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[01:46:50] <cmn32480> zz_janrinok, when you get there - patent it and then licesne it to the ad blockers. You'll make millions
[01:48:53] <cmn32480> coolhand - any special reason that the CO2 to stone story is marked as non-display?
[01:55:01] <cmn32480> coolhand - I pushed it out 24 hours, just in case
[03:44:24] <CoolHand> cmn32480: no not that I know of.. I usually go non display to make sure I have my time right.. so I might have gotten distracted and forgot to go back in and display
[03:50:59] <Bytram> CoolHand: !!
[03:53:55] <Bytram> http://www.wits.ac.za
[03:53:57] <Cripple> ^ 032016-06 - Wits University
[03:53:58] <Bytram> http://dx.doi.org
[03:54:36] <Cripple> ^ 03Optical communication beyond orbital angular momentum : Scientific Reports ( http://www.nature.com )
[03:54:53] <Bytram> ^^^ "Light is information's new friend: 100x increase in amount of information 'packed into light'"
[04:04:21] <Bytram|away> ~gnight #Soylent
[04:04:23] * exec hideously scissors a recycle bin of shit-on-a-stick for #Soylent
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[15:47:15] <New-York-City> 14Yağ Yağmur, Yağ ki UsLansın Gurur..
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[17:24:08] <janrinok> takyon, you got that breaking regarding terror attack in Florida?
[17:52:07] <takyon> im in jan
[17:52:13] <takyon> janrinok
[17:52:21] <takyon> i will post and hit not display so you can look
[17:53:32] <takyon> edit made
[17:53:35] <takyon> janrinok respond
[17:54:08] <takyon> m8 plz
[17:54:15] <janrinok> k - sry back on here now
[17:54:28] <janrinok> I got no initial response - sry
[17:55:23] <janrinok> mine is already out
[17:55:58] <takyon> well its out much later
[17:56:01] <takyon> and mine has more
[17:56:10] <janrinok> k - I'll release yours
[17:56:19] <takyon> I notice we both removed the Ramadan comment
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[17:56:37] <takyon> I put a disclaimer in mine to warn users to check the orig sub for censorship
[17:56:48] <janrinok> done
[17:56:56] <janrinok> yours is released
[17:57:22] <takyon> whitehouse.gov link should include a live strem from president
[17:57:27] <takyon> not sure cause i didn't allow scripts
[17:57:30] <janrinok> I see that n1 is also releasing something similar
[17:57:35] <takyon> n1
[17:57:43] <n1> yo
[17:57:56] <n1> i just saw the news, then checked the queues
[17:58:03] <n1> saw you're already on it
[17:58:14] <janrinok> well that's 3 of us on the ball then!
[17:58:43] <takyon> moved release time up 2 minutes
[17:58:52] <takyon> since the President will talk at 2:00
[17:59:09] <janrinok> suggest you change 9/11 to police - we don't all use that same number for emergencies
[17:59:35] <janrinok> 9/11 to me is the towers attack
[18:00:04] <takyon> I'll change it to "911"
[18:01:47] <janrinok> 911 (Police) - we don't all use that number
[18:02:01] <janrinok> here its 114 or 999
[18:02:11] <takyon> 911 was literally called
[18:02:14] <takyon> since it is Orlando
[18:02:20] <takyon> literal truths, man
[18:02:28] <janrinok> yes but best to explain to our non-US readers :)
[18:02:47] <janrinok> I'm sure most will understand anyway
[18:02:55] <takyon> edited
[18:04:36] <n1> not to be an ass or anything but is the term "executed by police" the appropriate one?
[18:06:14] <takyon> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[18:06:22] <takyon> not too bad, not sure
[18:06:27] <takyon> busy writing a comment first
[18:10:20] <n1> to me executed has an implication of surrender first
[18:16:13] <takyon> edited some more
[18:16:32] <takyon> changed to "killed" since wonkey_monkey slobbered all over it
[18:18:55] <janrinok> I must admit killed sounds better than executed - the latter indicating killing someone after he had been arrested or had surrendered, on this side of the pond
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[18:29:35] <takyon> i think I did all the edits i needed to make. i;ll be back later
[18:30:11] <janrinok> k - good response!]
[18:30:17] <janrinok> cu l8r
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[18:57:50] <janrinok> hi nick
[18:59:11] <n1> howdy
[18:59:33] <janrinok> I'm almost at the end of my day, how's your day been?
[19:00:12] <n1> usual sunday, lunch with elements of family, but of work this afternoon
[19:00:16] <n1> lost my wallet
[19:00:27] <janrinok> ouch - cards and cash?
[19:00:38] <n1> it's ok, it was found and i got it back
[19:00:58] <janrinok> that was lucky - glad it worked out for you though
[19:01:48] <n1> only cards in it, but i lost it yesterday afternoon and didn't notice until this afternoon
[19:02:05] <n1> fell out of my pocket when i left a shop and got into the car
[19:02:16] <n1> luckily i parked right out front so it got found and not taken
[19:02:43] <janrinok> glad it is all OK
[19:02:48] <n1> me too!
[19:02:53] <n1> was a panicked couple hours
[19:15:46] <janrinok> time to go - Bye all
[19:17:01] <janrinok> !userid
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[23:58:18] <takyon_> bytram, looks like you messed up the hex color code in the dept line of the latest story
[23:59:06] <takyon_> maybe not though