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[00:40:51] <Bytram> cmn32480: just noticed you were in the Rift DRM story; backed out
[00:41:07] <cmn32480> I swa you were in and back ed out
[00:41:09] <Bytram> india high temp
[00:41:44] <cmn32480> I'll do the Rift story
[00:41:58] <Bytram> nod nod
[00:43:20] <takyon_> i have gazed into the rift
[00:43:24] <takyon_> and it has gazed back into me
[00:45:40] <Deucalion> did you gaze too long?
[00:45:59] <cmn32480> Rift at 08:12
[00:47:14] <Bytram> cmn32480: nod nod
[00:47:41] <Bytram> do me a favor, if you would? does this autostart a pdf for you? http://www.imd.gov.in
[00:47:42] <cmn32480> WTF is gewg_ doing? 3 ro 4 times this week he's dumped the same story in twice
[00:47:44] <systemd> ^ 03IMD - All India Weather Warning Bulletin ( http://www.imd.gov.in )
[00:47:53] <Bytram> duplicitous
[00:48:10] <cmn32480> ys
[00:48:13] <cmn32480> yes
[00:48:15] <Bytram> tkx
[00:48:19] <Bytram> thjanks
[00:48:22] <Deucalion> Maybe he automated something and got it wrong
[00:48:34] <cmn32480> different article...
[00:48:39] <cmn32480> same topic
[00:49:18] <Bytram> I get a new web page loaded, and then a prompt of what I want to do with "allindiasevere.pdf"
[00:49:26] <Bytram> oh, got it.
[00:49:35] <takyon_> some of the gweg subs are corrections
[00:49:44] <takyon_> so merge em
[00:49:48] <Bytram> yeh, he's been known to do that.
[00:49:54] <takyon_> ive done it
[00:50:58] <Bytram> butr, ISTR you put something in the title or story indicating it's updatd
[00:51:32] <takyon_> it becomes onbvuous upun checkinh the usb\\\sybmission
[00:52:25] <Bytram> india at 09:55
[00:52:44] <cmn32480> facebook censor
[00:53:01] <Bytram> goes up in smoke?
[00:53:13] <Bytram> or is that too oblique a pun?
[00:53:16] <takyon_> is that the story about conservatives meeting w/ zuck
[00:53:26] <cmn32480> I think it is rather one sided
[00:54:24] <cmn32480> and it seems tobe more of an opinion piece as opposed to what is actually happening with it
[00:54:36] <cmn32480> yes takyon_
[00:54:58] <Bytram> there is often a bit of a slant in his subs
[00:55:17] <cmn32480> slant is one thing
[00:55:30] <cmn32480> vertical is different
[00:55:54] <Bytram> yeah, it means you are looking at it wrong! ;)
[00:57:54] <cmn32480> I vote to ditch the opinion piece on facebook
[00:58:50] <cmn32480> in the mean time I will work the suing the us gov't
[00:59:18] <Bytram> i'll look at it in a bit; catching up on 2nds
[00:59:21] <takyon_> good luck with your lawsuit
[01:05:29] <Bytram> cmn32480: yeah, I'm not at all keen on the FB story... bin it?
[01:05:42] <cmn32480> yes
[01:05:47] <Bytram> k
[01:05:59] <Bytram> Bzzzzt sapped
[01:06:03] <Bytram> zapped
[01:06:08] <Bytram> gtg
[01:15:08] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[01:15:10] * exec accidentally vomits a buzzfeed listicle of unicorns on bytram
[01:17:39] <takyon_> ill check things out later
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[01:23:12] <Bytram> back
[01:23:24] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[01:23:26] * exec buttmagically irritates a pair of tubgirl with cmn32480
[01:23:46] <cmn32480> thoguht you were going to bed bytram
[01:23:50] * Bytram thinks he got the better of that one
[01:23:54] <Bytram> no, had to take a call
[01:24:01] <cmn32480> ahhhhhhh
[01:24:01] <Bytram> and dinner should be ready soon
[01:26:22] <Bytram> brb
[01:26:45] <Bytram> cmn32480: hope you are not in much pain... I squirm just thinking aboutit.
[01:26:56] <cmn32480> nah... sore
[01:27:00] <cmn32480> not in pain.
[01:27:05] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:27:09] <Bytram> good to hear
[01:27:26] <Bytram> prolly should stick to boxers for a couple days, at least
[01:27:41] <cmn32480> kinda that lingering uncomfortable feeling that happens after you take a shot to the nuts
[01:27:52] <cmn32480> opposite actually...
