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[00:24:11] * Deucalion looks in
[00:32:24] <takyon> hi
[00:33:00] <Deucalion> hi takyon, how goes it?
[00:33:08] <takyon> good
[00:33:12] <takyon> I threw a few subs in
[00:33:27] <takyon> just watched some "Latinos for Trump" thing on CBSN
[00:35:06] * Deucalion looks blank /me is ignoring all US vote stuff now. I'm in the UK... trying to keep up with the latest melo-drama tit for tat would be suicide for a vote I can have no influence on
[00:35:32] <takyon> because you're not the mayor of London
[00:39:10] <Deucalion> I hardly paid attention to that also.... no vote there either. Didn't Boris get ousted and Sadiq Khan (sp) get instated? Then wiggy made some off the cuff sweeping remarks about muslims that rocked the apple cart? Pfft... I've been too busy trying to make rent, I need to let this drama slide by of late.
[02:21:59] <Bytram> whereto? http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:22:01] <Schwifty> ^ 03Overwatch continues to take over everyone's life, sells 7 million copies - CNET ( http://www.cnet.com )
[02:22:08] * Bytram waves a friendly greeting to Deucalion
[02:22:22] * Bytram wonders what 'overwatch' is
[02:24:09] <Bytram> ahh, a "team-based shooter" game by blizzard
[02:35:43] * Bytram waves a friendly greeting and a word of thanks for the submissions to takyon
[02:41:58] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[02:42:00] <Schwifty> ^ 03Oracle to sue cloud sales 'whistleblower' for 'malicious prosecution' • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[02:42:41] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[02:42:42] <Schwifty> ^ 03Ex-Oracle employee accuses company of accounting chicanery
[02:43:31] <Bytram> hmmm
[02:43:32] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[02:43:33] <Schwifty> ^ 03North Korea ballistic missile explodes on launch fourth straight time | Ars Technica
[02:49:03] <Bytram> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[02:49:03] <Schwifty> ^✓ 03Oracle pulled made-up cloud figures out of its SaaS – whistleblower • The Register
[03:11:35] <Bytram> fun!
[03:11:37] <Bytram> https://www.sciencedaily.com
[03:38:08] <Bytram> whereto http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:38:09] <Schwifty> ^ 03This horrifying synthetic dog could revolutionise vet training - CNET ( http://www.cnet.com )
[03:48:53] <Bytram|away> ~gnight #editorial
[03:48:55] * exec illegitimately cracks open some stock footage of herpes for #editorial
[06:59:40] <FatPhil> The thing that annoys me about the brexit poll is that the rules seem to have specifically set up to prevent me from voting. I've just been out of the country long enough to no longer have a say (15 years).
[07:24:16] <FatPhil> THe best way to follow UK news is to watch "Have I got (a bit more) news for you", I find.
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[11:39:57] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: !!
[12:04:31] <Bytram> coming soon to a country near you? http://go.theregister.com
[12:04:33] <Schwifty> ^ 03Home Office is creating mega database by stitching together ALL its gov records • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[12:04:59] <Bytram> thankfully, that would NEVER happen in the USA. :/
[14:04:28] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
[14:04:49] * Bytram waves to janrinok
[14:05:10] <janrinok> ~gday Bytram
[14:05:13] * exec slowly reticulates an anvil of gimlet for Bytram
[14:05:19] <Bytram> ~gday janrinok
[14:05:21] * exec inadequately gives a safespace of feminists to janrinok
[14:05:27] * Bytram is glad that was a slow reticulation!
[14:05:40] <janrinok> Bytram, post faster, I've already 2nd'ed your stories so far :)
[14:05:41] <Bytram> howz thingz?
[14:05:49] <Bytram> let's trade places!
[14:05:52] <Bytram> ;)
[14:06:23] <janrinok> Not bad, had an appt with the doc yesterday, she is happy with my progress, and S is doing OK considering...
