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[02:14:39] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: gotcha... I'm off thursday 9after 6 days in a row), and have a buncha errands to take care of, but I'll try and keep the queue stuffed
[02:15:11] <cmn32480> bytram - queue is good to about 9am tomorro
[02:15:13] <cmn32480> w
[02:15:21] <Bytram> lol
[02:15:39] <Bytram> yeah, I went to save a story and saw you had one drop in 1 minute aheda of me!
[02:15:46] <Bytram> *ahead
[02:15:53] <Bytram> hope the trip goes well!
[02:15:57] <cmn32480> i'm awesome... what can i say
[02:16:07] <Bytram> not enough, apparently!
[02:16:07] <cmn32480> so far so good
[02:16:14] <Bytram> =)
[02:16:23] <Bytram> good to 'see' you, my friend.
[02:16:40] <Bytram> I dunno what it is, but we seem to see the world in much the same way
[02:16:49] <Bytram> at it looks that way from myend of things
[02:16:58] <Bytram> ugh
[02:17:05] <Bytram> at least it looks that way from my end of things
[02:17:13] * Bytram needs a new set of hands
[02:17:32] <cmn32480> it is rather scary, ain't it?
[02:17:37] * Bytram has been getting his spelling lessons from the awesome cmn32480!!
[02:17:45] <cmn32480> but the guy oin this end is fading VERY fast
[02:17:55] <cmn32480> janrinok has been attending class too
[02:18:04] <Bytram> nah, why stop at only ONE copy of genious!
[02:18:14] <cmn32480> exactly
[02:18:18] * Bytram is fading, too
[02:18:48] * cmn32480 was up at 3am to catch a 620am flight
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[02:18:58] <cmn32480> the day has been rather lengthy
[02:19:02] <Bytram> too tired to make up a proper dinner; just had 3 english muffins and it won't be long before bedtime rolls along
[02:19:03] <cmn32480> WOO HOO!
[02:19:14] <Bytram> yeah? what have you been up to?
[02:19:16] <cmn32480> English Muffins are yummy
[02:19:21] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:19:36] <cmn32480> flight... customer visit for a project that is likely to be rather massive
[02:19:43] <cmn32480> dinner w/ a vendor
[02:19:51] <cmn32480> at a pretty good cuban restaurant
[02:20:00] <cmn32480> now SN stuff
[02:20:18] <Bytram> if I had more time AND energy, I might try sprinkling some brown sugar and cinnamon on just-barely-crunch toasted endglish muffins
[02:20:20] <cmn32480> answering email
[02:20:32] <Bytram> yep, sure sounds busy to me!
[02:20:32] <cmn32480> I hear you brother
[02:21:01] <Bytram> and then, to knock myself out, maybe a drizzle of maple syrup over the whole concoction
[02:21:27] <cmn32480> nice
[02:21:33] <Bytram> I really appreciate your stepping up the past few days here...
[02:21:38] <cmn32480> sounds like breakfast
[02:21:47] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[02:21:47] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 93
[02:21:57] <Bytram> I'd been maxed out on the home and work front and hated to leave the burden on you guys, but just had to rearrange priorities for a few days
[02:21:59] <cmn32480> your schedule sucks at least as bad as min
[02:22:04] <Bytram> teamwork++
[02:22:04] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 94
[02:22:14] <Bytram> yeah, just got home from work at 9:53pm
[02:22:20] <cmn32480> we all have it happen
[02:22:24] <Bytram> have thurs off.
[02:22:26] <cmn32480> likely I won't be here tomorrow at all
[02:22:43] <cmn32480> wake up.. custoemr visit... plane
[02:22:47] <cmn32480> home
[02:22:50] <Bytram> am back at it Fri Am @ 10:30
[02:22:50] <cmn32480> zzzzzzzz
[02:23:09] <cmn32480> as scheduled. my flight lands at 12:30am friday morning
[02:23:14] <Bytram> long days and short nights -- not a lotta fun there, that's for sure.
[02:23:17] <cmn32480> and work starts at 8am...
[02:23:22] <Bytram> ugh.
[02:23:24] <cmn32480> I MIGHT be late
[02:23:39] <Bytram> maybe if they had some donuts waiting for you there?
[02:23:48] <cmn32480> no
[02:23:52] <cmn32480> cash?
[02:23:54] <cmn32480> probably
[02:24:07] <Bytram> we all have our price
[02:24:15] <cmn32480> yes
[02:24:22] <Bytram> cash can buy donuts, I'll grant you that!
[02:24:28] <Bytram> and other things, too.