[01:28:07] <cmn32480> they want you in somethign that will keep things from flopping around
[01:28:23] <cmn32480> bicycle shorts... tighty whities....
[01:28:32] <cmn32480> keeps the stiches from getting pulled...
[01:28:44] <cmn32480> and helps keep swelling down
[01:29:15] <Bytram> that makes sense
[01:29:23] * Bytram cringes
[01:29:29] <cmn32480> it ain't so bad
[01:29:32] <cmn32480> at this point
[01:29:34] <Bytram> you're a better man than I
[01:29:39] <cmn32480> I'll takethe narcotic before bed
[01:30:39] <Bytram> that took some major Cojones
[01:30:50] <Bytram> yeah, sleep does wonders to help whatever ails ya
[01:31:01] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org
[01:31:02] <systemd> ^ 03Wiki: Cojones
[01:31:43] <cmn32480> it is far moe common than you tink
[01:32:22] * Bytram imagines being the doc who does this regularly... I imagine one can get used to it, but... geesh!
[01:32:36] <cmn32480> I was his second one today
[01:32:42] <cmn32480> yesterday he said he did 5
[01:33:49] * Bytram gulps
[01:34:24] <cmn32480> also said that LOTS of guys just miss it
[01:34:32] <Bytram> ??
[01:34:39] <Bytram> 'miss it' ??
[01:34:58] <Bytram> wish they had not had it done?
[01:48:17] <cmn32480> sorry
[01:48:24] <cmn32480> got called upstaris to kiss kids goodnight..
[01:48:31] <cmn32480> stairs took a little more time than usual
[01:48:38] <Bytram> OUCH!
[01:48:39] <cmn32480> lots of guys just miss the appointment
[01:48:49] <Bytram> oh, yeah... 'miss'
[01:48:51] <Bytram> got it.
[01:49:38] <Bytram> you're a good dad... they're very fortunate to have you!
[01:50:10] <cmn32480> I'm good, because I don't wnat any more?
[01:50:23] <cmn32480> lol
[01:50:33] <Bytram> in a way, yes! Yourecognize that having more would take away from what you could offer to your existing ones
[01:51:00] <Bytram> so, rather than cut that short, you tooks steps to ensure that you *could* take care of them!
[01:51:09] <cmn32480> you said "cut"
[01:51:19] <Bytram> <groan> so sorry!
[01:51:21] <cmn32480> and there was no shortening happening
[01:51:26] <Bytram> that was puerly accidental!!!!!!!!!
[01:51:43] <cmn32480> I made sure to confirm with the doc that is was a vasectomy not a circumcision
[01:52:02] <Bytram> that was a VERY good idea
[01:53:27] <Bytram> totally changing the subject, but do you use to play a midi file on win 7 ?
[01:54:30] <cmn32480> midi still exists as a format?
[01:55:41] <cmn32480> prolly Windows Media pLayer as the default... or Winamp... or maybe VLC?
[01:59:04] <cmn32480> I'm done
[01:59:12] <Bytram> vlc didn't know what to do with it
[01:59:23] <Bytram> I'll try the others, later
[01:59:32] <Bytram> cmn32480: have a good night. sleep well!
[01:59:34] <cmn32480> I've had enough for one day
[01:59:38] <cmn32480> ~gngiht bytram
[01:59:46] <Bytram> maybe for two or three days, even
[01:59:50] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[01:59:52] * exec cromulently ships an overflowing treasure chest of cocaine with bytram
[01:59:59] <cmn32480> whoa
[02:00:04] <cmn32480> that was unexpected
[02:00:09] <Bytram> yeh, thanks, but no thanks.
[02:00:30] <cmn32480> yeah really... I'll pass too
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[02:00:51] <cmn32480> #smake exec
[02:00:51] * MrPlow smakes exec upside the head with an ugly stick
[02:01:30] <cmn32480> all right enough for me
[02:01:36] <cmn32480> sweet dreams bytram
[02:01:43] <Bytram> ciao for now!
[02:03:11] <Bytram> I should prolly do the same
[02:03:14] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:03:17] * exec readily connects a fat32 volume of rupees to cmn32480
[02:03:35] <Bytram> rupee woopee!
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[14:13:26] <cmn32480> !woop
[14:13:26] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[14:13:35] <cmn32480> zz_janrinok posted a story!