[14:07:21] <Bytram> good for *you*, and well, I hear ya. :/
[14:07:45] <janrinok> Other than that, weather is rubbish for June, keeping myself busy with essential tasks around the home, and looking forward to the weekend
[14:07:49] <Bytram> is best to look on the bright side of things, but somedays it's harder than others
[14:07:52] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:07:56] <Bytram> ~weather boston
[14:07:58] <exec> 10Boston, MA, USA - currently 61°F, cloudy, wind SE at 8 mph, humidity 86% - Friday cloudy (61°F:69°F), Saturday partly cloudy (61°F:74°F), Sunday rain (61°F:66°F), Monday mostly sunny (62°F:79°F)
[14:08:03] <Bytram> ~weather portland, me
[14:08:05] <exec> 10Portland, ME, USA - currently 60°F, cloudy, wind SE at 8 mph, humidity 85% - Friday cloudy (53°F:65°F), Saturday mostly cloudy (55°F:74°F), Sunday rain (55°F:63°F), Monday scattered showers (56°F:75°F)
[14:08:07] <Bytram> ~weather presque isle
[14:08:10] <exec> 10Presque Isle, ME, USA - currently 56°F, cloudy, wind S at 13 mph, humidity 85% - Friday cloudy (52°F:66°F), Saturday partly cloudy (49°F:72°F), Sunday cloudy (51°F:73°F), Monday rain (51°F:65°F)
[14:08:12] <janrinok> ~weather st brieuc
[14:08:14] <exec> 10Saint-Brieuc, France - currently 58°F / 14°C, cloudy, wind N at 11 mph, humidity 80% - Friday partly cloudy (49°F:58°F / 9°C:14°C), Saturday partly cloudy (50°F:66°F / 10°C:19°C), Sunday partly cloudy (52°F:70°F / 11°C:21°C), Monday scattered showers (54°F:72°F / 12°C:22°C)
[14:08:35] <Bytram> janrinok: suggest you 'split the fdifference' on those forecasts ;)
[14:09:03] <Bytram> not that much difference between us, weather-wise.
[14:09:06] <janrinok> 'K, looks pretty similar
[14:09:10] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:09:20] <janrinok> but it is June - it should be much better
[14:09:32] <Bytram> yep
[14:09:47] <janrinok> sub queue is looking sad for the start of a weekend
[14:09:48] <Bytram> started off with gorgeous weather here last w/e, and it's been going downhill ever since.
[14:10:07] <janrinok> much like myself - I've been going downhill for years
[14:10:24] <Bytram> lol
[14:10:33] * Bytram looks in the mirror and then looks away
[14:16:07] <janrinok> r u working this w/e?
[14:16:11] * Bytram just fixed a bad tag
[14:17:01] <Bytram> prior to yesterday, I worked 13 out of 14 days. had yesterday & today off; then back at it tomorrow through the w/e and on til wed
[14:17:27] <janrinok> damn, they get their pound of flesh from you, don't they?
[14:17:46] <Bytram> nah, they've gone metric... now it's a whole kilogram!
[14:18:03] <Bytram> ok, another story is out
[14:18:17] <Bytram> thanks for the 2nds, btw!
[14:18:57] <janrinok> np - stay safe
[14:19:19] <Bytram> sounds like a plan.
[14:19:55] <Bytram> I got quite a whack upside the head in the comments to the RMS / grsecurity story.
[14:20:24] <Bytram> seems like I manage that every few hundred stories. :(
[14:21:03] <janrinok> I noticed - but I wouldn't lose sleep and, I suspect, neither will you :)
[14:21:26] <Bytram> could well be more often than that, but if I didn't grow a thicker skin here by now, I'd be done for!
[14:21:46] <janrinok> 'zactly
[14:49:57] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[15:11:57] <FatPhil> ~weather tallinn
[15:11:59] <exec> 10Tallinn, Estonia - currently 75°F / 24°C, mostly sunny, wind W at 16 mph, humidity 44% - Friday partly cloudy (53°F:74°F / 12°C:23°C), Saturday mostly sunny (49°F:65°F / 9°C:18°C), Sunday mostly sunny (47°F:58°F / 8°C:14°C), Monday partly cloudy (46°F:61°F / 8°C:16°C)
[16:07:21] <Bytram> http://rss.computerworld.com
[16:07:22] <Schwifty> ^ 03Windows PC makers hang customers out to dry with flawed crapware updaters | Computerworld ( http://www.computerworld.com )
[16:08:59] <Bytram> https://sndb.it
[16:09:13] <Bytram> http://sndb.it
[16:15:30] <chromas> ~title https://sndb.it
[16:16:10] * Bytram got a msg from my mobile provider saying I'd used 75% of my allocation for the month... for more details go there.
[16:16:43] * Bytram wonders why in the world they use a non-descript url instead of something hanging off *their* network
[16:16:51] <Bytram> :/
[16:17:19] <Bytram> timing is right, but it LOOKS rather fishy.
