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[10:58:14] <Bytram> cmn32480: many many thanks for filling in the story queue -- completely ran out of steam last night
[10:59:01] <Bytram> n1 takyon CoolHand You guys are the best -- so glad we have a team of editors or I'd have burnt out by now!
[10:59:04] <Bytram> teamwork++
[10:59:04] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 98
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[13:53:53] <Bytram> janrinok: !!
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[14:02:02] * Bytram waves a friendly greeting to janrinok and n1
[14:02:44] <n1> howdy, Bytram
[14:03:02] <Bytram> fyi: exec is not working atm
[14:06:40] * Bytram added a blockquote to the US Customs sotry
[14:07:59] <n1> might as well remove the first quote on that story
[14:08:09] <Bytram> I'm done with it... allyours
[14:09:32] <n1> that's an interesting story
[14:09:34] <janrinok> it seems that Arthur can still see the story, even though it is hidden behind the Google page. But as Arthur ignores JS and other similar crap, it just extracts the <p></p> containing the juicy bits :)
[14:09:53] <n1> nice
[14:10:43] <Bytram> hmmm, lynx ftw?
[14:10:58] <n1> that also perhaps says something about the quality of google's mechanism to make google docs private
[14:12:18] <janrinok> It's something I'll have to look into - no point in sub'ing stories that no-one else can see
[14:13:05] <janrinok> and there is too much graphics in the full story to justify trying to extract it ourselves for publication
[14:18:14] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:18:41] <Bytram> lynx did not work for me; wget brought down a 57 kb mix of css and js
[14:18:43] <Bytram> :/
[15:23:46] <janrinok> Bytram, I agree with n1, I think that 6MB of mem and 500MB of disk sounds a bit 1980s
[15:24:31] <Bytram> heh! I got an Atari 800 in 1981 -- paid extra for the 16 KB memory expansion, IIRC
[15:25:52] <Bytram> drawing a bliank for a dept on the Perdue chicken story
[15:25:59] <Bytram> feel free to fill in for me
[15:26:06] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[15:26:06] <Timmeh> ^ 03Error
[15:26:17] <Bytram> janrinok: btw... HI!!!!!!!
[15:27:01] <janrinok> Bytram, likewise \o/
[15:27:16] <Bytram> seems like I've been on a different schedule from yours for a while now...
[15:27:26] <Bytram> so good to see that you've had time and energy to jump in on occasion
[15:28:05] <janrinok> I'm not on as often as I was, or as often as I would like. S goes into a home on Wednesday for just over a week so that I can have some rest.
[15:29:06] <Bytram> {{{{ S }}}} {{{{ janrinok }}}}
[15:29:20] <Bytram> it'll be hard for you two to be apart, I'm sure
[15:29:27] <Bytram> will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers
[15:29:44] <janrinok> I'll go visit every other day, and thank you for your prayers
[15:30:50] <janrinok> I'm also rewriting Arthur - it seems that nobody was using it the way it was designed, so I'm making it more usable for parsing single stories - input a url and outpops a semi-processed story.
[15:31:01] <Bytram> words fail to express how much your relationship with S has given me hope that, maybe someday, I will find someone, too.
[15:31:54] <Bytram> nod nod
[15:31:58] <janrinok> you will but, like us, it will be when you least expect it
[15:32:09] <Bytram> would that entail writing additional templates -- one for each of the different sources?
[15:32:18] <Bytram> yes, I expect so
[15:32:57] <janrinok> well, yes and no. Stripping out everything apart from the encoding and the <p></p> goes a remarkably long way to providing a finished sub
[15:33:18] <Bytram> really? Impressive!
[15:33:42] <Bytram> my efforts at HTML scraping usually entail a bit more work, but then it might be a result of the sources that I have to deal with
[15:33:50] <janrinok> then you have to look at what is left and work on that - but it is a much smaller problem than a whole page of html, js, css and whatever
[15:34:23] <Bytram> that's for sure!
[15:34:37] <janrinok> most of the unwanted bits have para and div descriptions that give you clues to what to discard
[15:35:08] <Bytram> for quick and dirty, regexp's can often do a lot, but is ultimately destined to fail in the general case
[15:35:21] <janrinok> early days yet, but I am having reasonably good results so far
[15:35:24] <Bytram> janrinok_sleuth++
[15:35:24] <Bender> karma - janrinok_sleuth: 1
[15:36:27] <janrinok> I use XML and XPath - which is designed for finding and identifying bits the various bits of a structure. libxml accepts html and even cleans it up
[15:36:38] <Bytram> nice!
[15:37:39] <janrinok> I still have a few other ideas to try but I am optimistic. Plus I will keep all of the original functionality but have more options to make it do what the user wants.
[15:40:14] * Bytram is looking forward to seeing what you can come up with!
[15:40:40] <Bytram> wish there was more I could do to help -- never really coded in python :(
[15:41:15] <janrinok> I'm noticing that we are receiving, at least in my opinion, far more stories that have little to do with our original aim. Is it me or are you finding the same?