[14:14:06] * cmn32480 does as much of a happy dance as his bruised midsection will allow
[16:16:50] <takyon> ~eds
[16:16:51] <exec> editor ping for takyon: janrinok LaminatorX n1 nick martyb Bytram Azrael mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away NotSanguine
[16:16:52] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[16:16:53] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  If you Click on the Red “X”, You’re Getting the Windows 10 Upgrade 04(5 comments) ( https://soylentnews.org )
[16:16:58] <takyon> wrong nexus due to story merge possible
[16:17:06] <takyon> be back later
[16:17:10] <takyon> much later
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[18:25:53] <nick> janrinok!
[18:26:11] <janrinok> nick!!!
[18:26:22] <nick> how are you good sir?
[18:27:44] <janrinok> I'm not bad. Had guests recently but the home has returned to peace and quiet again
[18:27:49] <janrinok> and you?
[18:28:24] <nick> exceptionally busy but ok i think, has been a mostly positive week
[18:28:40] <janrinok> not moved to south america yet then?
[18:28:42] <cmn32480> nick !!
[18:29:24] <nick> trying to get a little closer every day
[18:29:31] <nick> cmn32480 !!
[18:29:50] <cmn32480> how goes my friend?
[18:30:21] <nick> it goes ok, too busy to have time to think which is not always a bad thing
[18:30:45] <cmn32480> lucky
[18:30:49] <nick> things ok for your jet-setting self?
[18:30:54] <cmn32480> this weekend all i got time to do is think
[18:31:17] <cmn32480> had to go to the vet yesterday to make sure I can't have any more kids... but other than that
[18:31:43] <nick> that why you're not being whipped into DIY/home repairs by the mrs?
[18:32:24] <cmn32480> yep
[18:32:51] <cmn32480> I'm hanging on the couch... Computer and xbox... with the occasional bag of peas on my tender bits
[18:32:59] <nick> i was hoping to have a reasonable weekend playing my new guitar, but it is yet to be dispatched apparently
[18:33:49] <janrinok> has the swelling from your daughter's affectionate punch subsided yet?
[18:34:18] <cmn32480> yes... the pain from that has subsided
[18:34:28] <cmn32480> it was NOT a fun experience
[18:34:37] <janrinok> no, I'll bet not....
[18:34:43] <janrinok> ... made me smile though!
[18:34:45] <nick> now you just have to be sure not to sneeze
[18:35:15] <cmn32480> I'm so glad my discomfort makes you smile
[18:35:25] <cmn32480> nick... most definetly
[18:35:26] <janrinok> you'll do anything to make us laugh
[18:35:44] <cmn32480> ummmmm..... no
[18:35:57] <cmn32480> trust me... this was not done to make you all laugh
[18:36:09] <cmn32480> though it has apparently had that as a side effect
[18:36:14] <janrinok> well, it had that effect, so I feel that we should thank you...#
[18:36:29] <nick> cmn32480 <3
[18:36:40] * cmn32480 is so glad his family jewls are a source of entertainment
[18:37:15] <cmn32480> nick - if I had an icecream cone, I can't guarantee that it woulnd't end up being used to keep the swelling down
[18:37:24] <nick> that's what i thought
[18:37:31] <nick> seemed fitting for the circumstance
[18:37:43] <cmn32480> lol
[18:37:50] <janrinok> with sprinkles?
[18:38:01] <cmn32480> bag of frozen corn/peas works good
[18:38:11] <cmn32480> definetly no chocolate sauce
[18:38:16] <janrinok> lol
[18:39:04] <cmn32480> in alll honesty, the worst part was the lead up to the actual surgery
[18:39:19] <cmn32480> there was a certain amount of fear
[18:39:39] <nick> no doubt
[18:40:03] <nick> i'd be not all that excited about a scalpel entering that area
[18:40:03] <cmn32480> the healing piece has been fairly easy... I'm just "tender"
[18:40:11] <cmn32480> I wasn't
[18:40:15] <cmn32480> and i'm still not
[18:40:17] <cmn32480> :-)
[18:40:36] <cmn32480> but, for me and the wife, it is the right thing to have done
[18:41:00] <nick> yeah
[18:41:43] <nick> as someone who is not keen on the idea of kids in general, i say my parents learned from their mistake and stopped at the one.
[18:41:54] <cmn32480> but they gave me good instructions, pain meds, and a rough time line on resuming normal activity
[18:42:28] <cmn32480> well... the one they got doesn't seem all that bad
[18:43:04] <cmn32480> the doctor made some comment about how I was his second one that day
[18:43:10] <cmn32480> he did 5 the day before...