[16:17:25] * chromas tries connecting but can't
[16:17:55] <Bytram> do a whois on the domain... get a load of the address
[16:18:18] <chromas> mail is handled by mail.soundbite.com
[16:18:20] <Bytram> Trojan House, Top Floor, 34 Arcadia Avenue
[16:18:20] <Bytram> London
[16:18:30] <Bytram> O_o
[16:19:04] <Bytram> ** Trojan ** House !!?!! Really?
[16:19:06] <chromas> Genesys Mobile Marketing
[16:19:26] <Bytram> where'd you get that from?
[16:19:35] <chromas> soundbite.com
[16:19:58] * Bytram had never heard of that site... what is it?
[16:20:22] * Bytram tries a whois on it and comes up empty
[16:20:28] <chromas> Looks like they handle your carrier's web stuff or something
[16:20:44] <Bytram> strange!
[16:21:19] <Bytram> adding to the fun, the url they provided was the 'http' and NOT the 'https' one.
[16:21:26] <chromas> "Genesys is the global omnichannel customer experience and contact center solution leader."
[16:22:20] <Bytram> swell.
[16:22:29] <chromas> oh yeah. I hadn't tried the plain http one
[16:22:40] <chromas> "Data Overage Protection"
[16:22:49] <chromas> "We've got your Back! U.S. Cellular® will automatically send you text alerts to help you keep track of your data usage during the month."
[16:22:58] <chromas> it redirects to http://usccdop.mobimobi.com
[16:22:59] <Schwifty> ^ 03Data Overage Protection - Data Overage
[16:23:10] <Bytram> yep, that's what I got, too.
[16:23:23] <chromas> Ah. Figured you were trying to avoid opening it
[16:23:42] <Bytram> I am.... I've crafted some tools over the years
[16:23:50] <chromas> hehe
[16:23:56] <Bytram> just pulled another tool out of my toolbox
[16:24:14] <Bytram> a script that follows urls and reports the final url desfination
[16:25:05] <Bytram> whois usccdop.mobimobi.com reported: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."
[16:25:05] <chromas> need that for the bots :D
[16:25:20] <Bytram> yeah, I got it from working with monopoly
[16:25:23] <Bytram> IIRC
[16:25:54] <Bytram> we were running into the same issue at the same time and while he coded up a solution for the bot, I wrote one for my own use
[16:26:27] <chromas> for whois usccdop.mobimobi.co I get: No match for "USCCDOP.MOBIMOBI.COM".
[16:27:16] <Bytram> so, I backed down one level and tried: mobimobi.com
[16:27:17] <chromas> Looks like I missed the "m" while pasting it to here (but not to whois)
[16:27:25] <Bytram> nod nod
[16:28:13] <Bytram> whois: mobimobi.com reported: Registrant Name: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.
[16:28:13] <chromas> I get "Connect: Connection refused" after all the info
[16:28:43] <Bytram> yep, you got the 'prettified' msg first, and then what the real error was, would be my guess.
[16:28:45] <chromas> Mine doesn't give that line
[16:28:57] <Bytram> an ideqa.... brb
[16:28:59] <chromas> "Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC"
[16:29:42] <Bytram> http://www.ping.eu
[16:29:43] <Schwifty> ^ 03Online Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup, WHOIS, Port check, Reverse lookup, Proxy checker, Bandwidth meter, Network calculator, Network mask calculator, Country by IP, Unit converter
[16:30:28] <Bytram> http://whois.domaintools.com
[16:30:29] <Schwifty> ^ 03Whois Lookup, Domain Availability IP Search - DomainTools
[16:33:32] <Bytram> okay, getting out the larger gun: https://www.robtex.net
[16:33:33] <Schwifty> ^ 03Robtex
[16:35:05] <Bytram> https://www.robtex.net
[16:35:06] <Schwifty> ^ 03sndb.it
[16:36:54] <janrinok_afk> Bytram, the address that you have is pure fairy tale - but you probably know that!
[16:37:38] <Bytram> yep, just having a romp down the rabbit hole; I'll mention you if I meet Alice, okay?
[16:37:50] <janrinok_afk> sounds good :)
[16:37:52] <chromas> They sent that link knowing full well you'd use up the other 25% of your allotment trying to figure it out
[16:37:58] <Bytram> and gathering data for when I talk to my mobile provider, too. =)
[16:38:04] <Bytram> chromas: LOL!!!!!!
[16:38:27] <Bytram> is the last day of my billing period, was wondering how close I was getting.