[02:24:29] <cmn32480> mine comes in the form of money that does NOT go "Clink"
[02:24:46] <Bytram> all the easier to get blown awa, eh>?
[02:25:20] <cmn32480> exactly
[02:25:54] <Bytram> folding money does have advantages, though. Much easier carrying $100 around in a single bill, than in 400 quarters!
[02:26:49] <Bytram> in pennies, that would 31.1 kg or about 70+ pounds
[02:27:14] <Bytram> well, I won't keep ya up. get thee to bed and some sleep, ya hear?
[02:27:19] <cmn32480> you too
[02:27:28] <Bytram> nod, nod, nodding off!
[02:27:31] <cmn32480> the site will still be here in the morning
[02:27:34] <cmn32480> amen
[02:27:43] <Bytram> give my best to J and the kids.
[02:28:00] <cmn32480> I'll let them know when I see them on Friday
[02:28:05] <Bytram> k
[02:28:09] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:28:10] <cmn32480> sweet dreams Bytram
[02:28:12] * exec figuratively slides a blerg of pascal to cmn32480
[02:28:15] <Bytram> mare see
[02:28:16] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:28:18] * exec fanatically imagines an assfull of tumbleweeds with bytram
[02:28:32] <Bytram> hmmm, tie?
[02:28:39] <cmn32480> yes
[02:28:54] <Bytram> tho, them tumbleweeds DO sound a might pit 'uncomfortable'
[02:28:57] <Bytram> ;)
[02:29:07] <Bytram> laters
[02:29:13] <cmn32480> yes
[02:29:16] <cmn32480> gngiht
[02:38:46] <Bytram|away> zz_janrinok: I see you've been busy lately subbing stories and 2nd others, too... good to see you back! I hope this is a sign of things going well in your part of the world!
[02:43:21] <Bytram|away> http://www.bbc.co.uk
[02:43:23] <bass2mouth> ^ 03US nuclear force 'still uses floppy disks' - BBC News ( http://www.bbc.co.uk )
[02:43:52] <Bytram|away> g'night everyone!
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[14:20:11] <janrinok> Bytram|away, are you around?
[14:22:03] <janrinok> cmn32480, are you online?
[14:26:41] <Bytram|away> janrinok: hola! bon jour!
[14:26:55] <janrinok> ~gday Bytram
[14:26:57] * exec accidentally refactors a heap of eye boogers for Bytram
[14:27:08] <Bytram> oh, good. Nice to see YOU, too!
[14:27:13] <Bytram> ;)
[14:27:18] <Bytram> how ya been?
[14:27:24] <janrinok> I'm not sure about the Hulk Hogan story - do you want to convince me?
[14:27:32] <Bytram> I see you tagged the Hulk story to be NOT display.
[14:27:41] <Bytram> what are your concerns?
[14:27:44] <janrinok> I'm getting better but have be told to start slowly
[14:28:03] <Bytram> okay... g o v e r y s l o w l y !
[14:28:06] <Bytram> =)
[14:28:26] <janrinok> what is our interest. It looks to me (a European) to be a gay/sex tape story. Why would our readers want to see that?
[14:28:51] <Bytram> good question. We carried the story earlier (links are in the story) and
[14:29:07] <Bytram> we had two different soylentils submit the story, so it seems to be of interest
[14:29:08] <Bytram> and
[14:29:19] <Bytram> there is the link to PayPal
[14:29:21] <janrinok> If we go looking for stories where someone in the tech world is involved in a high-profile sleaze story, where do we stop?
[14:29:39] <Bytram> good question.
[14:29:58] <Bytram> one of the things that caught *my* interest
[14:30:18] <Bytram> was that Thiel, having billions of dollars was able to maniipulate the justice system to seek revenge
[14:30:34] <Bytram> from one of the links, IIRC, rather than take a settlement
[14:30:46] <Bytram> he pushed to have the decisoin not permit payment
[14:30:52] <janrinok> But that can be used in many cases to justify a story - the fact that he made his billions in tech is irrelevant
[14:30:52] <Bytram> by an insuranvce company
[14:31:17] <Bytram> so, it meant that Gawker would have to pony up the payment itself, and
[14:31:22] <Bytram> they don't have htat kind of money
[14:31:31] <Bytram> in essence he pushed and manipulated things
[14:31:38] <Bytram> to see that Gawker got destroyed
[14:31:47] <Bytram> it may be 'yellow-journalism' but
[14:31:55] <Bytram> that is a 'press' of some form, no?
[14:32:00] <Bytram> what if someone did the same to us?