[18:43:13] <janrinok> I had the op many years ago - they had me flying the next day. Most uncomfortable!
[18:43:18] <cmn32480> made me feel better
[18:43:24] <nick> maybe not for them, it feels like i'm the parent these days, you know when they call, they want something
[18:43:27] <nick> :p
[18:43:36] <nick> janrinok, ouch
[18:43:55] <cmn32480> yeah
[18:43:57] <cmn32480> ouch
[18:44:05] <janrinok> yep, I felt every crack in the concrete runway, and every bit of turbulence during the 9 hour flight!
[18:44:14] <cmn32480> I got to wait until wednesday tog et on an airplane
[18:45:18] <janrinok> cant have the swelling getting any bigger when the air pressure reduces, can we...
[18:45:37] <cmn32480> zactly
[18:46:20] <janrinok> other than yourself, how's J and the kids?
[18:46:30] <cmn32480> pretty good all round
[18:46:42] <cmn32480> kids are the usual pain in the dick
[18:46:52] <cmn32480> 'specially my daughter
[18:46:59] <janrinok> er, yes, I guess so
[18:47:05] <cmn32480> lol
[18:47:11] <cmn32480> things here are good
[18:47:18] <cmn32480> I take it your visitors ahve gone?
[18:47:25] * janrinok cannot avoid snickering again
[18:47:48] * cmn32480 prefers Baby Ruth
[18:48:08] <janrinok> yep, they are travelling around other parts of France now, but there happens to be a fuel delivery strike, so they could be stuck somewhere
[18:48:39] <janrinok> this program won't accept the word 'sniggering' without flagging an error.
[18:48:42] <cmn32480> we've seen some reports of several strikes due to some presidential edicts
[18:48:56] <janrinok> yes, they are a bit over-egging it.
[18:49:26] <janrinok> It isn't the end of the world that they are portraying it as, at least not here
[18:49:35] <cmn32480> gotcha
[18:49:39] <cmn32480> S doing well?
[18:49:46] <cmn32480> she giggling at my discomfort too?
[18:50:27] <janrinok> she is reasonably well, but having to have some treatment for some problems that are a result of her condition. Nothing too serious but she is not comfortable
[18:50:48] <cmn32480> I'm sorry to hear that
[18:51:01] <cmn32480> the treatments at home at least?
[18:51:03] <janrinok> I haven't got round to mocking your afflictions with her yet. She is quietly watching TV at the moment
[18:51:22] <cmn32480> oh good... at leat one person in this conversation isn't mocking me
[18:51:29] <janrinok> visits to hospitals for the tests, but all treatment at home.
[18:51:55] <cmn32480> at least she is at home... that's far better than the hospotal
[18:52:42] <cmn32480> you feel free to mock me to her as well... I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it
[18:52:53] <janrinok> true, but we are trying to arrange a couple of weeks for her in care, so that I can get some rest. I am permitted to have up to 90 days a year of support, but about half of that should be more than sufficient
[18:53:11] <cmn32480> that'd be good for you
[18:53:15] <cmn32480> you need the rest
[18:53:38] <janrinok> yes, it will be a couple of weeks every 4 months if we can arrange that
[18:54:08] <cmn32480> good... I'd hate for you to end up in the hospital again too
[18:54:59] <janrinok> so would I!
[18:56:29] <cmn32480> i can only imagine
[18:56:49] <janrinok> I'll have to go in a few minutes. Duty calls and all that
[18:57:10] <janrinok> my best to both of you, and to J and the kids.
[18:57:25] <cmn32480> to you and S as well
[18:57:35] <cmn32480> take it easy.... and don't forget to tend your weeds
[18:57:38] <janrinok> and you must stay off the trampoline for a few days :)
[18:57:46] <cmn32480> and everythgin else!
[18:57:53] <cmn32480> doctor told me no sex for a week
[18:57:57] <janrinok> weeds do it all without my help!
[18:58:06] <cmn32480> I told him that I'm married with 3 kids... that wasn't really gonna be an issue
[18:58:16] <janrinok> I could never make it last for a week - Oh, I see what you mean
[18:58:25] <cmn32480> lol
[18:58:36] <janrinok> take care guys!
[18:58:45] <cmn32480> ~gnight janrinok
[18:58:47] * exec scientifically formulates a blerg of contentment for janrinok
[18:58:50] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[18:59:05] <cmn32480> I'd like a blerg of contentment....
[21:04:28] janrinok_afk is now known as zz_janrinok_afk