[16:40:14] <Bytram> gotta end the procrastination -- time to do some laundry, lunch, etc. I shall return
[16:40:22] <Bytram> and many thanks for the sleuthing -- really helped!!!!
[16:40:50] <Bytram> oh, and deposit a check, too.
[16:41:04] <Bytram> guess I should just sign off for a while. will check in later.
[20:38:59] janrinok_afk is now known as zz_janrinok_afk
[22:43:44] <takyon> Bytram!
[22:44:22] <Bytram> takyon: !!
[22:44:31] <takyon> how ya doing
[22:44:49] <Bytram> much better , now. just rose from a nap.
[22:45:10] <Bytram> are you working the windows 10 story/ I see that you were in it, so stayed away
[22:45:17] <Bytram> s#/#?#
[22:45:17] <sedctl> <Bytram> are you working the windows 10 story? I see that you were in it, so stayed away
[22:45:29] <takyon> no, I subbed it, and just clicked on it to look at something
[22:45:52] <Bytram> k, I'll take a look at it.
[22:46:13] <Bytram> also, i subbed, the story: "Scraping" Web Pages, but it seems no one is taking it... any idea why? (I can't/shouldn't push my own story)
[22:46:23] <takyon> the content could be a little inflammatory. I've tried to keep it neutral by putting in a disclaimer in both the headline and summary
[22:46:26] <takyon> I'll look
[22:46:31] <Bytram> much obliged
[22:46:37] <Bytram> btw, how are YOU doing?
[22:46:46] <takyon> it's kind of meta, for starters
[22:47:08] <takyon> pretty good. I feel good. I feel caffeinated.
[22:47:11] <Bytram> meta... you, or the scraping story?
[22:47:11] <Bytram> =)
[22:47:18] <takyon> ayyy
[22:47:30] <Bytram> LOL!
[22:47:30] <Bytram> coffee++
[22:47:30] <Bytram> tea++
[22:47:30] <Bender> karma - coffee: 54
[22:47:30] <Bender> karma - tea: 23
[22:47:57] <takyon> also I feel like there is someone who could already answer your question
[22:48:07] <takyon> like the maker of Arthur
[22:48:11] <takyon> which would be... janrinok?
[22:48:21] <Bytram> have already asked that Arthur Author
[22:48:27] <takyon> cmn32480 was handed the keys to Arthur but seemed to have some trouble with it
[22:48:29] <Bytram> is custom code for each site
[22:48:36] <takyon> that's the problem innit
[22:48:51] <Bytram> I can't imagine that Google, Bing, etc have a custom chunk of code for all the 'net
[22:49:02] <Bytram> so, there's gotta be an easier way...
[22:49:05] <takyon> Google can leverage some big resources to create "syntatic web" shite using machine learning
[22:49:12] <Bytram> and if someone has done it, then it might be avail for us
[22:49:33] <Bytram> yeah, and yahoo, ms, too.
[22:49:39] <takyon> whereas peons need to code a template for every site. which isn't necessarily difficult if you crowdsource the effort and pick off maybe the 10,000 most common news sites
[22:49:43] <Bytram> but do you have to be a HUGE player in order to do this?
[22:49:49] <takyon> the problems emerge when those news sites start changing shit
[22:50:07] <Bytram> yep, I'm no newbie when it comes to scraping
[22:50:11] <takyon> ok
[22:50:16] <takyon> well I'll publish the story
[22:50:35] <Bytram> but the custom stuff I've done, well, as you put it... brittle
[22:51:16] <Bytram> maybe there's a python lib out there which does 90% of the heavy lifting in scraping off the navigation boilerplate.
[22:51:20] * Bytram is thinking out loud
[22:51:25] <takyon> I wish I could do all that shit in javascript
[22:51:39] <takyon> too bad there are security restrictions in all the browsers that neuter most of the cool stuff
[22:51:52] <Bytram> back-in-the-day, there was a huge bunch of stuff on CPAN; but it seems python is the thing today.
[22:52:11] <Bytram> well, maybe there is a middle ground?
