to get on from the airport tomorrow.
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[02:43:53] <Bytram> cmn32480: hey, you deserved to enjoy your vacation -- best wishes on the trip to Mexico!
[02:58:03] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: I'd like to make a slight change to the last sentence in your submittal:
[02:58:04] <Bytram> <p>Yeah, you knew I wouldn't let that kinda SJW nonsense slide without replying.</p>
[02:58:09] <Bytram> <p>Yeah, you knew I wouldn't let that kinda SJW nonsense slide without comment.</p>
[02:58:16] <Bytram> okay with you?
[02:58:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, sure
[02:58:25] <Bytram> k, thnks!
[02:59:50] <Bytram> trolls @ 1037 UTC
[03:02:53] <Bytram> oops. trolls @ 1219 UTC
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[07:15:34] <janrinok> ~tell cmn32480 n1 Bytram|away takyon CoolHand : 'We aim for around 70% technology and science stories with the remainder being a mix of content' - I don't think we are anywhere near hitting this on the current front page. I think we are slowly dropping our standards.
[07:25:55] <chromas> We need those clicks for the ad moneys
[07:26:04] <janrinok> lol
[07:26:10] <janrinok> hi chromas
[07:27:09] <chromas> hey janrinok. How's it editing?
[07:27:56] <janrinok> lonely - the other side of the pond are still sleeping and I'm just trying to keep the front page full for the day. How's things with you?
[07:30:30] <chromas> not bad here. on vacation, hangin' out with family, playing internet video games together
[07:31:01] <janrinok> sounds like a well-deserved rest!
[07:32:48] * chromas submits a heap o' trump and systemd stories
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[13:39:57] <Bytram> SirFinkus: hey there, you around? We've got a story coming up on F@H that was submitted by another member, and already approved to go live. I've augmented it considerably. Thought you might want to take a look at it afore it goes live.
[13:40:06] <Bytram> I'm putting the finishing touches on the story now.
[13:41:36] <Bytram> SirFinkus: here's a link to the story: https://soylentnews.org
[13:41:42] <DiversityInitiative> ^ 03Error
[13:41:50] <Bytram> lol
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[15:36:41] <Bytram> zz_janrinok: janrinok: thanks for keeping the story queue filled!!!!
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[16:07:44] <takyon> if too much politicrap is getting to the front page, just delete it and increase gaps to 3+ hours