[14:32:02] <Bytram> over
[14:32:49] <janrinok> If the manipulation of the justice system is the story, then why isn't that mentioned at all in the story that we are pushing out? It seems the only interest - the way it is currently written - is that it is a sex tape, and that someone outed a homosexual several years back.
[14:33:21] <Bytram> 'cause my brain farted? Was all I could do to keep track of merging the stories
[14:33:34] <Bytram> and it's still somewhat early AM here.
[14:33:36] <Bytram> coffee++
[14:33:36] <Bender> karma - coffee: 53
[14:33:47] <janrinok> He might be much higher profile in the US, but over here this is not getting any coverage and seems just like a tabloid story
[14:34:08] <Bytram> Hulk Hogan was very popular in the US
[14:34:13] <janrinok> Not criticising you personally - you know that, I hope
[14:34:33] <Bytram> professional wrestling, such as it is, he was one of the leading figures
[14:34:33] <Bytram> understood, and
[14:34:48] <janrinok> he was popular here - but the only relevance is that he made a sex tape with his wife - so what?
[14:35:05] <Bytram> I'm not terribly in favor of the story, but I'm trying to be dispassoinate about it and reply to your ecxcellent quesiotns
[14:35:31] <Bytram> and gawker published it without permission, made a boatload of money at it, and HH sued
[14:35:38] <janrinok> I've delayed it by a few hours and will try to fill the gap while we get others' opinion
[14:36:47] <janrinok> If you think it should go then we can change it back to display - I'm just very uncomfortable with it
[14:37:16] <Bytram> then Thiel saw a chance to get back at G by helping finance HH's legal fees
[14:37:16] <Bytram> much obligd
[14:37:16] <Bytram> *obliged.
[14:37:17] <Bytram> You still have your quick wit and excellent intellect! Fun discussing this with you!
[14:38:01] <janrinok> sorry - not the way to start our first chat in months! How are things anyway - you guys have done a brilliant job. Hope you are not too pissed with me posting again :)
[14:38:26] <Bytram> to be quite frank, I'm not terribly excited about it; it could definitely do with some more introductory framing aqs to how there ismore to it than just a interest.prurient
[14:38:54] <Bytram> as you can see from my typing, I'm doing grate!
[14:39:00] <Bytram> =)
[14:39:15] <janrinok> I've been told to do no more than 30 minutes a day on here until the doc is happy I'm not spreading myself too thinly again
[14:39:39] <janrinok> that tends to be about 1 story a day at present
[14:39:57] <Bytram> first day off after 6-in-a-row
[14:39:57] <Bytram> can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to seeing you poking in once in a while to 2nd some stories and then to push out a few, too.
[14:39:58] * Bytram gets out the spatula
[14:40:07] <janrinok> I can chat on IRC but have to be careful how much I spend on the site proper
[14:40:14] <Bytram> was a sign to me that you were on the mend and that things on the home front had settled down a bit.
[14:40:16] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:40:30] <Bytram> seems to be a vanishingly small difference, but whatever
[14:40:48] <Bytram> best to follow doctor's orders.
[14:40:53] <Bytram> janrinok++
[14:40:53] <Bender> karma - janrinok: 39
[14:41:00] <Bytram> how's S?
[14:41:04] <janrinok> S had an appointment at the hospital yesterday - they are going to change her treatment to something that we all hope will be more effective.
[14:41:25] <Bytram> I am so hopeful that it helps!
[14:41:33] <janrinok> But she is deteriorating slowly (as expected) and requires more help as time passes
[14:41:49] <Bytram> {{{ S }}} {{{{ janrinok }}}}
[14:41:59] * Bytram is saddened
[14:42:10] <Bytram> otoh, she is so very fortunate to have you with her
[14:42:26] <Bytram> she could not have asked for a better person to be with her during this time
[14:42:37] <janrinok> she has partial use of only her right hand, and when your mind is sharp but your body refuses to play it is very debilitating
[14:42:50] <Bytram> agreed.
[14:43:09] <janrinok> thx, our lifestyle has changed somewhat over the last 6 months.
[14:43:10] <Bytram> to keep a very long story short, I had an experience in my late teens that drove that home for me
[14:43:35] <janrinok> how's the lappy performing for you?
[14:43:53] <Bytram> was visiting a nursing home. lots of old people. and one guy in his early 20's. Had a motorcyle accident. quadraplegic. But mind was still sharp. Scared the crap out of me if that had ever happened to me.
[14:44:08] <Bytram> trapped within.
[14:44:14] <Bytram> lappy is great!