[22:52:16] <Bytram> hold on a moment
[22:52:48] <Bytram> starting here: http://logs.sylnt.us
[22:52:49] <Schwifty> ^ 03#rss-bot | Logs
[22:53:02] <Bytram> there are logs for each day's #rss-bot feed
[22:53:13] <Bytram> e.g. http://logs.sylnt.us
[22:53:14] <Schwifty> ^ 03#rss-bot | Logs for 2016-06-03
[22:53:55] <Bytram> if there were a way to multi-pane things (Iframe, maybe)
[22:54:12] <Bytram> with the rss-list at top; click a linky and have it fill a diferent panel
[22:54:21] <Bytram> allow search/sort on the rss-list pane
[22:55:05] <Bytram> hide/show to find all those stories pertaining to *foo*
[22:55:05] <Bytram> kind of a story IDE
[22:55:06] <Bytram> in the other sub pane, could have a submit story window
[22:56:08] <Bytram> I'm thinknig top, full-width pane for rss list; bottom, left-hand-side pane for display of a clicked rss list item; and a bottom right-hand pain for story submission
[22:56:08] <takyon> sounds like something
[22:56:31] <takyon> actually I could probably make that, except...
[22:56:47] <Bytram> I've got some html/js for column sorting and for hide/show
[22:56:48] <takyon> I doubt the submission process could be automated much
[22:56:55] <takyon> however,
[22:57:19] <takyon> scraping the story text could be hard.... but some RSS feeds INCLUDE THE FULL TEXT OF THE STORY
[22:57:40] <takyon> kinda case-by-case, but definitely ideal if you can identify them
[22:58:05] <takyon> to test, find some online rss-to-js thing, make sure the setting to show story contents is selected, and test some .RSS URLs
[22:58:05] <Bytram> hmmm, instead of doing the scraping locally, submit the URL to a process that scrapes the story and returns it for display in the llh (Lower Left-Hand) pane?
[22:58:26] <Bytram> I've not seen such a thing :(
[22:58:35] <takyon> and then, ignoring whatever you just said, you can scrape all the data needed (headline, text) in order to fill out the submission form
[22:58:37] <Bytram> only rss stuff I've done is here on this site
[22:58:37] <takyon> ummm
[22:59:00] <Bytram> maybe using XMLHttpRequest ??
[22:59:10] <takyon> no
[22:59:12] <takyon> https://feed2js.org
[22:59:13] <Schwifty> ^ 03So What is "Feed to JavaScript"?
[22:59:17] <takyon> I used shit like this in middle school
[23:00:45] <Bytram> when I was in middle school, there wasn't even an internet
[23:00:45] <Bytram> and the high school had just obtained a minicomputer with 24kb and dialup 110baud access over an acoustical-coupled phone line using an ASR-35 teletype
[23:00:46] <Bytram> that's 24KB of memory, total, for the whole system
[23:00:50] <Bytram> andit was multi user
[23:01:08] <Bytram> things have changed just a bit, since then
[23:01:21] <takyon> cough
[23:02:12] <takyon> anyway, something like that allows you to build a link to an external script that will display the RSS feed
[23:02:20] <Bytram> hmmm, feed2js looks interesting... seems s/he tried to shut it down at one point...
[23:02:25] <Bytram> good thing that:
[23:02:25] <Bytram> Run Your Own Version
[23:02:25] <Bytram> If you host your own web site and can download, configure, and install a few PHP files, then you are welcome to set up your own instance of Feed2JS. Check out the details on the github code site.
[23:02:39] <takyon> similar things by google or whatever allow you to do it more dynamically
[23:02:46] <takyon> I'm not sure what is the last one I've used
[23:03:38] <Bytram> hrm,, was that rss-reader or feedly or somesuch?
[23:03:48] <takyon> m8 im looking
[23:04:21] <Bytram> thanks!
[23:04:56] <takyon> https://github.com
[23:04:57] <Schwifty> ^ 03GitHub - sdepold/jquery-rss: An easy-to-use rss plugin for jquery with templating.
[23:05:33] * Bytram clicks
[23:05:46] <takyon> particularly important to me were the callback functions that were included
[23:06:29] <takyon> "body: the complete content of the post" is relevant for scraping any story text that would be included in the RSS feed
[23:06:30] <Bytram> am looking at the Win 10 story; title is a bit, umm,, click-baity but not sure of better phrasing off-hand that conveys the *potential* problem, but makes clear it is hypothetical, so far
[23:06:42] <takyon> I gave it the best title I could come up with
[23:06:51] <Bytram> hmm
[23:06:53] <takyon> If you think you can do better, be my guest. Or bin it
[23:07:44] <Bytram> Anti-Poacher Fears Windows 10 Update Could Imperil Staff
[23:07:44] <Bytram> story is good -- I want to run it.
[23:07:51] <Bytram> afk brb
[23:24:28] <Bytram> back