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[02:41:46] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: !!
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[03:09:52] <takyon> juujujujnujujujniinijjoooojojoojomoopkpkpppkkppp
[03:10:02] <takyon> 2lazy
[03:26:03] <takyon> ~eds
[03:26:04] <exec> editor ping for takyon: janrinok LaminatorX n1 nick martyb Bytram Azrael mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away NotSanguine
[03:26:06] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[03:26:06] <systemd> ^ 03Error
[03:26:17] <takyon> "The summary is the article"
[03:26:23] <takyon> disappointedlook.jpg
[03:27:28] <takyon> I may just rewrite that whole thing in my own words
[03:28:05] <Bytram> are there other sources?
[03:29:37] <takyon> I'm just rewriting the text
[03:29:42] <Bytram> k
[03:30:00] <takyon> it's like taking a can of campbell's condensed soup, and then boiling it without adding water
[03:30:37] <Bytram> dense
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[03:31:41] <Bytram|away> eyes won't stay open; need to get some sleep
[03:32:15] <Bytram|away> story queue is filled for a good while
[03:32:30] <Bytram|away> takyon++ thanks for all the submissions!
[03:32:30] <Bender> karma - takyon: 34
[03:32:43] <Bytram|away> ~gnight @editorial
[03:32:44] <takyon> np
[03:32:46] * exec accidentally heaps a shaken bottle of BEER-brand beer on @editorial
[03:32:52] <takyon> ah hell yeh
[03:33:06] <Bytram|away> lol
[03:33:26] <Bytram|away> btw, I know I've seen that medical robot story before, but not sure where; prolly on Ars Technica
[03:33:40] <Bytram|away> from what I recall, it was not much of a 'robot'
[03:34:06] <Bytram|away> more of a springy bit of folded 'material' that had sharp corners
[03:34:33] <Bytram|away> corners would dig in when device was activated by external magnets and thus cause the rest of the device to move.
[03:34:41] <Bytram|away> really clunky, to say the least.
[03:35:22] <Bytram|away> not quite as intersting/exciting as the title would have had me believe.
[03:35:23] <takyon> which medical robot
[03:35:28] <Bytram|away> just my two-cents.
[03:35:47] <Bytram|away> https://soylentnews.org
[03:35:48] <systemd> ^ 03SN Submission by takyon: MIT Researchers Develop Ingestible "Origami" Robot
[03:35:57] <Bytram|away> ^^ that one
[03:36:11] <Bytram|away> don't get me wrong, it's not a bad story.
[03:36:23] <Bytram|away> just seemed a little 'hyped' to me, from what Irecall that I read.
[03:36:35] <Bytram|away> okay, gtg
[03:36:37] <takyon> I'd have to look at the definition of robot
[03:36:48] <takyon> inb4 RUR
[03:37:00] <Bytram|away> hrm... RUR?
[03:37:27] * Bytram|away is not familiar with that one
[03:38:27] <Bytram|away> oh, prolly this: http://jerz.setonhill.edu
[03:38:29] <systemd> ^ 03RUR (Rossum?s Universal Robots) | Jerz's Literacy Weblog
[03:38:31] <takyon> it's from the original play that introduced robots
[03:38:34] <takyon> yup
[03:38:39] <Bytram|away> =)
[03:38:41] <takyon> here's the edited summary: https://soylentnews.org
[03:38:41] <systemd> ^✓* 03Error
[03:38:45] <takyon> screw you P666!
[03:38:54] <Bytram|away> on that positive note, time for sleep.
[03:38:59] <takyon> night
[03:39:07] <Bytram|away> spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, yanno?
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[14:02:17] <cmn32480> why is gewg_ submitting multiple articles on the same topic?
[14:27:15] <CoolHand> who knows why gewg_ does what he does..
[14:27:55] <CoolHand> mebbe he feels strongly about it, so is going to push it until we publish it?
[14:35:18] <cmn32480> but subs submitted an hour or two apart? sheesh
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[21:41:19] <takyon> they can just be merged probably