[14:44:23] <janrinok> yep - although it is much later in life for us, but the effect is similar
[14:44:24] <Bytram> had one BSOD a week or so ago, but fine since.
[14:44:37] <janrinok> Win or Linux?
[14:44:54] <Bytram> we are fortunate, though, with all the adaptations that have been created for assisting the disabled; voice to text, etc.
[14:44:56] <Bytram> win
[14:45:13] <Bytram> I have Ubuntu running in a virtualbox vm
[14:45:42] <Bytram> never got cut-n-paste to work between it and windows, though. also cannot seem to see a virtual disk which IO created to share files back and forth
[14:45:57] <janrinok> we are having a ceiling rail and winch fitted to help move S from bed to chair, but it will be a few months before it is up and running I guess
[14:46:03] <Bytram> still, it allows me to play with the site's soruce and that's all that matters at this point.
[14:46:13] <Bytram> that would be a big help
[14:47:01] <Bytram> pardon the discription, but there is something called an 'engine hoist'which mechanics use to lift and remove engines from cars. is on wheels and has a hydrolic lifting arm. would that help?
[14:47:02] <janrinok> I think that you will find that it is just one setting for virtual disks - I'll see if I can recall which one it is. Which virtual env are you using?
[14:47:11] <Bytram> virtual box
[14:47:27] <Bytram> hold on
[14:47:53] <janrinok> We've got a hydraulic lift now, but it takes valuable floor space in a relatively small bedroom, which has to be situated on the ground floor by necessity
[14:47:56] <Bytram> vboxadditions_5.0.0_101573
[14:48:05] <Bytram> ahhh. nod nod
[14:48:29] <Bytram> when I reboot the VM, it gives me an error about being unable to mount(?) the vdisk.
[14:49:05] <janrinok> ah, that is a slightly different problem, but I will see if I can drag something out of the grey matter :)
[14:49:30] <janrinok> how many drives in the lappy, just the 1?
[14:49:58] <Bytram> tell ya what, I *really* appreciate the offer, but at this point it can wait. We have the first nice day here in a very long while. I'm hoping to get out for a few hours today to enjoy it before I go back to work tomorrow.. can I take a rain check?
[14:49:59] <Bytram> jsut hte 1
[14:50:17] <janrinok> I see you have been taking typing lessons from cmn!
[14:50:39] <Bytram> from mnc? you teb!
[14:50:39] <janrinok> have a good one, and stay safe. Very good to chat to you again
[14:51:07] <Bytram> same here ... just chatting with you today really boosted MY spirits!
[14:51:32] <janrinok> ditto - I'll try to catch you at a more convenient time. Take care
[14:52:15] <Bytram> will do. thanks for the discussion on the story. I *do* appreciate your concerns and I think it rightly needs some further work before it goes live. let's see what the others have to say.
[14:52:40] <Bytram> au revoir!
[14:52:46] <Bytram> afk
[14:52:46] <janrinok> I'm just enjoying a thunderstorm here - so go an make the most of the good weather.
[14:52:54] <janrinok> ~gbye Bytram
[14:53:12] <janrinok> ~gday Bytram
[14:53:14] * exec explicitly piles a chest of bling blong on Bytram
[15:32:28] <Bytram> ok gtg; have a gr8 day everyone!
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[19:30:26] <takyon_> I'm amused at the notes you put on the hulk hogan story
[19:30:39] <takyon_> I can't wait to read the backscroll
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[20:51:36] <cmn32480> ~gday knuckleheads
[20:51:38] * exec spontaneously flings an array of glass at knuckleheads
[21:18:00] <takyon> I think the Thiel/Hogan story should be published
[21:18:14] <takyon> it's at least as relevant as the story we posted the first time around, when Hogan won the suit
[21:18:16] <cmn32480> if only for the gawker angle
[21:18:32] <takyon> I think I clearly defined the relevance with the inclusion of Peter Thiel in my version of the summary
[21:18:46] <takyon> since it's one of my submissions, obviously I'm not going to mess around with it
[21:19:12] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[21:19:13] <cmn32480> yours and gewg_'s
[21:19:13] <Schwifty> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:0)
[21:19:18] <cmn32480> I think
[21:20:20] <takyon> also I rushed in a sub about Google v. Oracle. the story was breaking news when I subbed it, not so much now I gues
[21:21:26] <cmn32480> haven't looked at the sub queue yet.
[21:21:38] <cmn32480> am sitting in the airport and jsut got off the phone.
[21:21:57] <takyon> right
[21:25:01] <cmn32480> I hate shitty airport wifi
[21:25:09] <cmn32480> even when it is free
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