[15:42:01] <Bytram> I've noticed a trend
[15:42:03] <janrinok> some are just Fox News items that can be found anywhere and seem almost trollish in their content - as thought someone wants to start a troll discussion
[15:42:10] <Bytram> yep
[15:42:13] <Bytram> I try to avoid those
[15:42:44] <janrinok> I delete them, but then thought that perhaps there had been some discussion that we should expand a little. I take it that isn't the case
[15:42:46] <Bytram> though they do not garner much commentary or readership, I like to submit / post Astronomy articles
[15:42:57] <Bytram> nothing that I am aware of
[15:43:45] <janrinok> I fear that we have lost some of our original, highly qualified, experts from our community. They don't seem to comment any more.
[15:44:17] <Bytram> yes, true that, but I've noticed a few newcomers who are stepping up (/me misses BorisTheSpider)
[15:44:22] <janrinok> any news from ncommander?
[15:44:28] <Bytram> not in ages
[15:44:31] <Bytram> :(
[15:45:02] <janrinok> He doesn't even appear to be logged in here on IRC any more either.
[15:45:11] <Bytram> Huh?
[15:45:13] * Bytram looks
[15:45:27] <Bytram> bummer!
[15:45:46] <janrinok> Hexview shows who is logged in, and ncommander used to be zz_ncommander or actually here. no longer....
[15:45:47] <Bytram> I'd seen him comments on stories here and there
[15:45:54] <Bytram> can't remember hte last time I saw that, though
[15:46:11] <Bytram> yeah, I think he used his own 'bouncer'
[15:46:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> janrinok, SoyGuest46515 is him
[15:47:01] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, ah good news. Thanks for that!
[15:47:10] * TheMightyBuzzard tips hat
[15:47:31] <Bytram> YAY!
[15:47:36] <janrinok> very easy to get burn-out hre
[15:47:46] <Bytram> I've teetered on the edge a few times
[15:47:50] <janrinok> here though, so I'm not surprised that people turn over
[15:48:15] <janrinok> not surprised - you have posted over 1k stories while I've been slacking :)
[15:48:42] <Bytram> sometimes I feel and recognize it for what it is, and post somethying in IRC to that effect...
[15:49:10] <Bytram> other times, it's just self-preservation kicks in and I just take care of what needs doing and then come back in when I am able
[15:50:11] <janrinok> the doc has identified what has been happening. If I am working on my computer, say programming, I can stop and start whenever I want. But editing on here requires a commitment to work even when you don't really have the capacity.
[15:51:08] <janrinok> It leads to stress and additional work pressure, and becomes a vicious cycle. I can program all day as far as she is concerned. but have to limit my editing to a specific amount of time each day (averaged out over several days)
[15:51:45] <Bytram> yep, I know what you mean about the pressure...
[15:51:54] <Bytram> I've found it helpful to remember this is a *community*
[15:52:06] <janrinok> So I have to manage myself better. And when the queues dry up - well, tough luck.
[15:52:09] <Bytram> I do as I can, and try and provide room for others to get up to speed and find their niche
[15:52:19] <Bytram> that way, it's not all on any one person's shoulders
[15:52:42] <Bytram> and, so far, I don't recall a time when the site has run out of stories for more than a couple hours
[15:53:26] <Bytram> if there were a FF and/or PM addon which would curate the story submitting process, I think that would go a long way to help.
[15:54:08] <Bytram> "Commoditize your complement" -- IOW make it as easy as possible for the 'other stuff' to get done, so as to maximize the oppotunity for discussion
[15:54:29] <Bytram> there was a great "Joel On Software" article about that years ago.
[15:55:58] <janrinok> sry - but other duties call :) biab. ciao!
[15:57:31] <Bytram> and I'll sooon be heading off to work
[15:57:36] <Bytram> enjoyed chatting with ya!
[15:57:40] <Bytram> give my best to S
[15:59:19] <Bytram> afk; biab
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[20:15:26] <GungnirSniper> Howdy y'all. The StartCom story has a dead link at the end of the blockquote: Let's Start to Encrypt now.
[20:15:58] <GungnirSniper> Looks like it should go to: https://startssl.com
[20:15:59] <Timmeh> ^ 03StartSSLâ„¢ Certificates Public Key Infrastructure
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[23:54:20] <Bytram|away> GungnirSniper: huh? I'll take a look.... thanks for bringing it up!
[23:54:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> GungnirSniper, cheers. fixed.
[23:55:27] <GungnirSniper> Thank you gentlemen!
[23:55:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> eds are slow. always talk to a dev if you want something fast. even hybrid dev/eds get slowed down by adding the /eds as you just saw
[23:55:58] * TheMightyBuzzard pokes Bytram|away
[23:56:24] <Bytram|away> #smake TheMightyBuzzard
[23:56:30] <Bytram|away> ;)
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[23:57:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake Bytram|away
[23:57:07] * MrPlow smakes Bytram|away upside the head with a pair of juggs
[23:57:11] * Bytram|away is a bit under the weather and took a very rare unscheduled day off from work. was napping when you posted your request to IRC
[23:57:35] <Bytram> I thought Juggs changed his nick? <wink>
[23:57:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> indeed. we're having to use the real thing now.
[23:58:31] <Bytram> nod nod
[23:58:53] <Bytram> btw, while you are here, please take a look at: https://soylentnews.org
[23:58:54] <Timmeh> ^ 03Error
[23:59:03] <Bytram> can you think of a dept line for it?
[23:59:34] * Bytram is not that thrilled with the one the submitter suggested, and is drawing a blank at coming up with an alternative